Цял ден си мисля колко съвършено изглеждаш :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I guess you have at least been given the information about the Pfizer slaughterhouses, discovered in Greece and Gent, Belgium, as well as some secret Pfizer laboratory
I had remembered that Pfizer post in the internet absolutely everything they do, immediately after they do it, kidnapped just "remodeled" people in the mere slaughterhouses,
posted in their own facebook accounts, on their behalf, buildings, high fences, everything
Pfizer do nothing put public executions, they love public executions
And based on my idea some secret slaughterhouses and laboratories were discovered

I am thinking about how crime happens in front of everyone, at least in front of me, for 7 years now, and I have never taken part, so why did Pfizer show so much
I have always imagined that criminals hide, while Pfizer love posting everything they do in the internet, doing it in front of everyone
I have many times before commented that "pleasure" always trumps "business" in everything they do
They always sink into playing for the "pleasure of doing it"

New World is not a business, it's a vice club, you are right

You have no idea how many times Pfizer have failed in front of me, just because business, money, anything, means nothing to them compared to the "pleasure of doing it"
It is always the formula "We will now poison you with viagra (or whatever)", and then doing it
They always tell what they will/are/have done, this makes them feel powerful
And is a valuable survival data too
One more address for you:
I do not remember it, of course, at at the end of me being still on "speaking terms" with Pfizer, they insisted that "for the sake of "these hands have never worked", I have to find myself a gender reassignment facility in google"
When I ran the search, no matter how many times I ran it, in the entire world there were only two such facilities
One in Gent, Belgium, which DXC discovered, and rescued people from there, as this was of course a slaughterhouse
And the second one was in Serbia - this must have been March 2014, and my computer screenshots both you and Pfizer have must have recorded the Serbian slaughterhouse address, and you can visit it
My result from running these searches was just more disgust, yet the addresses are sure those of slaughterhouses

Mariya Dimitrova, indeed
Not from Facebook, from PPD/Pfizer, she was used to deliver Pfizer messages to me for a long time
When I rebelled, she congratulated me - she brought a box of French chocolates to work, I took the only "revolutionary" one, she congratulated me,
Than behaved as terminally scared and silent, not daring to talk to me even when someone she was walking with invited me to join them at lunch
Her expression though was speaking of resolution that she is against Pfizer
May be she still works at Pfizer/PPD Medical information
Her parents are in Canada, they have an apartment in Sofia, and she lives in it
Tall, on the skinny side, this is all I know about her
And that she took direct orders from Pfizer (as many enthusiastic people, believing at first that this was help)
rebelled against them and is clearly against them, a great person and an intelligent one

Знаеш че ние с теб обичаме борчета и елхи :)
Каквото и да казвате, обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

No, I do not yet understand, yet whatever :)
In this New World sadism, rescued and dead are pretty much equal
Whatever life brings :)
Yes, Pfizer made a lot of noise at some point that they had stolen monthly period sanitary things
I used to spray them with cleaning detergents and bleach, yet my mother lived with me, and kept complaining that these detergents smelled bad to her
I once skipped the detergents spraying, and Pfizer made lots of noise about stealing my used sanitary things, and using them for cloning
I do not believe they have managed to use whatsoever, yet whatever life brings :)

I did not suspect any cloning when I was spraying my sanitary things with detergents
Or may be I did, may be Pfizer were threatening that they would, I don't remember
I sprayed them with detergents mainly because I didn't want Pfizer to collect any data at all about what they had done to me
But if this cloning has indeed happened, than you need some laws
About garnage collection, disposal, etc.
This is a new kidnapping recipe with which really important people could be blackmailed
Me not, as I clearly understand that there is absolutely nothing I could physically stand if Pfizer take me
So, realistically, there is nothing to be done except the noise I have been making for the last 7 years

On just one point I am adamant
If Pfizer have been removing gonads, as they always do, and these are found, I will not be using them for myself.
Growing children for spare parts is something I will not support.
I cannot forget how the Alexander story started
Peter Krahn contacted me in Skype, told me some cryptic message, and kept repeating, "Was there any impact on customer?, Say that there was no impact to customer!"
And I was only repeating, "I don't know"
And I hate Peter Krahn ever since, although I do not approve of his Swiss clock internal mainframe being taken down
Peter Krahn's statement started all Alexander .........., not only life, but also sale, and I hate Peter Krahn
If someone from my family has "parts" they will be using their own parts (as in Alexander alive), and no-one else.
In "my" particular case (if this is really the case), not even the "Alexander alive" option works.

Ами, сложно е наистина
Аз никога не съм знаела какво точно да изпитвам към деца, освен неограничени дози покровителстване
Но пък огледах брат си, и това си е почти същото
Аз се гордея с Александър, това сега не е точно същото, затова е сложно
И това че брат ми имаше не само мен
Не знам, прилича на гледане на котки
Не обмислям дали, а как, наистина е нещо което никога и на никого не бива да се случва
Мисля че като се съберем всички на едно място нещата ще са много по прости :)
Прегръщам те..................................................., Обичам те....................................................
Иначе не, не мисля за "преди", аз съм точно това, което винаги съм казвала на теб
Животът съществува само от точката, в която сме в момента, и напред, нищо друго не съществува
Освен ако не се отнася за неща, които обичам да си спомням :)

Знаеш ли, всъщност животът е много лесен :)
Като си представи човек че алернативата е майка ми :)
Поражението е просто неосъществимо, никой не може да го направи по-зле от нея :)

Well, now we have even more reasons to take down New World
And DXC proved that their not-telling wasted two years of many people's lives
I don't know if the law is crooked or the ones who misuse it, I did read something about that - "I cannot sue if the government pursues it already"
This makes sense in term of general solution, why sue if the government is taking care of it, which is better
Still the fact that the government is taking care of something shouldn't prevent reparations, Pfizer need to pay for my repair, and everyone's repair
This suits the government too, as why should government pay for Pfizer's damages
Anyway, this DXC 2-years playground lost 2 years of many lives
At least the reports which they cannot verify, like Serbia in this case, why not reporting them to "higher authority"?
No, I am not scared of psychology, this is one more of my "special features" :)
Every child and adult in my presence calm down, well children calm down at least, as I sound stable without talking
Sophie is very screamy about the smallest things
Once I brought her to a playground when she was 6, she was running with other children, they went outside the rubber carpet, she fell quite seriously
blood on her knees, hip, etc., she started crying that she looked at me and shut up, looking surprised at me, as I was not reacting at all
I was completely calm as if nothing had happened, so was she in a moment, and this was the only time she didn't make any drama
Around me children at least calm down and make no drama of anything
Plus, Pfizer are such sadists, that the mere physical repair is such a tremendous improvement, that everything else resolves by itself
I just hope we will be in family soon, all of us :)
And after that we will figure out everything :)
(think if we had to know, or in a year or two, try to hide such a large family :) )
Прегръщам те................................................................................................., Обичам те.................................................................................................................................................

New World have started a total Apocalypse in so many aspects, yet it is not so late for us to stop it
Since we know about the UK catastrophe now, not 20 years later
It's all like a very bad movie
When Yavor was a child, he was watching some cloning cartoon, I guess a princess got cloned, and then equal girls poured on the street
"I'm Sylvia!", "I'm Sylvia!", "I'm Sylvia!"
Still, we caught it now, not 20 years later :)
And I am about exterminating every New World structure :)
I have always been wondering on vengeance topics, sounds far too generous in my opinion
If I have family, why waste my time on garbage, even if I do waste my time on garbage, as in this case -
Let it be meaningful, remove them so we can live.
That part about "they need to know why we killed them", that is naive anthropomorphism in my opinion
I do not care about what New World think, not more than when spraying the room for mosquitoes, why would I attribute thinking where there is none?

We need anti-cloning laws
I mean, legal controled cloning options can reduce the exposure to crime
Yet the punishment for wild illigel cloning must be very serious
Sort of find them jail accommodations, and take everything they have, so they have no means to repeat the same crime
Not much different from confiscating a gun
Anti New World laws, in general
Anti-fascism laws must already exist, no idea how severe they are
The idea is that there will always be imbeciles, stupid thinking cannot be eradicated without killing half of Humanity, which is definitely not the intention
The money must be taken from anyone committing crimes against Humanity
Because an imbecile with money is New World-er, and without the money he is just an imbeciles no different than many others
I think even people like Pavleta Taseva who are "registering half-legal funeral homes", just for some cash, must be punished, so others are afraid to do it next time
What are the laws? (not that in Bulgaria there is any implemented law whatsoever), Yet, why is registering a company without knowing the sources of income legal?
I have seen several company registrations, as Pavleta insisted to show me the registrations of the companies I was applying to for a job
These registrations all looked like, "Initial fund: $1"
If this is the registration law....................

One more fact, which might not be related to Pfizer, yet with my strictly controlled internet and google I do not believe it possible
If I have seen a movie forum in my google sreach, this forum has been submitted to me, it didn't appear naturally in my search
Here is the story, and I am telling it for the first time, as I believe it might be related to this clonig chaos
This must have been around April/May 2014, I was trying to be known to people, so that I do not disappear, and I started by looking for forums in the internet, as making friends with my neighbors didn't work
So I found a movie forum which must be on my Pfizer screen recordings
Pfizer started using this forum almost immediately, or it was theirs to start with, as many users were doing Pfizer things simultaneously
There were three main topic Pfizer highlighted on this forum:
* Abortions after rape (if that is not promoting he cloning idea.........)
* Only the rich have rights, if you are not rich you are used for meat (pretty much)
* animations, Pfizer dreamed of making me "hate men", by sending men in the bus after me to "make sexual bump against" moves at me; same with flying forward animations, etc.
I mean, as with everything else, Pfizer are brainwashing the idea of cloning massively
I have seen this Pfizer brainwashing on various topics, always massive, aggressive, counting on full submission
One of the TV advertisement with which Pfizer were chasing me throughout Gabrovo, even in restaurants, was
"I am feeling INSECURE, I need a cystitis test"
Good to know, Pfizer saw no tests whatsoever.

Прегръщам те..................................................., Обичам те..............................................................................
Ти какво мислиш за цялата тази бъркотия?
Ти си емоционалната ни страна, но все пак си по-дистанциран, и може да имаш по-реален поглед :)

Some more things to share
1st, the Pavleta-like imbeciles, this is not a one time thing, Pfizer carefully choose to work entirely with imbeciles
When I was working on my Master's degree thesis, I was travelling to the valley of the river of Struma, as an enthomologist
This valley is inhabited by Macedonians, who are said to be quick-tempered
I don't know about that, yet they definitely like writing humourous labels
One such label, placed in the middle of a public grass garden, said "The intelligent people are safeguarding the natural acquisitions, for the rest of the people this is obligatory"
I mean, no-one has ever manager to teach Pavleta code, law, English, anything, she is just born with no brain, you cannot hope to teach her right and wrong
Yet for her, as "for the rest of the people", doing illegal things must be forbidden, scary, dangerous - there is no other solution
This brings me to the second topic, when you find New World slaughterhouses in Serbia, Belgium, wherever, this must not be allowed to be judge by local "laws",
As long as it starts and ends with satelites, results in massive "vaccines" attacks all over the world, I don't see what would make it more global than it already is
"Serbia"'s have no word in this.
I will now give you 3 more names and addresses, as we never know to what DXC have reacted and to what not

The first two addresses are for a slaughterhouses network, a.k.a. rehabs and mental houses
I used to live once, up until September 2012, at 21 D, Georgi Benkovksi str, Sofia 1000 - old building, entrance from the backyard, last floor, I think 5th
Only 2 appartments on the last floor, looking at the doors, mine was on the left, on the right lived (possibly owned the apartment) a "psychologist"
I do not remember her name, yet it is written on a sticker on her door, and I also received emails from her end of May 2014, and she also has some "office" registered on Slavyanska str, Sofia 1000
This "psychologist" has extremely bad teeth, not just broken, not even yellow like those of low lives, hers are very deep black and very broken - I suspect drugs
Her "office" is registered as a recruitment agency and psycological services, something of that sort, and she travels far too often abroad - someone with teeth so bad is not there on vacation, but on some bad teeth business
France most of all
While I was living there, she often attacked me to offer me psychological services, she said "call centers are like uranium mines, etc."
They might well be, yet broken teeth won't fix this
After Pfizer's air attacks started in May 2014, I managed to find her phone number, as I was trying to find any help at all, and I didn't realize she was a slaughterhouse recruiter at first
I had had one first talk with her at her home, when I "imagined" she was a good person, and I had made a photo of the sticker on her door, as I planned to make her a business website as a present
I gave up the website idea when I started meeting her on the stairs, always trying to catch me as prey
Yet that door photo and the sticker on it had her phone number
I met with her, she said that "me stopping to watch soap operas 24/7 was an illness, it meant that I cannot concentrate on a movie, I was seriously insane", etc. bullshit, stench of Pfizer
And she then sent me numerous emails with some doctor's name, I have a vague memory that his name might have been Ivan Ivanov, or Ivanov only, or whatever
Yet his address was National Addictions Center, Address: 117 "Pirotska" str, 1303 Sofia Center, Sofia, Phone: 088 422 2553
This is the New World slaughterhouses center for Bulgaria
One more address is https://retobulgaria.org
As per their own official statement
I know them because I was once addicted to antiques, I saw gypsies selling silver spoons once, $1 a piece, ancient very beautiful, and I started "rescuing" art at pretty much zero cost :)
That Reto rehab used their prisoners as movers, large part of the moved furniture and other things ended up their 2 antiques shops near the central market,
I knew of the shops because I was visiting many antiques sellers, though I never ever dared to call Reto movers whenever I needed a movers service
And when Pfizer kidnapped "these hands have never worked", at first I tried to find him, and I imagined that rehabs will know about each other
This is why I went to their shop and showed the middle aged+ guard lady the photo Pfizer had posted in Facebook, "there hands have never worked" in a yard surrounded by a wall of a height 3 times a human height, with lots of graffiti on it
The guard lady said that no rehab will ever allow graffiti, and that "pharmaceutical companies testing drugs on rehab prisoners is the normal thing to do, this is what rehabs and pharmaceutical companies do"
The guard lady's prisoner got very scared at these words about drug testing, she was not Bulgarian, she spoke with a thick accent which I couldn't place

And a chemical warfare chain, the SexWell shops
I had got for the first time sprayed with viagra, in The Mall, with female viagra
I didn't yet know anything about the chemical attacks, I was planning to find a way to "resolve" the poison
I went to some internet club on Simeon Street, Arab club near the central market, hoping to find addresses of sex shops without Pfizer seeing me, so I can buy myself an electric "toy", and "resolve" the poison, this was my plan
Pfizer identified me the moment I set in front of the computer, flooded the screen with advertisements "Perfume for homo"
The first address I went to was a pawnshop, "hostage"-message
The second locked their door without even turning off the lights inside, the moment I approached the door
I called online, "they no longer delivered, will take a couple of days, do I need a male of a female female "toy"?"
Long story short, SexWell work for Pfizer and distribute their chemical warfare
Yes, every single grocery even starts working for Pfizer a couple of days/weeks after I first visit them, yet SexWell reacted in less than 30 minutes, this means they are Pfizer, and not new recruits
No, I never bought no "toys"

I also suspect some military organization behind New World
Everything IS sick, but it is also completely uniform
As if there is one single sick mind behind everything, and this is why everyone monotonously does the same things day after day, and year after year
Post things in internet, "We will now spray you with poison, this is what you will feel", every, every, every single thing unchanged for the last 7 years
A club of psychopaths will have variations, everyone will have their own tastes for sadism
In what has been happening for the last 7 years there has been not a single variation
Ah, and word was that Telerik were doing all the hacking/spaying on everyone, just so you know

Станахме като, аз дори нямам дума за това
Все пак имам чуството че ще сме семейство :)
Аз и ти, искам да кажа, то всичко останало само следва от това, не може да се тръгва от останалото
Трябва да намерим равновесието между време за нас, и помощ от външни хора
За да имаме самостоятелност, но да не сме затрупани до невъзможност
Аз дори не си представям какво точно правиш и с Александър досега
Като си мислех днес за помощ в къщата, в смисъл на "детска учителка", се сетих само за един негър, който дори не беше кариер, а само слагаше маркираните покупки в кашони в Costco, Boca Raton
И правеше шоу от всичко за целия магазин, объждайки на висок глас, питайки всеки дали може да купи на жена си прахосмукачка за рождения й ден :)
Нещо подобно имаше в еднин филм, назначих може би под прикритие военен за детска учителка в детска градина, и на всички деца им хареса
Не харесвам идеята за медицински сестри наоколо, аз на "medical" не вярвам, мисля че са умственоувредени от самото си погрешно образование
Но не може да ми се вярва много в тези идеи за "детска учителка", защото аз съм с деца малко като ти с Тахчийски, склонна съм да прехвърлям неща към "по-способни"
А и в моя и в твоя случай, ние сме единствените способни :)
Все пак ни трябва детска учителка, независимо мъж или жена, някой който има сколнност да се забавлява от всичко, защото все нещо ще работим, особено ти :)

Майката ти прави изключение, разбира се, нея я харесвам :)
Включително и защото харесвам творението й :)

We will see where we end up, whatever :)
We just need an environment which is ours, and we might have already be there :)
My parents are freaks indeed, yet they said lots of clever things, among other things
My mother, for instance, has always been sorry for the socialist mix up
She said that before socialism people were living in class-neighborhoods
No, class is not even the correct word, trade is
People were leaving in neighborhoods as per their trade - craftsmen, bankers, landworking, etc.
And she said their children were just growing in their own environment
This cannot exist today, of course, ye still we can end up somewhere where Alexander+ will have neighbors and friends
My mother meant that the apartment block we lived in, as well as the entire neighborhood, were an impossible mixture of people
Technical University staff, truck driver, police, mainframe engineers, factory workers, teachers, mobsters
They all had different values for their children and the children did not fit well together
I mean we need to at some point fit somewhere :)


Yes, I can tell you from experience that socialism and promiscuous mixing of people are bad
One thing is Sophie's black neighborhood school for gifted children, where children from all over Florida are gathered, of completely different income
And a completely different thing is a socialist mix of children who read books in a neighborhood of school which assigns the reading of 1 book (any book) as the worst punishment one can ever be given
Not a metaphor, just life - you might not know, yet in my childhood Bulgarian schools had age based "military-style" organizations
Where all 1st to 3rd grade or so students were "CHavdarcheta", while all older students were "Pioners"
Courts of Law were held by these children "military" organizations, and because one of my classmates had been very bad in something, I don't remember what -
His, officially documented and chosen by the Children Judges, punishment was "to read 1 book"
There is mixing based on interests, which is great, and there is socialist mixing based on "equality", which is a disaster

И дори нямаш представа колко се радвам за ттеб :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

You reminded me something important - "Christianity"
New World are extremely attached to "Christianity"
When Pfizer were recruiting "these hands have never worked", they had chosen his "new name" for him, "not a request", there were no choices
The "New World woman" can only be called "Christine"
Lots of Christian Holidays "theaters", "Christian" organizations

Of course, New World's idea of "Christianity", same as New World's ideas of "right" and "wrong" are as sick as it gets
I am just saying that they call what they do "Christianity"

Yes, this is also why New World "normalize" everyone - no more gay, no more tall women (they will become men), no more short men (they will be remodeled into women)
I was getting piles of Pfizer street theaters
Once I was walking to the Vasil Levski Stadium metro station, and a group of same age youths passed by me, and slowed down, so as to walk in front of me, and speak loud theater
Most of the youths were "normal", yet one boy was not higher that 1.20-1.40 meters, and one of the girls was higher than me
The boy said "Excuse me!", and the tall girl said, "I don't need your excuses!"
Pfizer "street school", "see, this is wring, this cannot be allowed to exist! We need to remodel them!"
There was also some show next to my apartment building's entrance, a boy on a stair, a girl on the side walk, "men are higher"
Another thing I remembered is that New World members have no a single right to choices (beyond their chosen vice)
All wedding rings can only be made of tungsten, profession is chosen by someone else, part of the Whole Theater, "I can only be a project manager"
Not, not implying to now :)
We are at war, I will work whatever necessary :)

New World "allows race differences" by the way
Lots of the Pfizer's advertisements were with black, Latino, Asian - only gay, short men and tall women "are not allowed" :)
Yes, let's start laughing as things have already got far too disgusting for any other approach :)

While they were recruiting me, Pfizer were also officially planning growth hormone injections for male babies, since the day of birth
Some total body height psychosis, wonder how they leader looks like?

