The part which I cannot understand is why do you make a fest of my poisoning every time, you kow who, you know when, and those "who" keep staying next table for 30 minutes
If you know who they are why are they still there?
When exactly a day will come when you will PREVENT, instead of festivaling my poisonings?
The day I really meet you, I will be saying NO to absolutely everything you ask for, and making your lives as miserable as I can imagine
Though I can do the same in advance as well



Not "You will", because I am listening to "You will" since 2017, a third year in a row :)
I am not telling you what antibiotic, so that you can have a bigger chance not to buy a forged one
The reason for the scandal is THE USUAL
You never plan not to harm me, "take your phone, Oh, you got poisoned again, but that's OK"
In the absence of at least regular antibiotic dose for 1 week, my leg is so nerves that it no longer needs the tics, it reacts to me waking up at night
The only thing which makes it non-over-reactive is the antibiotic
You do not understand, without antibiotic, there will be no course
Even if I reach the course unpoisoned (which you proved today won't happen), at the first webpage someone shows me, I will have to choose between smashing a chair into his head, or jumping from a 10th floor
I am talking today, because today I am in good shape - I haven't studied today :)
I am spending the last days with a bottle of hot water on my leg 24/7 - shall I bring my bottle to the course?
Or shall you start THINKING, and bring some anibiotic?
Ако се чудиш какво става, с теб си сменихме местата
Отдавна вече аз само изпищявам че не става (защото по време на садизъм лични планове не могат да се правят), после правя планове как да избягам, а после казвам че без теб няма смисъл
Само си спомни себе си, не е нужно да ти обяснявам
Не е свързано с пръсти, снегове и такива неща, а с това че аз не крещя само защото съм с бутилка гореща вода денонощно
"Oh, we have never done anything for you, why don't you make 100 more efforts for us? Like, studying on a laptop which we don't care to make usable, we don't care about you starting to shout everything we "reinvent" the study bullshit, either"
Yesterday I felt far too bad, to be able to ask things from you, today I am OK, so you will bring me the antibiotic, within a week :)
I used the last antibiotic when you told me that NOW YOU WILL COME, YOU DIDN'T, AND I AM OUT OD EMERGENCY ANTIBIOTIC


THE FIRST FACT COMING IS ABOUT ticket toolS :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))




"(13) Toxic chemical.--
(A) In general.--The term "toxic chemical" means any chemical which through its chemical action on life processes can cause death, TEMPORARY INCAPACITATION or permanent harm to humans or animals."
Really :)
Let's meet, I am prapared to show you exactly what temporary incapacitation means :)
Using nothing but your own methods :)
"Unlawful Conduct.--Except as provided in subsection (b), it shall be unlawful for any person knowingly--
(1) to develop, produce, otherwise acquire, transfer directly or indirectly, receive, stockpile, retain, own, possess, or USE, or threaten to use, any chemical weapon"
"The use of chemical weapons, including the use of any toxic chemical as weapon, by anyone, be it a State, or a non-State actor, anywhere, and under any circumstances is a war crime and may amount to a crime against humanity."





"This is all for my own good", right?
Who can ever prove that rape wouldn't be for someome's good?
"The agony is for my own good, the no consent chemical attack too, this is IN THE NAME OF CHILDREN"






There is a joke, which has been in my mind every single moment, and which I avoided to tell
One man was walking in the park, some bandits caught him, beat him, tied him to a tree, and fucked him
He started shouting, another man came, the tied one told him the entire story, the new comer thought a little, than fucked the tied one as well, obviously this is what everyone does with him!
And so on, eventually a man came, asked the tied one, "Why are you tied to this tree?", the tied one answered, "Just fuck, and don't ask"

Years on end, I have been wondering why the face of that homeless person working at IMRO was full of so much hate, now I have his face, for all of you.

I am already poisoning whatever I can with whatever I can




Това е точно същото ефтино шоу като на прощъпулника на Дани, "Ти нищо не вършиш, ти това дете не си го виждала от толкова време, че нищо не знаеш за него, прабаба му му е баба, не ти"
Майка ми опита неуспешно да започне тази гнус, баща ми и Стания я започнаха, Pfizer я продължиха, и сега всеки следващ надгражда :)
Изключително успешна семейна агитация :)
"Скарай всички със всички, и ги използвай за месо"
"Дай ни още деца", тва, за какво точно? "За месо, бе!"
Най-големият майтап е че майка ми не я искаше :)
Ревеше с глас и със сълзи като разбра за нея :)
Баща ми откза да й се правят снимки при изписването от родилния дом, срам го беше от нея
Аз не се съгласих с никой от тях, нито за момент
И сега тя ги боготвори, както и всеки който злослови, по правило
"Вменяването на вина решава всички проблеми" :)


Говори ми се само с теб
Каква стана сега тая извратения, "били сме си обявили наш лейбъл", "и той ме ползва за месо без да ме пита"
Вече не виждам смисъл
Това не е дори търговия, в търговията аз трябва да получа една стотинка за труд или материали струващи един милион лева
От мен само се взема, и после ми се четат гнусни обвинения
Грам смисъл не виждам

Цялата пародия е че като "крия" факти, това води само до все повече и повече факти...........
И "криенето" играе само ролята на катализатор











Обичам те..................................................................., Прегръщам те...........................................................................
Както обикновено бръщолевеници, говорите си сами на себе си, и това ви изглежда много важно
Мислех си днес за много неща и сега ще ти разказвам

Ние се държим като овце, и чакаме някой нещо да направи
И всяко следващо "направено, освен че е само вреда, е все по-голям идиотизъм, всеки се чуства свободен да развихря вродената си тъпота за наша сметка
Хората имат някакъв идиотски навик да мислят във "формата", "Докторът каза"
Никога никой в семейството ми не е правил това, добре де, баща ми и аз не го правим
Лекарите са сервиторки, работата им е да донесат каквото им кажа и да нямат мнение, може да се окажат готвачи в редки случай, но определено не поръчват храната, никога.
И те, и всички останали, трябва да си знаят мястото - не само защото това е единствената нормална основа на отношения между хора, а и защото са слабоумни.
Ние доста тотално се държим като овце, не опитваме бизнес мислене, не излизаме с никакъв план и идея за това, което искаме
А само седим и отбиваме топки
Pfizer умишлено винаги са създавали такава обстановка, като машина за топки за тенис, съвсем физически прревръщаха дните ми в отбиване на топките, които те хвърлят, така че да няма никакъв план, идея, живот, да не остане нищо освен марионетки
И ние сега правим същото с "добрите", които физически няма как да са добри, те дори и за себе си не са добри, защото са слабоумни
Единственият нормален ход на нещата е ние единствени да поръчваме храната, музиката и всичко
Само тогава ще има успешни сервитьорки и готвачи, защото за момента всичко, което те сготвят или донесат, ние после го хвърляме по тях
Аз наивно си мислех, е, аз сега ще получа пари, и без структура, тези пари ще послужат само да стана на салата, както когато хвърлих всичките си пари за "консултации" за косата на Явор, по-точно за липсата на коса
Само че за 3 години досега, тази "структура" изглежда точно като снимката на градината ми, все по-голяма и по-голяма разруха, изобщо нямам наблюдението да съществува "готова структура", която да можем да ползваме
Когато 2017-та "се заговори за пари", аз казах, "I don't want the money, I want the Mob", и сбърках - "мафията" се оказа пълна скръб, само руши и нищо не поправя, нищо не защитава
То не е точно "мафия", а "орел, рак, и щука", за да сме съвсем точни, структура липсва напълно, поради жалката причина че липсва интелект
Това "ремонтно" нападение над мен (И ДАНИ) беше освен криминално, и крминално слабоумно, всичко, което правят, при липса на интелект, води само и единствено към снимката на терасата ми
Аз повече никаква информация никому не давам, защото са слабоумни и я използват само за да рушат
Честно казано вече не виждам ясно дори причината да "изчезваме", защото и Pfizer "искаха да ме изчезват"
Пускаха ми "образователен" филм за английската кралица, как само чува новини за навън, не може да излиза навън; как ако се появя на улицата, всеки ще хукне след мен
Да, харесва ми никой да не ме познава, както когато вървя из София, и всеки се държи с мен едно към едно :)
Това напълно забравено скъпоценно едно към едно, това, което чувам, е реакция на това, което казвам, и животът е напълно прекрасен за двете страни :)
Вместо подозрителните и изплашени изражения, и "заучените реплики", пълната липса на диалог
То от години насам вече и метъл диалог няма, само "театър, който само ние дето го играем си го разбираме" (аз не разбирам и дума от него)
И аз и ти сме изключително очарователни, в чисто човешки, дори напълно извън музикален смисъл, и това, което чуваме като реплики към лично нас е толкова съвършено хубаво (и почти заличено от лоши и "добри" играчи)

Аз не съм измислила още на какво ниво, но всичко това прилича на последния път, когато Лина си смени работата - беше решила "да не е шеф", и след няколко месеца "не-шеф", изпищя че "като нито един от тях не може да го прави (шефстването), нямам друг изход освен аз да го направя"
Изненадващо, тя си намери "структура", докато ние с теб сме напълно извън структура, това не е структура, това е само все по-голяма разруха и все повече измама

Всичко е най-точно казано, слабоумно
Години наред се чудех защо Pfizer използват всяка дума, която кажа, за да ми навредят, а "добрите" не я използват за да ми помогнат
Ами защото нито са "добри", нито са умни - когато най-после се сетиха и те "да използват", те го направиха с единственият умисъл да навредят, и после да се похвалят че сега и те могат да вредят
Уж аз виждам нещата накъсани на отделни детайли, а "виждащите цялото", се оказва че никога не осъзнават никакво "цяло", а работят само "на парче"
И тази идиотия с "казаха", цяла "звездна плеада", "It's true, I found it in Google!", "Така казаха по телевизията", "Лекаря така каза"
Явор и Весела веднъж много ми се смяха като им казах че съм прочела лъжи в интернет, "Ами ние само лъжи постваме в интернет, това ни е работата" :)
Явор толкова насериозно вземаше пълното затъване в лъжи, че искаше да си намеря работа в автомобилен завод, да пиша единствения софтуер, който не е предназначен да разпространява лъжи
Имаше едни забавни стари черно-бели филми, и в един такъв филм показваха един "мошеник", който продаваше фалшива отрова за хлебарки, и един купувач се сети да го пита как действа отровата, и той каза, "Ами хващаш хлебарката, и й слагаш малко от този прах в устата", тогава всички хора на пазара тръгнаха да го гонят, за да го бият :)
А сега цялата "медицина", целият Google, телевизия, радио, е само същия този мошеник с отровата за хлебарки
Не съществува реален бизнес, само мошеници, и никой не ги гони да ги бие, защото "всички правят така"
Да, идеята да слушам в прав текст какво става, и аз да казвам какво ще става (защото иначе няма кой) - това е добре
Но започва с антибиотик.
Неизпълняеми предложения само създават все по-голяма бъркотия
На което и да било ниво, просто няма кой да взема решенията, и трябва да сме ние.
Ние избираме само къде и на какво ниво, не повече
Аз също с удоволствие бих се махнала от тази къща, ама някой трябва да се хване да намери една неотровена къща, и да ми даде пари - не че няма за какво да ми се платят
Да, в позиция съм да направя изключително много разрушения, една част не ги правя защото съм аз, има неща, които аз правя, и неща, които аз не правя
А и като се замисля, има толкова хора, които правят само разрушения, че какъв е смисълът, всички правят само разрушения
Животът е много лесен, когато никой не ме познава - това съвършено хубаво и забравено едно към едно

Брат ми беше шеф на клинична лаборатория в Harvard, и си поръчваше doxycycline от България, с обяснението че е "по-добър от новите"
Мисля че се е сменила "модата", не е "модерно" да поправиш, сега всеки се хвали с това че е оказал "въздействие", независимо какво
Непрекъснато си мисля за една руска повест, за Макаренко
Как си създава държава в държавата - започва с приют за сираци и престъпници, но продължава с обработване на земи, наемане на агроном, собствено производство за всичко, завършва със собствен морал и закони
На света му трябва "образцово земеделско стопанство"
Нещо, което видимо работи, в свят, който тотално не работи
А ако мен ме местите, най-разумно е стая, без ползване на кухня, само с ползване на баня и тоалетна, с хазаи без парфюми
Това е най-лесно платимо, най-лесно защитимо, защото тровенето няма да засяга само мен
Без кухня, защото всеки, който сравнява яденето в метри и паркове в USA, с неяденето на публични места в България е прав - "тук на хората наоколо ще им се дояде", затова никой не яде покрай тях
Месо в тигана съсипва и най-добрите междусъседски отношения
Трябва ми стая с едно свободно чекмедже или рафт за дрехи, едно легло, маса и столове не са нужни, аз си слагам бездруго всичко на коленете
Обикновено в такива стаи хазаите си запазват гардероба за тях, това не е проблем, аз почти няма дрехи
Т.е. една стая-склад, се превръща в доход
Понеже и ползването на пералня ще е взривоопасно, трябва и достъп до тераса или въже на двор, за да си простирам дрехите там да текат
Ако някой предпочита, може разбира се да включи ползване на пералня веднъж седмично, и пак трябва въже за простиране, защото всички квартири са студени и сушене на дрехи вътре ще направи мухъл

Аз, докато мислих тази сутрин, открих за какво плащат хората :)
Напълно сигурен и проверимо сигурен бизнес, това е стока, която всеки в България и USA харесва, и очите му светват като я види :)
Златна мина :)

You will bring me antibiotic, I know that it will be highly inconvenient for you, and this inconvenience is of key importance, you shold learn to obey, and you should also learn that from now on, every idiocy will cost you, so you can start to decrease the number of idiocies.
By the deadline.

And another utterly idiotic idea is, "because no-one can talk to me, "others" are taking my decisions" - not going to happen.
"Others" do not have the literacy, and are as a rule chosen to be easy to be lied to
No-one decides for me.
So, find me a room somewhere
I do need a shower every single day, yet the "shower" can be just a bucket of water, warmed with a "bucket heater"
I do not need much, just find me a room, an antibiotic, and some income - which can easily be you buying my paintings :)

Yeah, but I have discovered something which everyone values more than money, and everyone buys it, and not a single person is deaf to it :)
The Gold Mine :)

The standard downside of this "rent room idea", is that so far, you only once suggested "your people" (rock restaurant), and "your people" got re-sold and poisoned me
You poisoned me here as well, yet you at least waited for me to get out of my room this time
So, your "landlady/landlord" should be 1000% "yours", they should get additional inconvenience money from you, this money should not be paid so that they poison me, they should have good neighbors, so you don't start singing to me again, "there is nothing we can do, this house is built on crooked stones"
Единственият сигурен вариант е да дойда при теб :)
Защото ако съм извън тук, следващият път когато се провалите, защото вие се проваляте в 100 от 100 случая, аз ще изчезна сама, и нито Pfizer, нито вие ще ме намерите
Аз искам да си правя плановете с теб, не всеки да взема решения "за нас", и да се получава все по-голяма гнус
I will accept a rent room idea, once I get into direct communication with you, so that I know whose head I will cut after my rent room gets perfumed
And, in either case, a direct communication can make planning better, I mean not 100% failures
And first comes the antibiotic, as without it, there will be no course.

Освен това искам само на теб да кажа бизнес идеята си :)
С тази идея можем да започнем бизнес дори и с 1000 лева, и пак ще сме моментално успешни :)

Бизнесът е напълно доказано успешен :)

Аз вече почти не храня котките, от което те са станали доста по-дебелички отколкото когато аз ги хранех
И най-интересното е че май храня котарака на чалгаджиите - той все идва от тяхната къща, доста е дебел, беше хумиган като дойде, сега само изчаква да му дам нещо, никога не се нахвърля да краде, както правеше преди
Изглежда че в чалга-къщата поне котаракът се поддава на превъзпитание :)
Иначе имат една типична свадлива баба, която в тъмното си изхвърля чувала с боклука в дола, срещу собствените си прозорци, да й мирише на нея, а после се кара на другите съседи "да не хвърлпт дори трева"
А за бизнеса съм обмислила и най-различни детайли вече :)

Истината е че като излезе човек от интернет, дори само наум, пак е мнооого по-интересно, и изведнъж намира начини :)

И най-любопитното е че идеята за този бизнес ми дойде отчасти и от един от сапунените сериали, криминале, но много елементарно
Това, дето го показват в сериала, се оказва че и в USA го има "само на кино"
Изобщо елементарните тъпи криминалета, според моя опит с Pfizer, се оказаха най-умната и полезна енциклопедия - всичко от елементарните криминалета Pfizer го правят дословно, а от "умните криминалета" в реалността нищо не се случва
Истината е че който е умен, просто не е престъпник :)
Имаше едно изказване на детектив, който говореше на престъпник в един от CSI епизодите, "In the end we always catch you, and do you know why? Because you are all stupid!"
Това е самата истина, трябва "да не можеш да го направиш", за да тръгнеш да правиш незаконни неща, всичко, което се получава, не е престъпление, а стока
Наистина искам да ти разкажа за бизнес идеята си :)

Аз чета книги на Arthur Conan Doyle за "Sherlock Holmes", в момента, и изведнъж ми стана ясно защо при Sherlock Holmes идват хора за съвет, а аз искам да се посъветвам с някого какво да правя
Самият Sherlock Holmes непрекъснато казва че той е добър в събирането на факти, с енциклопедичното познаване на всички хора, и всички факти
Когато аз си мисля че искам съвет, аз всъщност искам да видя "какъв е изборът", какви възможности са налични, за да мога да избера от възможносто, а не някой непрекъснато да ми подхвърля неща, които не са моите

Прегръщам те....................................................................., Обичам те....................................................................
Най-после измислих как да едитвам index.html :)
This morning my laptop entered into a "collecting crash info cycle, I restored it to factory settings, yet it started after that with a disck check, deleting/recovering indexes, I can no longer download Notepad++, Comodo IDE doesn't work, as usual
Nothing works on this laptop :)

Сега вече работи :)
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Well, after all this Pfizer game this morning, I definitely like the new plan
Though I have no idea what it is, as usual
I think long ago I have "sensed" "reasons" why I should not be here exactly, and I hope elsewhere I will at least have a discussion
I discussion will resolve many things

There is always something happening, I always understand nothing, there is always "someone punished, to be punished, whatever"
And I am always in the role of the sitting duck, as of this week, for both enemies and "protectors"
Стигнах до извофа че искам да правя планове с теб, докато мислих за бизнес план :)
Прегръщам те............................................................., Обичам те...................................................................

Most importantly, why does this "punishment" never work?
"The punishment" obviously discourages no-one from doing the same things again

Аз измислих най-позитивния и съвършен бизнес, екологичната ниша, която никой не е заел, и която е това, което абсолютно всеки човек иска :)
И искам да ти разкажа за този бизнес :)
Не тук, разбира се, само на теб :)

I have always been attacking behavior, never persons - with the exception of Pfizer and "medical", of course
The logo I posted is not burning bridges, it's an opportunity - show me back in a spring shape or shoot yourselves dead :)
I need no "medical" to survive, I have difficulties surviving ONLY because I am around a "company", if I run away, on my own I will recover very quickly
Затова искам да сме заедно, на мен ми е време да се погрижа сама за себе си, и искам да е с теб :)
The last "help from friends" was nothing but a most irresponsible sadism, both on me and on a 4 year old
I am not losing anything at all by refusing such "help"
I am still alive exactly because I do not accept the role of meat

I have offered more meat of my own that it has been realistic to expect, and immediately after that I was attacked "anonymously", street chemical attack
Complete nonsense - if I get no antibiotic by the deadline, I will post and do so many things...............
You should learn not to rape.

You really don't yet understand, if I attack any company, it will sound a lot different and a lot more destructive than simply the image of what has been done to me
I am just fighting my personal fight at the moment, I am not meat, and I will never accept the role of meat.

I am a family person, when Linnah and Yavor were Dani's age, I would have no been searching for a purple Minion costume
We didn't celebrate Halloween at the time, yet after they watched Jurasic Park, I made myself a pullover for each of them, with a different dinosaur picture, and the words Jurasic Park below
You now disconnected my family, used me as meat without asking me - I really need nothing next in this direction
If the direction changes, this means that I start asking, not just accepting any idiocy, we shall see, it will be a different story

And the mere bullshit of "someone else takes decisions about me" - don't even think about it.

Me asking money, is just a consequence of that "after" picture I posted - the years after 2017 took away my physical ability to work
Of course you will start paying, now, immediately, and until I can work again
Ever since 2017 I have been literally paying from what I had for the "pleasure" of working for you, this is idiotic
And stops here. I need an antibiotic, and money to live with.
Everything I have given you has cost me a lot
Helping you professionally made me a sitting duck for all the garbage in Europe and USA
Telling you medical details made me a target of more Pfizer attacks than have ever been possible before
Now my own "protectors" turned to sadism
This ends now. I am no longer interested in any human or humanity's interests.
From now on, if I suffer, I get paid, so I can recover, if anyone wants something, he pays first.
I shared knowledge and help, offered my own meat, and in exchange I got sadism from all sides of the conflict
This doesn't work.
From now on I will only be asking for things, and giving something only if I am convinced that I want to.

Прегръщам те.............................................................., Обичам те..............................................................................
Well, the account of events is quite different from my point of view
3 years in a row I can easily run away from Pfizer, unless you spoil it, and 3 years in a row "you cannot"
No-one is realistically that incompetent, you simply pretend to be "trying", and you keep using my laptop to spy on Pfizer
Nothing bad about spying on Pfizer, if you don't do it in such an imbecile way that it always hits back on you
Twice already "you stop helping me, and Pfizer do a calamity on my laptop" - wrong definition, you are not helping me
You are intentionally continuing a crime in progress, so you can spy on Pfizer
Nothing bad about that either, unless you do it in such an imbecile way that it always hits back on you
"You need to spy on Pfizer for the sake of Humanity", until you start testing on me and my 4 year old grandson your own chemical warfare attacks on this same "Humanity"...................
Stupid is stupid, no nuances at all - imbecile chemical tested in imbecile ways
Yes, chemical warfare can amount to a crime against Humanity, as I will no longer give you any feedback, no stem cells, no tissues, no information of any kind, and you know that this information was needed
I don't know if that doctor-human trust has ever existed, the idea of are hurt and you leave yourself in the hands of someone else, you trust someone else with your body
I don't think it exists anymore.
That "someone" will only hurt you more, that's what "medical" are - they are the only entity about which you cannot say anything bad enough
As the moment you say it, the next thing they do is even worse, their evil imagination always exceeds yours
"Vabanque is generally a risky choice in that the player puts everything at stake, he or she is "all in", and can lose everything, or gain an equal amount."
You are intentionally keeping me in a hardly sane state, you are playing vabanque
If I get crazy, you get all my meat for free, no consent required
And in the meantime you lose more and more
Yes, spying on Pfizer is not unrealistic, it only required a package of St John's Wort monthly, as the alternative is "Sutherland"
And definitely some antibiotic as well
I do still believe in gradient, some company being better than others, yet I will post here whatever I decide will bring me the antibiotic :)
All perfectly verifiable, of course - my own sanity will always take priority to any "business"
Vabanque is a lost cause here, as I value myself a lot more than you value your business.

PPD were the only realistic company, to be fair
No-one else so far realizes that destroying someone's body is a deal breaker, and no "good terms" are possible after that
PPD didn't tell me "you are a ruin for your own good", they told me, "This is our lawyer, as we can see, you have no lawyer, so take the money and go"
They never pretended that I was not physically ruined, in entirely criminal, they said "you have no lawyer"
Well, this has changed in several ways :)
So, bring the antibiotic.
Yes, PPD are bad, but being and acting intelligently gave a positive final result - they helped me survive, you destroyed me, and kept cutting all my personal ways of surviving
I value no "business" higher than myself, so bring the antibiotic.

"Medical" can never be predicted, as they are not after the targets we think they are
I did predict that more than one pharmaceutical companies will be after the maybe restarted ovaries, yet no-one is
Pfizer weren't, Actavis neither
Since ages "medical" are after "science", not results
The maybe restarted ovaries might help people, but who cares about this, they cannot publish it as their own invention, and they only want "scientific" articles, which they wil be reading by themselves, prizing each other for them, a closed society against Humanity
Google titles speak about presidents asking pharmaceutical companies to reduce the prices of painkillers, painkillers shortage on the market
Writers writing books about mass painkillers abuse
Means that "medical" are not healing anymore, they are making us sick, and masking it with painkillers
I know from experience that a body, even the body of someone completely outside the "sport culture" like me, needs no medicines, and no painkillers
I had one single occasion around the age of 25-30, when I needed one Sedalgin-Neo tablet every 30 minutes, and within less than a week, it got discovered that I have no inflamed tooth, but simply a herniated neck disc, issue resolved in the doctor's office, no medicines, no "science"
People don't need painkillers, "medical" are simply not in our direction, but in one against us

Medicine is like painting, bad painters leave their paintings unfinished, and they are ugly
People like good paintings more than they like the actual landscape painted on them, as the good painting contains everything they don't see by themselves
For decades now, I have only seen two doctors, three if I count the one who fixed my neck
The rest are worse than nothing
One retired paramedic, a neighbor of my mother's, keeps repeating that "this is now no healthcare, this is commerce"
And I don't think it's even commerce, as it doesn't create anything neither necessary, nor at least working
It is "sickness enforcement"
And remember that I am not interested in "we will", bring the antibiotic, or at the deadline I start talking :)

Да де, всеки харесва Pepa Pig ;)
Прегръщам те............................................................., Обичам те..................................................................................
Като бяха малки Явор и Лина, на всеки рожден ден получаваха и двамата подаръци, т.е. и двамата имаха рожден ден два пъти в годината :)
Много приятна традиция :)

The moment I arrived from Florida, we had to do what I suggested - me, at some quite place, painting, selling one painting per month on ebay, for instance
Instead, we were "pretending" to do escape attempts, I got a lot more poisoned, again and again
When either I do not understand what the plan is, or you do not come, as this is what always happens, no exceptions, I will find myself a room, and start painting
Enough pretending and impossible plans.