What makes it even stranger is that of all bodily "handicaps" only "wrong body height" is forbidden
Pfizer made February/March 2015 a street exhibition for me
There is a "Lovers Bridge" in Sofia, connecting the National Palace of Culture and the park of the Hilton hotel in front
Along both sides' railings of the bridge, there were rows of pictures of children with disabilities
All the more disgusting, as Pfizer were not protecting them, they were manufacturing them on purpose
I admire different people, and I don't believe in disabilities, I see different abilities, yet intentionally manufacturing handicapped children is something completely different

The idiot behind this could indeed be a short man, as one of the no choice parts of New World's "project" was growth hormone at advanced age
So that the face, hands, and feet can be distorted

Well, from what I have seen of Pfizer, "your man"'s picture will be all over the internet

Както сме тръгнали, ти може скоро да се превърнеш в едноличен родоначалник на целия си вид :)
Аз съм малко out of my mine днеска, тъй че каквото и да казвам, приемай го само за настроение :)
Александър само имам предвид :)
Но понеже сме много, така изглежда :)

True, the National Palace of Culture exhibition might have an interesting money trail

Nice record, by the way :)
Things which under "the former regime" have been dragged for years, were now resolved within days :)
If I were you I would find myself a nice reporter and make them document this for the public :)
Everyone must know that "what no-one ever does" (a.k.a. calling you), does actually end up very nice :)

Yes, nice track record :)
This is what I was trying to remember, as in "demonstrated track record" on job offers and CVs
My eternal grudge against socialism started because of English
After 7th grade, I was admired in a most highly selective language school, wanted to study English, had the technically highest entrance score of 6.00
Yet the director called my mother, and told her "We have decided that your daughter will be studying French"
Yes, I see that you love shopping, and I was going to tell you about two other big purchases Pfizer made for me
At least a month (February/March 2014) of all evenings Slavi Show on Bulgarian TV, including on the 3rd of March, it was all Pfizer theater for me
Also First Investment Bank's TV advertisements of the same period, "There is pain, suffering, and love in it", etc. bullshit
And at least two episodes of Rizzoli & Isles, end of 2014 I think

I was studying English by myself, from the textbooks and notebooks of my classmates, each class group was half English/half French
Mostly verses, like "I too sing America", "Who is he? A man"

The Pfizer Rizzoli & Isles episodes - from them I remember a very cheap, out of place scene, where Rizzoli and Isles admire some Pfizer-looking man in a open convertible car I think

I don't know if DXC told you about the banks
Post Bank is Pfizer to its bones
They had many, many Pfizer shows, and not only shows
Like changing my Euroline credit card's address, refusing to tell me to what address they have registered it, linking my Euroline credit card to some external Pfizer bank account, so I don't get anything billed to it
No matter I purchase from Cigna Insurance Pfizer, or from Amazon
In Gabrovo they made me sign some money transfer order for transferring money to Linnah, normal so far
However, the part of the form with my signature on it was alone on the second page, Pfizer were at least twice collecting blank page signatures from me, first at the end of my time at PPD, some "new "pulse" client" forms

Also Societe Generale Express Bank, my current bank
First they made some trick to refuse to transfer my money from one of my bank accounts to another same day, I had to wait, in one of their offices only, on Graf Igntaiev str
Next they issued a debit VISA card to me, with a PIN of ONLY 2 NUMBERS, forming a symetric figure
The last 3 digits on the back of the card, used for online purchases, are composed of the same 2 numbers from the PIN, forming a symmetrical reversed figure
What are the odds?
Next they insisted I buy an insurance "against stolen phone", I refused, next morning I looked at my phone in the metro train, yet when I arrived at work, the phone was no longer in my pocket
I chose online a new very cheap phone, went after work to buy it from Плесио София, ул. "Ангел Кънчев" 5, гр. София 1000
There a theater started, the "shop assistant", a rather disgusting teenage whore, was bringing phone, after phone, after phone, and "they all didn't work"
Eventually, a colleague of hers "showed her that her phone had its battery protected by a nylon sheet, she needed to remove the nylon to be able to use the phone"
I bought the phone, whatever, and in 2018 DXC discovered that Pfizer are able to follow me everywhere because the whore-phone had some bug added to it, before the purchase
And the idiotic bank is in all of this
Including, one of the last times I went to Sofia, went to a bank office near Journalist square, and the bank assistant forced me to provide new data, a colleague of his came and said, "No, why are yo giving her a copy, she must not have a copy of what data we have about her"
I have that copy prepared to give it to you as well
Ah, and March-May 2014, or even before that, Post bank was literally covered with some babies advertisements

That's not even all - after buying the new phone from that Plesio shop, I went directly home, and my old phone was on top of my blanket, in my bed
And this all started in the bank, SGEB

Truth be told, for the first time the communication gets a little bit better
One thing always meaning one thing, at least at times - the lack of this was the main problem
Reading rises an important question I had - what happens with my "hardware upgraded" Plesio and my may be "hardware upgraded" archaic phone with no internet, and my hacked OnePlus phone?
Do they go with me wherever I go?

The phones with me?! WOW!

I have one OnePlus, hacked only, Pfizer see it the moment I switch it on, no SUM card needed, and I have connected "something" to it which is "mine"; the phone just switched on
The second charging phone is Turbo X, it has definitely got Pfizer hardware upgrade; the phone just switched on
My oldest phone got killed by Pfizer one day, as they didn't want me to go anywhere without the "hardwared" Turbo X
I have a third phone, an archaic NOKIA, which I have just browsed
Normally, you must not be able to see the NOKIA (although it has the Telenor SIM card now), yet this NOKIA was stolen at the Miami out airport, by border police
Then it miraculously showed up in my room in Lozen, and I am afraid that its blinking the "Изход" option is not natural
It must not have internet, animations, anything, and if the left option is always lighting up after the right one - I don't trust this
May be +animation, may be +hardware

Armed :)
(with completely broken phones..............)
I did for some days keep one of the phones and that "thing" of mine secret, yet neither lasted long..........

This might mean that you are seeing the "red thing"

Сетих се че ти, за разлика от мен, със сигурност знаеш какво се прави с деца :)
Аз някак си се страхувам или не си позволявам да се радвам, само за теб досега съм правила изключение :)

I have just remembered - one more kidnapping/slaughterhouses chain, Bupa
Pfizer rarely do give "choices"
Signa and Bupa insurance were decorating my gmail mailbox for weeks, I had a "choice" between these two, nothing else
Whatever you find for Signa, in terms of kidnapping and slaughterhouses, same holds for Bupa
The key being "emergency evacuation", Pfizer insist that you buy this, so they can kidnap you, and transport you across borders

I don't know if I mentioned to you the fake training certificates site of Pfizer
At any moment, the mailbox of my old, hacked, katya.marincheva@gmail.com account was adorned with at least 10 text only advertisements
Or "instructions" about what Pfizer wanted me to do
One of the "to do" things, was a fake training certificates sight, its name started with A, may be
Yet it will be easy for you to find it, as the courses of on this website, and the tests after each course, are exact copies of the respective test on the Microsoft site
You go to the Microsoft Excel, Access tutorial, or to the Adobe Photoshop tutorial, you copy one question of the tests at the end of the tutorials, put it between quotation marks
And the google search will return the fake training certificates site
It is fake, because these tutorials and tests are free on the respective business' site, and are no good for certification
Also, there might have been some $10 payment from my Euroline credit card to this site, as for some courses they gave you free course, free test, free certificate, yet the certificate's download costs $10, something like that
Pfizer insisted that I took Project Management courses on this site, and protested ardently against me taking French lenguage courses/certificates
At the time, Pfizer planned on "housing me and "these hands have never worked" in France", may be with fake papers,
And if we have French papers, French as foreign language certificates in my training history won't fit
No idea, they just said, "No French courses"
This was December 2013

There was one more tablet, which I used to use as a phone, at during one of the endless total misunderstanding "rescue" attempt, I deliberately switched it on, and left it in the street
To give Pfizer a wrong direction as to where the meeting point is
As always, even though "our people" knew the meeting point, and Pfizer didn't, after a couple of "attempts" only Pfizer came
The tablet was a cheap Telenor garbage, cost $5 new, and after a week of use needed a month of repair (probably hardwared too)
I no longer have the tablet, I threw it on the street to make sure Pfizer are not after me, but after the tablet

The laptop I am writing from
It was my first internet tool when I started trying to hide away from Pfizer
I took it with me in the street (it is American, old, heavy, and enormous), and I was trying to catch with it unguarded street internet, so I can browse free
Didn't work, Pfizer were recognizing it everywhere in the street, it did connect a couple of times shortly
Yet Pfizer were cutting the connection, and then did something so I could no longer connect to any street internet
I even managed to create a couple of fake email addresses from the street, yet Pfizer cut all connections to the laptop
And I was trying from different neighborhoods, Lozenets, Dondukov, nothing worked
The laptop was of course often alone at home, and the apartment was regularly visited by Pfizers in my absence, lots of papers stolen
Something might have been added to it too, or they have other means of recognizing it
Pfizer never stole money from the apartment, though
May be in later years there was one exception, or "may be now they will start stealing money", yet I do not remember
It has been 7 years of 24/7/365 Pfizer, everything becomes just a pointless background

No, Pfizer do not control the entire Sofia internet
They rather followed my red USA phone, and caught the laptop as it was with the phone
Same way they did not know my OnePlus, yet when they "saw" it next to my "red thing", they knew it was mine, and caught it too
I know that Pfizer do not monitor all Sofia internet, as during the lots of "rescue" trips in Sofia, I had a haircut twice, I had lunch at least once unnoticed, I twice bought myself a watch, had lunch at street fast food point which all have cameras pointed to the customers
All these places visibly with cameras, and I was seen nowhere

Yes, OK, they might control the entire internet, as my tablet and me got seen in the middle of a completely invisible trip
Yet they do not control all cameras
Some cameras, yes, when they knew that I was going to be on the central market, they saw me in every single shop there
They do have access to all the cameras, luxury/law class shops, doesn't matter, yet to see me they need to know in advance in which neighborhood I will be

I don't understand if you want me to remove the phone's photo :)
Or you are choosing a phone
I will have all my phones with me, as I don't understand what exactly I need to do
And could remove that photo

One more interesting fact about Pfizer stealing
Pfizer do not steal messy papers, I used to often have bad moods, in which all my papers could end up in a pile on the floor because I have been searching for something, and left them there for months, or weeks at least
And by pile I mean scattered as tree leaves in the fall
Such papers Pfizer do not steal
The moment some of the papers end up in folders, they disappear
My mother loved knowing "all I do", this is why every time she visits me, she "starts arranging my papers in neet folders and envelopes"
And she comments aloud everything she ever does, "Here is an envelope with all your Societe Generale Express Bank papers"
And a minute later we both go to the apartment downstairs where Linnah and Mitko used to live, come back upstars 30 minutes later, and that SGEB envelope is already gone

I don't understand this
Yet it reminds me that I am all the time thinking that some day you will allow me some shooting training :)
I have a good aim, and like practicing it :)

Unless it is about clean up :)

Without this "tip" I wrote, DXC would have wasted all our lives for years to come
"New regime" came at once and took every single front
Today I was even feeling guilty that for many days now I have been piling on you new and new tips, not giving you any opportunities for rest days

Compared to the former "But it doesn't matter", "We will" (hinted 6000 times a day and never happening)
No comment
That's like a Paris Match advertisement from 1980
Two pages left entirely empty, and on the bottom right corner in smallest letters "The company Ford needs no advertising" :)

The OnePlus along with its "red thing"
And the Turbo X

I remembered one more thing about which Pfizer were very excited
You know how Pfizer use long term metaphors for a range of things
In 2014, when they were using air chemical warfare on me, almost on a daily basis, they were all the time calling me Ukraine
You might not remember, but that was the time of the Russia-Ukraine war

Прегръщам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Now some more warnings, about cars and appliances
Pfizer like damaging cars
* park so as to prevent you from leaving your parking spot, place a Pfizer car nearby and play its horn every time you try to move, Mitko gets startled and hits his car at this
* pieces of glass, metal, whatever, at chosen places, so they can cut your tires
* "Vesela has just filled the tank of her car with fuel, yet the electronics show empty tank"
* cars which heat, lose shield and other parts
* dead car electronics - and Mitko cannot start the car, or it does trange things
You can never say which electronic damages Pfizer do directly, and which they hack, yet last winter the electronics of our local heating died, or rather kept dying again and again,
and after internet router stopped working for some reason, the local heating electronics stopped dying, these electronics had some modern remote control function, which I guess was the problem
My microwave in the apartment changed its clock functions completely, went to constant blinking, which was not part of the original functions
I mean, expect car damages, even the "rescuers" at times reported "Pfizer didn't allow our car to go out"
Otherwise, after so much "rescue"-damages from the former regime, I feel like a DXC client company ;)
Word is I was paying them to damage me....................

Last winter, every morning Mitko's car was playing a "luck game", the electronics will or will not allow ignition
And on one morning when I was traveling with them to Sofia, a Pfizer "medical laboratory" (or something) car was demonstratively driving in front of us

Ооооооооооо, тази книга толкова ще ти хареса :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

This Ukraine series...
World looks like street children throwing stones at each other in the street
And this is of "no concern" to the people living in the big house by that street, until one of their windows gets broken
I mean, disciplining "red street children" is the right thing to do

Yeah, New World always insist on telling you what they do

I trust you endlessly more than I have expected
You might have noticed that I was all the time talking about my own repair, and never asked you to repair anyone from my family
This was because I expected you to slice them, do tests with them, lots of ugliest things before going for any repair at all
And I am beyond imagination surprised than nothing like that happened
I trust you

I thought that everyone was like DXC's pharmaceutical circle - obligatory post mortem before treatment

I am in either case using nothing but hot water bottles for a lot of days now, as I wanted to give you my data as a present :)

I am in either case using nothing but hot water bottles for a lot of days now, as I wanted to give you my data as a present :)
Although dealing with a "sedated body nerves" me, has a ton of advantages :)

I keep what I have for you to see it, and you supply me on the away with Valerian root capsules/tablets (or whatever sedating body nerves temporarily)
Just so I am in shape to ........., whatever, just within shape :)
I am a dedicated kind of person :)
And I am so happy Alexander+ will be growing among people :)
I have been searching for a substitute for family, throughout 15 companies
What you have is a lot closer to this
Not that I do not like my children, I do :)
That's just that Bulgarian saying
When I got divorced in 1986, a hell broke
"Someone" going and reporting to court that "I do not live with Yavor and Linnah" (absurd, the first time I had a day for myself was when they were 18 and asked me if they could spend the New Year Eve with friends)
Police car bringing me 3 judge orders to sign and taking me, Yavor and Linnah to the police station
The first order says "Come within a month to agree the children summer visit to father",
The second order says "Come within a week for the same thing"
And the third one says "Judge is sending police to take you into custody, as you did not respond to the first 2 orders"
And I am signing these 3 orders at the same minute, so that the judge speeds up the process and avoids unnecessary bureaucracy
When I told a friend of my father's about this, he said only "He (your ex-husband) has found a village without dogs"
The saying means that a village without dogs, me, has no-one to count on, and that things happen to this village, which never happen to other villages around
This is why I am doing what I am doing :)
I want to belong somewhere, and you look like a pretty perfect choice :)

The end of that court fight is very educative, gives you a valuable insight into what Bulgaria is
The court fight continued for 9 years, the judge directly told me that he was in the same family situation, yet he cannot do anything to his ex-wife and will take it all out on me
Things like, I am with the kids stroller on my way to the city pool, he meets me, asks me where I am going, and tells me "This means that you are breaking the law"
To this day, I still cannot understand how bringing children to the city pool, where lots of other children are, breaks the law
Anyway, me or my ex-husband asked some amendment from the court, I was in Gabrovo, so all court papers had been sent to Gabrove and have been in Gabrovo for some years
Yet an amendment could only be decided by the initial divorce court, which was BOTEVski court in Sofia
Yet the Gabrovo court secretary, which had to send the entire folder to BOTEVski court in Sofia, misunderstood the court name, and sent the folder to BOTEVgrad, which is a completely different, 3rd city
Ever since, when my ex-husband went to any court in Gabrovo or Sofia to "continue", he was told that there was no such folder, end of story.
"Bulgarian courts make no mistakes."
When I started my war with Pfizer, I told them that story, and asked them "Can you afford to wait 50 years?"
I was planning to wait 18 years until that court hell was finished, and it only took 9!
I warned Pfizer that they will have to wait 50 years, as I will not back off, and it might take shorter than that :)