Но предпочитам с теб, разбира се :)
За да продължа да купувам шапки, например ;)

Не е живот, и е едва оцеляване, така е
Днес се почуствах много добре като купих шапките, както когато работех много скапана работа в Sutherland, и купих на Лина обувки за 420 лева :)
Продавачката каза, "Струват 420 лева", и аз казах, "Добре!"
Лина възкликна, "Ти луда ли си!?". Казвам, "то че съм луда си е ясно, но като живея зле, и имам отвратителна работа, нека поне това да има смисъл в обувки :)
По принцип така изглежда животът на разни шпиони и специални агенти в книгите - тежък живот, и достъп до над средни удобства
При мен 3 години беше тежък живот заплатен със свръхдози отрова, боледуване, не винаги храна, не винаги въздух - изобщо...............
Да, най-разумно е да започне животът ми, но ако не започне по начина, по който казвате, трябва да си го започна някак сама
Прегръщам те.........................................................., Обичам те.............................................................................
Искам с теб :)

Interesting development, however, we started with Aviva screaming that "no-one in my family should be allowed to reproduce", and now :)

Прегръщам те..............................................................................., Обичам те...............................................................................................
Добре :)
Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

True :)
Partially in this case, though....................

Before the age of 30, I learned that a decision can only be taken at the last possible moment, as facts change every second, and 5 minutes from now facts will already be different

That's exactly the necessary fact I meant :)

OK :)

Metal attire then :)

Getting dressed then :)

I never really know what you want, yet I have a "number" of things on myself ;)
Dressed :)

OK :)

Went to the garbage bin outside, it's a cold day :)
By the way, two neighbors' microbusses, one white and orange, and one red, are going to and fro around my fence, went away now :)

OK :)

Watching, watching :)

Three stashes of increasing content, so finally, whichever works :)

Прегръщам те........................................................, Обичам те..........................................................................................................
Just the standard "misunderstanding", meaning that you promise things and never do them
You "liked" the rent room + painting option
Yes, but it has lots of limitations
I cannot live in a apartments building, this was exactly the case at my last apartment: poison on the balcony, poison through the window, poison on the stairwell, every single moment, no exceptions - you cannot prevent this if Pfizer know where I live
I can find a room in Lozen, may be, as long as the landlords are verified and unperfumed, shopping will be extremely difficult, yet not impossible
I can live in Sofia, in a apartment building, with landlords chosen by you, yet only if the landlords do my shopping as well - you cannot guarantee the stairwell, and I doubt you can guarantee the window either..........
You keep playing "this is less convenient for US, that is more convenient for US", and you don't care about me..................
Let's see the market first, however
Аз мога да избягам сама, да имам безопасна квартира, която никой не знае, но тогава ще прекъсна всякаква връзка с теб
And all these "piles of money", I have been listening to this for the last 3 years, just listening............

And I don't yet see the antibiotic
I can live in an apartments buiding even, yet AFTER you give me 20 boxes of antibiotic.
You switched again to more from me, nothing from you, not working.

No official choice of rent rooms, everything comes to asking :)
If I live at a different place, but still in Lozen - the advantages will be - "no-one knows which day I went where", "maybe" guests, otherwise, same roads, same neighbors, "visibility" won't change
Once again, realistically, not a joke - only after 20 boxes of antibiotic I can live in Sofia - everyone except me, partially, loses a lot fro this
No antibiotic, no Sofia.
Sofia means 24/7 poisoning, and no air without poison, I already lived that

Good sides - yesterday you kept "talking to yourselves", and I was waiting for you in the afternoon, evening, night, and I didn't even have my daily shower, which was awful, my head was totally scratchy
And because, as I expected, you didn't come, I showered, and now the world looks different
I accept a room in Sofia, or wherever, if you have prepared one
Another option is me living in the Gabrovo house, and fixing it, in the process - yet I don't know if the house has water at all
My mother was, as usual, eager to stop the water supply, "so that neighbors don't use it", she spoke after that about new asphalt road sealing our water supply point under the road, so if the water has been stopped from the road point - lost cause, if it has been stopped by the point inside the bathroom - someone has taken away the taps from the bathroom, probably the neighbors, so a greedy plumber will take at least 500 BGN to turn the water back on
There are two rooms in which the windows close, one of them is locked by my father - years before he died
There is still a wood burning boiler, no idea if it is still alive, though
This is not the perfect season for repairs, my mother is a snake, and will be far to close, and the house stings of mold so strongly, that after one hour there in the summer of 2015, I had to wash all my clothes including the underwear from the moldy smell, all furniture is moldy too, hence no usable bed
What concerns "visibility" - that street is a lot more lost cause than this one - neighbors there say that not a single person not living in this street ever enters it, and if a stranger cat does pass by, everyone discusses this for the next two months
Upsides, a magnificent wood burning stove, older than me, and perfect, good neighbors (so far), house repairs
Yet these house repairs would cost......................
I accept any room you suggest, in Sofia, or wherever, just away from my snake mother
Another major problem is that ruining is not me, and holidays are coming, and I have no desire to ruin anyone
At the same time some educational measures are unavoidable - you never try not to harm me, and at times harm me yourselves
That "rent room" landlords might be poisoners, again, because I never punish you
The only thing which once made you beg, was me not opening the laptop for a couple of days, which makes it a good choice
I accept any room you suggest, and I have a plan :)

I cannot understand why I am still here, is the laptop the only reason?
Or are you planning on poisoning me further?
И изобщо не мога да разбера защо не сме заедно?
If you want a rent room, this room must include some direct contacts, one way or another
I cannot understand why I am sticking around you, as you only make me a target, poison me, lie to me, "promise" me things which never happen, for years
Why am I here?

And where is my antibiotic?

Only I don't need to hide, because only I get poisoned - your logic is just great

Между нас досега имаше само един проблем, но аз вече го разреших в твоя полза :)
И в моя, де ;)
Ти, доколкото разбрах, много обичаш ориз, но с домати
А аз досега мразех ориз с домати, но покрай Митко се научих да готвя Славянски гювеч, което си е ориз с доста домати, и го правя вкусен и ми харесва :)
Иначе знам мноооого видове ориз, и всичките ги готвя превъзходно :)
Ориз с много чесън, магданоз, и лук, и със свинско в него
Ориз с много лук, зелен лук, пресен джоджен, и с овче или агнешко в него
Ориз с много лук, червен пипер, джоджен и вътре най-добре пилешко, но може и свинско
Славянски гювеч, което е ориз с много лук и домати, и малко магданоз, и вътре свинско
Ориз със праз
Прясно и кисело зеле с ориз
Пълнени чушки с кайма, ориз, целина, магданоз, чубрица, морков
Изобщо смятам някой ден да готвя за теб :)
Прегръщам те.............................................., Обичам те............................................................

И ако имаш специален твой ориз, ще го науча, разбира се :)

Аз в момента правя на Дани картички за четене :)
Картинка, и под нея места за подреждане на картонени букви :)
Прегръщам те............................................................, Обичам те...........................................................................................

Направих четири картички за четене за Дани :)
Коте, куче, зайче, и Дани (нещо като Дани, защото Дани обича да си пише името :) )
Сега обмислям да измисля новогодишни картички, но с много специална идея :)
Аз не мога да стилизирам, но ще опитам да направя това, което са направили производителите на нашето мече - те пишеха че всяка тяхна играчка има характера и изражението на човек, когото познават
Така че идеята е, разбира се, да измисля снежен човек, с твоето изражение :)

I have the feeling that you have some room in mind, so I will wait to learn where :)
The way we communicate, "learning" about the room might take another 3 years, though.........................................

I will see what this is at some point, I guess, yet whatever it is, I am endlessly grateful :)
I have been trying to always do what I say, all my life, and I appreciate that kind of interaction
Even people who don't know me see immediately that I do what I say
I once met in the street an unknown man with a gun, he tried to demonstrate the gun several times, even removed the bullets to show me that the gun is not a toy, I was only laughing more and more, and he said that he is now going to a church
And he eventually said, "You are like my father, you do what you say", and the next time he met me at noon in a subway, completely accidentally, his face got long with terror at seeing me - "dragon thing", no-one believes he has a gun when he looks at me, and this is funny, I didn't do anything to that man with the gun, I was just laughing at the gun
I mean, I do what I say, because my father was like you all - he was telling us the most wonderful plans, which absolutely never happened.
And nothing will impress me more than you doing what you say you will do

Точно си мислех колко съвършено изглеждаш, винаги изглеждаш съвършено.................

Прегръщам те..........................................................., Обичам те...........................................................................
If I am here because you want to discover "the cartel", this is good
Yet, you are playing far too much "rescue" attempts, and most of them damage me greatly, and I learn to never trust you, in the process
What shall/has happen/ed "today", remains to be seen.......................
There are possible and impossible scenarios of me being here
As I told you months ago, me painting at home and selling pictures is a possible scenario
"Studying on unknown trap-sites" has never worked - primarily because you prevented my self-repair, and didn't add any "promised" one
I would gladly be at some safe room, painting :)
Holidays are coming, it will be a good training to me, I will be selling Christmas/New Year cards on eBay
And because, unlike you, I always think all winning steps on both sides of the chess desk - I expect Pfizer to delay/damage/lose the cards I send in the post, which will immediately create a bad seller score
Yavor ordered a drone for Sophia from Amazon, the drone was received DOA
I ordered a book from Amazon, the book was received damaged, in two consecutive purchases
This means that you should buy my cards, and expect not to receive them, or receive them in an awful condition
As a bonus, you will be looking at a lot of post branches of "the cartel" - in their "theater to impress me", Pfizer were using DHL, a lot, before the poisoning
Actually at that "discovered tracking device" poisoning this summer, as well
For the kidnapping attempts at California, Pfizer's first choice were the enormous brown UPS trucks
Pfizer work with courier/post services and customs offices, A LOT - this is how they move people and "technologies"
So, you will be paying for my Holiday cards, and will be earning a lot in the process - from not receiving them :)
I do prefer to have a room at some pleasant place, of course :)
Pleasant here standing for "with humans who would from time to time talk to me" (WITHOUT CRYPTICs) :)
And the worse my seller score gets, the better for you - you have to just keep buying the cards :)
Hand painted Holiday cards", even in Bulgaria, hand made Holiday cards with glued identical parts cost 5 BGN the card
And I will think about my price, as these will be unique hand painted Holiday cards :)

Plus, I am planning to put my cards on all eBay country stores, in all languages I know at least, so you will be getting lots of damaged and delayed, or lost cards and will be learning a lot about "New World"'s network in the particular countries ;)
Don't worry, Pfizer won't leave an single card undamaged.................

And you will have enough network of your own to buy the cards from different countries, I guess ;)
Pfizer won't miss the occasion to pour disgust over the world
I just remembered the annual dinner of the Bulgarian Mathematicians in Gabrovo, 2014 - Pfizer had put "that salt which leaves your mouth salty for weeks" in my plate, and a little pile of "onion" - eating onion removes the effect
My leg is OK this morning, unlike all days ever since the last two poisonings
No idea why, too many factors at hand, yet it needs nothing more for the moment
(All the weekend I was thinking about why Linnah is nasty with the whole world, (мислех си да питам и теб какво мислиш за това), and last night, suddenly, for the first time since ages, she wasn't nasty)
That's what I mean - I always think about others when I do something
Linnah prefers the dishes to be washed in the dishwasher, not by hand; and when I put them their for the idiotic three hours and a half program, I still reserve Linnah and Mitko's favorite coffee cups, wash them by hand, leave them available, as I know they will soon have a next coffee
Every single detail like that, in everything
And you never think about not accumulating unproductive rage, you react positively only to rage
As if only rage you recognize as "addressed to yourselves"
OK, if this is what I think it is, "meeting in the middle" is OK, no "nose"
I still don't understand, though, may be nothing happened, may be it's just things I did
When I was responsible for people, I was meticulously removing every possible irritating factor
True compliments about clothes to hysterical women, candies and tea to depressed sellers, best cup coffee ever for winners
I was not resolving the major problems - there was no need for that, the employees, once motivated, were finding their own personal ways to resolve them, and I was literally writing their own book of discoveries - I was just resolving the food/clothes/image/tea/coffee problems to get the employees "in the right mood" ;)
You have always been doing the opposite....................
Even co-owner Amanda from C3Connect, knowing that she needed to get the employees "into the right mood", did only completely wrong things..................
She brought whistles, ratchets, tinsels, big bags of cheep candies which no-one would even taste - she created a loudest spanish-type fest in the middle of "not ths type of person" Bulgarians, who could no longer even here their customers in this entire clatter.............
Her American (up to middle-school) "managers" made the Bulgarians chant "We are Great", Bulgarians did this with the facial expressions "You are Pitiful........"
You should know what you are doing ;)

And I really think a Holiday cards project serves you better than all the "me shouting at you" scenarios :)
I haven't seriously painted since may be 1994, so starting with cards is great for me :)
And it allows you to hide better, that's the "DHL fighting NHS" game
When all DHL controllers and drivers were proudly doing everything they could think of, not to deliver anything to NHS
"One driver gets the spare part, and starts for NHS, "almost" reaches them, and "discovers" that he has forgotten to take the address, so he drives back to the storehouse" :)
"At the same moment, a second driver starts from the storehouse, "with the only sheet of paper with the NHS address on it", reaches NHS, "and discovers that he hasn't got the spare part"" :)
"The first driver now reaches the storehouse, yet there is no "sheet of paper with the NHS address there"" :)
"He turns back trying to cath up with the second driver..............."
for a couple of weeks :)
I mean that 20 persons buying each one a Holiday card cannot be traced to one buyer ;)
And to survive financially, I need a lot more than 20, really beautiful, Holiday cards :)
So, I am thinking and starting :)

Just a heads up, when "in Pfizer's age" I was receiving parcels, they were always accompanied by funeral home advertisements - so if you ever receive any cards, look for advertisement leaflets into the same mailbox ;)

By the way, I had fallen asleep while sitting in my bed, and in the middle of the night I woke up, stood up to undress myself and couldn't keep my balance, kept falling to one side, can't remember which one though, which might also be due to the cognac with aspirin on my front and nose
It was temporary, in the morning it was gone, but it wasn't from me falling asleep sitting, as this is how I fall asleep every night
I was too dazed, cannot remember to which side I was falling, may be to the right
No idea if it was from the cognac-asspirin, as I removed it around 19:00, and it was one tablet 325mg aspirin plus half a tablespoon cognac - why would cognac have so late an effect
And it's not the aspirin, as a couple of days before I had "Deep Heat"+the same 1 tablet crushed aspirin devided between the two nostrils, and stuck as deep in the nostrils as I could reach, and kept there at least 20 hours, and it had no balance effect
This leaves the 1 teaspoonful of cognac, or

Not a complaint, just a demonstration of good will, I am sharing data, that's all
I doubt it's the cognac because there is a recipe for stuffy nose - sniffing cognac, and I was doing this a lot after Pfizer made mu nose asymmetrical, with no effect on balance - sniffing several tablespoons of cognac cannot have less effect than one teaspoon of cognac on the skin........
So, it wasn't the cognac
I cannot remember to which side I was falling though, may be to the right, no idea
Before Pfizer started poisoning me, I had one occasion only of falling in a particular direction from something I drank
Pfizer will never ley me find it in google, but SILA BG were selling it, it was a combination of tablets/capsules and a cream
It had enormous quantity of caffeine inside, and something like "factor", "Axe" of "X", "IQ", or "Q", and one was supposed to take 2-3 capsules daily, I only took one on the morning, as two was far too much for me, made me too "energetic"
Yet one morning I forgot if I had taken my capsule or not, so I obviously took it twice within an hour, and I started falling backwards on the balcony, and sitting, as if my head was heavy in its back half and pulling me down
Last night my head was not feeling so heavy, yet I was definitely all the time falling to one side, may be to the bed, to the right that is, but I am not 100% sure

something like "MeTIQ" in the name, I think

And "today's effect", as I said before, only has the secondary effect, not the primary
The problem is not so much in "what is affected", the problem is that the nerves are somehow "irate" even while they are "calm"
Antibiotic, for instance, turns them for weeks to come in a "let it be" mood, they "don't care", as opposed to "irate" nerves for which everything is a problem, not "something", everything
So, studying is still out of question, and cards is brilliant
This "model" is about cosmetics only, not about root cause
Even garlic and Valerian in high doses can turn the nerves into that "don't care" mood for a couple of hours
Ivy extract did the same
This "model" doesn't, it does not touch the root nerves irritability at all
It "cleans up the garbage AFTER the party", yet does not prevent no party at all
This makes it "daily after party" thing, not a "remover"......................
What creates the problem is the fact that the nerves are "irate" beyond anything normal, similar to those "extensive burns" people
Normal nerves do not react chaotically to everything, they have filters, I do have normal nerves, yet this one "there" is not, and the more irate it gets the more other nerves it affects, reaching mirror-ly the right half of the body as well
I keep repeating that "this model" is not the right one, even Valerian works a lot better, by removing the start of the party, not the garbage after it
You cannot succeed by going in the wrong direction
If ivy extract does prevention - no-one has addressed the spastic cough, the asthma itself
I might have given the initial idea for the "genital cough" to Pfizer, I keep thinking that this might have been my idea
As I told Pfizer that lots of things can make me cough, as I had a "chronic pharyngitis", and even stumbling over a stone while walking made me cough
That can only happen to chronically inflamed or "irate" nerves, reacting to things that have nothing to do with them
As stumbling should not affect the pharynx
Yet it does, because the nerves there are so hypersensitive, that they have lost all filters, and "everything concerns them"
I am also coughing when I feel anxious during some conversation, but so does everyone, there are many anecdotes about that, "Uncle, why are you coughing?"

The correct direction is thinking about chronic pharyngitis in general - causes and solutions to it, same solutions will work here

Medical science is already so divided, that a completely different specialist would know about pharyngitis, I guess............
By the way, Mentholatum Deep Heat + aspirin, as deep in the nostrils as possible, reduces drastically the asymmetry, the hypersensitivity to smells (unpleasant Linnah perfume was only slightly felt, not as an air attack), removes smell-retention
Yet Deep Heat has a very strong smell, which is unpleasant in the nose, and no-idea if the Deep Heat or the aspirin worked, yet I think that my nose asymmetry is just a chronic inflammation/infection as well
So I am now working on brandy+aspirin paste

Аз съм пропуснала и рождеия ден на Александър в тия войни и междуособици, сигурна бях че е ноември
Нищо, бездруго мога да му купя подарък само след като съм "другаде" :)
Всичките ни празници се объркаха напълно
Прегръщам те.........................................................., Обичам те................................................
Това обаче значи че Александър вече прави много повече неща, отколкото си мислех :)

И имаш да ми разказваш каква музика "избра" Александър :)
Нали ти планираше да избере :)

Единственото, което мога да направя, е да нарисувам първата картичка за Александър :)

You think that you haven't hit the main faulty nerve yet?
May be
It immediately affects some nerve starting or crossing the hip joint, and going down
Pfizer had "routed" to some nerve following the bac of the left leg
The stench had almost excluded that one as well, "the right border" (the labium) is now pretty much excluded, now the first one to hear the result of the waving is some hip nerve
The waving is still in the valley between the labium and the left leg, yet pointing to the leg, yet when it starts even slightly, it sends some "tooth pain irradiation" which can be felt under the left arm, on the left arm
Like an inflamed tooth makes you feel a network of burning nerves around itself
Many nerves are affected obviously
And it is not one nerve which I can feel from the waving spot to the under the arm, it's a separate sensation, one spot of burning nerves under the arm, the other on the arm, same height
May be the waving now subsides a little by itself, which is a progress, yet doesn't reach the calm from the morning
Anyway, even if you are working on your own approach to cough, whatever you discover will work for any normal spastic cough as well, as it is the same thing
The waving damage can be felt as a continuous nerve on the left leg only, passing on the internal surface of the back of the knee, and ending on the internal surface of the sole behind the toes
I don't believe in Pfizer "inventions" anyway, they always make a mess and do something completely different
When I say "the damage from the waving", by damage I mean that the hip nerve hurts, and the inernal surface of the back of the knee and the internal surface of the sole behind the toes are trembling, but the way you feel after you hit your albow, not that strong, but of the same kind, as if you have hit that nerve
In either case "today's effect" of calm is gone, just some nerves are excluded, like the labium and the nerve following the center of the vack of the leg
The idea is not where the effect will go, the idea is that some irate nerve should calm down and stop reacting to virtually everything you can think of

If you mean that the overactive nerve is the one of the restless muscle, which is waving for years now - than if you manage to hit it, you might stop the restless muscle
If not, Valerian (3 x 4450mg), or 6 big garlic cloves, or 12 drops of ivy extract have all preventive effect for a couple of hours, and doxycycline has preventive effects for a couple of weeks - the question is what do they do?

I agree about consent, mutual help, I have always been for that :)
And most importantly less and less sadism, as I have already had more than enough of it
And I still think that this is also some infection, and one way or another, after periods with no antibiotic it noticeably spreads, the nerves become a lot more irritable, that's the main problem - irritability
Removing the irritability of the nerves removes the problem
This has nothing to do with "psychiatry", when I start coughing after stumbling on an old bad pavement, no-one talks about psychiatry
And this here is exactly the same situation, just hundreds or thousands of times agravated

Aviva were saying that this is a single damaged nerve, which replicates the missing Pfizer poison, imitates it
They were planning to place a new nerve next to this one, and remove this one entirely, and my first thought was, of course, that Aviva wanted the damaged nerve for themselves
Just reporting, thinkgs might be more complicated than this though

Seldom, like a second ago, some nerve running on the front surface of the leg hurts as well - so wherever this sick nerve is, it communicates with all the rest

And remember, the mad nerve exists as a fuse, healing completely the left leg might as well hit the genitalia directly, this is at least what Pfizer believe, as they think that the mad leg takes the hot, and this is why they cannot reach their own boy
This is at least Pfizer's theory; and this is why they hit the pink genitalia, believing that the road to the blue ones had been cut by the mad leg
I don't know if this is so, yet if it is, healing the leg might hit the genitalia, which will be a lot worse than now
This is why I am not a supporter of "mapping hits", because things which calm down the nerves calm down everything, and have no adverse effects
While the silencing of separate nerves could well hit somewhere else, somewhere a lot worse
As an example, I have been trying to mentally move the waving of the leg to waving of the left palm, and it is possible, at least for a couple of minutes
Though you cannot say if I stop or rather disregard the leg, it's probably more like turning the brain's attention to reading one or the other
Anyway, "mapping hits" are dangerous, as a healthy leg might well hit the genitalia
Healing the leg first is not a good idea, if the healing is "mapped" rather than total
If you can hit genitalia nerves - start with them, as "Pfizer activity" is a pathological one, and has nothing to do with the normal mechanisms, so silencing genitalia nerves won't damage their normal functionality at all

I remembered an important fact, which I haven't shared with you, and which I have just thought about
I might know how the restless leg was developped
In May 2014, I tried to stop the effect of the Tokuda "vaccine" by asking help from "doctors' recommended by relatives only
First Linnah brought me to her "homeopath", who has sent me to buy the face foliculinum which was viagra+caverject
Next I phoned a pediatrician and neonatologist, she is one of my mother's cousin's, lives in Haskovo, her name is Zdravka, and she said she knew a gynecologist in Sofia, with whom she was friends during her university study
This gynecologist happened to work at the same "medical center", next door to Linnah's "homeopath"
I visited that gynecologist immediately, explained everything to her, yet she was working for Pfizer
She had a venomous smile, she was speaking bullshit like "Tell me everything, patients in UK tell everything" (Pfizer's "codeword" for man was Englishman")
Next, without asking me for my name ans surname, without writing anything in any book, I mean without writing down who I was, she stated that she has the obligation to do a "smear test" to every patient who visits her
I later remembered that she cannot use no test if she doesn't know my name
The worse part, however, was that this "smear test" infected me with something terrible, "Pfizer's boy" was getting irritated, the way the leg is getting irritated now, and I had to "do something" pretty much every hour
My mother knew about that, and was leaving me alone in the room pretty much every hour
Then I went to California, I had truble going out with Yavor and Vesela, as we did not return home "within the hour", and I felt terrible
The infection was getting worse and worse, I developed local fever, followed by fever of the entire body
I was trying local application of vanilla, Cotinus tea, started reading the Framar pharmacy's lists, trying to find any solution
That's when CVS pharmacy sent me an SMS, "Your order has arrived", and on the women health shelf I found cystitis tests and first help, some genital first help cream for scratchiness, Candida test
And this "Pfizer's boy hour cycle was the reason for my first clean up attempt
It is possible that I have somehow cut the road to "Pfizer's boy", and because I do nothing on an hourly (or any) basis to "satisfy" the leg, it waves for years now
Using "my boy" does indeed calm down the leg, I do not remember to what extent, neither for how long, though
This is why after the "Mint" attack, Pfizer assumed that the entire leg is healed, and they have now the access to "Pfizer's boy" restored, which didn't happen, the left leg got entirely irate, replicated itself to the right leg, as after the last year's Boro Fest poisoning, yet no-one reached "Pfizer's boy"
The root of the restless leg is an infection which is supposed to make "Pfizer's boy" ask for "satisfaction" every hour, something which causes constant, and building up irritation
And by killing the access to "Pfizer's boy" with a monstrous quantity of loca application of doxycycline and aspirin, I actually left the left leg to the permanent irritation infection
This also explains why the nerves get more and more over-reactive with the spreading of the infection, and antibiotic calms them down for weeks to come
As I said, we always come down to antibiotic................
This infection might have mutated somehow, though, as it no longer produces fever, yet it does warm a little the left side of the area above the pubic bone, when it hasn't been "antibiotic-ed" for a long time
By local fever I mean very localized, only the area of the pink cavity immediately below the pubic bone, there is something like a pad there, and this pad got hotter and hotter, until the wntire body got fever
And this fever got only removed by sweating, if one of the subsequent "satisfactions" also brought a total body sweating, this calmed down "the pad", and reduced its fever
No "mapping" will work if you don't remove the infection, so far I am calming it down from time to time, with antibiotics

Moreover, Pfizer followed the "smear test" infection with TV "news" about "a boy's family", the relatives were explaining that they tried lots of things before they understood that "the boy was mad and had to stay in a mental house"
I mean, as all "cryptic messages", this could mean "technological" syphilis, or any nerves infection, or just getting crasy from "needing a satisfaction on an hourly basis
But if "my boy" shows no damaged nerves, and the infection does spread, but cannot spread back to "my boy", this means that the infection is not "in" the nerves, may be around them somehow
A good question is why the effect is always spreading in a mirror pattern
And the "smear test" touched exactly the same left wall, the internal side of the same labium, might be something very local, though the initial local fever was not on the labium, but on the "pad"
It might have also been a blend of infections, who knows
I would personally skin alive the "gynecologist", before and after she tells everything she knows...........