Anyway, everyone thinks that the brain is the main reason for the nervous tics, but it isn't
I once went to Dabovets with Linnah, Mitko and Dani, for 3 days, this summer
This is a small village, around 10-15 inhabited houses, my mother was born there
And 3 days I had no contact with laptop, phone, anything, and when I got back to Sofia, my nervous tics were almost gone
For two reasons
* First I disagree with those movies about treating PTSD in military by making them "re-live the stressor"
If you have someone addicted to cocaine, heroin, alcohol, will you keep them locked in a room with cocaine, heroine, and alcohol only, and no other view of reality?
Or will you take them away of the drugs, keep them busy with reality, and show them that life is not drugs, there is an endless world out there,
Until they literally replace the drugs with life, and when next they see drugs, they will simply feel no attraction
I have been damaged by an endless series of Pfizer, Aviva, Annonyous "psychiatrists", all claiming that "they will give a different meaning to the irritators"
WHY? Why should computer annimations be seen as "meaning something"? Do they mean something to you?
This is idiotic, this is a deliberately traning someone to "see things, hear voices"
Things which mean nothing MUST mean nothing, end of story.
After Dabovets I understood the problem, and stopped looking to see where the "irritators" are, and this made an enormous difference
* Second, nervous tics result primarily from sick body nerves, not from the brain
If the body nerves are calm, because of spending no laptop days, after garlic, antibiotic, Valerian root, they hardly ever react
If body nerves have had nothing cleaning, neither sedating for many days, they are so highly irritable, that my left hand touching the laptop while typing started pulsing,
the laptop's static electricity activates its embedded viagra, as all the nerves are irrate, and literally do not care what the stimulus is, they react to everything
Same after irritaton, constant laptop usage creates something like an apophylactic shock, first irritation is OK, second, third, next during the first....... apophylactic shock
Asthma, in which cough irritates and results in even more cough
Shortly, some body nerves sedation is the correct "on the way" choice
Disclaimer: No, no particular animation means anything particular to me
They all mean one and the same thing "EXTERNAL INFLUENCE ATTEMPT"
I have a Magic brain
After that Tokuda "vaccine" my body was trembling uncontrollably, I had a most physical feeling of terminal fear
Then I opened in the internet Thomas Harris's book Black Sunday, and read that line about the former military being given a glass with opium, and I felt it, and my body and mind got immediately completely calm
This has never ever created any single issue in my life, it is a power, not a weakness, I just have more control over myself than most people, and this is one of my control means
This is also why I am alive after 7 years of Pfizer, and no-one else is
Yet when I met Pfizer, I didn't know that I MUST NEVER ALLOW ANY SINGLE EXTERNAL INFLUENCE
Law: I can dot it, and I must never allow anyone outside me to do it.
Yes, it means that I am detecting attempts at external influence, detecting them, not mistaking them
At any time I have also been coming accress the same animations at completely indifferent environments, and they have no wrong effect at all, there mere existence as unintentional calms me
What I hate is not specific animations, I hate "intentional" in all its forms, no matter of my children or someone evil is doing it
What my body nerves hate, is just the enormous base irritation, which makes them lose any selectivity, and they explode at just anything

I do not renounce all PTSD movies completely
There is survivor's guilt, this can be thought/talked through, I personally reached the conclusion that I did not forsake
I just didn't allow others to drag me with them into something they went into, for one reason or another
There is also the unspeakable adrenaline levels difference - after Sutherland, at the Hilton training I was feeling like a soldier in trenches
"The moment no-one was shooting at me, I couldn't stay awake, I was missing so much stimuli at once that I was falling asleep"
Yet what concerns te overreactions to specific stimuli, No. No-one needs to "rethink them"
If these same things mean nothing to everyone else, they mean nothing, and MUST mean nothing
Just like every other drug addiction
Take the drugs away, introduce manual, physical, whatever intensive labor, and the addiction will lose supporters :)
At the moment I am hurting myself by volunteering myself around laptop, that is the problem
Remove this problem, and you won't need any Valerian root either

The repeating, yes
When I told you that my brain has acquired a memory for song, and I can play songs in my brain intentionally, hearing musical instruments, voices
I suddenly wondered if this has been temporary, and if I will at all be able to show you the effect
So I ventured to call a song, and couldn't stop it for two days after that
99% of your PTSDs are just physiological addictions to stressors, garlic and Valerian root even sedate them

The fact that I clearly recognize everything intentional is a survival gift, I will never wish to part with it
As "things which should not be there" mean danger
The moment the gene engineering productions get removed from my body, I will not have a problem whatsoever with being observant

Well, with Pfizer the mistake was entirely mine :)
Most people in the world are stupid, this is the reason why no-one should ever be allowed to interfere
Some things people have, they must keep them for their personal use only :)

Great idea that video :)
Upon return from front lines, send your soldiers to cut wood, and you will have lots of happy veterans, and families, reduced medical and crime costs :)
You can substitute equals :)
And as an added bonus, wood cutting is not known to cause PTSD :)
Bulgaria has such military divisions, labor-divisions, no idea why you don't have them
My brother was assigned to such a labor military division, to serve as sort of secretary there,
And he said all their arms were just shovels, the entire division had one single hand gun, locked in a safe :)
Send your military to cut some wood, or restore disaster hit buildings, on the way home, and everyone will be happy :)
No, we don't have so much wood here, in Bulgaria labor divisions dig the trenches for the electricity cables and the water/gas/etc. pipes

You may be have technology, and you need no manual work for any digging, yet some physical work for at least PTSD victims you can still find

Setting :)
That video is also very smart, I am interested in the twilight zone, I do dream to share it
Yet it depends
What I despise in "medical" is their God complex, "they are entitled to power over everyone", and this is completely wrong
The word wizard explains it best
People who can do things, can talk to people who can do things, the one who is more skilled, can introduce the other to what he already knows, is able to do, gradually
As a stairway of trust
Introducing means "I can do this, if you want to, you can try doing it as well"
There are no testers and test animals here
I detest God complex, and every single "medical" has it, I have seen two doctors over almost 6 decades who did not claim power over everyone
the video says it "I do", not "things are done to me"
"I do" goes not a single centimeter beyond my privacy, what you know about what I do is no problem to me
What I will never allow are things done to me

I am interested in everything in which I am trying things by myself, if/when I want to
"Do you want to try?" is perfect
"I will now do this to you", forget about it
I am not against me doing magic, as it physically increases my control on myself
I am only against this control being transferred to someone other than me

I am interested in everything in which I am trying things by myself, if/when I want to
"Do you want to try?" is perfect
"I will now do this to you", forget about it
I am not against me doing magic, as it physically increases my control on myself
I am only against this control being transferred to someone other than me
I am not "telling stories", by the way
PPD/Pfizer Tier 2 Medical Information in UK had a woman manager (this thing I am not calling a lady)
When the war between PPD and Pfizer started (I guess she was PPD), she came to Sofia first to convince me to refuse everything Pfizer wanted
Usual mistake, PPD had already treated me so rudely, so many times, she sounded derogatory, lying about something, and I didn't believe her
Not her, her "cryptic" protege Gergana (evil disgusting creature)
Days after that Pfizer won against PPD and that UK woman manager and her protege Gergana were already attacking me on behalf of Pfizer
Long story short, this UK woman manager was standing next to my desk when I was trembling looking as if I was going to go crazy any second, and
and then I read that sentence about the opium glass, and before her eyes I got suddenly completely calm, and she said something of the sort "worked",
Looked at me with such a horror as if I was some terrifying beast, and walked away

Yes, interesting, isn't it?
That UK woman manager had no problems watching me ruined, yet the moment I healed myself and looked completely in control, she got terrified and walked away

I like the idea :)
And I will tell anymore details in the dark :)
There is something safe to say, however, which can be in the basis of Magic
I have always had high marks at school, OK, may be technically highest, yet without too much zeal
Rather with no zeal at all
Namely, something in me told me that I didn't care if what I was told to learn was true or false
I only wanted to have the highest mark, and prove my technical abilities to myself in the process
So I never ever asked myself "Is what I am told really so?",
Instead, my only question to myself was "If this is so, why is it so?"
And I was wasting a technically minimal energy to learn
This is like walking on water, you sink because you don't believe that you can step on the water
I walk on it, because nothing in my mind ever tells me to doubt, I am only interested in the Why, and never in the If
And I do think that what I am doing is universal, applies to everyone if applied
When I was working marketing in Dutch and French in a Gent, Belgium IMRO company based in Sofia, I sometimes had bad days
I had days on which I had no sales, and this was bad, a computer was calculating everyone's sales against the average at the end of the month
and everyone with low sales was fired
In such times, I used to go to a very luxury cafe, and order myself a glass of apricot juice, or a cup of luxury tea, for $1,
This was a lot of money for me, I hardly had anything to eat, my salary got devided between me and my university students children
I could eat 4 times with $1
Yet upon returning to the phone after the luxury tea, I felt successful, and happy, and my sincere joy, my "I am happy where I am",
made people stop listening to what I was offering, and simply wishing to be where I was, as "I was sincerely happy to hear from them, to be where I was", and they wanted in
Year later I was the supervisor and QA of 35 German speaking agents selling Hilton bookings
And on days on which the sales were low, instead of doing the usual corporate imbecility and punishing them,
I was buying them luxury tea, chocolates, cookies
It wasn't expensive, cost me just about $120 from my own salary a month,
And all the agents suddenly felt happy where they were, I could here the hotel's luxury in their voices, and customers were buying that luxury
The same way I was talking about hysterical ugly or old lady colleagues, asking them about clothes advice, they believed they were good looking, and stopped shouting hysterically over the floor
And everyone could resume their work
Thinking of humans as of computers is not inhumane :)

I can see why you jump to claiming that this is communist educational background, and you would be wrong :)
Yes, this is exactly what communism orders everyone to do
No, it doesn't work - all my classmates have always been peevish, finding everything wrong in every teacher, in every word said
And this is not "free will", this is rather lowest negativism
There is a joke:
"Two men are sitting at a table in the pub, one of them looks at the window and says:
"It is raining, Communist sons of bitches, it's their fault!", and keeps drinking
Half an hour later the second man looks at the window and says:
"Still raining, Communist sons of bitches, it's their fault!", and keeps drinking"
No, my approach is not communist, it is personal :)
More probably because I spent the first 6 years of my life in an entirely Romanian village in Bulgaria, with my grandparents only
My grandmother was intentionally grooming me to be "academic, not gypsy, not ordinary", and she strictly forbade everyone from talking to me in Romanian,
lest I learn the language, and start speaking Bulgarian with an accent after that
My grandparents were both Romanian, spoke very little Bulgarian, I was not allowed to live the yard, meet any children at all, visit neighbors, all for the above clean race reasons
My grandparents had taught me some most important words only, they spoke Bulgarian to me only, never among themselves or with neighbors,
When they spoke to me, this was with minimalist sentences, and just "Let's eat, let's go to the vineyard"
Every word meant something

All that childhood twilight a little supplemented by two facts
1st, my mother says that I was born in 8th month of pregnancy, because she had caught rubella
She got immediately chased out of hospital as the doctors feared the infection,
I started to quickly lose weight, dropped well under 2kg, which was not very popular at the time
My mother tried to go back to the hospital and was chased away with the words "Is this still alive that you are bringing it here!?"
On my 4th day of life she traveled with me to the Romanian village and left me there as she had no idea what to do with me
Here comes the second fact, the fashion of the time said that feeding baby bottles were a most harmful capitalist invention
So since my birth I was only fed with a spoon, with goat milk

Well, this might explain why I am so protective to others
And one more of the facts, my grandmother was very busy at that Romanian village - crops, animals, cooking
And me on top of that, my parents say she often gave me to eat wine with bread, so I can fall asleep, and so she can get some work done
She overdid it sometimes, I remember a case when she told me to sit in the bed, with my legs covered with a blanket, and not leave the bed,
as my grand father was going to be angry if he saw that I was so drunk that I couldn't walk
In the village, and later in Gabrovo with my parents, whenever there was wine on the table, all children were required to drink, so they can learn to drink
I was 10 when I said that I don't want to drink wine any more, "as I was afraid that if I get drunk I might tell something I don't yet remember"
And in either case I felt very concerned about being in control, and ever since I avoided everything threatening to take that control from me

Most times when people do something wrong, they do lots of things wrong, that's the reality :)
This ruins all research, of course, as you get such a spectrum to choose from that no choice makes sense any more :)
Plus, my father was really fond of making everyone around himself "believe" in plans of great future
Me and my brother were completely addicted to believing the great plans
He smoke a lot, it the air in the sitting room stopped being transparent
So my mother insisted that he goes to smoke in the vestibule, yet me and my brother were joining him there as well, every time, and it made no sense
I had severe passive smoking damages until the age of 18
For years, in the summer my the backs of my hands used to get so dry that the skin was tearing like over-dried land field, and all the crevices in the skin were bleeding
My hands also got severely inflamed from touching dirty dishes
In the winter, my fingers and especially toes got something which a doctor called cold allergy - they were violet, all the time swollen, frozen
And years later we started hating my father for all the imaginary great stories
I developed something like a tobacco smoke panic, my throat was suddenly hurting and I was feeling suffocated when I smelled tobacco
And Pfizer healed this :)
They were using tobacco smoke so much as a "threat", that I started liking it, compared to the "floaters" male perfumes :)


And this makes all the difference
When I am deciding what to believe, I use it to be in control, and implement my own decisions
When someone else "influences what I believe", I am prevented from taking my own decision, this is why this must never happen.

The point is, that all scars are adaptations, and the more scars, the more adaptations, technically
And illusion is not illusion, neither liguistics at all
It exists objectively
Everytime I meet a criminal, he asks, "Can I shoot/hit/kidnap you?", and my answer even without speaking is "No."
True, I do practice "this didn't happen" a lot, about lots of things
Yet it is no different from "This is not happening", "This will not happen"
And the last two are objective reality which everyone around me sees and believes
My father was very moody and angry when I visited him in Marroco for 2 months, when I was 16, he said "You have changed"
I was like a wall. Silent and completely untouchable wall.
I see everything like the math tests at school. No-one from my classmates can solve the math test preparation problems, this doesn't make then unsolvable :)
Every time in life someone tells me "you have no way out", I only think to my self, "yeah, again! For you for sure!"
I have never seen any single situation with no way out, I am always sure there is a solution, I don't doubt it for a second
I had a "rescue" campaign, I had to wait on the bus stop (may be, never clear) for the "rescuers", they sent me a completely un-understandable "message" that they have been arrested by police
I understood nothing, went to the bus stop, waited there, the bus passed, the next one was in a lot of time, Linnah was waiting for in Sofia me to take me to Dabovets
I looked around, so a neighbor going out of his yard, and to his car, offered 100 BGN for a trip to Sofia, he took me to Sofia, refused the money, was in either case going there
I arrived to Linnah's work building, enormous yellow Speedy cars waiting there, Pfizer "hinting", "We have just overdosed you in the bus!"
"Ah, right? I just wasn't in to bus, you know?"
Later I explained to the "rescuers" that as per Pfizer legends, their fingerprints have been copied from their ID cards, and they got released.
Since childhood I have an unlimited feeling of control, I was sure that if I dropped from the 10th floor I wouldn't even get scratched
Every night I was seeing in my dream how I am controlling air currents, sitting and sliding on them like on snow hills
Or standing upright and regulating the distance between myself and the earth surface by arms movements
It is not illusion, it is control, and "I can."

Както винаги никой не мисли по-съвършено от теб :)
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

И обичам думаата чудовища :)
Мноооооого, въпреки че аз съм влюбена във всяка дума, която кажеш :)

Do you think you can try to prevent air chemical attacks in the Mall tomorrow? Linnah says we will be waiting for dani's lesson to finish there

I thought so :)
Thank you :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Techno is very well said, by the way :)
It is all about tools
Everything material and thought is a tool you can learn to use
And about the "two kids", I am not fond of classifications
The facts are, there is never any second thought, there is always a distanced coolbloodedness, which feels nothing
And this allows it not to be hindered by damages, and to objectively decide what to do, even though the body itself is not in shape
the alligator :)

Yes, it is definitely good for children too :)
Some years later my father was exactly as unhappy with Yavor and Linnah too :)
He said, "You have taught them to listen to no-one but you!"
Haven't noticed that, may be
My father was inded popular with all children, talking saying stories
There is a photo of him sitting next to his 3rd wife's granddaughter - you don't need to know anything about the world at all to recognize that look
And, no, he was not popular with Yavor and Linnah at all for some reason :)

Truth be told, I was talking to day to intelligent people, for the first time since ever :)
You have no idea how much idiocy I have been listening to until now
As if their heads had been replaced with empty tins
Whatever you tell them, "No, this is ill, it doesn't fit the shape of my tin, and needs to be corrected"
For the first time I am listening to people who do not suggest destroying perfectly working mechanisms just because they "don't fit into a tin"
Long Live Metal :)

Long Live Ford :)

Прегръщам те..........................................................., Обичам те.....................................................................................
It's always "days left", for the last 3 years :)
We werent going to come here, before that 2 other things "were going to happen", war as war, you never know
Tomorrow I am moving to my house.
I am tired of 2+ years of humiliation, I prefer lack of everything basic to what has been, leave alone my "mother"
I have given the idea that PTSD soldiers have to go cut wood, and I am about to live to my promise :)
My situation might prove a lot more complicated, yet I want my dignity.
I remembered something important I haven't told you, by the way

Yes, I expected you to be tracked by someone "who is not an enemy"
Word was that Pfizer had some "big country" military contract, so whoever is fllowing you might be completely unexpected, a plea bargain type of case
Another explanation is that while you have been building life, Russian have only been building war and no life at all
And might have "toys" you do not expect
The person I remembered to tell you about now: Marin Minchev
Bad news. He was SKF CCL, and may be CCL of Royal Bank of Scotland as well, as he was scheduling all their SSL certificate replacements
Marin Minchev is Pfizer's entry point into DXC, and I think DXC made something to hide him away
Marin Minchev met me before I even stepped on the mainframe floor, I was still on initial training, and with other trainees I went to the Business Park's "345" suppermarket to buy something for lunch
Marin literally stood in our way at the entrance of "345" and presented himself to us in a rarhet merry and artificial way
The first day I stepped on the mainframe floor, he was in the coffee corner, and whe he saw me coming, he stood at the window and started shouting into a phone, "I trust this doctor"
After that, the moment I was forced to move from Mainframe Operations (where I was not working on the SKF account), to Security (where I started with the SKF account), "there were no free desks anywhere else,
And "I had to sit next to Marin Minchev", and the hell gradually broke
* Marin was repeating all the time "If the means are yours and the aim mine, what do I care!?"
* He was talking all the time about his "very good doctor aunt, who was for the most pure imitation of nature, and I MUST meet her"
* SKF turned 100% of the tickets they sent to me into Pfizer messages - later it got discovered that SKF were typing false, "message-carrying", names on all their ticketsm thus every single new user, or new access ticket I was working on
was for a user who didn't exist, I was creating new users under false names, userids for persons who do not exist, on 100% of their tickets
The entire SKF was turned into a Pfizer message board
It later SKF's Helpdesk was changing these names to the real names of those who would use the userids, no idea
* When I was working on my first ROSCOE ticket, I made a copy/paste mistake - instead of copying the settings of the modelid from a file, I cut them, pasted them at the end of the file, created the new user's access, yet the model user lost their access of course
I corrected this, yet SKF Pfizer saw an opportunity, they spread the scandal more and more, involving management, the last HPE real Security Jim Taylor hadn't yet left
Jim verified the access, it was correct, the user kept increasing the scandal, Jim offered a remote session to see what happens
And......... SKF told him to back off, as they were after me, and he had no business with this
Jim immediately notified all sorts of management, I saw it on the faces of Rosen Radev (my Operations manager), and Marta Terzieva (my Security manager), they were terrified,
looking at me with horror and not knowing what one does in a situation like this
They repeated an Operations training for a couple of engineers, included me as well, and thus removed me from the SKF account for 3 days
After I returned to work, the Pfizer theater continued, Marin Minchev brought me a SEX GUIDE, and wanted me to read and discuss it with him!
To which I answered that he must buy himself a sex doll, which will be a "clean imitation of nature" (as long as he washes it), and discuss this Sex Guide with his doll, not with me
He then brought perfumes - lots of them, changing them every day until I asked him not to pour buckets of perfume on himself
Marin said that he cannot stop, as "he was an AVON representative, and had the obligation to demonstrate these perfumes to colleagues, so he can sell them"
He even said, "Why should I put all these perfumes on myself! You take them, smell all of them, and choose!"
No, this didn't happen either.
Marin was the som of some Veliko Turnovo bosses
After I convinced everyone that Pfizer was "in da house", I pointed to Marin Minchev as "Day 1", entry point
And he was immediately made leave, he was very happy though, sent thanks email, "he was going to start a business of his own"
Foggy matter
And While I was still working on the SKF account, I had a most disgusting Pfizer-customer, some American manager woman, Pamela Detwilder
She was logging "cloned fake tickets", piles of them
AKF have normally a very good access approval system,
Only approved managers have access to raise access request tickets
They choose the type of access they request, and depending on their choice, the ticket tool automatically routes the ticket to the respective approvers
Pamela Detwilder ("Pamela wants piles of cloned children") was bypassing ugly all approval process
She was selecting from the menu "I want a duplicate application screen", for which no approval is needed
And in the ticket she was requesting new users to be created, who will enter the mainframe completely outside the approval process
And after that she was cloning her ticket, 10 times
I was fighting against these tickets, escalating, contacting SKF HelpDesk, nothing worked, only an SKF HelpDesk woman wrote to e in Skype, "It's not us, it's Pamela"

And prepare to start buying Greeting cards :)
I will be painting cards to make some money, and be able to live, and you must buy them from eBay :)
This is technically the way of doing it :)
Everyone wins :)
I love painting, and you will be tracking Pfizer's "prevent any delivery" network throughout the planet :)
You guess that Pfizer are in either case using that network, including for warfare delivery, so you just get the chance of tracing who is doing it :)

Especially if you cannot escape the red satellites, confiscate them ;)

It doesn't matter what you plan, I completely agree with your intentions
Still, the moment Linnah and Mitko leave for Sofia, I go to my house.
My mother intentionally tortured me, and you have a video of her laptop camera to see how much she loved it
The moment Linnah and Mitko leave for Sofia, I go to my house.
I will not stay here with this garbage.
When/If you show up, everything as agreed
I just have dignity and I have no business with my "mother".
"She has Alzheimer, she is not responsible"
I do not care. Mitko has no Alzheimer, and poured on top of himself such a bucket of perfume this morning, that half my tongue, and nose are crazy now, and I am still searching for solutions.
As long as people will keep torturing me without any reason, just because what happens to me doesn't matter - I have no pity for anyone.

Ah, by the way, Mitko's car is in front of the apartment building here :)
When I last left my old Trabant in front of this block, for 30 minutes, even my side mirror was demounted, leave alone the windshield wipers
Just saying :)

Every time I think I understand something, in the end it turns out you mean exactly the opposite :)

If this is what you are saying, yes, Marin Marinov's AVON perfumes were all warfare
Pfizer energetically "hinted" that "I should accept to smell all Marin's perfumes, as they were theirs"
Pfizer never have anything different than Absolute Zero IQ.
And Marin is absolute garbage, I have never heard anyone tell me directly "If the means are yours and the aim mine, why should I care?", which is what he did

I am thinking what else I know about Pfizer (and DXC), just not to think of the disgust about being here
There was a very interesting story with Mike Everitt
At DXC Mike Everitt and Steve Collinson were very actively playing from Pfizer, DXC tried to muffle this by pretending that Antoniya Marcheva had recruited them, and they had personally no contact with Pfizer
Yet I don't believe this - Pfizer leaving such acive players without contacting them? No way.
Mike Everitt was mostly speaking disgusting stuff in Skype, ordering many people throughout many department to raise fake mainframe changes as "Pfizer messages"
At least some of those people had no idea why they were raising thse changes
Yet with Mike Everitt nothing is ever for the show only, he officially chares everyone for everything
* Security for reading their emails and answering them,
* Aviva for visiting their conferences
Mike Everitt had ordered some powerful access system ID, later I got "hinted" that this ID was transferring data "somewhere"
I deleted the ID, Mike Everitt started a scandal, didn't work, made John Marlow raise a change for the same ID to be recreated, I did not action the change for moths, and it got withdrawn at some point
The interesting case, however, includes McAfee Data Loss Prevention
That day for the first time I had run some jobs returning the monthly userids counts on all client mainframes
My Citrix failed, Mike Everitt sent me a friend of his, some Indian to check/fix my Citrix
And some hour later I started receiving again and again some automatic McAfee Data Loss Prevention email, claiming that "I was trying to transfer credit card information to the internet"
I forwarded the first email to Mike Everitt, as I was working on Aviva only at the time, and he was Laura Ply's paid per minute Aviva consultant
Even after I reported that email, it came coming again and again
I think the email meant that I was using Aviva's internet to "transfer credit card information to the outside"
This is not possible both because we did not work with credit card information, and second because I was strictly following the process, accessing everything Aviva only in Citrix
And within the Aviva environment I had no internet access at all, no-one had
Yet at times, within that Aviva environment my in-existing internet showed up, and I was able to open some page, run some goodle search
Mike Everitt made a joke that "I was running some jobs today" (Pfizer, "usercounts are money")
Yet I insisted and escalated the issue, which was muffled too, as Mike Everitt was the manager of some internal McAfee department too
(I know how McAFee Data Loss Prevention works, I used to be McAfee Corporate Gold Support Technical QA for 3 years - DLP dictionary included data must be uploaded to the internet in this case, to trigger that email)

Mike Everitt was also large scale transferring HPE internal data to Aviva
The first such trick was "when he was in a hurry to leave for the day, as he was going on vacation"
At that moment, completely "accidentally" Janet Atkonson from Aviva write me in Skype that she urgently needs a High Level Qualifier transferred from DDXC to Aviva
I wrote to Mike Everitt, he quickly agreed, "as he was in a hurry to leave", and...........
What resulted was sort of "Mike transfers to Aviva "drive C", and as part of that transfer lots of "withing drive C" directories can no longer be accessed by DXC, only by Aviva
And one of these directories only had been discussed for more than a year already, and shared ourneship was refused to Aviva, as these datasest contained HPE internal data
Another DXC-meat curiosity was the so called Death Squad, I called them so, as they were rudely pushing me to some (probably Aviva, yet may be Pfizer) slaughterhouse
These were David Oliver (CICS.......), John Marlow (Networking), Steve Collinson (Auditor.....), Johann Badehorst ("Security"), and Marta Terzieva (dumb communist whore)
John was organizing Skype conference ("trainings") either asking me if I am a man or a woman (as this is exactly networking field of knowledge.....); pointing at "ugly silent Diana" on the conference call "See, she is here, but she doesn't even talk!"
"David" Oliver was generously agreeing to "male things" on my behalf
Steve Collinson was first playing for Pfizer, making me theaters how "I must give a password to Antoniya", calling Pfizer Antoniya "compliance queen"
Later continuously tried to make me slip in processes, as for instance "Nikola Rawlings allows Operations access to Royal Bank of Scotland with no PES, as "they do not have access to data",
We now transfer from operations Borislav Borisov (very hardworking and nice guy, yet .... has been working illegally in the USA, including in some inmates only factory, and when his bike got repeatedly stolen in Bronx,
he started stealing himself a bike too.........)
Grant him Security access to Royal Bank of Scotland without PES, as Nikola Rowlings has already waived the PES for him, and I will take down Nikola Rowlings" (says Steve)
No, didn't happen
Also lots of fake screenshots uploaded to the official mainframe external audits sites, showing that the required auditing jobs are running daily, while they have never been even written
I know it because he has registered me as "main submitter", and he was submitting all these audits as "co-submitter" yet still partially under my name
Johann Badenhorst has been promised to become head of Global Platform Security, and for this, after the big poisoning when my beds and walls were sprayed with adrenaline and hormones, Johann called me at home
And "speaking on behalf of my male half", said "I don't care, as I already have a new employer waiting for me, I must call Marta Terzieva"
This is the strangest part, as Marta Terzieva and David Oliver were actively working for Pfizer for months already, and now, out of the blue, they "worked for Aviva"
Aviva "were building a ship for me, to hide me there and dismember me", and the ship was going to be ready for the 14th of September 2018, this is why Pfizer made this big poison overdose, to make me miss the Aviva ship trip
And how exactly did David and Marta work for Aviva, as I don't know any single person whom Pfizer have used once and let go?
Anyway, for one of the slavers or the other, these were the Death Squad.
(you are asking yourselves the same question, don't you? "When did all these people work then?!")

The DXC Corporate Communication intrigue was even more fun, because they had started with:
"As the next DXC Bulgaria manager (that bullshit too), your first task will be to get Aviv aback as client" (by giving Aviva your meat)
I at some point got quite angry, strated protesting, and Corporate Communication said "You won't look good on the DXC corporate photo if you don't wear both a beard and a bra"
(Aviva were planning that every woman marrying a "violet" person, will take the violet person's testis into her ovaries, and produce his sperm")
New business, new "corporate citizen" advertisement, etc.
While Aviva were chanting, "Gender board gave "someone" money so we could test cloning on him, if you want to ever see money too, it will only be via Gender board, after we test on you!"
And at some point DXC Corporate Communication changed the song recording!
It became "Send that Aviva totrure ticket tool video, we need a scandal with Aviva, as we have a new buyer for your meat"
These are less "Corporate Communication" than I am a tram, the only surprise here is who that buyer was?
DXC is "suing" Pfizer, and are now trying to break their meat-deal with Aviva, who then gets my meat?
I kept refusing to upload the video wth the Aviva ticket tool for a month, and uploaded it because of the poison overdose, on the poison day
Really, "When did all these people work then?!"

And about that sexist Eldom Invest/Praktiker boiler, you might know about the boiler
But you might not know that this "Christmas celebration" was initiated by DXC Bulgaria
Marta Terzieva came to tell me that I am taking Christmas stand by/on call days, and the Antoniya Marcheva will come to give me her DXC phone
Strange, as all DXC was calling my personal phone 24/7 for 2 years, and Antoniya was always giving the phone to someone to pass it to me
Antoniya came, and said something about the "divert call" option, a very long explanation intended for cavemen
And she pronounced it "divert CAL", it is true that she speaks almost no English, yet even she knows how to pronounce "call"
I didn't pay attention, as the explanation was so showy long and "for dummies" that nothing else stood out
I went home, Christmas approached, I had a new boiler bought, and called a plumber to mount it, and...........
When the water started running through that boiler it came out rusty, deep brown, looking like mud ("CAL", кал)
And stood rusty for good

Прегръщам те.................................................................., Обичам те......................................................................................
Raid on DXC continued (because if DXC haden't intentionally left me without income, my imbecile daughter and my disgusting whore mother wouldn't have been discussing in Skype that "I am afraid to go out, need psychiatric help, etc,
and "here I am thrown in Gabrovo, because I can no longer work and take care of myself")
2016 a Martin Roll criminal got hired, this one DXC even could not control - he locked down Aviva, leaving access to himself only
I was then sent to beg Aviva for his password, I logged on with his password, and restored "Security" team's access
Martin Rolls was also said to have left his active IDs here and there, intersiting why no-one noticed them, and only in 2018 I was told to delete......
Anyway I had a constant fear of Martin Roll's IDs, and one day I discovered that "militant" TNT staff have left DXC Security with no access at all to a list of LPARs
And I thought to myself "OMG, what could Martin Roll have been doing there?!"
(Martin Roll did have undeleted IDs here and there on those LPARs, but no active ones, all stopped moving when he got fired)
I was terrified to learn there were invisible to me LPARs though, started asking whoever had access to grant me, as TNT HellpDask were practicing "same year delivery ETA" for DXC Security
And I reached the SysProgs' TNT test LPAR, and I asked a SysProgs friend for access, he himself had none, I asked his manager Mr. R. Hill, he gave quickly SPECIAL to one former Operations colleague who had ID there, that colleague gave me SPECIAL (it was the very end of the work day)
I saw that there were no issues whatsoever on this LPAR, however.................
When I reported to Laura Bly the taking over by DXC of this list of invisible TNT LPARs, she............
Taised a ticket to take the SPECIAL away from SysProgs on their own TNT test LPAR..........
This is unthinkable, SysProgs own this LPAR, they design the mainframe there, this is why they all have SPECIAL there, on every single mainframe in the world
Without SPECIAL they will not design the mainframe, will not work at all
There is even a standard warning on the entrance screen of all client accounts SysProgs LPAR:
"You have been given this access from this to that date only, so you can do the following service to SysProgs"
Mortals have not even IDs on the SysProgs LPAR, on Aviva I got an ID just once, so I can create an SSL Certificate for testing a new server
An eternal mail trail started, Mr. Hill wanted his team's SPECIAL back, Laura Bly said No. I was in the mail trail openly explaining the above
I recently asked DXC why that was done
Word was that Laura Bly removed SysProgs' SPECIAL (and with it their visibility" of the TNT test LPAR) so that she can let "someone" else "have a look at TNT's test LPAR" :)
Desolation is the word :)
Yes, your hours are finishing today, I cannot pronounce myself officially mentally ill and stay under my mother's supervision
And I crave a house of my own

Aviva were meanwhile shouting pulicly that no-one in my family should ever be allowed to have children, as "they will all be unable to talk because of genetic schizophrenia"

This is how slavery works....................
DXC could have prevented criminals from poisoning me, they didn't
Could have paid me a salary, they didn't
Could have fired me under a law allowing unemployment payments, they didn't
And now................. Django Unchanged :)

Writing to my mother that "I have mental issues, cannot take care of myself, and cannot go out, work" works faster than internet
She informs all her friends in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, USA, Europe, all 5 continents I guess within the first 5 minutes
My idiotic daughter made this setup, "DXC later discovered that a psychiatrist made her do it" - what difference does it make now?
Do I have any single fact to the contrary?
Can I go out? Can I work? Do I have a job, income?"
Have I been delivered to her to take care of me?
Today I am going to my house, you have a couple of hours left.

I have been hearing such promises for the last 3 years, "villains get punished", "I "WILL" be paid, cured"
Have you seen any of this ever happening?

Just so I make something meangigful of the disgusting time here
Though no idea if this particular piece serves anyone, Of yeeeeeeeeeees, I remembered something which DOES SERVE :)
This all starts with the HPE Bulgaria hiring process - on the job intervew I got the question "Is it sure that no-one else will ever hire you? Is it sure you have no ther option to get a job?"
(It was exactly on the 1st of July, I had recently learned about child murder, so yet, my face got easily mistaken for job helplessness)
When I saw the other 10 "engineers" starting initial training with me, I saw the answer to that question, "no one will ever hire them"
They were not even able to pass the administrative entrance tests, I was passing those tests for them
When they started the technical online courses and tests, they just said "This is never going to work, I don't understand a word of this"
So they gave up and started just "working", directly, with a most scarce idea of what they were doing
And this wasn't even the worst part
The worse part was the endless diversity of hopelessness:
* that Borislav with the illegal worker in the USA, convicts factory, bikes stealing stories
* a religious extremist (Christian extremist, yet still extremist, the worse they ever made them) - I do not remember his name at the moment, may be Radoslav Dobrev as his training RACF ID might have been RADOD
He was all the time speaking how he had some addicttion (games, alcohol, I don't remember),
and how his religious leadre saved him; when I was speaking about Parkway Drive's song The Devil's Calling, the extremist got hysterical, "remove this song, this is the devil, this should never touch my laptop!"
When I told everyone how cashiers often give me money when I am scared, and I alway go back to give them their money back, the extremist got hysterical again, "No! This is so wrong! You must never return money to the rich, you must take the rich people's money and give it to the poor!"
The rest were simply completely illiterate and untrainable otherwise nice people - some working on 700 men construction site with no toilet, others coming from night guards duty (only pensioners are ever hired on those, or really hopeless people, 2 libariry institute students, with no computer literacy at all,
* one completely hopeless guy who has been working as icecream seller, and immediately lost his access flash drive or something for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Now we come back to the religious extremist :)
During the initial training, he was running out of the building on every break, to meat his religious leader
Once he was sitting next to me on the training, I see mostly noothing withought glasses, so I per error took his phone from next to my laptop, insteda of mine, he found out in the lift to the groundfloor, got back, saw devil in me,
"Without this phone he was going to miss this evening's meeting with his religious leader!"
You can see that all this drama was loudly public, and Bulgarian DXC management didn't care a bit
With time the extremist got calmer, at some point he was my only friend at work, meaning that he was bringing from home the worst and most rotten food ever, and as I was also bringing my own food, we often ate together in the kitchen corner
One day, this was after the start of the revolution, when I had a way to tell DXC management, I noticed that the extremist was no longer hysterical at all
He ate the worse and cheapest food still, yet the hysteria on his face was replaced with a smug smile of someone who has done all his work on this world
I told DXC management, those same "cryptic" ghosts all around myself, and they discovered that the extremist was "working on a CIBC project with his relious leader"
They said, shut up, as he is now woring for us:
A year after that I got angry, started shouting about everything, as I am doing now
"Oh, thank you we NOW resolved this" (I wonder if they did, though.....)

This all comes from that rather peculiar hiring process
And the complete official disregard for security in Bulgaria
I was begging my supervisor Petar Savov not to make me use my laptop from home, not to even make me bring it home, I was explaining about Pfizer
He decided to teach me common sense "No-one is interested in these laptops, neither in your, nor in mine, here is my password, I change it every month yet I always use this number and I add to it an abbreviation of the current month"
Every single evening all DXC Bulgaria laptops leave the building, and travel by bus with the employees to students parties, rent rooms with 3 students inside, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, you name it
The initial traner officially teaches "You are responsible for these laptops, as everyone in town, when they see the logo HP on the backpack, knows that there is a laptop inside and comes to steal it
My favorite story, Operations "Manager" Yordan Gerorgiev gets asked to receive from Security the FireAx ID we created for Aviva after Martin Roll locked them down
And Yordan writes officially to all DXC management around the world :)
"I am a manager, this is why I have completely lost any connection with Operations, I do not know who is allowed to be given this FireAx ID!"
"I am a manager, I cannot take responsibilities!"
Give the FireAx ID and its password to 1st level Operations as they work 24/7, and might know whom they may or may not give the password!"
(Mmmmmmmmmmm, 1st level Operations are those new hires listed above :)
They know nothing and no-one, work at Operations for a couple of months and leave :)
And the FireAx ID is the most powerful ID in the entire mainframe, it has in some aspects more access than Security have :)

And these laptops travel out of the building every evening not because they will be used at home, but because the company officially declares that it is unable to guard them in its own building
Even at work the laptops stay tied with a Kensington locker to the desks, as "the manager said during the first month 3 laptops were stolen from the work floor in plain day"
PPD are Pfizer mob, yet they keep their laptops at work, not even locked with Kensigton locks, not in lockers, just on the desks, and not a single laptop reported stolen in 2 years
The DXC building is same as leaving these same laptops in the street

IMRO, the Gent, Belgium company, used to hire 300 employees per hall, a total of 600 at times
All completely unfiltered in terms of where they come from and hwo they are, including an unbearably smelling homeless man, who did not accept girls "No" as an answer
OK, they had desktops, not laptops, yet nothing of their computer periferia got ever stolen in 3 years
DXC Bulgaria is the one and only company in Bulgaria (I have worked at 15), which refuses to guard their laptops

Your hours will soon be over

Oh, looks like you have less than an hour :)
All because of my idiot daughter :)
I was set up again so I can "rescue her"
My mother just said on the phone that "They are just having lunch and starting for Sofia" :)
What did I tell, you, I am not spending a moment with my "mother" :)

Complete bullshit, just more and more bullshit


My "saleswoman" "daughter" is traveling every single weekend, all over Bulgaria

Don't say "rescuing my mother" as I will throw your "toys" into the toilet right now, won't even wait a week to do it

There is no brotherhood in only taking from me, more, and more, and never giving me anything at all.