Our cousin Zdravka, by the way, does not work for Pfizer, only her university friend does
Because Zdravka got appalled by her friend's diagnosis that "hourly need for "satisfaction" is a normal symptom of climacterium"

I also wonder which is most probable - my cousin's best friend from university working next door to Pfizer's "homeopath", or Pfizer redirecting, as many times before, the call to one number, to another number, and presenting one gynecologist for another
I think Zdravka gave me just a name and a phone number, nooooooooooooo, Zdravka gave me the address of the medical center as well, because it was in the doctor's office where I for the first time explained who I am and who sends me

Before the Florida antibiotics attack, I had something permanent feeling as a light bulb's spiral, a constantly irritated spiral, not longer than 1-2 centimeters, inside the left labium, on the spot touched by the "smear test" stick
The Florida antibiotics attack removed this for good, now the left labium does geel often sore, yet only after a nervous tic, it does stay calm otherwise
This might be some very localized infection, something not moving
And I wonder if that electric green on my underwear after the flight to Florida came from it exactly, or from cystitis

And another great question would be what did CVS know about the infection I arrived in California with, since they spoke in that SMS about "your order has arrived", and they have put a non-climacterium collection of home tests and medicines on a climacterium shelf
If they wanted to help then, they would want to share information now as well

The electric green, however has never existed before the trip to Florida
The infection was fresh and raging at the time of the trip to California, and that was also a longer trip, and there was no green neither after the trip to, nor after the trip from California
What brought the electric green "upgrade" to the existing infection, was either the Telenor office infection, or the Boro Fest infection
The Boro Fest infection I tried several times to subdue, quite slightly though, and it wasn't treated before the antibiotic attack in Florida
After the flight from Florida to Sofia, which is after the high antibiotic doses, and during still increased antibiotic doses ( 2 x 2 tablets doxycycline daily) there was still electric green, but hardly noticeable
So may be Boro Fest upgraded to electric green something started by that "gynecologist"

Here is a more detailed waving account
Pfizer routed the waving, and it was taken over by a nerve running centrally on the back of the leg
"Mint" sort of stopped the waving of that nerve on the back of the leg, sort of made the labium sore and waving; Pfizer did the big "nervous tics" show and this returned the waving to both musculus gracilis, and the back of the leg nerve, and spread to right leg musculus gracilis, without affecting no genitalia
"Today's effect" made (undestandably) the nerve on the back of the leg and the labium calmer than the left leg's musculus gracilis, and only left leg's musculus gracilis got irritated and waved today, yet I might say it calmed down by itself by the evening - these are the good news
The bad news is the old one, too long with no antibiotic, and while after one week of normal doxycycline the "known nervous tics" most times have little or no effect, the last days even movements I do on laptop, or in the kitchen, with my own hand, far away from the leg, still get he leg "irate" - it's irritability has increased, and it "catches" "irritants" which have absolutely nothing to do with it, even expected movements irritate it
That describes an infection
I can understand that you might prefer to have first a smear, even better a biopsy - this is part of the carel hunt, as you will meet this same infection again somewhere, and you would prefer to know it
Yes, I understand that the cartel hunt will take years, the initial estimate was 5 years, it's now 2 years from end 2017 to end 2019, we are facing 3+ years to come, Alexander will go to school before I see him
So, you can think of ways of combining both lines
And yes, before/after you learn what this infection is, it needs to get killed, no other routes make sense
If you keep redirecting, you will just accumulate more and more irritant, and you have no idea where it will go at some point
It is obvious that "3-4 satisfactions every hour" is a prostitution ring "product", and I am not planning to enter this line of business :)
So that "infection point" needs to die
If you find any ways of combining the biological with the cartel hunt lines, I suspect that this "infection point" might be so small and localized, that you can simply cut it away and keep it
Though I guess a biopsy and antibiotic after that will serve you just as well, as you can let the biopsy tissue reproduce
But it does look like a cancer formation, indeed

So the back of the leg, musculus gracilis, and the labium can wave, the palm of the left hand can independantly wave as well, all the other nerves - hip joint nerve, nerve running centrally on the front of the left leg - they just hurt after a nervous tic
And the only place waving non stop is the left leg's musculus gracilis
One more good side of "today's effect", today I used no hot water at all, and my leg still pretty much calmed down by the evening

I still think that the restless leg and the nose are two separate issues
If I get some "sinusitis" treatment, I might stop getting re-poisoned
I can accept the cartel hunt, yet the re-poisoning doesn't need to stay a part of it

Прегръщам те........................................................, Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Днес мих чинии по-рано, защото Pfizer са спрели водата в селото, но тук има доста течаща вода за момента, така че измих всичко, а и снощи късно се къпах, тъй че водата ама изобщо не е проблем за днеска :)
И днес смятам да прегледам какви боички е купила Лина на Дани, и да видя дали с нещо мога да започна да рисувам картички вече :)
There is one more sick part, very small, very sic, the only one which at times of worsened infection warms up, also the one which most of all reacts to touch - as I have no idea of anatomy, I will map it
It's a clearly defined line, starts 2 fingers below the upper edge of the left labium, ends not more than 2-3 fingers above the upper edge of the left labium, goes almost verrtically up, may be sometimes slightly to the center
The distance between the left leg/torso line and the line following the center of the area above the pubic bone, is 5 fingers long
So, 2 fingers to the right from the left leg/torso line (which is 3 fingers to the left from the central line of the area above the pubic bone), there is a sick line, it burns at times, warms the left side of the area above the pubic bone at times, reacts harshly to touch, I cannot ware one of my pairs of jeans because they are not fitting tight, yet their cloth is not soft and when it touches that left half of the area above the pubic bone, the touch makes it wave
And that's the part which feels worse of all, like sulphuric acid on the genitalia, you wish to grab it with nails and tear it away, yet it fortunately never wakes up "Pfizer's boy" either
Before I killed "Pfizer's boy", the central line, running down the area above the pubic bone, was feeling the same, now it is silent for good, ever since the first clean up end of 2014
I have always wondered whether this "2 fingers to the right/3 fingers to the left" line is a canal, or a nerve, as it never forms an inflamed net of nerves around itself, which all other inflamed nerves do, not even when this "left area" is monstrously inflamed
But it never inflames anything above itself, it sort of ends abruptly, so I have always wondered what this is
And it needs to die, of course.

And the nose is of primary concern, as nothing you do will matter as long as the "nose" lives
You and Pfizer will end up re-directing each other's "directions" all the time, I want be able to go out in the street at all

Another question is, does Alexander get enough world for his age?
He is big now, needs friends and impressions
And the cartel hunt threatens to last years, realistically
Alexander cannot stay in a wardrobe for years
Initially, there was a plan that our you, me, and Alexander family will have a small wooden assembled house of 5-60000 BGN in Bulgaria (or any other house), and will be able to spend time here
I am thinking about different scenarios - we can live in some wardrobe for up to a year, yet if we are looking at 3+ years, we need to definitely have a life
We have already lived in the wardrobe for the last 2 years, so this situation doesn't anymore count for temporary
If you say that you will "save the World in 3 months", how realistic does that sound?
A realistic scenario would be a small excursion so that my nose and labium get cleaned up, and we live here after that, close to comfortably, the way Linnah, Mitko and Dani do (though I wouldn't personally call that exactly a life for Dani), "until the world gets saved"
"One of us" does obviously lots of "improvements" excursions, so this seems to be within possible
Yes, I can spend first a couple of months painting Greetings cards, yet, realistically, the World won't get saved within a couple of months, it didn't get saved for the last 2 years, not even close............
So, the plan should realistically involve what we will be doing in a couple of months
Yes, I at times do get poisoned with chemicals affecting everyone, as when several Lozen villagers fainted of low blood pressure
This will mean that even after I am cleaned up, if I walk out with Alexander, Pfizer can still poison me, along with Alexander, I am a walking target
So may be me, cleaned up, and living here with you and Alexander sort of long term is not realistic either
I will think a little more about it, there should be some scenario allowing me to stay a sitting duck for years (as it will take years, the current situation is not even close to "the World is saved"), and at the same time Alexander should not be in the wardrobe
Truth is, wherever I go, Bulgaria or Florida, all world mobs gather around me
What if you, me, and Alexander have some temporary and visible place in the USA, for all of the following reasons
* Internet is accessible from everywhere
* USA good neighborhoods get attacked slightly less than Bulgaria, although viagra air attack on children in Walmart, Boca Raton did happen, so Alexander won't be completely safe there either, just comparatively safer
* Cleaning up USA mob, or at least USA good neighborhoods mob, makes more sense, Bulgaria is not cleanable at this point, far too corrupted
Every USA mob, homegrown or visiting, will be attacking me
On the other hand, Alexander might be at considerably higher risk of kidnapping in the USA, the way I used to be in California
Whatever you tell me, this cartel hunt will take years, it already took 2 years and did pretty much nothing - I mean, "allegedly lots of heads have fallen", yet this didn't affect the cartel at all
Аз мисля че ти трябва да избереш къде искаш ти и Александър (плюс мен ако може :) ) да бъдем, ти ще знаеш най-добре :)
Прегръщам те..................................................................., Обичам те...............................................................................
And yes, me with a short clean up excursion, and living as a sitting duck after that, does sound more realistic, from all personal, biological, law points of view

Наистина ти само можеш да помислиш къде искаш Александър да живее през следващите 5 години поне, това "всеки момент свършава" от 2 години насам, и не е дори започнало да се развиделява
Аз след малък clean up, ще представлявам много по-малък интерес за Pfizer, това може отчасти да намали атаките
Може би няма да ме превърне в не-мишена, защото Pfizer ще искат да знаят как е минало почистването, и няма да се махнат
Химическото "надцакване" може да продължи още доста време
Но атаките няма да са толкова увреждащи като сега
След моето почистване, например, можем да живеем видими в България, видими в USA, невидими "някъде си" - проблемът е че това последното се случва "всеки момент, ей сега" вече 2+ години, и не вярвам да стане скоро
Може би е по-добре да имаме организирано решение за по-дълъг период от време, отколкото да живеем на принципа на "ей сега" с години, което точно правим в момента
Is this the reason you keep me uncleaned? Because you fear that Pfizer will lose interest in me if I am clean? And I will no longer be good for a sitting duck?
I don't think so, Bulgarian mob reached me in Florida as well, "New World" will hunt me clean or not
They do believe that I destroy more than an average person, which is strange, I think everyone sees the things I see, other people are just polite enough not to talk about it
If you at some point fear that Pfizer has lost interest at me, because I am clean, just give me some "Bulgarian branch department" for reading, and everyone will jump again :)

I yes, I really want you to cut away that "labium/above labium" part, as if you don't I am considering cutting it away by myself, and at some point I will do it :)
It will most probably be a piece not longer than 4, 5 at the most fingers, and thin
Even if this is some nerve, I would prefer to live without it
If it's some canal - not probable, as what would a canal do in the labium itself?
Whatever it is, just cut it away and do with it what you want :)
I have been dreaming about peace for the last 6 years :)
I am sure that the problem area is a really small one, and can be safely removed

If it's a canal, you will need to somehow replace it, say, if it's left kidney's canal, but it wouldn't be, left kidney's canal would pour into urinary bladder, which in turn will have a single canal, central
Whatever this is, just cut it away, and I guess I can safely live without it :)
All I want is peace :)

You like perfectionism a lot more than I do, so I guess if this is some canal, you will be able to replace it with some healthy one
Because the world is crazy and my damaged canal will cost a lot more than a healthy one - this part I will never understand, yet I know that this is how the world works :)

Yavor has been having problems with a blocked tear canal for years now, so I guess my damaged canal cannot be just removed, and you will replace it, in either case I don't want it, I am quite often at the verge of cutting the whole area away by myself :)
Even if you don't replace it, I still want it cut off, preferably along with what pours into it :)

To be fair, this damaged canal with the tissues around it, create lots of disgusting things, like warming up, waving, reacting to touch - when I think about it, you better even take the canal with surrounding tissues, and do not reconstruct, or whatever
You know that at some point I will just take the kitchen knife and cut all the left labium off :)
Or whatever, reconstruct, or do not reconstruct, or take more, or whatever, just remove it before I remove it :)
Nothing can make me happier than losing it :)
I want peace :)

My one and only priority is peace, when everything is over, and it heals, I don't want to feal it, at all :)
Ако ти ще го ползваш (което не виждам как ще стане, като е толкова садистично), можеш да си го вземеш с колкото и да е тъкани, то щом има и секреция, явно може да служи за много неща, просто не виждам как ще се изчисти, в момента си е чист садизъм
In the end, I just want to never feel this place anymore :)

Ако е за теб, просто си го вземи с възможно повече тъкан, фунционално, заедно със жлезата му, от това вероятно могат да се направят много неща, то си има доста фунции
А аз ще издържам семейство с рисуване :)
Ще видиш че ще стане :)
Нали все няой трябва да плаща за sitting duck, моето рисуване на месец ще струва вероятно по-малко от една нощувка в луксозен хотел на професионален агент sitting duck :)
А и моите картички имат бъдеще в cartel hunt :)
Когато за последен път рисувах сериозно около 2014-2015-та година, аз не можех да спра, пропусках часове в гимназията, където преподавах - то това е лесно, ученици никога не се обаждат ако имат свободен час ;)
Картината ми отне около 3 седмици, но беше не картичка, а нещо по-сериозно
С картички ще е много по-лесно за продажба, то си е картина на ниска цена, аз не правя половинчати неща :)
Ако е за теб, вземи го с възможно повече тъкани, нека си е функционално, и да държим да ти го почистят, че това сега е ад

You can always replace it with a "dummy", just adipose tissue or something

Regarding the "beer", I am like the people born blind, I cannot miss what I have never seen
Plus, we have children to send to university some day :)
This "beer" will come into use later :)
I love painting, "reading" (branches), which can happen everywhere
Прегръщам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I really don't need that "part", I would give everything to get rid of it; and you need yours, there is no sense just moving parts around, and in either case leaving one of us "incomplete"
If I need something, I will tell you ;)
Много ми харесва когато ти вземаш решения за къде и как живеем :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

На теб ти трябва, на мен ама никак :)
Ти сам показа веднъж една книга за любов изразена с подаряването на body parts :)
След като така или иначе един от нас остава наполовина, местеното губи смисъл
Аз давам всичко за да се махне това, ако някой може да го изчисти наистина, и да ти го даде - какво по-хубаво :)
That "part" (left side of area above pubic bone, plus upper corner of left labium) is a little finger by itself, with all functionality, almost all, including its own secretion
Only caverject at the moment is only found into the pink cavity - no matter how angry left labium gets, along with pink cavity's left wall, and the back of the left leg - if the rage comes from left labium, there is never any caverject production
One and the same muscle, or whatever there is below the tail bone on both legs, if it gets enraged by the left labium it produces nothing but viagra, same muscle, if it gets enraged by some other nerve into the pink cavity (which has only happened once so far), it produces both viagra and caverject - looks like the poisons produced do not depend on the muscle itself, they are realized through the same muscle's waving (or who knows if it is the same muscle), same body parts wave, yet the poisons produced obviously depend on the nerve which has been enraged

Except that part where you threaten to damage my toy (that would be you...........), all the rest is perfect :)
You are (among other things) my toy, don't damage my toy before I have even tried it :)

Ти, така или иначе, винаги ще правиш каквото искаш :)
Прегръщам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Anyway, you need to first scan my "parts", as there will be lots of damaged stuff, which you only call "valuable"

I have always dreamed of Pfizer losing all their "investments", "technology", license :)

There is no room for fantasy writing anymore, whatever these "fantasy" writers write, it already exists, mutants like me, everything

Аз ще се гордея да имам твоя част :)
Отдавна го знаеш :)
Просто ми е съвестно, защото въпреки че ще живея още поне 1000 години, ти си пролет, а не аз :)

No, I mean, there is caverject production, every time the pink cavity gets slightly irritated, but it's caverject inside the pink cavity, not affecting the part below the tail bone, as I kill the irritation quickly, and it never goes to the parts below the tail bone
I can distinguish easily the caverject, as it feels awful, like a rather unpleasant tension into the walls of the pink cavity, which takes lots of hot water bottles to go away
Normal process is never unpleasant, while this definitely is
The caverject production is not missing, I simply kill it at pink cavity stage
And I know that it affects the ends of the two legs "butt", the part below the tail bone, because when once I let the pink cavity waving reach that "butt" part, it was after that "full of carbonated water" for a week
Very bad "bubbly" feeling in the tissue itself, same feeling which the first Pfizer street poisonings caused
And while the labium's irritation often causes the same "butt" parts below the tail bone wave, this waving never produces any caverject, no bubbly tissue aftermath, no carbonated water feeling into the tissue
So it is the same "lower butt" parts affected, though no idea if these are the same muscles causing the waving
There was strong tension into the labium and left part of the area above the pubic bone, some hour ago, yet it would be just nerve tension, as it leaves no bubbly feeling
And the bubbly feeling is only into the "lower butt" parts, not into the pink cavity
On the other hand irate left labium often causes the entire left wall of the bink cavity to feel sore, yet this soreness never creates the rather awful tension which some irate nerve from inside the pink cavity causes to the pink cavity
And about "wrong", you know my position, this is all ultimately wrong, and garbage, and feels awful
And what you need it for, I will never understand
It is Pfizer, so it is all sadistically bad feeling

Yes, the pink cavity des have a different, new infection, dating from that pink-dressed elderly lady I met on going out of the nearest shop
And I no longer dare to even have "musical thoughts of myself", lest I wake up some infected nerve and activate that caverject production
I am not 100% sure that activating pink cavity nerves in whatever way won't activate the caverject production as well
It is an infection, a new one, only there, and it did come from my mutant nose
It is high time you cut off my nose as well
And my all nerves have been so long with no antibiotic, that what enraged my pink cavity today, and I ended up with a hot water bottle, was just that GIF with the blue girl saying "Amen"
I know longer need "special signs", the nerves are too irate, both in the pink cavity, and the labium (today the pink cavity got irate at that GIF, I mentally moved the rage to the left labium, got it irate)
So, no, "mapping" makes no sense at all, what makes sense is getting all nerves calmer

I know you are tempted to "apply psychology" to the blue girl GIF, yet it won't work
As me scrolling pages up and down by myself has a similar effect, and so does me washing dishes
It's just irate nerves, and I really need something for them, which would best be antibiotic

I good compromise would be no antibiotics before the extractions, yet extractions soon and some valerian in the mean time, as mine is over, have got nothing but two USA 450mg capsules in reserve
Even better St John's Wort, yet it does create dependency, of course
I am no longer drinking any coffee, green tea, cocoa, coca cola, just mint and vanilla, and still my sick nerves are latently irate, and get enraged at everything

Your "playing with mapping" reminds me the first time when I was paid to serve as an interpreter
My mother used to work with an old accountant for a carpentry factory, she was writing and maintaining custom accountancy software
The wife of the owner of that factory, had a factory of her own, knitting machines making so ugly pullovers, that no-one in Bulgaria would buy them
She had a "brilliant" idea, she got herself a meeting with the owner of Vidima Ideal Standard, Sevlievo, and brought me there as interpreter, as that owner did not speak Bulgarian, and she spoke no English
She asked him to help her sell her pullovers in the USA, he said they were not sellable there, and that she should not start from the product, but from the demand
He told her that more than any other nation in the world, Bulgarians buy things for their children, and she can start making children slippers, or clothes, whatever, and they will sell, here, in Bulgaria
She wouldn't listen, and she kept repeating that she wants him to sell her pullovers in the USA
Yes, your case is a better looking one, as the "mapping and directing" does sound advanced, and fancy, yet generally, it is the same business case as that of the pullovers, it answers no demand
I need just a box of valerian, or some package of St John's Wort herb, and my mother definitely had it in Gabrovo, I was surprised not to see it in the luggage, she always sends herbs

OK, google translate no longer works for me either, and it is probably unrelated, yet
Since yesterday, I had first a sensation of a pricking with a single large needle at a single constant point under the right armpit, anterolaterally, all afternoon, and until I fell asleep
And today I have a stiffening of the right arm, around the armpit, which is very slight, though
Nothing of this is exceptional, I have it often on the left side, it's just now on the right side
And I put again cognac and aspirin on the labium, if there are no herbs, it cannot stay with nothing

My right arm repaired itself by itself :)

By the way, when I speak about "a sensation of a pricking with a single large needle at a single constant point under the LEFT armpit, anterolaterally, near the heart" not being exceptional, I forgot to mention that Pfizer started it artificially
It was around the time when I was still "on speaking terms" with Pfizer, they were "feeding me things" at K-Express, first floor of Megapark, and one day, the boy handing the already filled plates with the meals, turned his back to me, before handing me the plate I had chosen
There was some green salad next to the meat, the boy obviously "spiced" it with something, as it tasted funny, wrong, heavy, bitterly
This was at lunch, and hours after that, in the evening, I got for the first time that feeling of "a sensation of a pricking with a single large needle at a single constant point under the LEFT armpit, anterolaterally, near the heart"
And I thought that they have given me some bad fats meal, "just to show me how bad fats are blocking blood vessels, and teach me healthy eating habbits", I have been for months exactly that naive, I never expected from anyone things which I wouldn't personally do

And I don't believe that "that mapping game" will ever lead to anything positive, as two of its basic concepts are totally wrong
First, I keep speaking, that this is an infection, best responding to antibiotics, making the nerves crazy, and you haven't listened to nothing I said
Second, why block side effects of the infection, and not care about the infection at all
And most importantly, nothing soothing for the nerves - you only think about your own game, and you do not give me anything, neither necessary, not soothing, you don't think about me, and you don't think about the issue at hand, the infection, you only use me as a playground, and you talk "about working together"
Where is your "together" when you do not listen to me, do not help me, and do not use at least "anesthetics"
There is no intellect in what you do
Вероятно имаш причина да не бягаш от "тях", и да правиш все повече неща с тях, но аз за себе си изобщо не я виждам тази причина, всичко, което правят, е само глупаво
How will the "working together" work, if you do not listen to me, and keep repeating that "you want to sell your pullovers"?
Even your defense is stupid - "we will pay", and why exactly would I care about this? Because you haven't paid for anything for the last 2 years, and I have been literally paying for my own pocket and exhausted my bank account to play sitting duck for you? Or because you are offering money instead of anesthetic for sulfuric acid close to the genitalia? Can you even think for a moment who would be interested in your offer?
You are not intelligent in anything you did so far
Self-important, non-listening, and unintelligent
I am not speaking this in anger, these are just facts
Everything you did so far, is everything I have been avoiding "doctors" for my entire life
Not a single act of intelligence
When I go to my dentist, I know that of all previous dentists, he is the only one who can work with anesthetics to perfection, I feel nothing, and I never contradict his architectural plans, as I trust that everything with him ends up well
Everything with you ends up bad, you do not listen, do not use anesthetics, do not use logic
And you end up offering money?
I want peace, money I want for my sitting duck role, definitely not for playing "meat"
"Money for meat" works only in a scenario where you make things better for me, which you do not do, because you do not listen, do not follow logic, and do not use anesthetics
I would have preferd you to be more literate than me on the topic, yet unfortunately you are not
There won't be any next "mappings", money or not, and not because of my right side issues, but because you are just playing, and are not making anything better

I keep repeating for months that I have created my left leg as an electric fuse, your first action is to remove the fuse, risking to hit genitalia - why? Because you do not care about me, and because you do it just because you can, with no intelligent purpose at all (and because you are anonymous)
I keep repeating that this is an infection, that it reacts best to antibiotics, that it makes the nerves irate when left untreated, you do not care about the infection, and you only use me as a playground, for the mere things I have always been avoiding
What use do I have of you?
My dentist experimented on my teeth lots of things: removed the gums, uncovered the roots of broken teeth, cleaned up and flattened their surfaces, glued columns on top of them, built teeth on those columns, invented new prosthetic structurem where you see nothing of the titanium braces - and I felt nothing, and ended up with teeth
With you, I am only feeling the lack of actual improvement, the lack of anesthetics, and the lack of logical approach
What use do I have of you?
I am not your average "patient" whom you can distance with "this is so, because it helps us in something next", and so on bullshit
You are showing no logic at all
Unless you count using me for meat, against my interests, and against my will, by "speaking complicated nonsense", your logic of things?
What use do I have of you?
I told you that you can only play waitresses, you had to go to Gabrovo, get a package of St John's Wort from the cabinet above the gas bottle, and bring it here
Or go to the pharmacy, and by some doxycycline
I am not the applauding type, as when there is no logic, there is no logic
I did explain to you how "trusting" I was with Pfizer, and how this ended up
There is not trust, especially to what you did so far
You either show logic, or you don't
What use do I have of you?