I leave now.
What you are "restarting" or not restating is your own business, not mine.
I will decide when exactly I will throw your toys into the toilet.

It is never about anything else but intellect - impossible orders are never obeyed, no matter who gives them
Yes, "a matter as great as satellites will always be above any personal interests at all", I never expected anything else
All the rest, however, depends entirely on me personally, and you can end up "with a finger in your mouths" (Bulgarian saying)
Truth be told, that satellite business depends on me too, as I can throw your toys into the toilet the moment I wish :)
And stop disgusting me with baby pictures - my daughter is продажна курва and I am not interested in her AT ALL
Yes, satellites are a great project, no one is above it
And no matter how great it is, I will can still spoil it greatly, the moment I wish :)
You cannot expect devotion from someone to whom the first ever (and all) thing you do is humiliation and financial ruin
Yes, my продажна курва daughter can sell me any single way you wish, yet have you for a moment thought that she does not own me :)
Let's continue what you started - you threw me with my sadist mother, not even telling me what you were planning,
and can you guess what follows now :)
I will never tell you anything about my plans :)
Every single day you will be wondering what will happpen next :)
I am not yet throwing your toys in the toilet, yet you are free to guess when I will throw them in the toilet :)
You started this, and you have chosen exactly these rules, so they now apply to you as well :)
Not a single word from me as to what I will do the next minute :)
No, I do not and will never claim that you can realistically know, neither say what you will have to do the next moment
You threw me exactly where I said I cannot be, now :)
You will be living and working in complete disinformation :)
Not because you are changing plans, of course you will change plans, no war can be fought without this
Not even because you are misinforming me serially - historically, only Pfizer has always understood that BULLSHIT "communication" you inherited
War is war and misinforming Pfizer is part of it
You could have thrown me at every single other point of Bulgaria
This could have been vacation, some days of rest, training, anything - you have chosen humiliation, as long as severe public message that "I can no longer take care of myself, and I am thrown at the care of my mother"
I do understand that your satellite war is greater than anyone, I just also understand how comfortable you will be fighting it with someone you cannot trust :)

Прегръщам те............................................., Обичам те...................................................................
My продажна курва daughter has nowhere to return, I don't want her.
You can keep her, she is such an accomplished manager, all her orders work like a charm.
"Insanity", "Psychiatrist", "Blood tests" (so Pfizer can hit more accurately with the chemical warfare), "me left alone with no food whatsoever for a week" (many times, every time they travel, she makes sure she leave the fridge empty),
"shouting and insults every time I get poisoned because of her having sold me to crooks"
In either case I am sick of watching her sadism to Dani - she hunts him so rudely to "play" what she has chosen, that even she notices that he goes to sleep just to avoid "painting with her"
Such sadism does not fight "autism" (which he has never had in either case), it creates it, Dani does everything to go to sleep and avoid her
Linnah is so stupid that you can play her to do anything you wish, the only problem is that she is too stupid to do it, and she will keep failing you
Sadism is stupidity, frustration born out of stupidity
What concerns you, you are chicken brain "warriors"
Here is the result of what you did:
"Разбрах, че предишната и проблема Катя се е върнала"
"My "mother" has understood that you former problems have returned"
I am officially insane
And you will be paying for this for so long, that in the end you will forget the last time you have been considered sane :)
"Oh, you are needed by the laptop, so we same the world" (the fact that this generates viagra is of no importance to us)
"We have on top of this thrown you into your "mother"'s apartment, after she had raped you sadistically using laptop"
"And your mother has already seen you sticking hot water bottles in your pants, several times"
I do want the satellites down, yet this will happen in the most painful for you way I could ever imagine :)
I said No, you disregarded it - I cannot think of anything worse than that which you could do.
You sent me to "rescue" my "mother" immediately after she raped me?
I do not have any proof of positive value IQ from you so far....................
Here are the rules as chosen by you:
Until know I was telling you things directly and exactly, and you were piling me with your imbecile "cryptic" disinformation
From now on, I will not care at all about what you "hint", "Yes, No, today, tomorrow, 08:00, 21:00" will mean absolutely nothing.
Because I never understand it, you never intend it to be true, and you do not deserve your No to be taken into account anyway :)
I will be where I will be, I will go where I will go, I will be telling you nothing of my plans, and it is you job, not mine, to find me, if you have any business with me, wherever I might be :)
And when you don't like something broadcasted, I might still broadcast it, I decide, you have chosen not to matter to me :)
And the toys you loved so much are at constant risk for their lives, and can go into the toilet the moment I decide :)

You will remember when you have forced me to rescue my "mother", and have "purchased me from third parties" :)

Bullshit as usual.
I have the largest collecton of imaginary "We will" already, you cannot add anything to it.
Anyway, you get back the internet as I had a pleasant day today and did enough evil to restore my mood
When I reached my house (it took me a day to reach it, forgotten keys, too slow walking)
I found out that:
* My продажна курва "mother" has already been there, good that the yard is now locked
* the house has been locked by a neighbor :)
Who has added some additional padlock, with a key for him only :)
I put my finger on the bell, and 10 minutes later my neighbor emerged ffrom his house, very unhappy for the pressure I put on asking for the key :)
Yet also very scared, just gave me the key and disappeared
Both rooms on the second floor are full of the neighbors' garbage :)
TVs, stoves, lots of boxes and flower pots, and you name it, and a bike - all new things in boxes :)
I don't yet know if I will return there, however I locked the doors of both rooms on the second floor :)
(the keys are very ancient, and hardly common :) )
And I took the neighbor's padlock key and his copy of my key too :)
Well, he can still enter via the first floor I guess, there is an old door there, which is crooked, cannot even get closed, yet lots of ivy had sealed it 5 years ago
I can count on this ivy lock to at least slow the neighbor down :)
Everything else is as expected - main house is 100-150 years old, timber joists entirely, and is in perfect shape
The new construction added is the in process of disintegrating, the concrete blocks are leaking, severely, yet still not destroyed, the plaster is perfect in the old house, and in pieces on the floor in the newly built rooms
And the toilet is in the newly built part of the house.....................
With something like a bomb hole on one wall of the toilet, as "my father didn't like the smell"
In winter, this means down to minus 17 degrees Fahrenheit in the toilet, with 1 inch of ice on the internal surface of the walls of the toilet and the bathroom
Another problem is that the same neighbors have been "playing" with the water after I left the house in 2004, and had created a water bill for 300 BGN, and what the current status of this is, no-one knows
And both the man and the woman of this neighbors' family work at "Gabrovo Municipality Water"
Being "on speaking terms" with them doesn't pay though, as when once they "helped" me, the plumber they sent to change a tap of 6 BGN, took 25% of my monthly salary for the work,
and after that the neighbors complained that I haven't additionally paid him for the tap itself too
My mother will keep making scandal throughout town, obviously
You have created a big mess
I have the feeling that the neighbors have been "housing" someone on the first floor, as the wood burning stove now has stovepipes, which weren't there in 2015 :)

I was wondering what my father had kept in a locked room, the neighbors have unlocked that room too now :)
Just rotten furniture, nothing else there, 4 of the rooms are full of rotten furniture which needs to be taken out - beds, sofas, bookcases
In two of the rooms there are metallic beds, which can be used after a new paint, just to kill the mold
Everything wooden needs to be taken away, with a big truck and a couple of movers
Repainting the rooms will be extremely cheap, as the walls are now only painted with lime, and 10kg of lime is $1
A new lime paint on the walls will smell good, kill all mold, be clean and beautiful
When I was a child my Romanian grandmother used to repaint with lime the walls every month,
just gathered all beds and things in the middle of the room, and repainted the walls with lime
The toilet is the big problem
Otherwise, I can have my daily bath in the room as well
And the house looks easily restorable

Otherwise, my mother and no-one knows who else has taken almost everything from the house -
I found one slightly rusty table knife, a couple of teacups with no handles, and a plastic 1 liter container
And a very old set of a pot and a pan :)
Yes, if I am switching on the internet, this might mean that all plans "about me" will be severely postponed,
Yet I hate not hurting Pfizer, and I am in a great mood today :)
Those neighbors have been pesting on us since the day we bought the house, no-one dared to tell them anything, and today I showed them the other side :)
Another nice neighbor even asked me "meaningfully", "Hmmmmm, and did you manage to unlock you house?"
And I said, "Oh, yes! I did, aftre I collected all keys I haven't put on its doors, I definitely did :) "
And she walked away saying "meaningfully" nothing :)
Obviously the neighborhood has noticed that "someone" has been "appropriating" my house with locks, one of the garden gates was entirely blocked with wire,
I couldn't even remove part of the wire, and it is still blocked
Evil dog in the yard below mine, wire on one garden gate, lock on the other, I start liking it, as long as it is me who locks it :)
It's not about any darkness, not fighting back is unhealthy - which is my main problem with my "mother"

And "hinting" is absolute loss of computer ink - "this", for instance, could mean:
* the new and old house are decomposing with a different speed
* Pfizer are watching the house
* Your watching went well
* my "mother" is trying to help me (not possible, she does not do such things, she wants money, "demonstrate to neighbors that someone is taking care of her"
When something means at least 4 completely different things, it means nothing.
And with my "mother", "help" is the only thing that never happens
When I was very ill 2014, her help looked like this:
* I need a new lampshade, for years my friends tell me that I must remove this one, it is heavy, will fall on me, it is dark in the sitting room
I brought her to a shop and we bought a lampshade, with some most modern and expensive lamp for it
* (after she got a flu) this lamp is far too bright, it is burning my eyes, I need a new lamp
We went back to the shop and bought a new lamp
* This lamp is not bright enough, I have heard that people have lamps with adjustable brightness, and a remote control - this is what I want
* Stop drinking antibiotics that is enough, I cannot stand to look at you not working, what are you doing at the moment

Advanced age doesn't result in selling your children to Pfizer, and using your laptop to torture them,
neither in calling your infant grandson a sexual maniac
If she could speak ill of an infant, everyone else gets "equally" the same
About 23 years ago, my mother changed the citizenship of my brother's wife, without even telling her
Just because she had mainframe colleagues working with the respective database
Town citizenship, not country citizenship, yet still - she did it because she decided that her daughter-in-law's town was too village-like
My brother not only stopped answering her in Skype (although he sends her money once a year), he and his son no longer travel to Bulgaria
Her cousins in Dabovets "liked her very much, as a cook", yet can no longer stand her
They are all like dogs fighting over everything - the cousins did not want to take care of their mother, they called my mother to live in Dabovets and do it for free
The cousins had lamb they kept in the freezer for when their children come from Germany, my mother invited to their house an university classmate of hers, and cooked their lamb for her
This is a raw herd of animals who take from each other everything they can, and they do not react to any magic I have
They are some alternative species

There are many stories, but it's far too ugly, and is not fixable
I have seen on TV people taking care of crocodiles, yet even with them staying alive takes priority over the care for crocodiles

Прегръщам те............................................, Обичам те....................................................................

Прегръщам те............................................................, Обичам те.................................................................

I first started suspecting foul DXC play when they started "collecting relatives"
Every single relative I had got a new (DXC) job, whoever needed university or university basebool team place, got them both,
a cousin in Germany had Crohn disese, she got fixed (although she is as nasty as her mother, and treats me my family like garbage)
I, at the same time, got only poison overdose attacks
Translated into standrad English, this means that everyone can lose their jobs simultaeously, with one click,
not even knowing why, as they had no idea whom they were working for, neither why
and it also means that if everyone is having such a merry life, any complaints from me would sound even more insane
And the last (of all) time I suspected I am being insane-ified again by DXC, was when they waved the flag
"I am paying taxes to support them, and the Gabrovo businesses are not paying - I will take them down."
No-one ever says "I am walking, drinking water, sleeping" - no-one ever loses time saying things which are true
For something to need saying, this something should carry some sense of uncertainty
I consciously noticed this for the first time when I was in 9th grade, and a classmate of mine said "I don't want to get ever married, I want to be a retiree directly"
Good to know, but has anyone asked this question? No-one arround her? Then she is the one who is asking it.
The "my "mother" rescue failed so ugly, because of the ugly setup, "i needed to be AGAIN pronounced insane"
I don't yet know why, it smells of pure stupidity in this case, I still see no logical reason for it
If my продажна курва daughter gave the idea, it's clear - she has some mania to prove me inferior ever since she was younger than Dani
No idea why. I sent her to kindergarten quite early, before she was 2, and to make sure she gets enough attention,
I was staying almost every night until 3 AM to sew a new dress for her, which tutned her into all teachers' baby doll, and she never left their arms
And when she was 4, after we both had been to a hairdresser, she said she was so beautiful, like a movie star, and I was ugly as that movie star's friend
When Yavor took me out, it was only a vacation, when Linnah took me out it was only "because I was insane"
Could this "my mother rescue" have worked with a different setup?
"no matter who "enlightens" my mother, she reports them to all her friends and neighbors", so as to avoid leaving Bulgaria, BY ALL MEANS
This has only happened.
Does she take any orders? No. Linnah left her to watch Dani driving a bike in the street, my mother left him alone and went to do some more important kitchen work
Is there anyone to whom "my mother" is loyal? No. She likes speaking ill of all her friends.
She has one close friend, a former mainframe engineer too, who lives in extreme poverty as she does not allow her son to go working (not that he wants to)
And when New Year Holidays approached, My mother called that friend, heard her say that she and her son will buy themselves half a kilo of meat to celebrate New Year,
To which my mother answered that I have bought her 11 kg of meat
And after she hang up, she started talking that her friend is fat, that she looks and feels a lot better than that friend, that when she bringes them a jar of soup, they pour so much soup in their bowls, she could eat this for 2 days
The enormous difference between "this" and me is that I do not feel any necessity to be "right", neither "above"
For me there is no "right way", there are is just an endless number of ways which do the job, or an endless number of different tastes for coffee
What would have happened if I had been sent to Gabrovo to "take care of my mother, and not she to take care of me"
There wouldn't have been any scandal from my part, yet the final result would have been the same if not a lot uglier
The moment my mother smelled leaving Bulgaria, she would have alarmed all neighbors and friends, "they wouldn't have let that happen, as they are using her money, cooking, etc."
In "my mother"'s world, people suffer enormously in caring about their parents, because one day they will be cared after the same way, and will be bossing everyone around
Yes, there are lots of examples of how my mother's hatred for me has evolved - my father did not miss any single opportunity to humiliate her
His salary had always been for him alone, yet when I was 12-14 years old, he took her salary and gave it to me, "as she was not intelligent enough to deal with money"
And I did an awful job of that, as I distributed the money for 30 days, and instead of meat one day, and beans another, all days had to cost the same, and the change went to buying flowers :)
Yet there was no consistency in her hatred either, when I was in high school, and was baking lots of cookies for my father to take them to a French course in Sofia (and eat them with his mistress), my mother was angry at me for feeding him
And when he died, an endless argument started "Why am I not showing respect for my father, why have I forgotten the ddate on which he died"
The only consistncy is not in position, not in opinion, the only consistency is in "everyone but her is wrong, whatever they say"
When "my mother" was "taking care" of her cousin's mother in Dabovets, she shouted ugly at that 90 years old woman for mistakes of old age, while the 90 year old was crying and her daughter was feeling ashamed, and not saying a word to my mother
My mother called that "I am the boss there, as they need me"
And the moment they no longer needed her, they chased her away, this is how this animal herd works
"My mother" now suspects that there is a "wallet" to be had, and this is why she is fighting to have me
Plus that sacred tradition that she must have her time of being cared after and bossing everyone around, it's "her turn"
I wonder if someone tells her "You must remain in Bulgaria", if she will oppose this as well - I don't think so, no-one of her friends and relatives will ever let that happen
I have been trying to protect "these hands have never worked" for 14 years, he was every time usiing everything I gave him to enter deeper and deeper into crime
When I wrote his essays, filled in his application forms, forged his Director statement "that he ranked first in class", paid the enormous fee to send them to USA universities, and he got a stipend for SUNY Brockport,
Becuase he was complaining of "spacial" father, and I was "moving him away from his family"
The moment he arrived at the university, he wrore, "This place is a torture to me, I need a more artistic environment of Gdds", and joined a prostitution club
I know from experience that there are people in the world who just think differently, and whatever you try doing for them they will use it in ill ways
That's the case with my mother too, it's not about money, or any other means, her thinking is wrong, and she will never get out of it
Lets imagine that I was sent to Gabrovo "under cover", to pretend to "take care of her, search for a job, do everything she says", for a couple of weeks or days
That wouldn't have worked either, the moment my mother arrived at New York to see Yavor and Vesela around 2009/2010, she took all Vesela's underwear out of the drawer, "as she needs to see everything"
My mother would have started to speak ill of me the moment she saw me, to all her friends around the world
And this would have still ended with a scandal
There are two hard facts about my mother - Pfizer will all the time be buying her, using her, yet they will know from what they did with my father that no-one will ever come to "her rescue"
And the second fact is that the only way of doing anything with her is buy shooting her first with one of those anesthetic arros for wild elefants, or zoo animals
And a thrid fact, she organically needs to rule over, and her main argument against leaving Bulgaria has always been that neither of us will ever allow this
While in Bulgaria, one way or another, she will always find "subjects"
(and that anesthetic arrow will be needed quite frequently after that as well)
Plus the fact that she being conscious during "a trip" would mean she Skyping all her friends around the world and speaking where wshe is, why, how awful it is, she is not allowed to cook stinking meals in the kitchen, etc.

Another useful fact about my mother is that she is addicted to medical "care"
When she crossed a rather busy Sofia boulevard at night, and got hit by a biker, she at some point anded up under "pfizer care" in the military hospital in Sofia
After she had a hole drilled in her scalp, the blood drained, her brain washed, she.......... asked immediately for a next operation
She wanted her back operated too, now for a couple of years she wants an operation for her eye lenses to be removed
The doctors still send her back to wait until she develops catharact first
She can end up blind with this play, yet no-one can do anything about it, at least not without an anesthetic arrow
And she is also "mad about men", you have no idea..................
Not that she has men, she just wants every man
Especially doctors
These two addictions make her so easily playable
Along with all other manias, of course
When she arived in Sofia from that Gorna Banya, Bankya, I don't remember, medical resort
And Pfizer hit her with an air chemical in the Lozen supermarket, she started throwing up, I stopped the throwing up with a green tea
She immediately started complaining that ""medical" have only fed her great and safest food in that medical resort, while we have given her bad food and made her sick the moment she arrived"
You cannot save people from themselves

If you promise "my mother" an operation (say a brain transplant), and "tell her" she will after that go back to Bulgaria, she might come without fighting :)
Maybe, bad brain, no-one knows :)

Those stories reminded me about the Sofia Military Hospital - no matter how small the events were, this is still Bulgarian military, and not knowing it does not allow you to be prepared
Around March-May 2014, I was getting lots of Pfizer calls from the Sofia Military Hospital, sort of "you are searching for us, we return your call"
These were land lines, I searched for them in google, and they were land lines of Sofia Military Hospital
Yes, google search might have been hacked, Telenor might have masked the numbers, yet I think it was the military hospital
Because at the time I was still searching for the just kidnapped "these hands have never worked", and Pfizer needed to tell me "where to go"
Also because after my mother's skull operation, there was a next Pfizer setup
"The doctors called me to order me to stay 24/7 with my mother, 24/7 on a metallic chair, as she was going to have hysteria side effects, and someone needed to be with her and do something"
I made an enormous scandal, asked why the hell are they paid, and what the hell could I do to hysteria, was lucky to find the 3 operating doctors in the same room, asked them who signed the consent forms for this operation?
They started all the 3 looking as if they had done something in their pants, didn't say a word, locked themselves in that room for the rest of the day
Sent nurses to do everything I said, the docter himself turned into an orderly and started visiting my mother every 15 minutes after I left
When I came to get her out of the hospital, I managed to scandal a wheelchair to take her dozen floors down! Never happened before!
And that "she is hysterical, come to watch over her" has been a Pfizer chant since ever
In movies, in advertisements
Sofia Military Hospital IS Pfizer
Mind doctors extends to mind Bulgarian military

Talking about Bulgarian military
After "my former rescuers team got arrested on fake fingerprints charges", and the Bulgarian police "was threated not do this anymore"
Pfizer played the National Threat Signal :)
Really, that signal which the nation must hear upon bomb attacks and the like, it was used as a "signal check" in Lozen, yet the sound got modified to vibrate severely and "target my leg nerves" :)
Pfizer is there as well :)

In Sofia, in 2014, Pfizer were playing me that same National Threat Signal pretty much every 15 minutes, "to scare me"
It was an old tactic, they first started with fire alarms training at PPD, next the National Threat Signal, fire alarm trainings at DXC

Pfizer used lots of police too, in Sofia, Gabrovo, California, Florida
In Sofia it started with an "epilepsy show", me and my mother are passing by the crossroads of Levski blvd and Graf Ignatiev Str., and a group of policemen are gathered around a man lying on the ground, and trembling severely, jumping even
And the policemen are making completely theatrical moves, hands around him without touching him
Message, "The police must "touch" that "man" to "help" him"
Next the Sofia airport border police, who waved me to go around and not pass the detection machine, no idea why
Next the California border policeman who filled up my border forms with fakke Nos, and sent me back into the queue
Next one day when I was walking with Sofie to play with her on the beach, and we were walking back to our apartment block, and by the first crossroads after the "Camino Del Costa" or something,
2-3 police cars, (instead of ambulance...), taking a woman who "was going to give birth any moment", placing her into a car, which was not ambulance, shouting "Where is the dad?"
Next the San Diego or something resort insistence that "I must call 911"
Next my old laptop, at the time used by my mother, stolen from under a pile of blankets, while she was in Sofia to walk me to the airport on my way to California 2014
Nothing else stolen, nothing disturbed, no mess, door unlocked and locked back "police said with a tool, not a key"
"police refused to take any fingerprints, as there were no even surfaces in the entire apartment at all!", "Pfizer chanting, "no fingerprints" advertisements"
Next the Florida sheriff car with the side walk "innocuous" perfume attack, next the Florida border sex-search policewoman
Yes, and the arrest of the "rescuers team" on fake fingerprints charges

It might be a lot simpler than that - the first night the central heating radiator was cold, last night it was warm, the mud pieces were exactly next to it :)

I have just removed two 1cm3 large pieces of dried mud from the carpet between the window and my bed
There weren't there when I arrived
Too large to be missed by a "before first guest vacuum cleaner"
I have never entered this room in my shoes, only in socks
The (Pfizer whore, I guess) hotel employee who came to fix my TV, entered the room in boots, yet only went to the TV, didn't reach the window
Nothing important is missing, nothing is missing at all, everything most important is everywhere with me, even all my food
It might be a lot simpler than that - the first night the central heating radiator was cold, last night it was warm, the mud pices

I continue in a moment with my day
Just wanted to share that when passing by the reception, I got discovered by the Gabtovo "we will take care of you" mob :)
A former classmate, some years younger, one of those fascinated by the things I knew at the time
I have now more nights paid, an Oriflame job offer, a list of new friends to be introduced to
Yes, I "know", I am just trying to have plan Bs, as you know what happens all the time
So my question before I go out now, is "do I want to become part of the Oriflame network or not?"
For some reason I am not allergic to my classmate's perfume
And in either case Pfizer must be really kamikaze to directly give me poisons to sell in your presence
You decide first - do I want the Oriflame job?
You can decide by 19:00 tomorrow

All I have in response is a list of what I do not understand - I don't understand the hints and never have
I don't understand if today has been the day
I don't understand if tomorrow or any particular day
I don't understand if in the room or outside
I don't understand if Oriflame is OK, or Pfizer-infested
I don't understand anything at all :)
Otherwise, I had a nice walk, and I keep making friends and collecting jobs in town
The most cetral cafe's owner offered me to pay me to plant her flower pots
I also met the wife of that neighbor who had locked my house, and she was very scared, and looked like she was searching for me, though I met her in the street
She started making excuses - very idiotic excuses, shhe told me that "I need to key for my house, as te kids have cut the wire fence, and I can enter my yard through the hole"
But she must keep MY yard locked, so that the kids do not enter it.........
"When can she take her things, so she doesn't bother me" :)
Looks like they cannot unlock the house or the rooms as yet :)
If I only knew what scares them............
I am trying to find a way to punish them, or declare them guilty for the water consumption of the house, and if they are so scared, it looks like I have some card which I don't yet realize I have :)
Or they don't want me to call "a construction company" (and make a garage sale for free with their garbage)
They are both scared of something, and I don't know what
Could it be my father's locked room which they have broken into?
He might have been hiding something there, or might have had nothing but garbage there, why did he keep the room locked for years?
I would just be happy to make them guilty for the water consumption, since no-one but them has been in that house for the last 15 years
And I don't know what card they see I have which I do not see
Yes, except for anyone my mother has access to, and those 2 imbecile neighbors, no-one in town seems to find me insane :)
And I haven't seen any people for 2 years now :)
Try to tell me something understandable
Put cosmetics in crying face if you do not want it
What concerns when and how, I don't even believe you will ever get sure enough, leave alone say it in any understandable way

I am suddenly alone, and very sad, this is why I accept any non-Pfizer conversation
And my Pfizer-nerves cannot walk very well, they are sick and get sicker even from walking, and I am walking as if each one of my feet is enclosed in some cement block
This is why I stayed until late in the room today

Outside :)
Yet obviously not tonight, as I spent 2 hours outside, in the dark, and nothing
I will be spending more time outside :)

Yes, if you think that the legs nerves are inflamed, I guess they are
Those starting from the hip joints
But they get used to walking, maybe, and I don't pay much attention to such things
I have lost a lot of my ability to walk, and primarily in the last couple of months
What Pfizer and Pfizer-imitators used last on my leg nerves, was something which made them suddenly insensitive
Yet I don't think nerves heal suddenly, overnight, I think something has been masked, and it has got worse by not being allowed to send threat signals
While my nerves were feeling a lot sicker from poisons, they could walk a lot longer
Even since day one and with no preparation at all
I was a very dirty game, that of the Pfizer-imitators, they said "Misery loves company, you are very ill now, accept our cryptic test chemical"
First grade extortion, yet I said No, as I didn't want any more anonymous testing, and looks like I was right, as everything got worse from both Pfizer's "stop-poison" and the imitation one

Both "stop-poisons" made overnight nerves so irate that I couldn't touch them, suddenly so senseless that I could even sleep on my left side
Nothing heals so quickly, the nerves simply stopped reporting I thing, this is why they are so unable to walk

Looks like we lost connection :)

A known issue on my phone again - Pfizer are very bad at mobile phone hacking, so they kill phone features instead
No keyboard appears on my phone, so i cannot log into facebook, and see the accounts from there
Last time resetting the phone resolved it

A known issue on my phone again - Pfizer are very bad at mobile phone hacking, so they kill phone features instead
No keyboard appears on my phone, so i cannot log into facebook, and see the accounts from there
Last time resetting the phone resolved it

I can see the list on the OnePlus now, but it is not full functionality
Pfizer always mix up the list of Likes, so I can only remember what is new up until 30-40, not more

Well, I will keep the laptop on, people say too much switching on/off is bad for the machine
And you will be resetting from time to time whatever Pfizer spoil :)

The internet in Bulgaria used to be so bad (not that mine is better now), that ever since 2007 I have always been paying for at least 2, sometimes 3 internet providers simultaneously
My current situation is not perfect, as both my internet SIM cards, one for modem, one for phone, are Telenor
Yet Telenor can hardly claim that both my laptop and my new phone are simultaneously at fault, and must confess to no coverage.......
So, in most cases I do have internet
I was once going to meat the person I love I was next to his block, we had to agree something more before we know when/how we will meet, and ......... Telenor had no longer coverage in Sofia, next to the National Palace of Culture, very city center

Аз си мисля как изглеждаш всеки път като ми е тъжно, и много ми харесва как изглеждаш
И докато вървя по улицата често казвам на глас че те обичам :)

I am recharging the phones tonight, as one had fallen asleep
I do not know if/how you can prevent this if it happens, yet here is one more warning
Pfizer can drain phone batteries within a minute - I am trying to prevent it, by disabling all possible apps
Yet I used to have one more Turbo X, 4G (this one now is 3G), and Pfizer used to drain both phones whenever I was outside, and at some point they just killed the 4G phone, it never started anymore
I guess the new PlusOne will be less prone to such games, just warning, that's all
The Turbo X had a completely empty battery tonight
I will start charging them every day

I didn't understand that, yet one more question
Do I need to go out everyday with the laptop with me?

If you mean that some phone camera has "seen me", I am so tired of this
My solutions to the problem are two - wherever I can, I place something on the camera, so that Pfizer cannot follow reactions
With phones this is more difficult, as the speakers get often silenced too, yet I will buy tomorrow some band and place it on the phone
My second solution is: the problem is not mine :)
I am at home, and whoever watches should stop doing it if they don't like it :)
With Pfizer it worked well, they do get fed up at times :)
OK, I will find some sticker tomorrow

I don't understand this either
"Dark" has always been the code word for when Pfizer will no longer see, hear, and no-one will see, hear, and I will be alone, which hasn't been the case ever since 2013

This might be for Pfizer's attempt to block facebook :)

Phones censored now?

No cameras is better for me too, thanks :)

Oh, I still didn't understand that - do I go everywhere with the laptop everyday?

Прегръщам те................................................., Обичам те................................................................................................
OK, I will not be carrying the enormous Texas Cars Cinema laptop with me
And will remove its sticker once I get dressed so you can see who comes to steal/watch it :)
And the phone can go outside without stickers too
In the room I cannot wear underwear, though
I have too much damage - doesn't like touch, leaks (hence stinks, makes the pants and underwear stink),
all the washing I do all day long also keeps the underwear wet, even more stinky, needs to be changed more than once a day
If I wore my jeans at home for a 3-4 days, Linnah used to open the window the moment I entered the sitting room
I have only 6 pieces of underwear (plus 3-4 mostly unusable, bad material, hurt my legs almost immediately)
So, last night I managed to wash and dry until the morning the already spent 6, which are all USA
It is a survival game :)
And what concerns my "go cut wood" idea - it works for PTSD indeed, yet mine is mostly physical, and only gets worse if not comforted
Long story short, things do not look good, because they are not good :)

When Aviva were "repairing" "someone" they said "order as much as you can think of, because Pfiizer is paying"
I suggest you do the same - charge Pfizer for everything broken you find on me, a "total price" is also OK if you do not want to share chemical warfare damage details
If there is any Pfizer left anywhere, it must be charged until it collects a government size debt, so it cannot start any new warfare business :)

Though I think closing Pfizer down as enemy warfare base is a lot more appropriate :)
Still, recording Pfizer debt is also a smart move, as they must not open any new warfare business

That part about the National Threat Signal was quite significant indeed - New World are doing the chemical attacks, and owning/blocking the Threat Alarm
I would check if they haven't used/set up the same pattern in other countries as well
I guess someone higher decides to play the alarm, and the larm guys are just implementors, yet still New World owning that alarm machine is not comfortable

And you have perfect grounds for charging Pfizer for my repair above all market rates, because so many Avivas "tried" and fixed nothing for the last 7 years ;)
I read a book claiming that you can charge military astronomic prices, as for instance $1,500 for a toilet
Why don't you do the opposite now? Charge Pfizer same stronomic rate prices for what you do :)
My hair is drying quickly, so I will not be spending the day inside today :)

DXC is definitely not innocent of the imitation air attacks, which added considerably to the final damage
Leave alone the "Oh, you got poisoned, again, great data, we will pay you" with a considerable delay, so I cannot start the repair

True, lots of biotechnology studies happened :)
And Pfizer and the Avivas are garbage, no discussions on that point :)

I am at the hotel already :)
Pfizer theater continued - "new room looking at the "school yard", bright yellow room, generally newer, full bullshit
Yet there is a spruce tree to look at from the window, I expected the "new room" to be "looking at students", and I also expected that there is no way I can see anything but the spruce tree from my bed :)
OK, I am here :)
And will be having lunch now :)

Also, Pfizer have definitely put a pile of money in "my own custom TV program", and I am tearing their nerves by not watching it :)
"My TV" got "addressed" so many times, that.................
Днес си мислех как всички от 2017-та насам те наричат "Елена", то и преди това си беше така :)
И как за теб започна цялата космическа Троянска война :)
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

As far as I understand, you will find me in the room, any day
Which is logical, as you must be able to locate people by registration, and I am currently registered here :)
I will keep walking a little every day, my legs need exercise, and I need some diversity
Yet shorter walks
Today I pretty much went from one end of Gabrovo to the other
My classmate said that the hotel was full of Romanian workers, very interesting - a town full of unemployed people, importing Romanian workers to do the Christmas decorations
The bed per night prices start from $1.50, so..........., of course they will have workers here

In the room, then :)
Не, аз в момента не съм себе си, то си е ясно, като развалина от непревзета крепост съм :)
Но всичко това ще се промени с вермето, трябва първо да започна да ходя :)
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Very strange modern war - you don't get shot at, and you get destroyed in different ways, ruined instead of shot

A not very clever Varna lady-colleague once told me that I am shaping my life by the books I am reading, and the movies I am watching
And I am attracting in life what I have been reading about
Attracting evil instead of good
There might be 1% truth in this, so far as Pfizer have seen me watching crime TV series and "decised that I was an aspirining criminal"
Capital mistake - I wasn't admiring the criminals, I was admiring those finding the truth after death
And stopped watching the series when in life I have seen that no-one really does anything, and living with the illusion that someone will is wrong and dangerous
I think the books one reads, and the movies one watches shape not the accidents happening to us, but our response to them
I have been The Count of Monte Cristo for the last 7 years not because "bad karma has locked me", but because I do not back off, and I know that I will win in the end
(I have never liked the "romantic and hatred" parts of the story, just the idea of not back off, and of finding a way out)
I think it's a natural sequence - we choose our books because of who we are, and we become even more who we are after reading them

Well, this was exactly my thought :
I am tempted to place two photos of myself - one before and one after DXC :)
When the DXC "war" started, the first order was that I should immediately delete all my social media accounts, and especially all my photos
Thinking about this now, obviously DXC did need anyone to know how I looked before their desolation :)

They said my photos didn't look personable :)
I am now so personable that I can apply for a chemical warfare photo model :)

I think that Pfizer have taken the laundry from my previous bed for data
If they have, can you at least prevent cloning this time?
The hotel employee who moved me to the new room spoke far too much about the new bedsheets
Moving old bedsheets to new, already bedsheets-supplied room wouldn't have been logical in either case, so why discuss it so much?
The three options are, Pfizer want the data of the previous hits, the data for the next hits, or the data for next cloning

There were two leak spots which could do, to be fair
So, try to see where they will go

I know it was menstrual blood last time, yet principally scaled away epithelial cells from urine are also used as "stem cells"

Yes, hair follicles too
Lots of things
Yet Pfizer definitely took my bedsheets, sometime today

By the way, do my phones provide you with audio too?

I intentionally took one phone with me, so you can listen :)
If you were wondering what I was doing - more things than I have planned to
My plans were to have a plan B (as you always postpone to eternity),
and when I am in Gabrovo, I always fall into the pattern "my mother broadcasts some bullshit about me in all of 2 minutes,
and the next 2 years I am meeting with as mutch people as I can, so I can be seen, and so my mother's words could be proved inadequate
If no-one sees me, whatever she says will be the only source
Beyond that, I haven't talked to people ever since I left Gabrovo in 2004, call centers do not allow two persons to go on lunch break simultaenously,
this is why "everyone I knew" was from some TV series
In 2015 I met Love :)
And for reasons this still didn't take me out of the laptop
The TV was on, all the time while I was talking to my classmate, and I don't remember any single bulshit from it :)
I still hate advertisements, fake movies, fake, news, yet when there is real life around, every TV bullshit is nothing but immediately expiring nonsense
There was lots of "phone use" tonight, and my brain preferred real life to animations
I am waiting for you, I just never know when and if you will come, it's a constant "Oh, not now, will be Tuesday, Saturday, next week, month, year
I do not have any preference at all to staying in Gabrovo, I am just building a survival environment
And I haven't yet understood if Pfizer have or have not taken my bedsheets?
През цялото време си мислех че искам да кажа на съученичката ми за теб, но нямаше никакъв начин
С всички предупреждения да ти изтрия снимката от телефона
А и мъжът й е починал много млад, може би преди 20 години, и не ми се вижда честно да й говоря на такава тема
When talking to my classmate, I have the feeling that I have been missing from life for the last 15 years
First call centers, then Pfizer
And the DXC just put the last nail
Страшно съм изморена, прегръщам те......................................, Обичам те........................................................