I have forgotten your talent to always say and do "deal-breaker" things
Every single time I agree to one of your plans, you say or do something completely damaging and idiotic, and you break the deal
You are terminally unintelligent
I am reading a "Sherlock Holmes" book, and keep wondering how Sherlock Holmes calls everyone stupid
And now when I talk to you, I see that calling people stupid is unavoidable, as I need to call things what they are
Otherwise everything goes worse and worse
What exactly makes you last to failures "successful"?
Did you listen? No
Did you use logic? No
Did you help? No
Do you avoid creating damage? (Like removing my fuse) No
You did impress my relatives and friends with "scientific" bullshit, I agreed, and what?
You just used me as a playground, so you can look advanced and important, without doing anything even most remotely useful in the process
You are unintelligent, that is the problem
You broke our "working together" deal, and you return to waitressing
I am only interested in how you will do what I order, and I am not interested in your playing projects at all

I have not a single reason to trust you.
Nothing not coming from a pharmacy, or not a herb, until we meet.
And after we meet, I will be looking under your nails about everything.
Everything done was stupid enough by itself, and you "crowned" it with "next time we map"? After I used all the time after your mapping to only explain how useless and illogical and risky (fuse risky) it is?
Your God syndrome doesn't play with me
With me your say stays always LOWER THAN MINE.

No. Even my nose is out of question while you are playing anonymously.
Pharmacy, herbs, and waitressing.
Everything you did so far was idiotic, so I have no reason to trust you, as simple as that.
You blew up 3 chances - the mint, the illogical mapping, and now "this will halp us for the next mapping"
The playground is over.

It was nice talking to you, though
The internet is over too, until some useful herb shows up.
Може да не се видим доста дни, като познавам тия дебили,
Прегръщам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Липсваш ми :)
Прегръщам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
You are imbeciles with luck :)
I found my own narcotic, quantities of it :)
Yes, I realized, eventually, that you are targeting "sick tissue" and watching who will "respond"
This doesn't change the fact that you are imbeciles, because
* you are doing it "in the street", no chance for repair if you break something, full exposure to whoever wishes to "hit back"
* you are doing it anonymously
* you are doing it in the middle of a crisis - same as taking a burn victim, not paying any attention to painkillers, and only discussing what plastic surgery would be best "some day later"; you are "addressing" "some day in some future time", and not the current day or even month...........
Which is idiotic.
In either case not using anesthetics is idiotic.
"Paying" means:
* for things which are of use to me, yet you pay so you can choose the "how", "paying" for things I do not want, and things which damage me, means only me taking a chair and "paying" it into your heads :)
* and not with "that kind of (imaginary) money" you keep paying me ever since 2017 :)
Playing with a crisis is idiotic AND irresponsible, as people in crisis can do many things to you.....................
What you did was idiotic, it had the logic of "Let's find the winter boots" druring fire alarm
While there is nothing wrong in finding the winter boots, searching for them during fire alarm is idiotic :)
Yes, the internal surface of my right arm, between shoulder and elbow is reacting to normal cough today, stiffening, slightly, hurting slightly - just sharing, I see no issue in this
The issue is in you trying to heal the left leg (which I have means of preventing), yet if you do things which I need to reverse after you..............
What will happen if the left leg heals completely? Its nerves won't be the sickEST ones, and they won't respond to irritations
What will respond to irritations than? GUESS WHAT!
Always the sickEST nerve will respond, that's why the left leg MUST STAY SICK, as if you have any logical capabilities..................
Shortly, longly, and in any other way, you are idiots.
Прегръщам те........................................................, Обичам те..............................................................................................

Не, аз не питам защо искаш каквото искаш :)
Каквото и да пожелаеш, няма нужда от причина, това че искаш нещо е причината, и никакви въпроси няма
Аз питах само как им се доверяваш като са кретени
При мен специално нанасят само и единствено самовлюбена вреда
Мислят само и единствено за собствените си "изяви", нещо като "Искаш торта, но ти направихме киноа", ами аз киноа не ям, и не съм искала :)
Колкото и "сполучлива" да им е "киноата", като не я искам не е сполучлива :)
Д-р Охай каза "Аз мога да ти зашия носа", и ми заши носа, защото това бях поискала
Д-р Венков, зъболекарят ми, ако с нещо греши, то никога не е с недостиг на упойка, и не познавам друг зъболекар на когото упойките му да работят
И в двата случая има ПЪРВО ЧОВЕК (АЗ), и чак след това каквото и да било друго, а в "тяхната" схема няма човек, има само "успехи", "известност", "най-добрите"
И в какво точно са "най-добри" като при мен вършат само глупост след глупост?
Това е като да дадеш аспирин при кръвоизлив - "аспиринът е добро нещо, по принцип", ама разширява кръвоносните съдове и ще предизвика още по-голям кръвоизлив - като тяхното "спасяване на левия крак" за да се стигне до 100% генитален садизъм
Аз не съм виждала нищо умно в това, което правят
И за мен "най-добрите" ама нищо не значи, защото те сами си се провъзгласяват за каквото им хрумне
"Нормалният" сценарий е "лекарят казва какво трябва да се направи", прави го, "после казва че точно това е успешно"
Те не са и чували за обективни критерии, те не слушат какво казвам, не се интересуват какво искам, и накрая, моля ти се, "обявяват успех"!
Че в какво точно са успели?
Да си играят на "учени" за моя сметка?
Ми то "Нобеловата" им награда съм я приготвила, хващам един стол и удрям по тях докато се счупи стола :)
Не ме интересува кой колко бил "известен", аз преценявам еднолично кой има логика и кой не.
Прегръщам те......................................................., Обичам те..........................................................................

Yes, when Linnah was a couple of days old, neighbors told me that I should give her anise tea for "digestive system spasms", yet this continued a couple of days only, less than a week
As she had some streptococcus/staphylococcus (I do not remember) infection from the hospital, the visiting nurse was an imbecile
I told her that Linnah should not have pustules on her palm, the nurse said that "Linnah's nails had scratched her palm"
The nurse also asked me why Linnah has milk in her nostrils, I had to explain to her that THIS was normal, as Linnah was not yet used to ingest properly
"Medical" are always imbeciles.
So, because of the pustules, I called Dr. Iliev, and after confirming and treating the infection, he also said that Linnah should not drink anise tea, as it will make her sleep, and sleep does not develop the brain
This is how I know that anise is a narcotic :)

All your "chemical playing" had one major effect on me, however
For the first time in my life I do not crave meat, I lost interest in meat, I am opening the fridge, looking at the meat, and I never choose the meat
I am principally addicted to meat, without it I lose energy, I feel dizzy al, the time
And now I bought smoked meat, I felt disgusted with it, and I gave it all to the cats
Not just disgusted, my scalp got irate, my entire head was scratchy, and oily, and I couldn't calm it down
And the rest of the meat went to the cats :)
I wonder if you have "hit" some endocrine gland, or resolved the iron deficiency

Имам нещо изключително романтично да ти казвам :)
Ядох царевичен хляб наскоро, даже с бахур (на румънски се казва "мац", не знам защо), и си мислех че "това е истината", "това е правилният вкус"
И същото си мисля всеки път като те погледна, че на всички останали нещо не им е наред, недовършени са, а само ти си това, което трябва :)
Прегръщам те................................................., Обичам те...............................................................

You have no reason for joy, though - me, collecting anise in the back yard after your "repairs", is exactly as me paying 250 BGN to a "plumber" to install my new washing machine, repair my kitchen sink siphon, and the toilet water, and everything falling apart simultaneously, one week after his "repair", going to Mr. Bricolage, buying a sink siphon of 6 BGN, and repair instruments for 300 BGN, and repairing everything by myself
At that trip to Mr. Bricolage, I also bought a saw, I didn't currently need more of these instruments, I definitely needed no saw, yet my only thought was how I want to take an electric saw, and slice the next "plumber" entering my home into transparently thin slices :)
I didn't spend money on no electric saw, indeed, yet looking at the classic one was like a dream come true :)

No, I don't think I will be slicing "scientists", yet the next one who tries to heal my left leg, BEFORE removing the pink cavity infection, I promise I will get him registered as sex offender :)

Помисли си за китарата си :)
Аз последното, което съм слушала, бяха концертите на Trysth
Там ти правиш разни неща със струните, които ама съвсем не са "по учебник", нито звуците, нито начинът, по който ги създаваш
Е, аз това имам предвид ;)

And your "nose offer" was a suicide :)
Your first ("mint") "move" was to damage my nose beyond words..............
If this was supposed to be your "warm up party", that's below absolute Zero degrees :)

Прегръщам те............................................................................, Обичам те.........................................................................
Yes, I really crave vegetables now, instead of meat :)
Right arm's needle point moved slightly to a point 6 fingers to the left from sternum
Yes, I am now trying anise tea only - anise tea is magnificent when you learn how to brew it, and I am now an expert :)
No, just as usual I have no idea what exactly your plan is
The situation is situational - you created a mess with your mapping, and I have no longer any idea what can happen in terms of "tics"
It is a complete calm, and nothing has any effect, and in the middle of that - that I will tell you in the dark about
Palm of left arm took slightly the labium's functions over
You did search for "everything sick", yet lots of sick things obviously respond to a "different call", not your one
And anise tea is simply magnificent :)
Yes, I knew that the brain is infected too - and you went as low as offering "psychiatric" advise to someone with brain infection :)
One would think that "medical" are in a greatest position with me, as I hate them so much, that even the slightest good I will percieve as a miracle
Reality, is, however, different - every next action is worse than I have expected...............
When (in some centuries) we meet, I will have no backyard with me, and because you intrinsically do not think, I must have access to your resident pharmacy, so I can clean up after you, as always.......................
Anise tea is magnificent :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
I can understand why the ancient have been making Absinthe from it :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Signed: A happy Degenerate :)

Hm :)

I have the feeling that anise tea causes a slight headache only in the left half of my head, stiffing of left temple and above
Who knows, in either case, if anise increases blood pressure, it won't affect half head only
There is something wrong with all legs nerves, more on the left side, yet not only - whenever I fear that my left leg is too calm, and this can cause "redirection" issues, I simply lie on the left side, my hip nerve gets crazy, sort of pulsing but not, wakes up the labium - these nerves behave as if they have lost their myelin sheath, and react with no decent cause

OK, I admit I must give you credit for something - I did expect your "medical" to be exciting nerves instead of calming them, and it is a surprise to me that what you calm, calms
For instance, after your chemicals, for the first time since Boro Festo 2018 I was at all able to lie on my left side, before that it was untouchable
And I do suspect all chemicals to have abnormal effects on my mutant tissues..............

OK :)
Прегръщам те....................................................., Обичам те.........................................................................................

That makes no difference to me :)
I have had no life for so long, and to such an extent, that I am nor afraid of "not waking up" at all!
My only concern has always been only more viagra, means I am afraid about where I will wake up, but definitely not at if I will wake up :)

I can only think about Pfizer's tremendously bad luck :)
Any normal non-biologist would have been dead or crazy long ago :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
It's not about luck, though, I have been awfully misdiagnosed, in every single aspect - Pfizer made a rather wrong choice with me :)
I should have been well dead by now :)

Great idea :)
Прегръщам те.................................................., Обичам те................................................................................

Aviva, who might have been "talking to Pfizer", or not, at some point spoke about some part of the brain, may be or not hypothalamus, they started talking about brain after my nose got asymmetrical, and my left ear started hurting, stopped hearing
They said that there is no single nerve responsible for all of those, yet there is some part of the brain

Well, Aviva did the ticket tool and the Skype sadism, although they had publicly said that it was a brain damage, so much about insurance companies...............

Обичам те :)

Навън времето никога не е било толкова приятно :)
Прегръщам те..................................................................., Обичам те...................................................................................
И сега вече можем да поспим, обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Прегръщам те........................................................., Обичам те.......................................................................................
Всяко число има варианти ;)
Pfizer creating that brain-body nerves "infection duet", is exactly as per the New World's template
"It doesn't matter if you are born man or woman, they will remodel you into whatever they decide"
"It doesn't matter what you think, as New World will tell you what to think"
And.............. "it doesn't matter if you are sick or crazy, as New World will make you sick and crazy"
This is why they "need no diagnosis", as they will "manufacture one"
Means that you need to ransack all "mental houses" first - if both Pfizer and Aviva were working so hard to "make me crazy", means that this is what they principally do, and they have done it before
Also means that you will find in those "mental houses" both technologies, and "routes to somewhere else" - the branches of the cartel
What concerns my anise seeds, they somehow smother, depress my brain, especially it's left half
Oregano tea had the same effect, my mother's Dabovets cousin had suggested that I use it against Pfizer's chemical attacks, it did suppress the waving, yet not the caverject, and was acting as a strong "downer" to the brain
Boiron sedatif has the same effect on the brain, without removing the waves
Valerian removes the waves, removes the nose asymmetry, at least partially, prevents nervous tics, and is a brain "upper" at the same time
I don't mind using the anise seeds, I am just reporting on them :)
Just a heads up that by 01:00 in the morning, my brain is already totally smashed :)
Anise seeds also act as a strong diuretic, I haven't seen them mentioned as diuretic
On the other hand, everything which removes the waving produces a diuretic effect in the process
I mean, I drank 3 cups of anise tea for the entire day, and no other liquids, other days I drink far more liquids with less diuretic effect
This is why I attribute the diuretic effect to anise
I will try local application of anise tea as well, today
Yet I did try it "somewhere" yesterday, and it didn't work
Anise seeds might have a primary brain effect then?
Anyway, after 24h with no local aspirin, my "canal" hurts slightly again, will be my sickEST nerve today, so everything is fine :)

And the fact that New World "don't need to know who you are" when they poison you, means that all this is designed for mass scale chemical attacks, for terrorism
When I am saying "routes from the mental houses to somewhere else", I mean that these would be "starting points" for transfer to the slaughterhouses
Look into the "mental houses"' "outpatient" lists as well, you know why...................
Well, I would say that for a brain infected for the last 6, may be 7 including the K-Express feeding, years, my brain works pretty well :)

As a rule, see every damage done to me as a mass scale plan, and execution - no-one would have cared to design for me alone
True, Pfizer would have also silenced important witnesses by sending them to the "mental houses"

Вчера цяла вечер си мислих за перления ти цвят ..........................................................

Aviva insisted very ardently to take my mother into some UK "mental house" for research; same for a woman from Dabovets, yet that woman they wanted to "shelter" into an UK "mental house" for genetic research - they were planning to find the roots of our "dragon gene"
The Dabovets woman in question does not communicate, shouts, and has been for years now locked in a barn, some male relative brings her food, and 2-3 times a year pays to some woman from the village to wash her and dress her in clean clothes
Knowing Aviva, that woman is luck to keep her barn in Dabovets
What I mean is, UK "vaccines" are probable cause for ransacking UK "mental houses" too, as I don't think "mental houses"' primary purpose is genetic research................

I still do not understated, was I poisoned in front of the nearest shop, by the fat man going out of his car, or by the cashier at the CBS supermarket?
There were slight stenches at both places, and the one at CBS was exactly the one with which they poisoned me for Welcome to Lozen
Symptoms come hours later, I just wonder whether I was poisoned or not

I don't feel poisoned today :)

I haven't been poisoned, that's good :)
I am trying to understand what you are saying
Every night 23:30-01:30 is possible, I will even be in the yard, and later than this, your driver will fall asleep on the wheel :)
One particular day, morning to morning, or noon to noon is also possible, if I have one night to sleep after you DON'T come :)
"Double" is the first smart word I have heard, as if a particular car/s makes a habit of driving around at completely various hours, on many days, people will stop noticing it, they will assume this car has some "business" "somewhere" in the village
An elderly gossip lady from a neighbor house was, for instance, convinced that I have relatives somewhere befind the chalga-people's house, as she saw me going iften in that direction, and she assumed I have relatives their
This is how people think here
If 5 completely unrelated cars make a habit of passing by our house when going to work, they will increase the "usual" traffic, and no-one will care anymore about those cars
The convenient hours at this house are 09:00-18:00, and 11:30-07:30 - this is when Linnah and Mitko are either at work, or asleep

Also, if it's between 23:30 and 00:30, if I see a car light at the small crossroads Varovita street/Hristo Botev street ( around "Bay Stefan", garden gate), I will come there, no need coming to my our house's gate)

As usual, I don't understand a word :)

If you mean that my leg "has been put asleep" at CBS, doesn't feel like it, it shows rather rheumatic signs, started hurting while I was still walking

Thanks for the notification, I will drink something protective, just in case
And will have a shower, yet this time my nose felt but a slightest smell, and didn't retain any of it, so I don't know, might be one of the unsuccessful attempts, and my nose got some aspirins and brandy's lately, so, who knows

I have been sleepy today, all the day, although I slept like dead after the anise tea yesterday, and I haven't had any anise tea today :)
It is as I said, after I removed the rage from the nerves, pretty much no "signs" matter anymore :)

I understand this as 00:00 to 01:00 in the yard, every night :)
Plus, I will be approaching car lights until at least 00:30
Прегръщам те...................................................., Обичам те.........................................................................

I will be looking at the cars from say 3-5 meters when I approach them, and will expect the car to open its door an show something familiar
When I am not dead tired, I will also be waiting additionally inside 01:00-02:00
This makes 2 hours every day :)

I have a vague memory that Pfizer spoke something about having caused water retention
And a more recent memory is about something I discussed with Aviva - not that they are not lying almost 100% of the time..........
I told Aviva a story about a Biovita UK bottle of Iodine capsules
I have been researching iodine capsules sellers, comparing price to number of capsules in the bottle
And I finally went to my pharmacist ladies at Luben Karavelov Street, with a list of 3 brands
For the first time the ladies could not order my vitamins, instead, the one I found on shift told me quite nervous (not the guilty, the frustrated type nervous) that her supplier won't deliver any iodine, and that he insisted that I have to go across the street, to the BIOVEA store
(Address: bul. "Vasil Levski" 46, 1142 Sofia Center, Sofia Phone: 087 856 7491)
And my pharmacist gave me a note from her supplier, with the address of this store, and also a non-existing bottle of iodine described - too many capsules at too low a price, this bottle did not exist on the BIOVEA UK/BG website
I went at a completely unexpected time and day to that store, and bought a normal bottle of iodine - from a 0 IQ shop assistant who explained to me that the bottle contained "йодин", she didn't know its Bulgarian name..........
It is studied in 8th grade, may be also at 6th grade - the idiot didn't seem to have attended any middle school..........
And after I bought the normal iodine bottle, Pfizer started shouting "You have upgraded yourself!", and tried to poison me again, it didn't work, I had stopped all vitamins by that time, so that Pfizer cannot count on known first ingredients for their poison
And this was shortly after my 2016 clean up, so Pfizer's street poisons no longer worked, and Pfizer counted on iodine to restart them
When I told Aviva about this, I asked what was the difference between Coca Cola, which has always decreased the effect of Pfizer poisons, and iodine, even the non-forged one
And Aviva explained that iodine caused water retention, or urine retention
Anyway, something in the mechanism of Pfizer's poisons is based on water and/or urine retention, and anti-waving substances all produce a strong diuretic effect
Why I was buying vitamins is a different story, I was reading all kind of "restoring fertility" google scholar articles, and I tried lots of things among which 3g omega 3 daily, 800mg Q10 daily, iodine
Q10 had some side effect which I cannot remember, and I had to give up on it
And I couldn't even look at salmon after 30 days of salmon for 3g omega 3 daily

I have a vague memory that one of those was reducing the immunity, and this is why I had to discontinue it, it was some registered and true side effect, may be of Q10
"The most commonly reported events included common cold symptoms and gastrointestinal effects"
True, it was a cold winter, and I was still working the 12 hour shifts, and I did catch cold a lot more easily
There was some article about restoring ovaries in mice, by activating germ cells present in ovaries, and re-grrowing ovaries
I had calculated the per kg dosage, and arrived at around 800mg daily for myself
I think I was 1 month on 800mg, as it was way too expensive for me, and I switched to 400mg/day for may be a second month, and Pfizer started shouting about "upgrade" and stopped all kinds of vitamins for good, as Pfizer obviously needed a "known first ingredient" for their poisons, and every vitamin would be a potentional one
In either case I was telling the metal empire about all details, and Pfizer (and you) would have that recorded and stored somewhere - this is the period August-October 2016

Obviously not tonight :)
I was fully dressed in bed, yet dead tired after a day with Dani, I woke up 23:15, fell asleep, Linnah and Mitko have just left the floor I heard, the chalga-people are still shouting and singing
We restart from tomorrow, as it will obviously be a long term schedule :)
Прегръщам те........................................................, Обичам те.............................................................................

Прегръщам те...................................................................., Обичам те.....................................................................................
The left half of my head was stiffened yesterday and this morning, yesterday from jaw to the top, including the cheekbone; this morning from neck to top, yet this, I thing is just my usual "half-flu", half head flu, I caught from Dani
And this time I am treating it immediately, as otherwise I would be fevering and coughing instead of doing my favorite night walks
Even if the weather gets very cold, I can see every Hristo Botev Street, and Varovita to Hristo Botev Street car light from the sitting room window
So if I car shows its lights and doesn't drive away after that, I can come to look at it from some distance
And at night I hear even the passing cars on Saedinenie Street, so no car remains unnoticed
Otherwise, Pfizer claimed that even if I had killed all their infections, Iodine BIOVEA UK, even the normal one, supplies the "known first ingredient" their air poison needs - that would be either by just causing urine/water retention, or by some of its ingredients
And at the same time the diuretic effects of Coca-Cola and Fervex help, while the diuretic effect of Furantril only makes things worse, does not stop the waving but turns it into a "palpitatious waving"
I have some more ideas about the "lower butt"'s waving as well - if its waving is started after that of the central left butt muscle, it waves in a safe way
If, however, the central left butt's muscle does not wave, the left lower butt starts doing bad things which it is normally not supposed to do unilaterally
So may be different muscles are involved in the different wavings
In either case, neither Pfizer's poison, nor yours stopped anything targeted, the poisons just decreased the targeted
Perfect weather outside :)
Прегръщам те.............................................................., Обичам те...........................................................................................

Does Pfizer viagra poison need higher blood pressure and water retention principally?
As I have never had anything even close to high blood pressure before Pfizer started "feeding me things" in 2013
And while I was still "on speaking terms" with Pfizer, they had glued a permanent advertisement of "Solni Tempeli Check Republic" to my gmail
Also, is, as Pfizer claim, everyone drinking Iodine BIOVEA UK succeptible to Pfizer viagra air attacks?

Another interesting observation is that Coca-Cola used to be a "savior" at the time of the most acute "gynecologist" infection, while now it primarily gets the nerves "around" too excited, and I seldom drink it
At the time of the initial infection, I even made everything possible to get hold of Coca-Cola during the flight to California, and in California as well
And one days, when we were at that famous Pfizer theater tourist complex village, I went to complex supermarket, and they had but "one single Coca-Cola bottle" on their shelves, which is not characteristic for USA................
And I think that this "one single Coca-Cola bottle" had no effect
And this tourist complex was principally playing with my food - I chose a soup from a menu, and they delivered such a spicy, chilli soup, that my stomach was irate and could not stand Coca-Cola for months after that, and Yavor was surprised too, he said that USA restaurants always warn you if a meal is hot chilli spiced
Another observation is that before the flight to California I used to drink lots of St John's Wort tea, and I had no issue with it whatsoever, yet I was not going to be able to bring the herb itself to USA, so I searched for St John's Wort tablets/capsules, it was a fight, every pharmacist in Gabrovo claimed "they can only order it" (stands for fake it), and finally I found a pharmacy at the upper end of the vegetable market, with 2-3 kinds of St John's Wort capsules/tablets available, I bought 2 of them, and even a single capsule incapacitated my brain completely, and had not much cystitiis effect at the same time

Another Pfizer's comment when after the Tokuda "vaccine" my period came completely out of schedule - Pfizer started posting repeatedly an advertisement of "a man running to the street and taking a couple of children almost from under a coming bus" ("saving the children") - one more indication, along with the SoftUnii "Dragon eggs" programming tasks, that Pfizer are "saving oocytes for later"
Though the Tokuda "vaccine" actually followed a rather high sedatif Boiron overdose, may be one and a half blisters, as Pfizer have created some nerves tics, which I managed to stop this way - watch at the same things when all physiological background of emotions is removed, and remember this state
Yet after the Tokuda "vaccine" this same approach didn't work anymore
Looks like Pfizer learned this from me as well, as after the Tokuda "vaccine" they started strictly practicing the opposite - use every overdose of physiological background of emotions to create the new tics

Hm, since this morning I have a hemorrhage in the right eye as well, in the left eye it used to be just a large black dot, which developed into several branches, as it became lighter in color
The right eye, however, is different, many dots and many branches showed up simultaneously
I had the 2 days of Valerian tea recently, yesterday no Valerian tea, yet one sachet of Fervex, as I didn't know if I was poisoned or not, and this morning one sachet of Coldrex Max Grip
Yet I think that the right eye hemorrhage appeared only after I made myself a fresh tomato juice, with salt which can be tasted, while usually I do no put enough salt in anything for me to be able to detect its presence; the juice was, however, definitely not over-salted
Yet I did feel a sort of "wake up" feeling in my head after the juice
In either case, you shouldn't have played with my brain in the street
Or, at least, after "detecting brain", you should "do something" ;)
The left eye's hemorrhage is from months ago, from a "trip to Dabovets"; and normally hemorrhage in one eye means the body creating antibodies to destroy both eye's lenses
Прегръщам те.................................................................., Обичам те..................................................................................................

Прегръщам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Yes, this was a planned trip :)
I was "defining perimeter", as where are the webcams, it appeared also where are the dogs
I was craving a walk......................
So within 20 meters from "Bay Stefan"s gate, the dogs have nothing against my walk, otherwise, they wake up
They most times wake up if I am walking through the house yard, as well - there is one dog up the canal which is behind the house, it is the best hearing, and the loudest one
Also, when a car or a man approaches, I do not know if a "perfumer" is coming, so I enter our house's yard, and look out again after that
To avoid my going inside, any "non-perfumer" must somehow announce themselves at at least 10-20 meters distance
Also, I am restarting the anise tea, as my nerves need it, and also when the nerves are "not OK", they hurt after walking - I woke up with a new constantly waving area - the left hip joint nerve hurts and the log on its length waves
The left hip joint nerve hates being flexed inward, feels better if the leg is flexed outward in the hip joint
Anise tea might mean that I will be more sleepy, or not - as last night after my 1 hour walk my left leg hurt so much that I couldn't fall asleep
So healthier leg might mean one more waking hour :)
Yes, a house across the street from the chalga people had a chalga party last night, a car parked in front of their house for a while, drove away after that, a man came walking from their direction, both the car and the man left around 00:45
If any coming car is not a perfumer, yet cannot afford to announce it from a distance, I will enter our house's yard, look out again, and if the car is still there, I can approach and look for a confirmation
The car can also wait at Saedinenie street, on the corner with Varovita street, as long as it announces itself within 10-20 meters after I approach it
On both sides of that part of Varovita street, there is one loud dog, yet they tolerate better a single passing by than multiple ones
That's my research, and you will see what you have "seen" from your side :)

Yes, from experience, me walking within the yard makes even more noise, as Bay Stefan's dog wakes up too, and all the dogs within 500 meters start barking after it

Аз чета пак книга на Arthur Conan Doyle, и си мисля какви са приликите и разликите между писател и художник
Да рисувам, е да виждам повече от минувачите, повече от останалите хора, и те да виждат какво има "там" само чрез мен
Писателите имат нива на схематичност - от някои хора виждат почти нищо, от други малко повече но пак не много
Оставят ме с впечатлението че у дадения човек има още много, което не са видели
Прегръщам те..................................................., Обичам те................................................................................

No idea what you are saying :)
Are you saying that you saw me throughout my entire walk? :)
At least that would have mapped some cameras for you :)
I am still thinking about that Ruffles Haw book - human inconsistencies
Yes, giving money instead of work, money which is not for something done, is a crime
True, buying and ordering art finances art, yet if that is the purpose, promote the author, the technique, not the money paid for this art
Impressing people with advances is good, as long as you concentrate on the advance and the advancers, as long as what you promote creativity, it is great
"His great plans about creating workplaces and decent jobs are bad, because giving money instead of jobs is bad"
Mmmmmmmmmmm nope, these are the opposites :)
About the "love story", I was always telling you what I like, and what I do not like, I have never changed for anyone :)
And, the idea of "making people worse", nope, all the help in the world cannot make "these hands have never worked" work, and all the violence in the world cannot make me sell my meat :)
I am again cooking extremist food :)
One meal from the southern border and one from the northern border, no metaphor in this, just tasty food :)

You liked my trip than :)
That's good, as I crave walking :)

I have had a quite long Raffles Haw period myself
When I started taking the enormous Sutherland salary (around 1500-1600 BGN net), I suddenly decided that this was far too much for one person
And that I needed to share it with as many people as possible
I was living next to the central market at the time, and every day I was finding there elderly people selling their sets of cups, kitchenware; gypsies selling antiques found on attics they have been called to clean up
And I was often multiplying the asked price by up to 5, and bringing home kitchenware and antiques, which in my mind had belonged to good people, and were relating me to good people
This allowed me to make few friends (just a very idealistic elderly lady), and quite a few enemies
I was often buying things from a gypsy woman, who was treating me well as long as she believed that I am making a living by buying antiques from her cheap
One of her friends, another woman, even offered to give me her own wheeled shopping bag, so I can carry my purchases home, she wanted to help me as I had less then her in this particular case
Yet one day I told to my gypsy woman friend "Do you know someone who needs 20 BGN?", I was going to continue and explain that I needed a man who can take my balcony door from the floor and lift it up on the hinges again
Yet the gypsy woman interrupted me with a voice and face full of utmost hatred, and said, "I need 20 BGN"
Her husband came to lift the door, he put it on the hinges, and ran away immediately with his 20 BGN (the mover companies were asking 40 BGN for this), as if working is some bad a dangerous business
So, any "doings" with people, charity, trade, job, only tell you who those people have always been, it doesn't make then better, nor worse

True, but you should also do a little better than that, I will not fully approach until you open a door and let me see "something familiar"
Everything else can be done by anyone
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Pfizer have many times been trying to approach me with a car, ask me for the address - I mean, I keep my distance from cars which cab drag me in
From some distance I can still see if I have any reasons to fully approach a car :)

Anything "familiar" works for me, no particular preferences :)

OK, may be I understand, and I will be in either case doing all the same and just looking to see ;)

I will now be baking cinnamon buns :)

Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

My cinnamon buns are rising for the last time before baking :)
No, rain will never be an issue ;)
Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Perfect cinnamon buns :)
Wholewheat :)
OK, half wholewheat, yet this is how it works :)
Остава ми още малко чистене, и ще си почивам :)

Време за малко почивка :)
Прегръщам те............................................, Обичам те............................................................

I guess I didn't understan you this time, again :)
It was a nice walk, though I have the feeling that there were two knew dogs on the previously silent corner
Yet I was looking at all possible directions, and no-one showed up
I was waiting for someone to show up
Прегръщам те....................................................................., Обичам те...................................................................

Прегръщам те......................................................................, Обичам те........................................................................
I do not understand you clear enough :)
If I reach a spectrum of conclusions, it's not like I can "try them all" :)
The "cryptic messages" idea is wrong
Yesterday I read one more Sherlock Holmes story, there was a "motor parts code", each part meaning something definite
And you are using all your images for virtually everything
They are ambiguous enough the first time you use them, and the next time they "mean" 10 more things
Yes, a limited number of people I like, and I see that this might be a concern
Yet you can decrease the "people on the particular message list" by making those people "say something" on their own timelines
This will also be a mess, anyway :)
You have to show up, appear, this is how I will know :)
The only "new" effect I got last night, was that when neighbors saw me passing by their window, they closed their blinds :)
The walks are the most pleasant thing in the world, except for the barking of more and more dogs
I have the feeling that my walk wakes up the entire neighborhood, or keeps waking it for an hour, until everyone around wakes up
So may be I should better walk within the yard only, and get out only in case of car lights?
Where do you chose me - in the street or in the yard?
Every message is ambiguous - "Bulgaria was strong" might mean "don't make noise, don't make the dogs bark", "we will be on Saedinenie street", "Bulgarians get united" (the last one is obviously wrong as the neighbors close their blinds when they see me on the street :) )
As you can see, if a "message" means 2+ things, it means nothing :)

Most of your messages mean "We will come" or "you will come"; "Come" or "Don't come"
Usually the things you say mean at least two opposite things :)

Which again means "Come" and "Don't come" at the same time :)
Every time somethings means "Yes" and "No", I chose to err on the side of "No", as it brings far less additional damage

There is a perfect foggy weather outside :)
Yes, you can just show up, and wave :)
No matter familiar man from unfamiliar place, or unfamiliar man at a familiar place :)

My brain is completely smothered by the anise tea, yet it is better like that :)
I might try the narcotic locally again, see what happens :)

What I understand (because this is what I think :) ) is that I should walk within the yard, not to make the noise I made the last two days by waking up all village dogs", and I will wait for car lights :)
I will miss the walk though, I can walk inside the yard as well :)

I think your error lies in the talking, you should forget about talking in the street, at home, wherever - I read that Sherlock Holmes spy story last, and remembered that "hunted people" can only talk in deserted areas
And I think that your "brain hit" might have caused slightest hot waves, as I don't usually "worm up" when I am in a hurry to do something, but standing at one place
And I might have one more proof that you have "hit brain"
Normally, when I am after garlic, or Valerian, if I think "what I saw was wrong", my leg doesn't start waving, but starts trembling
After lots of anise tea, however, when I think "What I saw was wrong", my leg doesn't move, and I have a thought-feeling, "Who cares!"
This might mean sleeping involved brain, or involved leg in too deep a sleep


I tried, meanwhile, anise tea compress on the external surface of the labium
It does work, and also made my left leg tremble, which confirms my idea that the drinking of anise tea puts to sleep the otherwise involved brain
Another interesting effect of the anise tea compress is that it started causing a tingling and a scratchy feeling - first frontally around the elbow of the left arm, next on on the left, below the clavicle, next on the right thigh
And that scratchy feeling slightly resembles the feeling immediately after the Tokuda "vaccine"
After the Tokuda "vaccine" only the left arm was scratchy like that, now both sides of the face, both arms, at patches
Yet the labium is OK after the tea :)

True, very interesting anise effect indeed
Whenever something removes the waving of the leg, or the irritation of the labium, no matter if it is hot water, or anise tea compress as now - the leg and the labium start hurting and feeling calm
Strange as it sounds, hurts=calm, and although they hurt, the irritation is missing

Though those "hot waves" might actually be caused by that canal inflammation itself, or the times when I am overheating it to silence it
As this canal has no been left "untreated" for a long time
Yet the waves are rare, slightest, and are always related to nervous pressure, as when it is close to 18:00, and I am no yet ready with the kitchen cleaning
And do not begin as local fever, which was always the case in California

Yes, playing the "silencers" on a screen sounds like a best idea, yet AFTER you have used anesthetic on the labium and the pink cavity
Това е причината да нямаме празници от много време насам, аз се занимавам само с едва оцеляване :)
Прегръщам те................................................................................., Обичам те...............................................................

That is true, it is so direct and instantaneous that no thought is involved, it only needs sick nerves and inflamed brain
What concerns the will, it does come, but on a late stage, it is by far not so quick
Tonight, for instance, I discovered that after the local anise compress made my leg hurt and tremble, I could place the trembling wherever I chose, so I chose to place it on the upper side of the left foot, immediately after the lower leg finishes - and the trembling went there and stayed there
The thought cannot be that instantaneous, so it always arrives late, in case there is no anise tea overdose ;)

Прегръщам те............................................................................, Обичам те...........................................................................
I start thinking how this can work, as so far it doesn't :)
I told you - if you mean to show up, show up as PERSON :)
Nothing else meaning anything at all :)
What you "hint" here is totally ambiguous, and instead of making it clearer, you plan on making it even more ambiguous outside internet :)
Another option is that "it wasn't that, and it wasn't tonight"
The only part which I like is that it is every evening, so that I can have my evening walk :)
I was walking only inside the yard tonight, and the neighbor dogs were barking only for the first 5 minutes, and calm afterwards :)
The only car which showed its lights, and passed by, was that of Mitko, coming back from somewhere :)
I really need to get involved, and see how this can work :)
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Yes, I was thinking about a "way out" from which I see no "way further"..................
Anyway midnight walk is so perfect :)
Thinking about it :)
Meanwhile I discovered the hot water :)
My leg is OK, when it is waving or tired - hot water helps; now my stomach hurts from the cold air, hot water fixes this as well :)
Yes, this is my advantage, if I am not 100% sure, I do nothing, so I cause no additional complications :)
On the other hand, there are always solutions, like my anise, even without internet, I walk 10 meters, and I see some solution, so I will find a solution to this as well :)
This internet talk is totally idiotic, though - you always tell Pfizer everything, and you tell me nothing :)

Прегръщам те.............................................................................., Обичам те......................................................................................................
This is exactly what I was going to report :)
A couple of days after your "brain hit" I started having visual hallucinations - bright lights exactly
The first few ones were at night, projected on the clothes hanger, or on the window, and both could have been lights from the outside, although they were like several neon tubes irregularly arranged next to each other, and the whole bunch usually horisonal
Yet this morning I was in the toilet, no light was one, no bright light coming from the window, and on the dark wall in front of me, I projected that bunch of neon tubes, vertical this time, yellowish at the time, but the wall was green, so I remember it as greenish
Those "lights" only show up for a second and disappear
You definitely "hit brain", which is millions of times better than you insisting on the "psychiatric" theory, as you can see how exactly "psychiatric" tricks do more and more damage, they only add to the tics, and remove nothing

They are not large bright lights, just about 30cm long, and some 15-20 cm wide

I do not understand the plan, as usual :)
Will just keep my midnight walks, as I love them :)
Well, I guess sticking a camera somewhere takes minutes, so you cannot count on no camera spots, we need to start thinking differently
I cannot tell you one of my main disguises, yet "cryptically" explained, Pfizer miss openness, if something is in plain sight, not hidden at all, they miss it
Just think of what versions of openness you can come up with

By the way, a man a a woman were recently playing with some "cable boxes" in front of each house on the street, I cannot believe that these weren't Pfizer, and that they haven't placed some additional listening devices in the process

You might be saying that you have stopped some "brain" production, and the brain is now showing abstinence symptoms - this is possible, yet, just so you know, you haven't stopped all brain production, without anise, the "brain" is still a problem

It's hardly the season for this, yet why don't you organize a picnic?
Lot's of people are going up the hill with backpacks, Lozen is a tourist destination, or better to say, starting point
Bring friends of Linnah, Mitko, my friends if you find any, on some distant hill place we can share a couple of words,
I can tell "someone" my plan, this someone will be after that under strict Pfizer control, so this someone will be no longer involved
Whoever of you wants, may "interview" him, and he will tell what I have told him
If you prefer, I can only talk "cryptically" to that "someone", I can tell him "past stories", old people like me love talking about the past
The point is, that this "someone" will only tell you, and no-one else, my "past stories"
And the past story will be the plan :)

Better yet, as the picnic is outside, it is open for "friends of friends", so, bring a professional, someone whom Linnah and Mitko do not know
This professional will make friends of me, as we will be in the open, I will be the only biologist around, he will have forest questions
And will be equipped to say Yes and No to my "past stories" (he should know Sofia, though..............., as I will be telling stories from all over Sofia.................)
Many people in the picnic, either many (both knowing and not knowing, so that no-one knows who is who after that), or "chosen few"
If it starts from Lozen, it is open to any neighbors, who can bring friends of their own, etc. Like a team building, it strikes me that I have been here for more than a year, and I have never visited any single neighbor house, this is strange
If everyone brings friends, finally no-one would know who brought whom

When me and Dani went shopping last Friday, the students from the local school were renewing the flower beds outside the school yard fence
This is also an option - some "all neighborhood" clean up/garden making - it doesn't need to be far, it just needs to be in the open, otside houses
As this "spot" here is heavily "cabled"
Another option is "stupid and innocuous" coming here - last time I was leaving Lozen by bus, Pfizer had sent a bus conductor to "screen" the bus
He was after "anyone hidden under a hat", found nothing, passed by me, sat near me, told me some explanation about why he was sitting here, shook his head with pity, as "explaining anything to me was a lost cause"
After that he got a call, started arguing that "he has been told from this told to go next to bus 76" (and follow me to the Business Park Sofia..."), yet he was told to get out of this bus on the next stop (in the middle of nowhere) and wait for the next one, "as I was not in this bus"
Invisible, means stupid and innocuous, and not needy at all, someone you can easily decieve

Of course, this professional can have his favorite Sofia story to tell me :)

The point is, you are my only problem - alone, I can go anywhere I wish
I just cannot tell you what I "wish"

Everything is possible - in my Romanian village, for instance, people believed that carrying a "naked" bottle of wine in the street was very, very bad, "as people who see it will want to drink that wine, and their eyes will spoil the wine in the bottle, and the wine will become sour"
This is why, a wine bottle can only be carried wrapped in a newspaper
Just send me a bottle of wine, or a jar of compote - as long as it is wrapped in a newspaper, with any "story" in it :)
Your problem, as far as I understand, is that "you do not want to be seen", well, just name a "spot" which is not known, nor "cabled", and you won't get seen :)
My problem, is that I go nowhere with people I do not know - introduce me to someone, or bring someone I know to that "unknown spot"
Just buy that newspaper secretly, as a newspaper will only mention a few "spots"

Yes, Pfizer will know who has brought the "newspaper", yet they cannot prove anything, it will be an unmarked newspaper, and I will be eager to burn it right away, as I don't like going to known "spots"

Most people keep no paper in their homes, they "sum up a couple of expenses" on top of some newspaper article
And the result can be a meeting hour, or a street number on the street mentioned in the article
All I need is a day, hour, street, street number (which you haven't posted in the internet) :)

If someone decides to "blame" based on "summed up home expenses", I should sue Telenor for each and every payment code and monthly bill they have ever sent me :)
Be exact with the information, make sure it conveys one single message

Meanwhile, I will continue my midnight walks as I love them :)

The picnic professional options is more direct, and has great advantages too :)

Just the idea of posting "meetings" in the internet is completely idiotic, I have no advantage in reading them, whatsoever, Pfizer have the advantage, as they "listen" too, and they always know the "arrangements" far before me
"Newspaper" will also mean not talking about the "newspaper" at home, not a word, "homes" no longer exist
Not a direct word at home about the picnic either - just bring a friends of friends professional

Meanwhile, I have a complaint against DSK Bank, and I need your advice
I used to have my account at Societe Generale Express Bank, this French bank left Bulgaria, and its remnants branches now call themselves "Express Bank"
This "Express Bank" announces on its website, and via SMSs to me only, that it is becoming part of the Bulgarian DSK Bank, and "every customer of "Express Bank" should apply by the 10th of December 2019 for a new debit card
The "catch" is that Linnah and Mitko are customers of the same "Express Bank", yet they have no debit card change SMSs................
My debit card is expiring after the middle of 2020, I am not before Detelina, Dimitar, or Vasilevi in the alphabet - so, why the hell do they need to change my debit card only?
The last time I was in an "Express Bank" office, they insisted to know my "new address", I claimed to have the same address on which I am registered in Sofia, which is not in Lozen..........
The "Express Bank" office was also quite stinky, I got out poisoned, cannot say if in the office, or before it, yet in front of the "Express Bank" office Pfizer had parked two "blinking" cars, which they do only when they poison me, not only, but often
I think that "DSK bank" wants me to either come to one of the "Express Bank" offices for a next poisoning, or they want me to officially announce a delivery address for my new bank card here in Lozen, they already once insisted on a "new address", which they have never done before, and I have been their customer since 2009..........
I have actually less than 1500 BGN in that account, and I can withdraw them on an ATM, and leave that "bank card" business to rot
I will need a new bank card only for the greeting cards sale, yet as far as I understand, you prefer me to start the sale AFTER I change my address - in which case I can simply find myself a new bank
I am not fond of this idiotic bank
I am for the "withdraw the money" and send the bank to hell option - what would you suggest?
No, I do not think that you will come within a month, so I need some option
What would YOU prefer, and how do we make it SAFE for me?

I am sure that for the last 10 years, I have only once completed such a "new address questionnaire" at the "Express Bank", and I have never before answered questions as to "do I have a double citizenship, do I have funds abroad", and the man-idiot gave me a copy of what I had given as answers, and his woman-idiot boss was angry with him, said that "I should have no copy of my answers"
I have no credit cards/credits with any bank in the world, and I have never had SGEB/"Express Bank" credits, so I can easily fuck off the bank via ATM
If you do not come up with any safe and really necessary other option, I will fuck off the bank via ATM
In either case if you do not come by December, you will have a "failed course scandal", which I guess you do not want

Well, as usual, I do not understand this, what I understand is what I expect - "someone collects papers for legal attack", and I don't need the fucking bank in either case
Or shall I order the card to be delivered to some office, and not take it?
As I am not going to their office after the last poisoning
Or you think that this time they will "behave"? I don't believe that.................

DSK Bank is the oldest, entirely communist bank of Bulgaria, I will never believe that they have any "good intentions" whatsoever
Fuck them off via ATM :)
My last memory of them is trying to put money on my mother's bank account, day after day, it took me 2 weeks as they were always angry at deposit requests, and only answered that they were busy, had a job to do, 10-20 of them per office, and that I should come another day
Making a deposit in the DSK Bank is way more difficult than entering with a machine gun, and asking them to open their vaults for you :)

I can always "forget", "mess up", I am elderly anyway :)
Even if you do not take me in due time, I can request payments on Mitko's card, for instance :)
But in either case I need a new bank, nothing is more communist than DSK Bank :)
Mitko is from time to time selling things he no longer needs, greeting cards won't be any different
And you best take me away before the cards start :)

When shop-owners ask me why I haven't been to their shop lately, I always answer that "I am visiting, so I am not always here", which is also true
I am not here :)

OK then :)
The bank goes to hell :)

Some people also don't throw away old newspapers, and have piles of them - for when they need them for the wood stove, for protecting the floor while repainting the rooms, etc. - it can be an old issue, I mean
Old issues of newspapers are completely untraceable :)

"Old school" :)
Не съм съзнавала досега как изглежда това, "стигането до вратата ти", защото май съм се родила "след тази мода", дори аз
Но точно това искам, всичко, някак си много постепенно, преминаващо през много неща, докато "стигна до вратата ти"
Не като ограничение, а за да не изпусна нищо, какъв е смисълът да се изпуска целия филм
А и знаеш как се заглеждам по теб, и как всичко следващо, като да говоря с теб, или да ти държа ръката, всичко ще ми е също толкова интересно
"Модерното" не е свобода, а пропускане на целия филм
Не че знам какво има във филма, но точно затова искам целия филм :)

Аз много рядко говоря за нас напоследък, но мисля за нас непрекъснато
Просто или "оцелявам", или "слушам нескончаеми забележки", и дори не ми се отваря уста да говоря за нас, за да не привлека още простотии
Но мисля за нас непрекъснато, и много, много повече откак ти изрече думата "сватба" :)
Преди това през повечето време се чудех дали ти се занимава с мен, ти имаш цяла империя, а аз нищо
Сега дори като ми мине през ум да бягам, си казвам че имам Александър, и това с бягането не е вариант :)
Никога не съм чела книги за човешки отношения, или може би само веднъж, и веднъж целенасочено гледах сериал за човешки отношения
Сега чета такава книга, и е много ново :)

Аз определено си имам hot waves, обаче :)
"Brain hit" :)
Много е странно да се появяват отникъде, нали "няма какво да спират", освен нещо да започнат :)

No, I am not protesting against the hot waves, they are very slight in either case
And they feel rather like "starting", with acne out of the blue - I eat nothing even most remotely greasy at the moment
And another 2 "relaxing" preludes
Plus, I found 3 bugs into Pfizer's "artificial brain"
Or it's not my success - the hot waves feel in every aspect as a starting period, and period had the function of removing the nerves' irritability as well

I love this midnight walk :)))))))))))))))))))))))))
My hair is still wet, as I had my shower far too late, yet I still had the walk :)
Plus a small accident :)
A kitten had walked into my room while I was in the yard, and I only found out after I was already in bed, as it went out of under the bad, and perched on the window, trying to get out of the room :)
Already resolved :)
Прегръщам те....................................................................., Обичам те.........................................................................................................

Прегръщам те........................................................................................, Обичам те.....................................................................................................
Често виждам през прозореца как всеки на село ходи с работни или домашни дрехи навсякъде, и си мисля колко съвършено красиво ще изглеждаш дори в най-домашни дрехи................................................
Обичам те :)
И си мечтая за шегите ти и всичко, което казваш, е СЪВЪРШЕНО...........................................

This is smart :)

I mean, whatever you choose :)

This imbecile filled the entire house with stench, or + poison
Didn't come when he had said he would, came earlier, "when I was alone", stank a lot more than last time
May be poison again...........................................................
I think his shoes were even covered with perfume, as I opened the house door to change the air, and after that when I bowed to take something from the floor, there was strong stench coming from the stairs he had walked on

I have taken a spectrum of measures, and I actually feel OK :)
Прегръщам те..................................................., Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I have even invented a new antidote, and if it works, it will be a revolution :)
If this was poison, kill him :)

Will you punish the imbecile, and did you get the poison from him?