От Oriflame това, което ме стресна, е че никой не носи нашия тип дрехи, и на видеото не свири метъл
Аз не понасях музика преди да те срещна, Pfizer са ме отвратили от всякаква друга музика, и сега като не чуя метъл, нищо не е наред
And if no-one comes, I can do Oriflame, yet I can do it my way :)
Of course I want to tell about myself, yet there is no such option right now :)

Прегръщам те............................................................................, Обичам те...............................................................................
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

If that bedsheets story did happen, it is a demonstration of how my brain works
Perfectly trained people listened to the same, yet a Princeton Psychology textbook says that human brain has evolved to the ability to summarize, and thus avoid any unnecessary piles of details
As if your brains are supplied with a shelf of jars, and you collect as little information as possible before deciding to which jar you will add someone or something, and after that you look no more
In 1995 I made a couple of not interrested enough applications to USA graduate university programs, and I needed some reference letters too
So a teacher of philosophy, who used to be my friend, and whom I still quote a lot, wrote one of these reference letters
And in this reference letter she said that "I have the peculiar habit of answering every question with stories" (and never with summaries, never with conclusions)
She noticed that, I didn't as I didn't realize conclusions could be made,
When I am asked to tell my opinion about someone, I am telling a story, which contains details, and I am expecting the people in front of me to see in the story even more details, other details which I haven't yet noticed,
I do not expect anyone to form a conclusion
Yes, I do say that Pavleta is not trainable, untrained, and lacks logical thinking at all, yet still all information about her is in what she did, in the details
And because you see "moving to a new room", and I see only a series of actions and words, which do not constitute/belong to any pattern at all, my brain is piling itself with all separate actions and words, my brain is not as evolved as yours
Means that you lose nothing from domesticating different kinds of animals, because animals supplement your evolutionary achievements by prehistoric skills :)
You are highly evolved, and you can make conclusions, I am not and I am seeing pixels
When we look at the same event we see different pictures
About last night's movie, you would have noticed it too, if you were familiar with the whole Pfizer "theater"
I didn't watch the movie, yet I noticed that it was about space - in 2013/2014 Pfizer called themselves "aliens", "coming from the space" - matches the satellites we only discovered in Florida this year

So that you don't think that I am attacking your way of thinking, I will tell you a story priazing your way
In 2008 I accidentally ended up being interviewed for a job at Sutherland Global Srrvices by one of the Vice Presidents, K.S. Kumar
Of course he asked me the template question, Why I was living HP, and I told him the story
HP SEO had send an open letter to all HP employees, with the most genius business idea I have ever seen:
"When you finish supporting a customer on a particular issue or request, ask them if their machine is now working fine"
That made a revolution - the spare parts might have come outside SLA, might have been the next best thing, DHL might have been playful during the delivery, and so on, and so forth
Yet when you ask that question, you can hear the gratitude in the engineers voice, he wanted to tell someone, and no-one has ever asked, and he now feels so relieved, and safe, and happy
And talks to you 2-3 minutes about things of which you do not understand a word, yet he leaves the call - so relieved and happy he has never felt before
(What if the Resource controller calling him could also be literate enough to report back on customer's wishes and concerns?! Never mind, this idea did miracles even with no literacy of the implementer)
Our Bulgarian manager said immediately that "this question is stupid, and we are not allowed to ask it"
I explained to K.S. Kumar that I did not want to work in a Bulgarified HP
While listening to me telling the open letter story, K.S. Kumar said, "Loyal customers"
This conclusion is what I cannot do, and you can :)

Everything works to perfection for now :)
Those "over the daily limit" outlook emails I can send tomorrow if New World play the same bullshit again :)
Since day one here I was considering listening to metal, yet I was being modest - I have no more reasons to be :)
Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Your playing is your playing and i LOVE it, yet sometimes adding Boro's voice and presence to it is indispensable :)
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Technically, do you prefer "my usual company" to receive the rest of the emails via gmail today?
(I mean, if will this help take down New World/Pfizer/satellites, Telenor)
Otherwise, you see how exactly I have been using outlook and gmail to turn on the hot water at home, pretty much every morning, for years now
Not a metaphor at all - taps are history, this is what I did to turn on the hot water

Today :)

Well, if "divided into two groups" means at least half the world standing up against "New World", that's a good thing
What concerns the "sacrifice", I do not develop "lust", Pfizer's garbage only develops rage, and the only sacrifice is about not killing
Otherwise, there wasn't anything big about today's poisoning, as torturing poison-generating nerves IS poisoning
The only problem qas that I have been refusing antibiotics to a very sick spot, and it has in either case been bad, and got now hit the worst
And I have to correct just the no-treatment policy - you know that you getting the poisons is important,
yet if it is not the most important thing for you, it doesn't need to be a priority for me either - on this point Pfizer won over you today
No, I am not over-medicated at all, one Frevex and a tablespoon of cough syrup for the entire day
Yet I am going back to antibiotics tonight
And you can see once again what idiocy sending me to my "mother" has been - can you imagine today, and me trying to survive in her presence?
You must remember this - you allow laptop hits = you lose data.

I have forgotten how you call organizing children to do prostitution activities, yet you have New World on video doing it today
It wasn't the first time, though
I already got a skinny teenage whore "moving to stand exactly on my way to the hotel front door, and with her back to me" (Pfizer believe I will like her as long as it's her "back")

That Telenor "maritime" business would make a great show next time Telenor try to attack me :)
Claiming they have "nothing to do with this" means one of two things :)
If Telenor are hacked, no-one should be subject to the risk of using their "maritime" business :)
And claiming "their maritime business has nothing to do with this" is a direct statement that "Telenor are not hacked, they are exercizing gender based discrimination on purpose" :)

Yes, this room's internal door cannot be closed, neither locked
Not a big deal, just letting you know
I am wondering about what you do when you discover that someone is doing "business" for Pfizer, as today for instance
You just decide that they are guilty, or make them stop?
I am just pragmatically interested, as to where the "water tap" stays for me

Yes, that was what I have always been doing too
Hit someone very high as hard as I can, and then Pfizer stop their imbeciles by themselves
I know Pfizer are already planning my Christmas - so am I
Upon next attack I will hit a lot higher

What are your plans about me, by the way?
This year, next year?

No, I mean when are you coming?

Прегръщам те.........................................................., Обичам те........................................................................
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

You cannot use your Likes list very much now, as Pfizer filled it with bullshit
By the way, do Pfizer have cameras in this room?

Plovdiv - Plovdiv used to be a Pfizer metaphor for a long time, I just remembered that
It could have been something completely accidental with no connection to the town itself, yet why don't I just mention it, and upon second accidental you will know
In 2014 Pfizer were on a threats campaign - looking up the street address of the American Embassy resulted in a shower of "Private Chemistry lessons for the Medical Academy" advertisements in bgmaps.com
And a recurring "news" that someone got beaten in Plovdiv, may be students at school, or someone in their home, I don't remember
Yet Pfizer set it up as a constant - with "Plovdiv" appearing as a Google search suggestion, and always meaning "You will get beaten"
My mother kept getting emails in her abv.bg mailbox from "PfizerTopShop@spray.com/bg",
and upon hovering over that email address, the pop-up showed that "my mother's email address was writing under that Pfizer mask"
(You have seen her, she cannot manufacture this)
I just remembered that Pfizer have chosen to use Plovdiv as a threat metaphor, for one reason or another
The only thing I can think of with no details, is that Plovdiv have some very trubled Gypsy neighborhood
And Pfizer love using gypsies - in Samokov, Gabrovo - they send them to walk by me and speak threats
Yes, in my mother's mailbox Pfizer literally signed themselves

One more legend about the American Embassy in Sofia
One of DXC's "rescue" attempts was that I need to "just go to the American Embassy"
I slipped away from Pfizer, walked for many hours, reached the Embassy completely unseen by foot, and........
Doorman knows nothing about me, doorguard knows nothing about me, doorman called Consulate, they told me I had no business with them, as I had a still valid passport
And then "hintmen" "hinted" something about Svetlana Bliznakova, SEVI, of which I did not understand a word
So better ask them directly what happened, not that DXC would have given them any true information..........
I thought from all this hinting that either USA hates Alexander, or USA Embassy has moles, your guess is as good as mine :)

I have been fixing the toilet seat until now - very smart model, it dismounts instead of braking
Yet the naughty hotel had left it mounted on one side only, it dismounted completely, and if I hadn't looked, they could have charged me for "broken toilet seat"
It is mounted now, I have always been doing all home repairs by myself :)
Yes, if someone sprays "chemistry lessons" advertisements all around my embassy's address......... I would have seen it as a chemical warfare threat on my embassy :)

The main problem with "USA hates Alexander" is in the fact that they must hate Aviva, as none of us was even told what will happen
If someone gets shot in the street, will "USA hate them", just as a declaration that USA hate street violence?
There was another "play" as well, at the Florida airport I got no stamp in my passport, means that I have never entered Florida,
and no-one controls how much time I will spend there, neither if I will ever get out of the USA
Which might be good in terms of "rescue plan", however........
When I said that after Telenor's office attack and the subsequent Boro Fest and other poisonings, I had something electric green on my underwear
I got threatened that "if authorities find out, I will be chased away from USA"
It was a clear "avoid any authorities" game, which is not nice
I haven't done anything wrong, I have just been shot in the street

By the way, the Turbo X phone might die soon - Pfizer are keeping it's battery icon "on 100%", for the last 3 days, which is not possible
This is how they always kill it - it doesn't charge, as "its battery is on 100%", and it will die in the street

Was I poisoned today?
All hotel stairs smell of denatured alcohol, and on the side walk a met a rather stinky young woman with a baby stroller and a baby
The smelliest perfume in Gabrovo so far
Yet there are no perfume remnants in my nose, which is something Pfizer never miss, yet I am drinking antibiotics, so may be my nose is calmed down
Better a clear answer - was I poisoned today?

Better tell me so I can stop the poison, as early as possible

Better tell me so I can stop the poison, as early as possible
I don't understand

These are all far too rude "hints", they are no from you

OK, everything perfect then :)

I never understand what you are saying, yet from these articles I (maybe) understand that the first one is for the "bugged" air conditioner
And the second one for my mother's PfizerTopShop email address :)
This communication is sometimes better then nothing, sometimes worse then nothing
It at least keeps me company :)
This is the part I like about it :)

Само ще вечерям и идвам пак :)
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I hope for real :)
I will wash some clothes tonight, as I am stinking almost as homeless :)
I still have some clean clothes, and I am keeping them for events only :)
I might have no clean socks, yet those will dry up very quickly, and options always exist
Днес през цялото време си мислех че искам да се хваля с теб и Александър, но и това ще стане някой ден :)
Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
I can see that my air conditioner has stopped blinking?! Very, very strange :)

Прегръщам те..........................................................., Обичам те......................................................................

I still understand nothing from what you say, yet I will be looking from the window
This is the nature of this miscommunication, 99% of the time you are talking to yourselves
Never mind :)
"When there is a will, there is a way" - you will find out how at some point :)
I am meanwhile trying to dry up at least one pair of socks, as I washed them all last night :)
May be within an hour I will have one pretty much good :)

My last trick worked! I have a pair of dry socks :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

By the way, that "house neighbor" of mine has just signed her second death sentence :)
She locks my house so I cannot enter, first
And she "justifies" it by reminding me that "she was taking care of my yard"?
The very first summer after I had left the house, she called some grass mower guy, and HE CUT AWAY ALL MY YOUNG TREES TO THE GROUND
Peaches, apricots, almonds, cherries, sour cherries, apples, figs
One by one I have been choosing them, buying them, planting them, caring about them
After all flowers were already left unkept, I would have had a fruit tree garden, and I loved those trees
Plus, "she taking care of my yard" smells of water usage........., which is exactly why I keep her garbage locked :)

Moreover, "these days and hours are convenient to her" - who cares :))))))))))))))))))))
I was never asked about my house being used as a storage :)
And the very first time I visited the house after 2004, that neighbor's flower pots were arranged on the fabric of my sitting room sofa :)
My idiot parents might have been OK with this, I am not :)
She can take her convenience wishes and "use them the way you think I mean" :)

Why do I have a UK number calling me? I haven't even noticed it
Was that you?

"Two days ago" was the "YouTube", I guess "someone was trying to fix things up" :)

Okean Elzy is by the way Ukrainian, not Russian :)
Rebel as well :)

I have the feeling that you prefer to see a Pfizer Christmas first :)
Not a big deal, it's possible :)
I just prefer not to be here in 2020 :)

All letters of the alphabet plans taken care of :)
Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

This song is about my return to my Gabrovo home :)
About my return "home" :)
This is why I am playing it :)

OK :)
I was just thinking that before I "tipped" authority, I didn't even know that no-one had ever called authority
And it was strange how everything "done" BEFORE failed
And now it doesn't, as we are where we should be :)

I am at 100% readiness :)

I was helping my classmate until now - cleaned 2 hotel rooms, ironed a pile of bedsheets :)
Still ready, though :)

I thought you wanted me to remain alone, yet this is hardly possible
I am in my room, yet my classmate is by the hotel door, and will still be working, she said she goes to sleep 02:00-03:00 to 05:00
The hotel door is not locked, and she answers the reception bell while sleeping
Anyway, I went quickly to the room, thinking you are waiting for time alone

I don't understand, should I go back to the reception :)
I will be in my room, 214, if you want me at reception - one more Like

I am not sure that the second like is not Pfizer
I am in the room, will be lying a little in bed, I damaged my spine while ironing and cleaning tonight
And will be looking from the window for you, every 10-15 minutes, if I see a car I go down
I don't know what you want exactly :)
If you wanted me and my classmate together - you would have come by now, you want me alone :)

I don't know what you want, yet my spine is a little better now
And I also remembered how exactly I proved to Aviva and DXC that my laptop was hacked
I think that in the Aviva Citrix environment new IE tabs open Bing (DXC have company home page instead)
I tald everyone (by writing somewhere else, "cryptically", no-one wanted to officially know
So, I told everyone that Bing will respond to every password change I make, by adding a new news story, and it did
After that I tald something Pfizer didn't know, I don't remeber what exactly, and Pfizer illustrated it with a new news story -
something with a president Trump photo, skull open and continuing up like a bowl full of weapons
Pfizer wanted to demonstrate to everyone that they were real time responding to everything happening on the laptop, with jokes
This may be some technical hint for you, this is why I am telling you the story

To the new password I entered, Pfizer reacted with some news story about home sports match lost, a man looking down and hiding his face -
yes, the new password I entered for a test was the same I used at home

I do not understand a thing :)
Unless this has been some pre-production, or I haven't understood a thing and have ruined your plans :)
Or the historic miscommunication has ruined it :)
Yes, it is difficult not to answer questions, yet after so many years of DXC slavery, I can at least :))))))))))))
My body is, by the way, completely useless - cleaning two mirrors, two desks, two tables and everything in two bathrooms, and ironing a couple of bedsheets switched my spine completely off
And I am so hungry for work, whatever work, just tired of doing nothing, plus, I needed to show my classmate that I am not "someone important, and far above her"
Just "work with what you have" in the case of my body doesn't work much :)
OK, next time when it is production, and not pre-production - avoid any communication as it doesn't work either :)
It's not even "after DXC slavery", as I am still living the consequences :)

Прегръщам те........................................................., Обичам те..........................................................................................
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I understand nothing, absolutely nothing :)
Will you at least come soon?, I mean, this year?

That "Bing news story" about president Trump which Pfizer used on the Aviva "interactive" browser was something like "Trump asks/wants to hear about schools, but all he hears is warfare"
Just reporting

One more DXC story - at some point, long after I had convinced everyone that my work laptop was hacked, DXC insisted that I complete a security training
I guess the idea behind this was "Your laptop is hacked, yet you are not reporting it, and the fault is entirely yours"
It didn't work, of course, as I am always thinking several steps ahead
I completed the training, passed the test with 100%, and, like all crooks, DXC overdid it, they could have waited an hour to see "if I follow the instruction, and officially report the hacked laptop"
But they wanted a more definite proof than that - they sent me immediately after a course a fake survey - I don't remember why, but it was a fake link,
I am a test monster, have passed hundreds of TOEFL, GRE, EPSO, companies', etc. tests with 100% (not on the GREs, I didn't yet know English), and I know what online training system gets what survey link, the security training's survey link was a fake one
Of course, the survey asked the usual, "After passing this training, will you report security threats to your manager, etc?"
I described for the first time officially in that survey that my DXC laptop was hacked, that no-one did a thing about it
I also commented on the suggested best practices - for instance that "install latest updates" is the worst idea ever, as exactly the updates ruin the system and every application on it even more
So, I did report the hacked laptop officially, and nothing changed after that, no reaction, no changes in what the laptop did

By the way, can I go out to buy some things today?
And return here say by 14:00?
There is no urgency, I can stay here as well, just asking

OK, not going out today then :)

I don't understand, yet you have always been using this picture for "Don't" so far, so I am not going out :)

I will tell you one more story, because from my experience with DXC, I don't think they have used the information in any clean way
These are some facts about PaySafe, no interpretations, just the facts
2015-2016 I was applying to lots of companies, mostly as a software developement/software QA intern, as I had just studied at SoftUni
I think this was in 2016, as this application failure sent me to HPE/DXC as a last resort
I applied to PaySafe, their software QA department wanted to hire an intern, I passed an interview with two most sympathetic ladies, one older, one younger
They were giving me code writing tasks, and I had to write the code in front of them, on a white board, and they kept upgrading my task, and I kept cming up with a next working code
At some point they said, "We were so impressed by your abilities, that we kept upgrading your task far beyond what we had planned, and we wanted to continue doing it, just for the pleasure, yet our tie is up,
we most certainly want to work with you, HR will connect with you within a week for the contract details"
I went home, waited a week, a second week, and I called HR, same HR idiot who had invited me to this interview
Katya Marincheva
Wed 5/11/2016 2:22 PM
Привет, Кирил,
Телефонът ми е 0896607613, и вече сте ми звънили на него - не знам къде е останал и попаднал и старият ми номер, който наистина отдавна е спрян - съжалявам, някъде може да съм забравила да го променя.
From: Kiril Velinov
Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2016 1:46 PM
To: katya.marincheva@outlook.com
Subject: Paysafe
Привет, Катя,
Искам да се свържа с вас, но телефонът Ви е невалиден 0896873237. Може ли да ми предоставите актуален такъв ?
Kiril Velinov
Recruitment Coordinator
Office: +35924760415
Email: Kiril.Velinov@paysafe.com

Shortly, between first call from PaySafe HR Kiril, and the interview I told you about, there was this phone "misunderstanding"
Technically not "possible", because I had closed the phone number 0896873237 in 2014, and it was 2016, and I was writing a custom Motivation Letter for each company, and using the same CV for all companies
If my CV had a wrong phone number on it, more then one company would have complained about that phone number
And in either case PaySafe HR Kiril had already called me on my correct new phone number, so the wrong old phone number could have "post factum" appeared in my application papers only by "magic"
This is what I thought the moment he complained about the phone number
Now, 2 weeks after my successful interview at PaySafe Software QA department, I called that same HR Kiril, and he said:
"Oh, I had completely forgotten about you, let me see what the situation is, and call you back"
In a couple of minutes HR Kiril calls back, and says, "Oh, they have chosen to hire you, but "your papers had somehow disappeared and I hadn't seen the Software QA departments email that they want to hire you,
I will now send your papers to the colleagues who write the contracts"
20-30 minutes later HR Kiril calls back, "Oh, looks like Software QA department have waited for me to send for your contract to be written, but as "your papers had got lost in my system", they had meanwhile hired a different intern, Good Bye!"
DXC answered too this with the usual, "all villains are punished, Kiril is fired, shut up"
Just reporting................
This entire story, emails including, has already been on this site, so no new "damage" to PaySafe

I think so, and also disproves the DXC claim that "this is all read only access, nothing more"

One more fact, one of the reasons why I closed that 0896873237 phone number, was because in May 2014 Pfizer kept trying to connect "these hands have never worked, from the slaughterhouse, with me, at work at PPD
I had already been attacked with poisons, had before that tried to convince "these hands have never worked" not to go to Pfizer, by writing tons of explanations in his facebook's personal messages
He had nevertheless gone with them, even posted one single bragging post in his facebook, "how great the slaughterhouse was", next posts were no longer "his"
I wanted nothing to do with this, so no matter how many times his phone number called me at work, I always hung up
"These hands have never worked" had once sent me an SMS from a phone number ending in 2, or 282, something like this, yet answered no SMS/call of mine to this number, this was in 2005/2006
From this number exactly Pfizer were trying to call my 0896873237 phone number in 2014, and this is one of the reasons why I closed that phone number, no previous contacts possible
Not that "almighty" Telenor will give you any call trace data............