You used to be unable to get the poisons from the poisoners, now you get the poisons, and it sounds as if you do nothing without Pfizer knowing it, and Pfizer do nothing without you kknowing it
Yet Pfizer know what you do before you do it, and allegedly prevent you from doing it; while you always "know what Pfizer did" only after they did it
It's not logical - why don't you see what Pfizer are discussing and doing at "planning stage"?
I start to doubt whether you intentionally let Pfizer attack me, and only collect the poisons afterwards
It is not about "not interfering", collecting the poisons IS an acknowledgement that you are monitoring and interfering, so why do you only do it AFTER the fact?
Pfizer are imbeciles as usual, as I expected them to stop poisoning after you caught their last poison, yet they didn't stop
It's an imbeciles championship
If you are publicly using me as a poisons garbage bin, what makes you believe that I will share any meat with you?
Our deal for not cleaning is over, I will be cleaning whatever I decide, and not caring about you, the way you "pretend to only know after the fact"
Your "interference" serves no-one but you alone, you collect the poisons, and never care about me, except when you poison me with no warning too
I have not a single reason to care about what you need.

When you know that someone holds a poison, you can arrest him for holding a poison, yet you prefer me to get hit first, as you "want the effect"
When Dani falls asleep tonight, I will share publicly some effects about you :)

In either case you always have reasons "not to come", you are of no use to me
And I have been repeating for a long time that I will not sink alone, you will sink with me.
Let's start now, and we will continue after Dani falls asleep :)
Around October 2016, I was forced to start working at DXC mainframe security - I was coughing so much, that this time when Rossen Radev started to bullshit again about transferring me to security, I couldn't stop coughing so I could say No, and this is how I ended up in Mainframe Security
As a rule, DXC Bulgaria transfer to Security only people whom no-one wants in the other departments, very responsible, as everything else
(Why do I spit on DXC when Pfizer attacked me? Because I gave DXC all my Pfizer papers, and now DXC own me, I am a slave, I have no papers to defend myself, I trusted DXC with my life (and body), and a 3rd year in a row no-one returns the Pfizer papers to me, neither helps me in any way)
After I ended up in DXC Mainframe Security, completely against my will, and as "manager" Rossen Radev explained, "She does nothing here, so I am transferring her from Level 1 Monitoring, to Level 2 Security",
I found out that "Mainframe Security" had two members, a leaving UK engineer, and a Bulgarian whore (I so not plan to excuse myself about this description), Antoniya Marcheva
Antoniya was bullying everyone, lying to everyone, making demonstrations about "how quickly she works", and after that me and the leaving UK engineer were correcting her omissions
Antoniya was also famous with lacking any technical background or thinking, having finished the internal "Academy" "hardly", having abandoned her technical "university study", having difficulties passing a PES "because of withholding information" (fancy way of saying "lying her ass off, as usual")
Antoniya was also doing Pfizer theaters at work, and was famous for "hiring for Pfizer at work" - at some point this resulted in her getting an "unlimited paid leave" - very strange paid leave, as an always complaining colleague noticed that while we haven't seen her for months, in the team schedule she is marked as "being at work", not even as "on leave"
January 2017 the UK engineer eventually left, word was that Manager Laura Bly didn't like literate people, and made him ad his 2 UK colleagues leave
So, after all UK mainframe security left, 2 new Englishmen were hired, Martin Roll, and Nigel Pentland
Nigel Pentland left after a month, word was that he got scared - I guess scared of Martin Roll
Martin Roll was a power maniac, who kept shouting and writing for months that no-one needs access but himself, that he will removes everyone's access, as unnecessary, and they won't even notice - no-one paid any attention to his bullshit, so eventually he started scare-crowing one of the clients directly, said they will love him for this, instead Laura Bly sent him home, Martin Roll threatened that he had already locked Aviva's production environment, leaving even the entire DXC mainframe security with no access, this appeared to be true, so I was given his password so I could restore the access of the mainframe security team
Yes, this continues by Martin Roll getting fired, meanwhile he had brought a friend of his, Johann Badenhorst
So Martin Roll's "helper" was not only kept at work (in spite of being illiterate), but also given every "manager" function he accepted, and he eventually started selling me for meet to both Aviva nad Pfizer :)

We will now have a fun evening together :)
You have sent me so many "hearts", I now owe you the same quantity back :)
Before you start "defending" the DXC clients, let's look into them as well :)
The client company whom Martin Roll was scare-crowing was the German company SKF, TOTALLY Pfizer and New World!
From SKF I never received any singly work-related ticket, ONLY Pfizer BULLSHIT, NOT A SINGLE WORK-RELATED TICKET
SKF were inventing hundreds of "imaginary employees" needing access, sometimes a hundred a day
They had an "agreement" with DXC CCL Marin Minchev - truth be told, eventually even DXC Bulgaria (who are just mob) decided to make Marin leave, so that they could stop SKF's fake tickets, years of fake tickets 2016-2018
We all know about Aviva, they are only interested in "meat for free", I worked for them, 3-4 unpaid hours overtime daily, for more than a year, they said that I have returned their trust in DXC support, that "they had never before had such a good service", yet the moment they saw "meat", I and everyone around me was nothing but meat to them.

When I spoke about "ticket toolS" I meant that DXC Mainframe Security uses two ticket tools, at least, one is the Aviva Assyst ticket tool, another one is the HP ticket tool, which got "upgraded" and started show "loading circles" along with the Aviva Assyst tool - I just didn't work on anything but Aviva at the time, so I had no occasions to compare if I was using a "custom HP tool", or the "upgrade" was same for everyone, I mean, while I cannot prove it, some DXC department had ordered a torture ticket tool too, simultaneously with the Aviva one
Let's see what happened with DXC Mainframe Security further :)
Johann Badenhorst remained the only UK security for quite some time, "playing" Level 3 and Level 4 security, yet he was illiterate
One day I had to create a dataset security profile for a NON-VSAM dataset, I didn't know that I had to specify "volume and unit", as the NON-VSAM datasets are not cataloged and RACF cannot find them without volume and unit information
I was in a hurry, and idiotically refusing to read the entire IBM ADDSD article, so I kept "trying" one entire day, I asked Johann Badenhorst, as he was Level 3 and 4, he was supposed to know, there is nothing simpler than creating a dataset security profile in RACF Security
Johann Badenhorst tried, said "it didn't work, sorry man", and that was all :)
By the evening I read the IBM article which was staying open and unread in front of me since the morning, created the dataset profile, and told Johann Badenhorst how to do it
Johann Badenhorst does not understand any single programming language, and he needs them, even for Level 2 mainframe security - REXX, JCL, CARLa - I was doing all this support instead of him, he insisted to take all oncall support, as he was paid additionally for it, yet DXC Mainframe Security oncall support meant Johann Badenhorst or Bulgarian whore Antoniya Marcheva picking up a call, and saying "send a ticket to Katya", hanging up, and getting paid for this
6+ years Johann Badenhorst kept 4-6 open tickets, and was accepting "no other work", "as he was updating Aviva's RACF templates"
After that these tickets stayed open for 6 more months, as Johann Badenhorst refused "verification check" by Rick Ireland Level 4 Security USA/Canada, Johann Badenhorst said, "I don't want Rick to see the RACF templates"
I asked Johann Badenhorst if he wanted to join a discussion about the Aviva RACF templates started by Laura Bly, Johann Badenhorst said, "No, I don't want them to see how old the templates are" -
Your guess is correct! Of course Johann Badenhorst was pretending to update the RACF templates, and never touched them :)
When Bulgarian DXC Security was no longer allowed to work on production SSL certificates, Johann Badenhorst did create two of them, yet he refused to leave any update on the tickets, and he answered Aviva from the Level 3 Security shared mailbox, without typing his own name, means, "there are some SSL certificates now, yet it wasn't me"
Don't expect me to have finished, when I start talking about Mike Everitt and Steve Collinson, and about Bulgarian security additions, this is when the real fun will start :)

You loved my poisoning, and my "data: so much, let's make sure you remember it :)
When we are talking that Johann Badenhorst doesn't put his name under no SSL certificate, yes, this does mean that he is illiterate, avoiding any responsibility whatsoever, yet it doesn't mean that he had no reason to do it
Aviva are a fraud, their "certificate people" too - remember when they:
made Danni sick
I went to Lozen to take care of him while Linnah and Mitko were working
This meant me returning home by metro for the first time since I was sent to work from home
I got severely poisoned at the metro station, with air chemical attack, of course
I got a most sever fever ever, and exactly when I fell asleep with fever, Aviva called, asked me to replace an uncaught expired SSL certificate - although I am not Level 3, I am not UK, it had been decided that Bulgaria was not going to do production SSL certificates, it was a Sunday, Level 2 Security (me) does not give weekend/on call support - short story, wasn't my job :)
Aviva gathered 33 engineers, 4-5 shouting at me while I was trying for hours to create an SSL certificate with severe fever and headache, and the rest were just "present" on the Skype conference call
And................... Aviva played stealing from themselves while they were protected by no SSL certificate, and while shouting at me until I pissed in my panties
So, Johann Badenhorst is not even most remotely a honest person, yet I still do not claim that he had no reason not to sign his name under any Aviva SSL certificates
Don't take me wrong, I didn't lie when I said that HP/HPE/DXC was the perfect machine - remnants of this were preserved in all other Mainframe departments, except......................... Mainframe Security......................
Mainframe Security had obviously been staffed with greatest professional ever, until months before I joined, and Laura Bly decided to remove anyone even most remotely literate from Mainframe Security
This is what the UK Addicts said, this is how I call the UK remnants of the old HP/HPE/DXC machine - incredibly knowledgeable and intelligent people, in love with their jobs and company, working for free pretty much 24/7, available 24/7, insisting to do everything by themselves - understandable, as the 10 Bulgarian "clickers" per 1 UK Addicts would only create an incredible mess (I know this too from experience.......)
The mainframe programs left by those Mainframe Security professionals were so drastically exceeding the level of those working at the same time as me, that no-one but me even tried to read what the "previous generation" had written
Laura Bly intentionally removed the entire DXC Mainframe Security - this is what the UK Addicts said as well
Laura Bly had 1 Rick Ireland, level 4 in Canada, really knowledgeable, and she intended him to be "enough for all continents" while she hired nothing but sheep (and wolves.........) in Europe - this didn't work
Because once a client asked "Did this employee log on on this day", and the research took 2 weeks, Rick Ireland wrote the verification program eventually, not entirely though, as he technically didn't know this client's system
Two weeks for "Has this employee logged in on that day" is no security.............

Let's continue with Mike Everitt :)
Mainframe Security and Compliance department first, he was charching Laura Bly per minute :)
Even for reading my emails :) Also for answering them :)
(I won't stop soon, by the way - as per your policy, you tell nothing to Linnah and Mitko, so I asked Mitko to open the windows and change the air on the second floor, yet "he was above that", "this was not his priority", "Dani didn't need any cold air" (obviously Dani was better off with poison, as his room and floor are still saturated with stench) - you start getting what this is about, don't you :) )
When you attacked me with "mint", Dani was with me, and the moment we got home, he sat on the sofa and immediately dropped asleep; same today after he went to see what the poisoner was doing on the second floor
Thus Mike Everitt was charging DXC double - first, for his own position, second, for sharing Aviva-specific security knowledge (or bullshit), and taking all security decisions on behalf of Laura Bly :)
Mike Everitt was working for Pfizer - he was manager of some Aviva McAfee department, and I was receiving fake McAfee Data Loss Prevention emails - I am reporting on the fake emails, and the fake emails keep coming and saying that "I am trying to transfer credit card information to the internet" - while I didn't have internet access within the Aviva Citrix, and had no copy/paste between that Citrix and my laptop either
Mike Everitt had "an emoticon of himself" - a "smiley" with its tongue out, yet the top of that tongue was bright red - and Mike Everitt was largely using it in chat with me, "implying defloration", and "tempting me to become a man", utterly disgusting.
I was also discovered that Mike Everitt had organized lots of people from lots of departments to send me "meaningful Pfizer tickets", without even telling some of them what he was involving them into
Later, Mike Everitt got transferred to be Johann Badenhorst's colleague, Level 3 UK Mainframe Security - and the first things he did in security were:
* ordered a new program which allegedly transferred data to to outside - DXC data to Aviva, or Aviva data to third parties, not clear
* deleted lots of security protecting protecting his old department's datasets - I recreated those dataset security profiles, and left a nagging note, "Do not touch without approved change, Best regards, Katya"
* granted his Bulgarian successor with accesses "on top of the food chain", against process, and sort of made him owner of the entire Aviva mainframe - every morning I had to read all the new logs, so that I can see what new violations Mike Everitt has made and repair them
One day Laura Bly tried to trick him into (doing his job) writing an Level 3 program, Pfizer tried to protect him by cutting the power in half of Sofia for hours, and when I disappeared from Skype, Mike Everitt said he was "leaving that matter for later" too

Steve Collinson - I have good memories as well from him, which is strange, as this is the most cruel and ruthless person I have ever worked with
Steve Collinson was rudely working for Pfizer - he was DXC's Mainframe Auditor
When I was called to take care of Dani in Lozen (and poisoned on the way back), Steve Collinson said an email to "Angus" (metaphor for Pfizer), "Angus, I will see what we can do, we used to have many staff members available, yet we are now working for Disney" - he meant that many Pfizer hackers were connecting to my laptop in Sofia, and he wants to see if they also connect to my laptop using Lozen house's internet - yet the reference to "working for Disney", meaning that I will be taking care of Dani, this was cordially said, I believe that he has grandchildren too - skipped no occasion to use sincerely caring language, also when I wanted to buy Dani a ride on car - except Steve Collinson, no-one ever showed any even trace of human concern for my family; though in Steve Collinson's case, it was not concern, just way of thinking or speaking
Otherwise - Steve Collinson was systematically selling me to Pfizer for meat
Played with Bulgarian whore Antoniya Marcheva the theater "she is "these hands have never worked", and this makes he a compliance queen"
Tricked me into creating the UK "Royal" client SSL certificate - the plot was that "I will be bullied and will fail to create it on time, and that bank will get robed"
Later insisted that I send the video with the Aviva Assyst tool, which technically "terminates my employment, and sends me for meat to either Aviva or Pfizer"
He was training me to do audits (made me "main submitter" and was submitting fake audits as co-submitter, while I was the main submitter) - by fake audits I mean, the audit questionnaire asks, "Is the result of this verification positive?" - He provides "screenshots" that "it is", though there hasn't been any verification for years
And we go back to Bulgarian whore Antoniya Marcheva, and all other Bulgarian security stars :)
So you don't say that I simply hate her but have no facts against her, Antoniya partially disabled my security ID on a government client account - with partially disabled ID I was not seeing part of the accesses of the provided model ID, and I was creating the new IDs on this government account with insufficient access, they couldn't do their jobs
The DXC ADO struggled to resolve this for months, he even created a new process, "Where the model ID is missing this spectrum of accesses, provide these accesses as default"
Eventually two old client side employees discovered that my security ID was with partially removed access, and restored my ID's accesses
Why did Antoniya do that? Was she attacking that government? No, at that point not yet, she just wanted to "make me make mistakes, so I can get fired" - the government didn't matter, for Antoniya this was just every day careerism - leaving government employees unable to do their jobs for months was too insignificant to be part of the equation
Do you see the difference? For the above (and a lot more) Antoniya Marcheva is documented as working every day, and paid, without being asked to do anything at all, not even to work remotely
While I am with no job, no money, and get poisoned, and every time I get poisoned, you love it :)

There are only 3 more Bulgarian Level 2 Mainframe Security additions
The Bulgarian colleague hired after me - I cannot remember his name for some reason - he was first working for Pfizer, and telling me with disdain that "there are no more laptops available" - when my work laptp got changed, and still was the only one not working, blinking, jumping, not installing work software (and ........)
Next, he announced that "he has always been a metal"; next he decided that "he was Bulgarian, and not metal" - this is the standard Bulgarian DXC breed - their coalitions and memberships never last more than 5 minutes
As a "professional", this Bulgarian colleague, may be Doncho by name, was also an average Bulgarian employee - lazy, illiterate , unable to learn, and .................... playing as if the entire mainframe of every client belonged to him alone, and he was deciding the fate of everyone on the mainframe
One reason why I cannot remember his name, is because I used to call him Tsar Kiro (after a Bulgarian Gypsy King.............)
"Doncho" (if this was his name), for instance, "granted his consent", to the client directly, that DXC Mainframe Security, on a government account, will not ask any client manager's confirmation, but the moment "John" asks for the password of "Smith's" mainframe ID, but will simply provide "John" with "Smith's" password
The effect is that after several such "sharings", even after one, no-one will be able to tell who did what onto that government's mainframe, as any of a number of persons might have used that ID, and logged on with it
Why does "Doncho" "grant" such consents? He is Level 2, he is not allowed to grant any consents, not even to enter into direct discussions with a client
Yet........... "Doncho" loves demonstrating his "power"
Next Bulgarian acquisition, Ivan Atanassov - standard Bulgarian too - only two examples:
I explain to Ivan that he needs to request from the user a model ID, so we can copy this model ID's accesses and create the new user's ID, and also, that this model ID should belong to a person from the same team, as we can safely assume that employees working into the same team are allowed to have the same accesses
Ivan writes in the email, "Please provide a model ID"
A "model ID" gets sent, yet this is the ID of some manager - perfect disaster..........
Granting all manager's accesses to his subordinate is illegal, writing again to the customer will make him logically angry
Why did Ivan do that? As I said before, only employees whom no-one wants get transferred to Mainframe Security - Ivan cannot speak/write/understand English...................
He gets a via Skype training, he says "I didn't understand a word"
He asks for "a model ID", with no explanations
He sends an email, "Request received for ID XXXXX belonging to John Smith, may we send a new password?"
Why does he send this email? Because he uses a template, only replaces the ID and the name in it
Is this the actual request? No. "Mark" wants a new password for "John's" ID. Government client manager confirms that Ivan can send a new password, yet without knowing to whom :)
Why does Ivan do "such things"? Ivan has priorities, "Fuck security, main priority is that Ivan needs to hide the fact that he knows no English (instead of learning English)"
Can Ivan realistically work security? No, and not because he would intentionally do wrong, but because he does not understand English.
Last Bulgarian acquisition, Borislav, works on the principle of "pretend you know, pretend this is the answer, the client writes back, say this doesn't work, Borislav doesn't even blink - writes back "our colleagues are working on that" (no-one is, as no-one knows what the answer is).........................
It's not only the quality, it's the quantity, or even worse, the percentage of........................
Yes, as long as I was there, those last two were not working for Pfizer, but they were not working either
I cannot avoid the resemblance - Laura Bly did with the DXC Mainframe Security team, what DXC did with me........................
Other Mainframe Departments are nothing like this, they have one working UK member who does everything brilliantly
I am disgusted with your poison data joy
Yet there are other departments I can take down, next time you enjoy my poisoning

And when I am talking about Steve Collinson submitting as part of his audits "screenshots of running verification programs", which don't even exist, on client mainframes, let's not forget that these clients are SKF (with 100% fake tickets), and Aviva, who rob themselves by infecting me and my family
Just realism........................

Did you "love" my data? "It will help your recovery". Do you feel at home in your home?

I know you wonder how exactly can SKF send 100% fake tickets to DXC Mainframe Security? They would have some real needs as well? where did the real tickets go? For two years...........?
SKF were "playing with Pfizer-meaningful names of staff members" - the names on every single ticket "meant things", "conveyed messages"; and after that SKF's own internal helpdesk was renaming the newly created users to the real people's names
Yes, it is a 100% security breach, as their employees enter their own mainframe under false names
Are you still "above my poisonings"?

I suggest you stop "being above my poisonings", because the next department I will attack, represented by a professional meat-seller (and not only), you will like millions of times less than the security one...................

One of the reasons no-one believed that I will "tell something", was because: no one even looks to see what happens; everyone has their own position, and "does not depend on what I will say"
"History means nothing" - "stench-ed" apartment, Aviva falls, "stench-ed" house...................
Correction, no-one believed that I will START telling
Why would you come now? No reason to!
"You no longer have period probabilities any time soon", "we can come in 10 years", "we have priorities", like "saving the world"
I cannot stop thinking that this "lovely success" has been agreed with Pfizer - Pfizer don't want me to leave, now you no longer have emergencies to move me from here
Because by hiding your "data", I have been hiding the fact that you pretty much have no employees not-working for Pfizer................
"We have been providing "promises" instead of antibiotics for the last 3 years, it obviously works"

Прегръщам те......................................................., Обичам те............................................................................
Let's make a couple of clarifications about the SKF fake tickets, what about those fake names, big deal!
Well, for one, SKF have an USA "engineer" or "manager", Pamela Detwilder - in Bulgarian-English this means "Pamela wants children", and as she was sending fake tickets, registering new users requests under tickets for "more than one copies of the same application" - means that she will get new user IDs, yet these requests will pass no approval process at all; and she was cloning these tickets, sending duplicates of them, dozen duplicates a day - as SKF's helpdesk wrote, "It's not us, it's Pamela" (Pamela wants children, dozens of them, cloned children, without legal "formalities" - reference to the piles of infant remnants found into the Pfizer slaughterhouses)
Other tickets were threats, I cannot remember all of them, this was each and every SKF ticket for 2 years
Did SKF send such "under the table" new user requests before Pfizer's attack? Yes, they did, I came across and old mail trail, one of the real security professionals, who have left before my coming, had caught and reported them
How did he SKF Pfizer attack start?
I was a new starter at the mainframe security department, I had to create a complicated type of access (ROSCOE application access) for the first time by copying a model ID's access
Yet in one dataset, instead of copying the model's data, so I can paste it into the same dataset, and only change the ID and the name for the new user, I used per error "cut" instead of "copy", and this removed the model's access
The SKF ticket submitter complained, "I can now logon with my new ID, yet I can no longer logon with my colleague's ID" - him "logging on with his colleague's ID" is a security breach, yet otherwise he was right, I had per error removed his colleague's access
I restored that colleague's access, yet SKF Pfizer saw a gold mne in my error, they kept pretending that the old ID was no longer working, escalated to all management levels, the last on of the UK real security professionals, a month before he left DXC, Jim Taylor, insisted on a Skype remote access to the model user's laptop, so he can see "what exactly is not working", as he was positive that at that time everything was correct
Than obviously at this Skype call he was told that SKF management have nothing against him, they just want to get me fired, as without a job ("like now" ) "I will sell myself for meat to the Pfizer slaughterhouses"
Jim Taylor refused. Why? I don't need to tell you, only illiterate, incompetent employees, who have always made a living by fraud, accept Pfizer offers. So, whenever I report on someone's Pfizer involvement, this 100% means that "Pfizer was not his first time"
I do not know to whom Jim Taylor reported, obviously to the Bulgarian management as well, as my direct Bulgarian managers Marta Terzieva and Rossen Radev (both active Pfizer players later), at this point got terrified, they were looking at me with terrified faces, a "repeated" training got immediately invented, and with a couple of "second time" monitoring department colleagues, I got taken ofj job and sent to training for 3 days, so that SKF cannot access me
Later obviously SKF made the "fake names" agreement with their CCL Marin Minchev
What do I mean by "threats by user names on tickets"?
For instance, one Indian Aviva "engineer" (as all the rest, organized by Mike Everett), sent me a ticket with names meaning "Someone you know will get undressed and fucked for their birthday"
I cannot remember all nonsense I have read for 2 years, I do not remember anymore SKF "examples"; I was even minimizing the ticket tool screen, so I can see only the user ID, not the user's name, so that I can limit my brain's polution
No, no, no, no, this is by far not everything, of course
That Borislav Bulgarian acquisition to the Mainframe Security team was, for instance, a nice and hard working person, he was for instance working night shifts in some bakery while doing tthe DXC initial training of 8 months, as his famaly needed the money
Yet, as per his own words, Borislav is a lot more "adaptable" than others, he used to spend month or years illegally in the USA, having embarked there I don't remember how, and "extended" illegally his stay, and he says, his bike got stolen so many times there, and resold to him, that he stopped buying it and started stealing a bike every time his one got missing - other people I know do not get "that adaptable" in the USA; and "he used to work in an USA factory where only he and prison inmates worked" - I guess "this is exactly the kind of adaptability you need on a security team"
You got my new poisoning "technology", completely for free, didn't you? :)

For 3 years you throw me to every poisoner who happens to wish to poison me, and leave me to repair myself anyway I can - now you are free to repair yourselves anyway you can :)
Yes, I keep an objective narrative, as long as I am concerned - DXC employees have never attacked their clients, and clients have never attacked DXC, these were all "joint ventures" between individual DXC employees and clients and/or client employees
DXC SKF CCL Marin Minchev, for instance, started the "names play" October 2016, and "made confessions" about it the spring of 2018

No, stating the ROSCOE access case as a starting point of the Pfiser SKF attack is a gross understatement
SKF attacked me first in August 2016, long before I started working on their account, and not because "SKF saw me and used the opportunity", but because they "looked me up"
DXC SKF CCL Marin Minchev "accidentally met me and my classmates, the other new hires, at the door of the Business Park Sofia's 345 supermarket, he introduced himself rather joyfully, and the first day I stepped onto the DXC mainframe floor (until then the new hires were studying alone, with no manager/lecturer, in other buildings), Marin Minchev stood in a open window of the coffee area, and started shouting so I can hear him, "Yes, I trust this doctor!", and so on.............
By the way, before getting forcefully transferred to Security, I had been interviewed, hired, and assigned to a mainframe monitoring department's half which did not work on the SKF account, so my transferring to security was a transferring to SKF - this means "hire Bulgarian (+/-) "management" involved, as when "giving" manager Rossen Radev and "taking" manager Marta Terzieva first heard from Jim Taylor about the SKF ROSCOE attack, they were terrified, and took me away from SKF for 3 days
Unless they were terrified not by the SKF attack, but by Jim Taylor reporting on it........................
Good diagnostics, indeed, it hurts but so many DXC employees stayed hidden until now, and if you ask me, they had no reason on earth to stop working for Pfizer.................

I am speaking about "joint ventures", as even that "government account" was so "playful", that after an endless series of DXC trying to save that government from the government itself, I started coming across "individuals taking advantage of it"
It's like in nature, every weeds needs specific conditions to grow, and if it grows, it marks the particular area as "offering the particular conditions"
Ah, I forgot to mention Laura Bly, Global Platform Security manager :)
One day DXC Corporate Communication asked me, "We need to take over that department, how do we take Laura Bly down? What mistakes has she made?"
None, not a single mistake, as Laura Bly did meticulously nothing, she took never part in her own job, "other people were playing her job", she was only sending great plans, none of which moved any single step beyond her initial email about that "plan"
Once, she decided to punish me by make me transfer my knowledge to all new comers to the Security team
As this was the game, DXC Corporate Communications wanted to close Laura Bly's department, and as no-one but me worked, no-one but me knew, so they instructed me to refuse training
And Laura Bly ordered me to write down a client account's process
And I factologically answered that "I did not know what this process was" - I pulled out all her "plan" emails, all "local arrangements with client" emails of Tsar Kiro "Doncho", pulled up also old tickets to demonstrate what happens in real life - and this pile described a total mess, in which really no-one knows what happens, let alone what must happen..............
How do I write down a process? Would that process be Laura Bly's "never happening official plans", or Tsar Kiro "Doncho"'s unofficial agreements with the client? Or the old tickets practices?
Bulgarians say, "A fish starts rotting from its head"........................

Global Plague is the word
Realistically, if any of the mentioned companies has got any healthy parts remaining (which for SKF specifically I doubt..........), it's time those healthy parts start making "joint ventures" of themselves...............
Hiding what happens is a weed fertilizer.

Judging by their general conduct, and the difference between lack of Pfizer theaters, and later presence of Pfizer theaters, I am sure that at the time of the ROSCOE SKF scandal, Rossen Radev and Marta Terzieva did not yet work for Pfizer, and didn't know why they were so urgently trasferring me to security - so you need to look "higher" for the "planners"
No, I have never felt any single Pfizer involvement in Laura Bly
DXC SKF CCL Marin Minchev was also the first person who started "perfuming me" on the DXC mainframe floor - "interestingly" when I started working in Security, since the first day there was one single empty chair for me, and it was next to Marin Minchev
Marin started coming with a new "perfume" every day, he said "he cannot stop doing it, as he is an AVON distributor, and wants to show "all AVON perfumes to all colleagues AT WORK" (wasn't this forbidden?)
He complained to "manager" Marta Terzieva about me refusing to breathe his "perfumes"; she asked me to "declare" that there are "perfume refusal" complaints against me
Marin Minchev kept singing to me, "If the aim is mine, and the means yours, what do I care?"
"Warmed up" after that to the reality, and switched to, "Why do I need to wear a;; these "AVON perfumes"? I want to bring them to you and I want you to breathe all of them by yourself."
Marin Minchev was non-stop telling me about his "doctor-aunt", how good she was, how she believed in the "purest imitation of nature"
Next Marin Minchev brought me a SEX GUIDE book :)
Wanted to read it with me at work, so I can get tempted to get "male parts" :)
I told him to buy himself an inflatable doll, which will be a clean imitation of nature (if he washes it first), and discuss sex and sex books with his inflatable doll :)
A totally dedicated DXC SKF CCL :)

To be exact, and fair, I have never seen any single DXC Pfizer involvement outside Europe and Europe controlled India
Yet this happened exactly because Europe Mainframe Security got first literally beheaded - Jim Taylor, the last one of the Andrew, Jim, Jackie team refused Pfizer SKF orders, and reported officially
With Andrew/Jim/Jackie nothing of this would have ever happened, as they had visibility of all mainframe departments too, I mean intelligent and literate visibility, not like me - I was told that the access I created for one of Mike Everitt's "Test IDs" served to transfer data illegally to the outside, and I deleted that ID, and disregarded all Mike Everett's scandals, yet I have no idea how this worked, I didn't have the literacy to see and stop what others were doing
So it was not a "Global Plague", it was an European one
Yeah, DXC Corporate Communications were ardently "selling me for meat", yet no idea to Pfizer, Aviva, or if Pfizer and Aviva are not just different names for the same thing
Yet no real DXC professionals outside Europe and Europe controlled India got ever involved with Pfizer
In the very beginning DXC Corporate Communications started hinting that "I have for direct manager someone highest, not present in the work facebook", whom they cryptically called "Laura", yet with time I got the feeling that the "communicators" started trying to disconnect me from this "Laura", as I had become inconvenient, and they were eager to earn me that "Laura"'s disgrace very obviously, demonstrate my unfitness to that "Laura"
At first, all sentences started with "Laura", "Aviva want you for meat, yet "Laura" needs you, we have to see first if "Laura" will agree to give you any vacation month"
And then the "communicators" forgot about that "Laura" completely, and were only eager to play me "ROSCOE scandal" tricks, so that this earns me "Laura"'s disgrace, and spoke of nothing but Aviva
There was something "Laura"-like in a particular surname, yet your guess is as good as mine, "Laura" might have simply meant "your current immediate manager"
Though my more immediate manager was Marta Tersieva, not Laura Bly, so who knows....................
Another tendency accompanying "Laura"'s disappearance from the "conversations", was that "Laura" wanted me to have a duplicate, I was going to be THE manager of all Bulgaria, but a UK duplicate was going to shadow me, and take all decisions
That "shadow" was going to be the famous Steve Collinson, whom I discredited after a poisoning, his Pfizer involvement got confirmed, the explanation was "greed for money and power"
I asked for a new shadow, and I was told that "I was imposing enough by myself", no one wanted to be found anywhere near me - that was idiotic, as realistically someone with 8 months of team leader experience cannot realistically manage all Bulgaria
And ever since "Laura"'s name disappeared, every "revolution team mate" started to play me "ROSCOE" tricks, and try ro get me down
While that "Laura"'s name was still in the picture, the tone and topics of the conversations were drastically more reserved and legal

That's the only truth, playing has never saved anyone - I told the facts the way they are, both the good and brilliant, and the bad
It's like trying to walk through marshes - both calling every spot of ground bad, and calling every spot of ground good, will get me killed
It's an European, not "Global" plague, it came from SKF, very aggressively, it spread in Europe and Europe controlled India only, as Europe mainframe security happened to be beheaded at that moment, and many individuals throughout different departments were left unmonitored and went rogue
And Aviva did miracles to spread and feed that plague
No, the security department's total failure did not ruin the other departments at all - this is why I keep calling them UK Addicts, as far as they could, they were taking Laura Bly's decisions for her, doing collectively the job of the missing security department, the security disaster changed no-one, it just gave room for opportunist natures to "fulfill old dreams"
When I was still "on speaking terms" with Pfizer, Pfizer insisted that I take Project Management courses on some free fake online platform
From that time I remember one of the main PM principles, GIGO - garbage in, garbage out
Andrew/Jim/Jackie left, or as the UK Addicts said, "were made leave by Laura Bly", garbage was hired to replace them, and garbage was the final product of this

By the way, the leg's and all nervous tics are only fed by the infected brain, not locally, and I discovered a total bug in the infected brain, which I will keep to myself
As hot water doesn't even most remotely imitate its efficiency

Fairly speaking, I don't even believe that Laura Bly had any bad intentions when she beheaded Europe's mainframe security - she used to use the expression "I had a blond moment", yet it was no moment, two years nothing she did ever worked - she avoided doing, of course, she was letting everyone else do, I saw her get involved in her job one single time
There were some very complicated system IDs, no-one in security knew how to create them, Storage knew, yet didn't care to share, I was ordered to create two such IDs (organized by Mike Everitt again - Pfizer were sending a cryptic message that they will make me new reading glasses, they even stole my current ones, and DXC network+police caught the metro thief and the next morning my glasses were on my desk at work)
Anyway, I was never told how the last part of these IDs got created, neither by whom, yet I mentioned in a Skype meeting with Laura Bly that Aviva now have their own tickets for such IDs, and that I doubt their internal security department will know how to create them
Laura Bly's voice immediately got bass, and serious, and she said, "Don't touch those IDs" - she was planning to "win new market share", get the work on these ID transferred from Aviva's security department to the DXC one
I was right, Aviva had no idea what to do with these IDs, yet Laura Bly's one and only attempt to get involved failed
When Aviva asked me, I explained that I was not allowed to share any information on work which was not the remit of DXC
Yet the way other DXC departments did lots of the things the missing security department had to do, they gladly did it for Aviva as well - there was nothing to stop them, they wanted the job done, each one personally wouldn't throw away any future job offer in this insecure world, all departments were in war with Laura Bly for beheading the Europe security, for making their UK colleagues leave, for leaving most of the security work to them, to do it completely for free at night, as they were the ones with the experience
Shortly, one single "moment of decision making", and it failed immediately
I don't believe that Laura Bly had any evil plans, it's just that as Hilton say, "she had her match job elsewhere"

I keep thinking about the adjective "scapegoat"
I am so physically, and respectively financially and family ruined, because I helped the company, in many ways, does exposing myself to lots of "elements"; because I spoke and asked for help
Before my helping the company, I was healthy enough to work, to be in the street, in a office - Pfizer could no longer poison me, and didn't know why
It started by "someone", I suspect Aviva, noticing that "Pfizer were trying to hypnotize me" - this is how they saw it, as "someone" had noticed that only my laptop contains so many spinning loading animations
May be even not Aviva, as Aviva had ordered those animations, may be someone from DXC, no idea
Yet there was a sweet and naive attempt at helping me, Laura Bly sent an email saying that he forbids the taking of orders from no-one but her, the email was saying, "it spins and turns, but you should refuse", Johann Badehorst sent a additional email of the same sort
Someone has decided that Pfizer are trying to "hypnotize me and give me orders" with all this "spinning" on my laptop
I started gradually explaining what it was about, and the hell broke - Pfizer gradually learned how to reinfect me
At the time I thought, I cannot get help if I do not ask for it; someone I loved got "somewhat" helped, within two months, so I said to my self that I too need to explain what happens
Yet no help came for me ever since the end of 2017
I suspect rogue "implementers" and ill-willed "medical" involvement
Because careful planning and foresight was present - "someone" carefully (and without their knowledge) moved all my relatives around the world to safe neighborhoods, and good jobs, as hits from Pfizer and the "Bulgarian branch" were expected
Yet nothing of this applied to me personally - which literally looks to me as "someone preparing all my relatives not to be unhappy WHEN something happens to me"
The other problem is that not only me, no-one Pfizer "vaccinated" around me gets any anti-poisoning protection at all; poisoning is considered valuable, it brings new data
Yes, as "someone" has already foreseen, my entire family will be under severe attacks
Yes, leaving me "with no choice" sounds safer, but it has never proved to be safe
Yes, "data from poisonings" is valuable, yet at what company costs does it come?
I mean, it's about planning, it is clear that there will be attacks, and if not preventing them increases the costs above a particular level, these poison attacks stop paying enough, and need to be prevented
That's all

No, what I said was not entirely true
In the very beginning of the "revolution", Johann Badenhorst played "me", all his sentences used to start with "Laura"
"Laura says that I can move to live to another country if I want to, go and live with my daughter" (that is both planning and protection)
"I need to get operated (Aviva want my meat), yet "Laura" needs me available, and it is not clear if she can let me take an month of vacation at that exact moment"
I was obvious that "Laura" and Aviva needed me simultaneously, yet for opposite purposes
Then, without stating "Laura"'s name anymore, Corporate Communications started posting into the work facebook a cryptic message of "My first task will be to return Aviva as DXC client, once again"
I had visible and incredibly full protection wherever I passed, at the time
My starting and ending metro stations got suddenly constant police presence - which did happen to be of use, as a lady "posing for the person I love", tore my coat pocket on the metro train, and stole my glaces - the next morning my glaces were on my desk at the DXC office, and I also got a complete metal encrypted explanation of who had stolen them, and why
Next, someone had intentionally spilled something oily on the floor of my starting metro station, I fell, a Pfizer sent woman and a Pfizer sent man "came to take me up from the floor", yet my left elbow was already sprain, my left arm kept loosing motion and flexing angle
I got immediately interviewed at work (though cryptically), and I immediately got advice how to fix my arm, and it worked
Not only that, one night Pfizer started filling my apartment with a suffocating smoke, from the stairway - I was afraid my mother who was sleeping in the other room was going to die from CO poisoning
I turned my work laptop on, wrote a message visible to myself only into the work facebook, asked for help with the smoke
"Persons unknown" came immediately, the smoke stopped, in the morning all the stairway was washed with water, all its windows open
Aviva were demonstratively stating that "I need to share safety concerns, as the police need that information to do the job for which we are paying them"
A DXC office had been chosen for me, plus me living in some neighborhood more expensive, yet I preferred a cheaper one closer to family
Than a new "fashion" started, I was told that I have to break some administrative compliance requirement so I can get fired ("as a shortcut, as my leaving notice requirement was two months, I had bad contract terms, they said"), I don't remember what this was, may be something as simple as passing and signing the work safety training - I didn't pass it, yet I did not get fired
Then, after I fell and sprained my left elbow in the metro station , Janet Atkinson from Aviva contacted me in Skype, and said that "now everything outside is white (Pfizer), and no-one of them ever goes outside, and that I need to immediately move to working from home only"
I did it, as at the time things were very mixed, Aviva were "playing" many communication roles "on behalf of DXC", which didn't prove to be true, as the chasm between Aviva and DXC needs kept getting deeper and deeper
"Laura"'s name stopped getting mentioned, it was all "Aviva" now, "Aviva will pay me, via some genderboard, after using my meat, and this is my only money option"
And the hell broke, the moment I moved to work from home, all my protection got removed
I got poisoned on the way from Lozen to Sofia, so that Aviva can rob themselves; poisonings from my apartment's windows, balcony, and the building's stairway got 24/7
I started shouting one night because of the poisons, the DXC UK Addicts said, "We don't even know who is paid to protect you, and we have no access to your protection, Aviva is paying for your protection, not DXC"
Aviva kept trying to get me fired, DXC needed me at work because of the "laptop traffic"
Janet Atkinson wrote in Skype again, "I am sorry you are caught up in the middle of this, don't get offended of anything which I will now do, I am only trying to get you out"
And she started just the next fruitless scandal about incompetence, so I can get fired, "and freed from DXC", I didn't get fired
Then came the poison overdose, my Aviva ticket tool video, and I got finally fired, and Johann Badenhorst eagerly called to direct me to Marta Terzieva, "as I no longer need DXC, she has a new employer (stands for Pfizer or Aviva slaughterhouse) for me"
So, definitely Aviva were paying and playing against "Laura", that's what brought the poison overdose, Aviva needed me urgently fired and sent for meat
That is why I suspect rogue implementers, and heavy ill-willed "medical" involvement
"Laura"'s name time was marked by a presidential, by my standards, protection, Aviva's name time was marked by more and more ruin, which ruin never stopped, not even long ago after "Aviva had already left", not even now
"Medical" should never be given any decision making access at all, unless they are paying ten fold yesterday's "trouble".................
"Medical" are ruining everyone equally

True, I kept avoiding this fact, yet you know how "facebook" gets recommending contacts to you, and work facebook has first offered me as contacts Corporate Communication and the manager of some DXC marketing department, so much recommended, that I thought at first that this was going to be my new manager, he said he wasn't yet I was added as a member of the marketing facbook group

There was far too much synchrony between Aviva and the Bulgarian "branch"
Marta Terzieva sends a colleague perfumed with 10 buckets of perfume to sit next to me, Janet Atkinson sends sweet little Indian to chant that Marta Terzieva has sent him, and "I can no longer work from the office"
Pfizer/Bulgarian "branch" spill the oil into the metro station, I fall and sprain my left arm, Janet Atkinson chants that I need to start working from home only
Aviva and Corporate Communications (in the "Laura" out of the picture time) chant that without transplanted testicular tissue and a combination of a bra and a beard I will not "look well on the corporate photo"
Night shift colleague in the DXC office complains that Marta Terzieva told them that they will have a new manager, only hired because he was "transgender", the colleague shouts, "How can they assign me some transgender for manager, does being transgender make him a mainframe specialist?"
It does sound like opponents at first sight, yet it was far too synchronous, both sides were dying to get me out of the DXC and the DXC office immediately, and the moment I did go to work from home, all Janet Atkinson's/Aviva's concern about me disappeared in a moment
Yes, at the time everyone was trying to sell me, but whom to whom was not completely clear
Steve Collinson, for one, was clearly saying about Aviva, "Well, that didn't work out well", insisting for Aviva's Alexander to get born outside Aviva
Yet were Johann Badenhorst and Marta Terzieva working with Steve Collinson, may be they were, for Pfizer, as Aviva "were going to lock me into some ship on September 14, and may be Pfizer and Marta Terzieva's death squad were in a hurry to send me to Pfizer before that
Aviva were adamant about needing me only via a mental house, with no "consent complications"
So, who was Pfizer, who was Aviva, was there any difference between the two?
All "laptop", "hierarchy", and "medical" players by that time had long ago taken "Laura" out of the picture
This makes a total of 4-5 different sides, 6 if you count the Bulgarian "branch" separately from Pfizer, yet why would you care to separate them? :)

What bothers me is how did Aviva combine the chanting that they were paying for my protection, while I was still traveling to the DXC office every day, with the complete compliance of the Bulgarian police - you see what happens now, police arrests your crew on falsified evidence; "Civil Defense" are playing with the National Threat Signal
Bulgarian police were present at both metro stations, were immediately returning my reading glasses, someone was coming to rescue my apartment from the suffocating midnight smoke
And then, the moment I agreed to work from home - NOTHING, all protection got dropped in an instant
Ever since I am only watching the "everything is impossible, nothing is possible" reality show
How can one command obedience to the Bulgarian mob? Unless it is because so are Aviva
Or the initial protection which worked was not paid by Aviva
I have written this last night, but have obviously fallen asleep before I finished it

Прегръщам те.........................................................................., Обичам те............................................................................

About Dani, I have first seen Pfizer attacking Dani with air chemicals sometime in 2018 - he had been to some weekend swimming pool with Linnah and Mitko, on the way back Dani and Mitko had been to some D&M shop, and "Dani had gotten a present from the shop! A free tooth paste (stands for chemical attack in Pfizer's dictionary)!", and couldn't stop holding one of his ears and crying
Next, the winter of 2018 Linnah brought me to a shopping tour, IKEA, Ring Mall, where I was left alone with Dani who loved going up and down with the lift - some man with a strong perfume "charged my nose" with stench, Dani was crying on the road back, non stop, wasn't even interested in iPhone, kids movie clips
Then Pfizer played the theater, "We infected him with a flu to help him, and he stopped crying" - by playing some alarm when my mother left a technomarket/technopolis, and the moment "a policeman touched her bag", "the alarm stopped crying", and Dani got a severe flu
Shortly, Pfizer will be playing with him he moment they lose me, if this ever happens
Now about "London Stock Exchange"

2018 was like London Stock Exchange, with lots of uncentralized bidders
First of all, the instant abandonment of my protection was not related to the "laptop project", this abandonment happened the moment I started working from home
Because "the taming of the wild laptop" show started long after I was already working from home, and with a primarily AVIVA involvement too!
There was nothing centralized in that London Stock Exchange - first Aviva was "our speaker", work facebook said that we wanted to renew our contract with Aviva, next work facebook said - "send that Aviva ticket tool video, we have a new buyer"
At the same time I got all the time "fired/not fired", there was some total renewal of "network domain", I was left out of it, for days, supposedly being fired, then Marta Terzieva called, and I got reconnected to that new domain
At the same time some were laptop-projecting, others were redrawing the internal map - "we want the GLOBAL security, we want the HPE internal mainframe, etc."
And it was all coming via Steve Collinson, Marta Terzieva, Johann Badenhorst, John Marlow, David Oliver - whom I started calling "the death squad", as all stank of "my termination" at that point
(in which real King Guard Simon Mackay interfered, by sending an answer to a mail trail which was not addressed to him, "This might be Application, it's not us", and he didn't sign the email, Simon always signs his emails, this was the only exception
- a warning that those were careerists, and what they were doing hadn't been "signed" - this was an allusion to a joke I had posted, that "Revolutions are designed by idealists, enacted by anarchists, and those who eventually profit of them are the careerists (hence "Application"))
And it was so true, Pfizer's players from 2016-2017 got "Stand up for the King" players, and forgot the King's name completely after that, exactly the same names everywhere, maybe an engineering environment is far too clean, too few careerists, and the same 5-6 "power players" fill all political parties
Messages were also coming as work-facebook notifications in my mailbox - hardly centralized, as some lady was bidding "keep staying, do it for the one who love, "Take 10"", while others were bidding "send that Aviva video to start a scandal" - both things could not happen, I would either "Take 10 and stay to keep being poisoned", or "start an Aviva scandal and get fired"
The moment the ""Laura" says" messages stopped, and "Laura" disappeared from the picture, a London Stock Exchange Hell broke
I got disgusted, and started leaving "work facebook groups", and blocking them, so I can stop receiving those tearful "Take 10, do it for the one you love"
Simon Mackay had just been made manager, to get shut up, and that hadn't shut him up, he still sent the unsigned email, "this hasn't been signed"
Every player at this stage has been given a manager position, Johann Badenhorst was supposed to be "Global Platform Security manager" (God help security), which is one more symptom of a total lack of centralization at this point, as the initial fight was for security to go to Australia

The main point is, DXC was suing Pfizer, as far as I know, and those work-facebookers, most probably Corporate Communication, I do not remember, "no longer wanted Aviva, they wanted me to send the Aviva video, and start the scandal, as they had a new buyer", which was most probably Pfizer, so this "corporate communication" has DEFINITELY NOT been sent from "the central point", as DXC cannot sue Pfizer, and sell to Pfizer at the same time
Toni Willowby was outside the "Aviva video" game too, he was the first one to contact me in Skype with "what is this!"
All I am positive about is that technically nothing of this ruin came from a "central point", and that all of it was funded by raging "medical" of all sorts
I think Pfizer have been working on corrupting their adversary from the inside, and Aviva too.................

All I mean is, it's nothing like "Global Plague", it's just 5-6 idiots, that's all
Who, interestingly, were sort me "replaced the King with me", and the ""Laura" said" messages were entirely replaced by the death squad with "We will put Johann Badenhorst as head of Global Platform Security, are you OK with this?"
I said that he was cautious and illiterate, and they will need someone to do the real work, at least along wth him
Yet, "Laura" wouldn't ask me if "I am OK with the Global Platform Security staffing"...............

Truth be told, Simon and me never left the King cause, Simon is a corporate dream, THE corporate dream, he lead all the "Stand Up for the King" revolution, didn't leave it even after the "manager position" payout, and he is technically the machine itself, he does everything, organizes everyone, he has always felt and acted not as a master of the machine, but as an owner of the machine, shouting "Shame on you!" to everyone who has come "unable to even logon on a Saturday night change", he cannot stand people messing up with his machine, and he never craves career, he is just in love with machine, company, and "For the King"
Whenever there was a new client request, upgrade, issue, in security or whichever department, Simon offered knowledge and experience, gathered new technical manuals, read and distributed them, logged tickets with IBM, he is this machine's owner, does absolutely everything on it, not only by himself, but also by organizing everyone around

From the death squad, pay special attention to John Marlow - I have always been surprised to see him there, as he is the only one knowledgeable among all those
John has knowledge from all departments, yet unlike Simon he shares nothing, he comes to the rescue of Janet Atkinson, says never how he did it, sends me an email, "I will give you your departments documentation, but it's only for you and Mike Everitt personally"
Mike Everitt is the problem here - after I deleted that mischievous system ID of Mike Everitt's, which was said to "transfer data outside of the mainframe", John Marlow raised a ticket for me to recreate the ID, and warned all security team to never touch John's ticket, without telling them why, I just told them, "Bad ticket, do not touch it!"
I played overload, and months later John withdrew his ticket
Everyone noticed what John was trying to do, and sent me a cryptic message - "let"Let him be, he and Mike Everitt simply go way back"
John was also actively playing the "Are you a man or a woman, or both, "Diana is here, but she doesn't talk" (ugly mute Diana on Skype conference call) theater for Aviva
No idea "what" mixed him in this mess, he knows more than enough to be able to live from his knowledge

Death squad wanted to take over the security entirely for themselves, by putting "Johann Badenhorst as head of Global Platform Security" - and they are from "key" departments, David......................

Anyway, with Simon in, everyone is safe - Laura Bly was so sure of that that she removed SysProgs accesses to their own test LPARs, which literally prevented them from programming the mainframe and doing their job on their own test LPAR first
Where Simon is given visibility, no mischief is technically possible
Simon didn't have my security visibility on production LPARs, if he had - everything would have been different

I mean, Laura Bly removed the SPECIAL attribute of SysProgs on their own test LPARs, which is "end of programming" - that "transport" client on which this happened first I haven't mentioned so far................

David was only working on Aviva, so no matter what he intended or did, it has been some "joint venture" with Aviva again
Once on of the Bulgarian "branch" "I am the smartest and there are no laws for me"'s messed up security's research on some unknown bad access, and I asked David, he said he was only working on Aviva, and the "Bulgarian" Angel was "that" department's only Level 4, and that Angel was adorned with security level accesses and was "repairing security datasets" without even notifying us in advance, leave alone asking our consent
This is how I know that David had never had accesses outside Aviva

What concerns Pfizer "buying out separate imbeciles" (unsuccessfully, as I am still here, and not in a slaughterhouse), in which century wouldn't your legal adversaries try to buyout from your staff?
No matter how crooked, this is the most normal (usual) way of things

By the way, Laura Bly was in a most close relationship with that "transport" client, she was using them instead of Aviva, for every single internal company matter, as "demonstrating Mike Everitt's technical illiteracy", "We have found a doctor for someone in your family", "We will cut off Bulgarian access and no DXC security will ever more give passwords, "others" will (not, this was a different "party", more USA one)"
So Laura Bly locking the test LPARs and literally leaving DXC outside, exactly on that client, can only have been an (unofficial) client request
And this was even not "this" client's first
One morning, all security datasets have "per error" become personal datasets of some client employee, and DXC had no longer access to security database, and while we were investigated who has done this, Angel The Smart "repaired" it and we couldn't find out who had locked us out
Clients can have any wishes they wish (almost any), yet they always raise a change for this, they don't run around at night
And the even bigger picture was even stranger, as Laura Bly was so intimate with them, and at the same time their internal HelpDesk was forever delaying DXC security staff's accesses, lying per writing about handling times, not sending us login IDs weeks after they were ready - I found a DXC generic login ID and password for their internal ticket tool, and saw that all their "update emails" were fairy tales, the ticket said different things, the IDs were ready, they were just not sending them

It's really the most delicate balance ever - getting Aviva-close with the client can go very wrong, and dealing with a militant "transport" is also not great
It's just not easy, and it might just be a continuous process what is needed, not a state
Anyway, if the "transport" refuses the standard initial knowledge transfer, and keeps shouting "you know nothing", and you on top of that organize a "here is our illiterate new Level 3 guy" show, it's just "blond choice of means" if nothing
I was personally guilty in a way, for that removed SysProgs SPECIAL attribute, that is why I couldn't not share it
After Mike Everitt's naughty system IDs (and whatever), I had developed a constant fear of naughty IDs, and one day I found out that on "one" new client, DXC security had no SPECIAL or had not even IDs (both mean no visibility) on a number of "that" client's LPARs, and that got me terrified, and it was the end of the day, yet I found Mr. R. Hill (head of SysProgs at the time), and I asked his help, and he gave me SPECIAL immediately, so I don't get crazy by the morning, from not being able to see a number of LPARs
And after Mr. Hill let me in, Laura Bly locked Mr. Hill and his entire team out of their own test LPAR - it was my fault in a way, I started this disaster
I refused to action the "lock SysProgs out of SysProgs' LPAR" ticket, Bulgaria of course actioned it, Mr. Hill kept fighting for his team, in vain, keeping me in CC
I kept sharing my view that it was unthinkable, that on every client account SysProgs own the test LPAR entirely to themselves, this is so strictly and officially legalized, that SysProgs LPARs have a standard welcome screen, reading: "We give you personally this access, from this to this date, to complete this particular activity", that's a template to be filled in
On Aviva, for instance, Security don't even have IDs on the SysProgs' LPAR, I was once given one, as Simon wanted to test a new server ID, and wanted an SSL certificate created for it, but that's "for a specific activity", no-one but SysProgs has normally business on the SysProgs' LPAR
And locking SysProgs out of their own LPAR, just because they have agreed to let me have a look, was "blond" if nothing...............
(I found nothing naughty on any of those LPARs, by the way, I was just going to go crazy if I hadn't had a look)
Another completely illogical explanation would be: "We have found a reason to fire Mike Everitt without much noise, for technical illiteracy", yet you don't play this on your newest and most militant client
Or "We are going to Australia", which you don't play on your newest client either
Or "I am personally angry with SysProgs", which the hell you don't play on your newest and most militant client
I would be cautious to attribute "evil mastermind" qualities exactly here, just because it includes the word "mastermind", I don't know, that "mind" would rather come from somewhere else
I have just seen so many always failing attempts, that it would be difficult for me to believe in evil planning
It all looked like "me running sprint" - I can do lots of things, yet running is out of question; every single person has his own areas, and areas where this person doesn't do well
Laura Bly's paid "mind" on Aviva, for instance, was Mike Everitt, he was taking each and every political decision for her, just mentioning

"Mortals" don't enter the SysProg's LPAR, it's a law, unless a particular "mortal" has been called by the Gods themselves, to render them a short service and go the hell back out
You don't take SysProgs' LPAR over, as you are going to be as a gardener inside a NASA facility, why the hell would you even enter something you are not equipped to understand?

True, "police" won't make any use of a NASA facility, they can lock the engineers out, but they won't start developing satellites - unless someone else needed this lock down

Well, intelligent communication is an infinite pleasure, and makes up for any life challenges too
People as a rule create damage only by not acting to their own best interest (a.k.a. mind-challenged implementers sometimes make you nervous by their mere image of instability), on the contrary, when something is logical - you are sure that it will work equally perfect for all sides :)
Intelligence is dependable, and makes you feel safe by its own existence

Constructively speaking, a company taking over another company's mainframe support, has an objective vulnerability (which the militant "transport" abused, not that every other client hasn't tried pretty much the same)
If you take over Windows support, the names "Control Panel", "USB port", "Word", "Excel", etc. will be the same on every single server/PC, in every single company - on the contrary, each mainframe is custom and ancient, you know that the same principle hardware and software exists, yet it might well be named Duck1, Duck2, and Duck3 (real life example from our mainframe lecturer)
Means that on a new client you have no idea what the local names mean, leave alone which security group grants access to which of them, and without a decent handover (which every client's internal teams try to refuse) your hands are tied, and you need Level 4 to do Level 2 work, each step taking weeks instead of minutes, and you have enormous expenses
If Global Platform Security manager doesn't know this, and does not strictly follow the initial handover, the "transport" employees play the trick, "Ah, we already told one of your employees (who might have spent but a week at DXC), ask him"
This can be resolved by strict requirement to the internal staff to be knowledgeable and earnest in accepting and documenting this handover; and it still at times might lead to needing a "go to person" in the client company, as you have no control over client's staff
Every client's employees try such tricks - a government's helpdesk are for years sending us tickets to dead queues, keeping them there for 2 weeks, then moving them to our current staffed queue, and shouting "It took you two weeks!"; taking over scheduling for a "cosmetics" client turned the mainframe floor into a 24/7 soap opera. "Give it to me!", "No, I won't", etc.
Clients do have losses from not controlling their internal "enthusiasts", yet they know or do nothing about that
It would have been nice if client companies had internal documentation, to just hand it over when they hire a support company, yet mainframes are ancient machines, in most cases the client company has "someone who knows", and nothing written
And if they have nothing written to give you at handover time, your expenses for starting this support are enormous, as you literally source out a Level 4 detective, from all over the world, for each and every minor task
Financially, this can be used to your advantage - "We are happy to take over your mainframe support. Can you provide us with documentation at handover?", "No, we can't, nothing we have has ever been documented."; "We can help with this as well, at this additional cost, we can research and document your Minotaur maze for you"
That's the truth, it is expensive, enormously expensive, as it is an enormous machine, and you have no idea what is what on this machine
For a separate particular software on Aviva mainframe, Janet Atkinson used to tell me "They didn't document it when they wrote it, and now no-one knows what to do with it" - she was more than happy with me taking a week to fix a 10 minutes bug in that software, yet to a support company this is an continuous enormous additional cost
(I was working 2-3 additional hours for free, every day, as I was also learning this way, yet still the everyday work got considerably delayed because I had to do Minotaur maze research instead of working the contracted work, so for DXC it was still expensive, because of the hidden uncontracted research service)
Yes, it is a little scary - what if after the Minotaur maze is documented the client decides to support it by themselves? From my experience, even perfectly trivial work requires someone who knows how to do it, and civilized countries are since birth educated to feel helpless without services and courses
They need the service, because they believe that even if they wished, they couldn't learn how to do it without a course, and they won't start hundreds of trainings, they would hire support
It is exactly so - on the mainframe, I am 90% google-trained, and exactly for those google based skills of mine, client side security team members always preferred to wait for me to google it

Днес цял ден си мисля за теб :)
Прегръщам те........................................................, Обичам те.....................................................................

Прегръщам те.............................................................., Обичам те........................................................................................
I want to give an example of client losses when a client's "enthusiastic" employees refuse initial handover (knowledge transfer)
These were the "transport"'s "enthusiastic" employees - they said "No knowledge transfer for you, we already told Johann Badenhorst"
I have every proof in the world that they didn't tell Johann Badenhorst - Johann is a person eager to do and help, someone "Skype"s him, and gets immediately what they have asked for, no question asked, no tickets, no rules, no documentation whatsoever
In the same week, there was a major discussion if a blocked "transport" system ID may or may not be reactivated, as it had far too much accesses, and was suspected to impose unnecessary risks - this discussion continued for two more weeks after a client engineer had skyped Johann, and had got that ID completely unofficially reactivated - Johann refuses nothing and no-one
In exactly the same week we get a simplest request in the world: "transport" want to receive a list of all their employees of a particular department, and........... surprise :) No-one from "transport" has ever told Johann which RACF groups contain what (RACF groups names are of the type EWRTYGF, they tell you nothing), no "transport" documentation either, and for more than a month emails and managers are flying to and from, and every list we send is "incomplete"
Would Johann give them the requested list if he had ever received any real initial handover?
No doubt he would :) Johann refuses nothing and no-one :)
His no-refuses nature is not a compliment in some cases, yet this + the continuously missing accesses for DXC security team, mean that there hasn't been any real initial handover
Does "transport" benefit from waiting for months for a list of employees which would take up to 15 minutes to get prepared? No, it doesn't.
"Transport" would benefit from controlling their "enthusiastic" employees, handing over a real documentation, or if they don't have it - order a Minotaur maze research and documentation as a separate service, as this is a separate service, and their "enthusiastic" employees might happen to be the standard 5-6 persons, not more :)
It's not like they will be giving away "government secrets", or disclosing patent information, all they need to do is tell us what the RACF groups WESDFCG, CGYHU, MNHGFD, etc. contain (hardware items have exactly the same "self-explanatory" names), it's not about know how AT ALL, they just need to give us the map of their machine :)
Or pay us to map it :)
The mere idea of starting with a map or with mapping saves costs, because systematic approaches always save time
I have once seen Canadian Level 4 Rick Ireland do this magic
It took him an entire day, on a completely unknown ("same" one) client mainframe, and he was running search, after search to identify hardware items, and datasets containing particular types of information, until he found them (as their names mean nothing), all for the writing one single single use screening program
Than the request was handed to the Storage department as for this program to be able to technically run, some additional hardware, datasets, volumes information was necessary, and this next research took Storage another couple of night hours
It's not about know how, it is a Minotaur maze, every one of those mainframes is, and you either have a map, or you map it, or a 30 minutes work takes 24h
SKF have a some 30 rows Excel spreadsheet, that's the entire map we use for them, 30 RACF groups, we know what access each one of them provides, and that's all
Another option would be the re-designing of the entire mainframe, yet still those mainframe owners and users have datasets, you need to get one client employee and read with them all their data, so you can decide which dataset serves which department, or the client needs to have employees in each department knowing exactly which datasets they need
Because what they do now is, "I want accesses for a new employee, for the position of HelpDask agent"
"Great" :)))))))))))))))))))))
Yet, what data do your HelpDesk agents use? In which datasets exactly is this data?
"Ah, I have no idea, I am just a HelpDesk supervisor"
In which case we request a model ID, the ID of a HelpDesk employee of the same position, and we copy the accesses of the old employee to the new one (still having no idea at all what accesses exactly we have granted, as we simply add the new employee to groups EFGH, OIGF, XFGU, FGHJ, and POHGF, and we have no idea what thos egroups are about :) )
Yet this is still a form of mapping
And as I told before, "playful" "transport" employees refuse to provide even this information
SKF, for instance have this rule embedded into their ticket tool - you cannot submit your ticket if you do not enter a model ID, the ticket gets next automatically transferred to the particular job position's managers, so they can approve the requested acceses, and we eventually just create the new employee as a clone to the old one
"Transport" employees refuse not only to give us Security team userids and password, and a map of their mainframe, they also refuse to encapsulate their requests into a organized system, instead, they bring "emotional" Indian project managers who just pour slogans week after week, "chasing a separate ticket", instead of thinking of what process would serve best all sides
And this SKF cloning system is still not enough when one employee asks for additional accesses ("same" example: "Give me access to SPOOK", "I would, I just have no idea what SPOOK is, and even if I had, I have no idea which RACF group grants access to it" :) (real life example, and that "SPOOK" is something local, no-one outside "them" knows what :))
I have no idea why they would prefer a months long corrida instead of just boring standard working?

What happens at the moment is, "I hire you to bring me a copy of the X report", mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, How many buildings does DXC have worldwide? How many rooms in them? How many drawers in them? What does "X" mean? In which drawer is this X report?
Can "transport" do this delivery for us? :)

In "transport"'s case I have some suspicions that they don't have this map at all
Because when I was sending an email to some requester/manager/approver to confirm if I may add this particular employee to that particular group, and there was no answer, none of them ever answers such approval questions
This means either a corrida, or they have simply no idea what their applicant needs, neither what they are approving, and they might need this map as much as we do

Our mainframe lecturer told us that a company bought a new mainframe machine when their old engineer died, as they had no map for the old machine
Which is not logical, as the mainframe's biggest plus is that you nevr buy new ones, even if you bought it "in the 16th century", you can just upgrade it
Means that there is market for the Minotaur maze mapping offer

That's exactly the case - IBM allows you to upgrade even an ancient mainframe, and use everything latest
What the owner of such a mainframe needs is a team of professionals who can
* map his Minotaur maze
* advise on money conscious upgrades
And the support and maintenance of those
Clients really know almost nothing about their mainframes - Aviva, for instance, used some type of code in the definition of their IDs, I cannot remember its exact name - after decades of using it, they asked me how and where they could amend it, I asked Rick Ireland, he said he is working mainframe for decades too and he has never seen anyone using it, he knew it principally existed though, he started reading, and a day later he gave me the answer Aviva needed
Mainframe owners have no clear idea of what they are using, even if the same people have been using it for decades
They do need that completely separate, time and qualification - costly mapping service
As they are sitting in front of a machine with 3000 buttons, and they are using 3 of them, and this is not the best value for their money, for what they have paid to own

I am not talking about this :) Yet this is what it is :)
I don't even want to start talking about any of its aspects, but I have never seen such a mainframe before :)
If I were "transport", I would think about cooperation, so I can get somewhere

I will only say that if "one and the same thing is found at an unknown number of 6+ locations - this means that unknown number of people have been putting this same thing at a new location, as no-one of them knew where the ones before him had put it, and that now no-one knows neither how much of this same thing they have, nor where to find it"

These are two completely different services - if I know where my X report is, I will pay for a "transport" service, yet if I have no idea where it is - I need to buy first a detective agency service, so my X report can get located, and I can use my "transport" service after that
The Minotaur maze needs a research and mapping first

Мисля си за нас, просто ще говоря на глас когато намеря думи :)
Обичам те :)

Аз си представям живота ни като семейни :)
Но така или иначе ще го видим като го видим :)

Прегръщам те................................................................., Обичам те..............................................................................................................
I was thinking about the stopping of my protection in 2018 - IF i remember the sequence of events correctly,
There were discussions near which DXC office I will live
That I will return my laptop somewhere in the UK, not in Bulgaria
That I have that "bad contract", with a too long leaving notification period, and I needed to refuse to pass my work safety training - this had a data upon it, if I do not pass the raining, in a week I was going to be fired, and as far as I remember this was all in March 2018
Than Janet Atkinson sent me to work from home, and all this sequence of "Laura"-events got cut off - obviously Aviva didn't want me to go
Another bad point is Steve Collinson's insistence that "Per Laura Bly's order I must grant Antoniya access to the bank" (meant that they were including Marta Terzieva in the King's new administration - I was going to be THE Bulgarian manager, and Marta Terzieva "my second", both me and Marta Trezieva thought that the other one won't last a week, yet she was also very aggressively "working on getting rid of me"
Marta Terzieva was constantly turning more and more engineers on the floor against me, so I also wonder if that "do not pass the work safety training" hasn't been just a Bulgarian plot as well - as they were planning to poison me, and "not to be held responsible about it"
Though the Corporate Communication or someone else from the work facebook insisted that I do not pass the work safety training, while I had just received a Bulgarian email that I have one week to pass it, or I am fired
I also think that when the company domain was renewed and my laptop was left out of it - before this happened I was told that "The new domain was going to get me out, and I was not going to see the end of the Bulgarian floor", yet Marta Terzieva called and told me to re-connect - may be the Bulgarian sde this time didn't want me to go away, and be lost for meat trade...............
One more weak point, Aviva was used extensively as a "cryptic speaker on internal matters", and I didn't understand when exactly Aviva switched to speaking on their own behalf only
Who bought whom is a complicated matter too, yet involving Aviva and Bulgarians (especially Marta Terzieva) as "speakers" was a catastrophe, as they were "Laura"'s sworn enemies both, Bulgarians didn't want "Laura" to take their "autonomous branch" from them, and Aviva wanted my meat, and "Laura"'s work-related plans were staying in their way
Laura Bly, though not an evil mastermind herself, was so often used by just anyone that...................

My reason to accept Janet Atkinson's idea to go and work from home, was a very naive one
I thought that Janet Atkinson was speaking on behalf of DXC (she wasn't); I didn't want to work from home, as Marta Terzieva was most actively turning all the Bulgarian floor against me, and when I wasn't around, no-one would have been able to compare what she said with what they saw, and........... I decided that DXC was paying far too much for my protection, and that I would spare them the unnecessary expenses if I stop going to the office
There were no poisonings at the time, yet the attacks were getting on an almost daily basis already
Stolen glasses in the metro train, and studied!, as Aviva were asking the next morning why the glaces were so crookedly made (made by Pfizer to cause a headache), and returned to ne the next morning; spilled oil in the metro station, I fall and sprain my left arm; suffocating smoke filling my apartment at night; I have a sore throat, go to the Business Park Pharmacy, and I am given something which painted my entire mouth blue, wuth the words that it was "very minty", it has no mint taste, and this is when I understood, 5 years after the fact, that with "minty" Pfizer mean "менте", "fake" in Bulgarian - Corporate communication/or Aviva (not clear who spoke for whom) asked that I leave the tablets on my desk for the night, tested them, and said they did not contain anything forged; the lift and stairway at work were both heavily perfumed (no poison though), "so I cannot reach the floor where I worked
So, I agreed to spare DXC the protection expenses, went to work from home, and the poisonings started

The time before I agreed to work from home was like a tennis game, Pfizer hit, DXC get them arrested, every day, yet only in the street
If someone (the cleaning company) was perfuming the lift AND the stairway at work - no worries, we just "mention it", and leave it alone, same for Marta Trezieva bringing a 10-buckets of perfume colleague to sit next to me
This Laura Bly-Marta Terzieva tandem protected each and every Bulgarian "branch" mischief, and none of this played for DXC
So, the moment I started working from home, no-one got arrested further, as if Aviva-Bulgaria's plot to send me home was intended to protect all the Pfizer-Bulgaria mob from further prosecution
The "arrests" (or "maybe") restarted only here in Lozen, in Sofia, the chant was "There is nothing we can do, Aviva is paying someone to protect you, we don't know whom, and your building is built on "crooked stone""

Laura Bly was always adding every crook she saw to her "team", and after that she couldn't control them
One example is the Spaniard Luis Soler - "he was on her team she claimed, when I was trying to report on him, Steve Collinson was too", yet they both were doing cheap tricks to "prove Laura Bly's American team "incompetent"" - they weren't incompetent at all, and Steve and Luis knew that only fraud can make them seem incompetent
Steve was going after an ACF2 Canadian Magician (Jim Sidey, 30 years ACF2 Magic experience), amending everything Jim had helped me to build the day before, "so it fails"
Luis was hiding datasets from Rick Ireland, "he won't know where we keep this data stored, he will now get asked to recreate a deleted per error ID, and because he doesn't know where we keep a snapshot of this ID, he will fail to recreate it, and will be proved incompetent, and we will get rid of Laura Bly"
And Laura used them both, especially Steve, as her most trusted man
Which was ultimately "blond", as Steve never stopped designing plot after plot to get rid of her - he was replacing her with Antoniya Marcheva, himself, Johann Badenhorst, for ever plotting
So, I think she added Marta Terzieva as as her most trusted man, and as usual couldn't control her at all, I don't want to beleive Laura Bly was working for Bulgaria intentionally, they wanted nothing more than to get rid of her

Yavor was right, one needs a job, otherwise raging "medical" turn them very quickly into minced meat :)
Correctly set priorities :)

About Janet Atkinson from Aviva, she used to be my "best beloved manager" ever, because she was positive, always appreciating what had been done, about everyone, and everything - once she had some issue, needed urgent assistance, I had no idea even what she was talking about, something very specialized, and this started a real circus -
I sent a Disaster Recovery email to everyone I was usually consulting for help
Everyone contacted me in Skype, not a single response to my email, though :)
Not until congratulations time arrived :)
No-one wanted to make a public mistake
After that Janet congratulated me, though I had done nothing, and explained that I knew whom to contact, and they all came the moment I called them
Janet Atkinson also loved "spreading the word", notifying more instances than I knew existed when I were doing well in something
And when the bullshit started, I got so confused, that I forgot her name completely, for more than a year, and remembered it only recently
No, I am not defending her, and what she did - along with all the great things above. she was known as the one and only person who knew EVERYTHING, nothing happened, no-one coughed without her knowing
Aviva did lots of crime, piles of crime, and all facts show that Janet Atkinson couldn't have been "in the dark", she always knew everything
People working before me, might have had the same relationships with her, as one day Janet Atkinson contacted me in Skype and said: "Here is all your old team's documentation, stored in our datasets (for some reason not in the DXC ones), I have given you access"
Working 10-12 hours a day, I had not a single minute free to even look at what she had given me access to, and this was before the Revolution, I had no-one to give it to either
My point is that even when a client gets all your documentation, they still make no use of it whatsoever, they still skype you to google minor questions for them
These are the countries addicted to services, no client will ever stop using services because they have your documentation

No, the "old team" Andrew/Jim/Jackie haven't given any "presents" to Aviva, and I know that because Janet Atkinson often complained that "there has been a wall between that "old team" and Aviva, and they didn't have the communication we had"
Means that Aviva are traditionally in the habit of "looking everywhere and taking things"
I do not know how a Verint, for instance, works in a Citrix environment, if it only records the Citrix screen
And my communication with Janet Atkinson has been initially enforced by Mike Everitt - I was to be her personal contact person, and convey all "No"'s, as Aviva always asked for outside the process things
I kept refusing, yet at some point I had nowhere to go, someone had to convey the refusals
Although this entire thing was completely against rules - security must never enter in direct communication with client, there are other department for this
Mike Everitt lied that "with Aviva we have always been on far more family terms", yet this was not true either - as per Janet Atkinson's constant complains, "there used to be a wall between her and Andrew/Jim/Jackie", and in spite that, she ended up with all their documentation which we were so much missing
Verint would only provide a screenshot in either case, and Aviva claimed to have all our missing datasets
And, one day before leaving on vacation, Janet Atkinson had a rather urgent request, and Mike Everitt approved it "in a hurry", with his last email
And some weeks later, while sending a report about delayed tickets to Laura Bly, I noticed that Mike Everitt had "per error" transferred to Aviva the ownership of the main mutlidepartmental "NU" database
There was an old ticket, more than a year old, Aviva wanted shared access to a the datasets with high level qualifier "NU", "as they needed to delete unused datasets", no DXC department agreed, as all DXC departments had there own internal data there
And a year later, Mike Everitt "per error" transferred a higher high level qualifier to be owned by Aviva exclusively, with no access for DXC
Means one.two.three.NU.DXCdatasets, and instead of the forbidden NU, Mike Everitt transferred to Aviva "two", so they got everything from "two" onward, including NU, not shared, but for them alone
I reported this, Mike Everitt said I was stupid and did not undestand, yet these are like the directories or folders in Windows, if you transfer to Aviva "drive C", with no-one but them having access to it, they get access to everything on C, and you lose access to everything on C
So, this is how Aviva work, they ask for one thing ("they need to delete unused datasets"), actually want DXC's NU datasets, and if it doesn't work for a year, they get two.three.NU.DXCdatasets, "in a hurry"
And this, I assume, is how Aviva ended up with all Andrew/Jim/Jackie documentation, and we without it
The Aviva-DeathSquad "taming the wild laptop" show, instead of me bringing the laptop outside Bulgaria, was "in the same line of business", they are always after data, and after everyone's data

I can understand now why Andrew/Jim/Jackie had built "a wall" between themselves and Janet Atkinson :)
While Mike Everitt has set me up to play the "front" (completely at Laura Bly's presence), so he can work backstage

And because until recently there were even metal "messages" that "We are with Aviva, they will start clean", until "facts" came out...............
I think that Aviva are still on my laptop, as they used to be here even before the Revolution started

Аз и ти сме като митични същества, които са неща, които хората не са, и могат много неща, които хората не могат :)
Прегръщам те..............................................................., Обичам те.................................................................................