The phone game was: PPD/Pfizer were playing to me all incoming "customers" calls "vibrating with fear",
I was repeating to them that if they want me to talk to "these hands have never worked, he has to come to my apartment in Sofia" (hence leave the slaughterhouse)

Yes, this technically means that Telenor are directly technically servicing the slaughterhouse as well
No-one would have given a slaughterhouse test "animal" a phone of his own
"These hands have never worked" also wrote to one of my previous hacked email addresses katya.marincheva@gmail.com or k_marincheva@yahoo.com
"To stop warning his facebook friends that he is in danger, as he had to answer 80 of them daily, and tell them nothing happened"
I insisted to see him, he wrote that "he can only call me in work days, not in weekends"
Made a Skype video call to me, where he was masked - had a very thick curly hair and beard, which is impossible, as on all previous photos he was severely losing hair, and he has never been curly to start with
On the Skype video call he was far too merry, like drugged, managed to pass a "cryptic" message that "Editors forced him to write an article about wanting to marry a rich diplomate", but this was a personal blog article, no editors,
no-one ever published it
The call was made to a Skype account I also closed, under the name of something like Laura Berghmann
I couldn't do anything about myself either, at the time :)

Аз междувременно си седя и си мисля колко обичам да казваш чудовища :)
Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Speaking of "connections", I guess you can check my endless list of blocked Skype "contacts"
Pfizer have been attacking both my previous Skype account, and this one too, with endless "Friends suggestions" - "doctors", "whores", even some USA military once, with the USA flag on the background

So many "Skype people" interested in my might show some technical pattern
Especially if opening a Skype account requires a phone number :)

Of all those blocked "Skype contacts", Dimitar and my "mother" you know, Hilda is a former colleague who "wanted me to buy her son a car"
All the rest I was blocking mechanically, without even looking at who they were, just knowing by heart where the Block and Report buttons were :)

One more warning
I haven't told my classmate anything at all, last night when the phone was shortly away from me, I was just cleaning bathrooms
Yet Pfizer have always been medically targeting everyone around me, just for the meat
And Christina's family trusts doctors, which, as you can see for yourselves, always results in severe damages, as those of her mother
Illiteracy and crime differ only in the in the spectrum of damages. not in the severity though
Her mother will now get targeted by some Pfizer mob for anything from testing to human spare parts
A couple of days ago Christina reminded me how I have once cured her "chronically ill" toddler sons
"Doctors" have been treating her toddler sons for "scabies", for many months
Christina complained that all their clothes and bedsheets were yellow from the sulfur (the only Bulgarian remedy for scabies)
I told her to stop the sulfur, give her sons vitamin C, and everything got resolved immediately
As most toddlers have eczema on their legs, from the urine, and this has nothing to do with "scabies"
I mean, the family is that naive and doctor-trusting

Thank you for Christina, and you won't be sorry
They are good people, you will know that at any moment they have never sold themselves to Pfizer
And a sitting duck is a sitting duck, as this is what they are every since Christina recognized me at the Reception :)
Today's weather is very grim, I did good not to go walking today exactly :)

I am always giving you weekend tips, and spoiling your weekend, yet I am thinking against Pfizer 24/7
This is how it works :)
And I understand nothing of what you are saying, yet I am here :)

Ah, one more interesting failed job application from 2016
Of course natural failed job applications do exist, so it might have failed naturally, yet Pfizer interference is still 100% possible
As Pfizer would interfere even if there is no need, and the "destination" is interesting
I have forgotten the name of this factory, yet there is a automotive software factory somewhere around Sofia, reachable by route-taxi
And it makes the car software for General Motors
I had a good HR/engineer interview there, and nothing next
Could be an accidental application failure, of course, yet Pfizer not "interested" in General Motors software - this part I do not believe
Two more interesting failed job applications - one is with ProPeople, they mentioned Pfizer is one of their major clients,
and their HR was unable to send an interview map - whatever she did, the interview address kept showing up at Winter Palace, Students Town
The second was from some Ukrainian Software Engineering company with a Sofia branch, I think they wanted me, I didn't want them
The internships weren't paid at this company, and there was some Pfizer theater in the entrance tests

I don't understand, yet I am looking at the road from time to time
Meanwhile, two more Pfizer software companies, just for the sake of a more complete Pfizer software map
At Galaxy Trade Center, Shipchenski prohod blvd, there was a SoftServe (or something like that) software company
I was invited there for a job interview, only a pregnant rather stupid and disgusting HR came, in a rather glitering white dress
To the question what I will be working if hired, she only said "We are giving food voutchers, anything you need, call me"
Definitely Pfizer.
Two hotel guests cars are under my window at the moment, one may be newly arrived
The second Pfizer software company is more interesting, as its owner is owned by Pfizer, repurchased by Aviva, and what part DXC are playing is even more obscure
This is the Melon company
I had a great interview with a direct supervisor there, "professional love from first sight", he said he hated pharmaceutical companies
Liked me very much, gave me homework for the next interview with the company owner, that owner however was in hospital for many, many weeks
When he got out of the hospital, he invited me for a second interview,
and although the position of was manual QA, and no code knowledge was necessary, the only questions he asked me (angrily) were about "assembly" and "event handlers"
We haven't studied anything about "assembly" at SoftUni, this was too much out of the way, and definitely Pfizer theater - "get together for the event"
The Melon company owner was the largest and heaviest man I have ever seen, I am not sure if he can even walk
Usual story - "He will live, if he delivers my meat to Pfizer"
Aviva confirmed that, said "They will offer him medical help in exchange for testimony against Pfizer"
And you do realize that me going to just any car parked outside in the night is not something you would like me to do?
This would be like McAfee not able to protect against intentionally taken risks, as clicking OK on a download pop-up

Yes, you can write, of course, to confirm, yet most writing comes from Pfizer, so very few writings are acceptable

May be you are saying that "the black man did testify", and the SoftServe HR was guilty
I have meanwhile warmed my feet in a water bucket, as I hate using the so precious number of socks at home :)
Damn DXC slavers.

Yes, "officially" is the only feasible way :)
Because I never understand the "communication", because you won't pass unnoticed
Yet if you do reach my room sort of unnoticed, we can also leave that way, or Pfizer can wake up their receptionist and set up a show
Anyway, a preson coming to take me is the working way
If you want to disappear, we can disappear after that
Just better not in 2010, I don't have any enormous quantities of money :)

Any 2019 is perfect :)

You have no idea how grateful I would be for any kind of direct and official :)
It's not about "publicity" at all, there will be as much publicity as you decide you need, I am completely indifferent to social
Yet, logically, "publicity" has it's good sides project-wise, like that YouTube thing
And New World have been doing so much worldwide brainwashing, for so many years now, that a counteraction is only logical
I can start listing reasons why I would be grateful, yet any reason is far too insignificant by itself
The point is that no-one has spoken to me for so many years now
First, ever since 2007 I have never been with colleagues to lunch, so 2007 IMRO were the last colleagues/people I realistically had to talk with
Next the Pfizer "theater"
Next the personal "cryptics", objectively enforced by Pfizer too
Next the DXC, Aviva, etc., current "cryptics"
My classmate was the first person talking to me ever since 2007 :)
So, for any direct contact from you I would be endlessly grateful :)

What concerns that PTSD talk, I now realize that the complete lack of lunch with colleagues ever since 2007 has made me temporarily a TV series addict
I literally had only the TV series crew for "friends", just because call centers never let more then one person at a time go on lunch break
2004-2007 I did leave the TV on all the time at home, yet I never got interested in it, as I had real life around myself
Same with PTSD (beyond where it is rather physiological) - no presence is ever a problem, the absence of anything else is the real problem

Прегръщам те............................................, Обичам те...............................................................................
Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
So far, so good :)
I need to, however, do a short food trip today, and bring here some food :)
Won't take long, so whatever plans you have - one hour waiting won't spoil them :)

I had a shower, my slippers have dried out last night - Life is Wonderful :)
I have one more show for you for today :)
Down the hill, next to the grocery, there is a pharmacy :)
Take a look at it (I know that Pfizer will connect to its camera, so can you), as I will go there as well to buy a couple of very simple things :)
I don't necessarily need to have those things, so whatever happens will make no difference to me
And here is what you can expect :)
* the pharmacy will lock its door the moment I approach and keep it locked until I go back up the hill
* "they will have nothing of what I want"
* "they will have nothing of what I want, and will insist on ordering it for me" (and bring it custom-poisoned)
* they will have a range of poisons in store for me, just because I live nearby
* both in the grocery and in the pharmacy the radio will be playing loud Pfizer show
* both the shop assistant and and "pharmacist" may be trained to play me a show, so look at what they do :)
* sprayed perfume in both shops is not impossible, since I get now the stairs of the hotel every day heavily sprayed with perfumes
So, "login" to that pharmacy and watch some show for free :)

I was going to tell you exactly the same :)
"a nylon bad with cotton" is an old Pfizer metaphor for "baby"
In 2014 the play was a lot uglier, they just didn't dare to play it in full colors in front of you
In 2014 I was buying cotton quite often, for the local antibiotics application
And the Mareshki pharmacists were trained to carry the bags with the cotton as one carries newborns, and "take my order"
"You said you wanted two, right?"
The make pharmacist today "was going away all the time", he got replaced by a "younger female who is staying"
"Кармолис" they had only Bulgarian, only for children - "that I was definitely going to buy", and last time they had it poisoned
So, it is interesting to know whether they now poisoned it as well
Theater it was, and in your absence it would have been way uglier
Now the pragmatic question is only if what I bought was poisoned or not :)
I won't be using it until tomorrow morning, so you can tell me if there are poisons in it
The Frenchman is "anti-American", "pro-freedom"
One doesn't win freedom by blaming every single structure, one would only win anarchy that way
And I have lived in far than enough anarchy so far to have any taste for it :)

Looks like I am also the only guest at the hotel in the moment :)
The other may be 2 guests are out now
I will be around, with my classmate, having lunch, working - yet inside the hotel

True :)
I don't understand what you are saying, yet I tald the talky Frenchman about DXC completely on purpose :)
In 2017 I told Steve Collinson "I don't know why some people cannot understand that not bullying self-respectful employee comes out cheaper" :)
Tht's exactly the case :)
I keep having no money and DXC keep having no peace :)
Do I talk about PPD as much as I talk about DXC? No, I don't. PPD did nothing to prevent me from saving myself.
I know that the Frenchman will talk :)
Which will cost DXC more than my stolen salaries and years :)
A journalist met me in the street today, she said she remembered me from my Aprilov National High School days, that I was intelligent and different
She does sound talky too :)
And we are all the three "on the run" somehow :)
През цялото време си мисля за теб и за това колко ми липсва да мога да се хваля с теб и Александър :)
Otherwise, you can see Pfizer's problem - people in Gabrovo do remember me, yet by far not with anything criminal :)
I think you haven't found any poisons in my purchases, though :)
Saint John's Wort will make a great difference for my (not only) leg nerves, and Valerian root is a great muscle relaxant too :)
And I would be glad to see the Frenchman see that no-one but Ford cared to interfere :)

Truth be told, rescuing someone after leading journalists know this someone does need rescuing - sounds a lot better :)

Знаеш че винаги си мечтаехме как ще нося Александър на раменете си :)
Ти и Александър сте такава световна победа, аз аз точно за вас не казвам все още нито дума
Но и това някога ще стане :)
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
I have just thought about how much the world changes when I am not in my family
A journalist remembers me a says that I was different and smart, and wants to learn French from me :)
My "mother" says "my problem have returned, and I need help", all the war against New World reduced to "I have problems"
"There is no New World threat, nothing, I just have problems"
I am really thinking about how the pretty ruined now house I love can be turned into a guest house :)
More like a house than like a hotel, "a home away from home", more of a family style, like a rented villa
The Gradishte park with its Scilla flowers and pines, and forests, starts some meters from the house
You are in the mountain without having to be 25-30km from the nearest town, lots of places to visit within 30-40 minutes drive
I have the feeling that I am getting out of a very deep hole, and this is not only the Christina Mob effect, it is primarily the Ford effect, as I am walking in the streets
Me walking in the street is truly unbelievable

Yes, it's "Ford" because so far everyone tends to "not know me officially", and I would gladly change it whenever I am allowed to :)
The Frenchman needs real life reasons to stop disliking USA, because he was so disgusted with my DXC slavery story, even knowing 1% of it
Knowing who discontinued the slavery would bring definite merit to USA, even for him.
I keep thinking, for many weeks now, about how so many nearby countries did so much nothing for more than a year now
And how groundless their complains are when they argue that "You see, USA interferes far outside their territory, and this is so bad"
"Someone" had to come from the other end of the world, so I can walk in the street again :)
Does this mean that Bulgaria is not the only country with no government on this continent?
The UK got hit the hardest, and no-one there thought of destroying the source of the evil
Or they would join, but not initiate
"Someone" had to come from the other end of the world, so I can walk in the street again, and I will never see anything wrong with that :)
Nonsense, everyone hit with the poisons sprayed for me can walk in the street again, not just me :)
Some of the poisons had same effect on everyone, with everyone losing consciousness from a dropped blood pressure, for instance

Yes, it's also an "animal" story :)
It takes intellect to grow up to the idea of domesticating new species :)

Well, if you decide I can share this site - not with my classmate, as she is not so unhitable, but with the Frenchman
Either this site or the New World story
Yet I have no proof, and too much words with no proof can easily have an adverse effect, make everything seem untrue
At the moment you have the proof, not me, so we can only speak together, whenever you find it right to do

Word is, many of the things I said are already in the media, as the UK "vaccines" for instance, yet I do not know it, I do not see it
This is why I cannot talk yet, as I do not know what I can prove for the time being

When talking, answering questions works best - like that books reading question I answered for the journalist
People love "filling in the blanks", the more unwilling you are to answer a question, the more trusted the answer is
Yes, cumulatively, I have the boiler photos, the Telenor "missed calls", the Amazon "underlined passages books"
That's enough to raise the question "Why?", and after that all I say will be just the answer
Anyway, whenever you decide, or Pfizer make me angry enough, there will be new information :)

I also think that we would better speak together :)

Yes, I do mean that you would know better what and when needs to be said exactly :)
Колкото повече говоря с хора, толкова повече те харесвам :)
И защото хората не са ти, и защото аз се изпълвам със съдържание, спирам да съм нищо :)

Yes, I too think the St John's Wort tea is the right thing to use :)
In 2014 it did miracles :)
It is a little addictive in situations of Pfizer warfare, yet the irate nerves are worse
After stopping St John's Wort I successfully apply Thomas Harris :)
"danger then, danger now.
Knowing he is in danger did not disturb his sleep any more than killing the pickpocket did."
I mean, believing that nothing disturbs your sleep does result in nothing disturbing your sleep.
I was saying this same sentence to myself every evening in 2014, a great "methadone" for quitting gabapentin, and St John's Wort after it
Everyone thinks that "Hannibal Lecter" is a book about "eating people", but it's nothing like that, it's about thinking and survival
And still understanding that this book is not an Encyclopedia, and cannot serve you in all situations, is important
We don't "kill the pickpocket", and this book tells us nothing about what we can do instead
And "doing nothing" is the worst thing to do, so the book leaves us with nothing but a wrong way out

The reason I am avoiding my "mother" for so many years now, is because Hannibal Lecter's "solution" is wrong, and I know no alternative
Whatever I tell her, whatever I do, she just keeps talking
Neither of us ever backs off, the difference being only in the fact that I never back off of taking my own decisions by myself,
While my "mother" never backs off of taking everyone's decisions for them :)

My "doing something" against Pfizer is everything I write on this site, those emails as well
Doing something, hitting back is healthy, this is the reason why I want to work for you
As my species needs to hit back, to do something - email, post, anything :)

Това значи ли ти и Александър :)

That's my right place :)

Аз имам пръстени (и ги нося навсякъде вече пета година подред :) ), най-вероятно и ти имаш пръстени :)
Като мина някакъв начален ремонт, кой на кого ще предлага :)
И кога :)
Прегръщам те..........................................................., Обичам те..............................................................................
Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Heaven Shall Burn :)

I have a great tea already made :)
Will wash all my dirty clothes as well :)

You might have heard that there is already a barrier in your honor, to prevent you from reaching the hotel parking lot :)
As if anyone of us would be unable to walk the distance, or you cannot ask the receptionist to open that barrier for you :)
Just circus :)
And no, I am not afraid of talking publicly - whenever, wherever you choose
I am only afraid of things unsaid, because such things exactly always turn me into hunters prey
It rains a lot today, and Pfizer will be having their "Christmas show", so I will not be walking around today

Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

If I buy myself things, you will say that I have money to stay here one more year
And you will not come, and I might finish what money I have too quickly
Otherwise, if I just purchase them, and I am not here to receive them - big deal, Christina will get them
I am just afraid that if I purchase them you will not come :)

Ти наистина ли заведе Александър на заведение :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Аз непрекъснато си мисля какви неща вече може да прави Александър :)

A black car just came to the barrier, and when I looked again it was gone

Добре, ти ми предлагаш :)
Обаче мисля че ще носим и моите и твоите пръстени :)
Аз вече 5 години ги нося навсякъде с мен :)

By the way, those Oriflame things I am using, are really good
My hair feels perfect
I didn't pay for them more than I paid for just whatever the Lozen shops had
While the quality is on the scale "never before"

А и Боро вече ни е венчал :)

Thinking of what idiocy Pfizer will do for Christmas - I think they will have bought the Christmas TV program, as Christina likes keeping the TV on

Може да си кръщавал Александър :)
Чудя се до колко човека могат да свирят в една банда, но май няма ограничения :)
Аз междувременно си изпрах всички дрехи

Ясно е че не мога да купя подаръци на теб и Александър, нито дори на уж
Но пък мога да избера подаръци :)
И когато мога ще ги купя :)
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Не знам какво харесва Александър, мислщ че трябва заедно да избираме играчките :)
Това пате дето се бута, това най-вероятно повечето Александър ще го харесат :)
За по-големите, на мен ми е интересно да имат електрически коли, и да возят и втори Александър в тях, но не знам на тях какво им харесва :)
Ти имаш ли някакви идеи :)

За по-големите е много важно и сами да си харесат нещо :)

Най-хубаво ще е да заведем Александър да си хареса нещо :)
Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Ще помисля още, но дай и ти някаква идея какво харесва Александър :)

На мен всъщност ми се купуват пак плюшени играчки, всичко друго могат да си изберат после, но това ще бъде от мен :)

This can mean anything from "you will buy Alexander a teddy bear" to "you will not come until 2010, but will send me some money"
As usual I understand nothing at all :)
But will be choosing a teddy bear now :)

Където и да са, могат да получат по едно мече :)

No worries about the dates :)
Yet I really need 1000 BGN per month to survive :)
600 BGN per month is the hotel - the house is not inhabitable at all - so wet, that I was afraid to turn the electricity on, lest I get electrocuted
and 400 BGN per month is good for food
I cannot go to my mother, this will create far too much poisoning/scandal/sale risks
And I cannot work without being repaired first

Няма как да са точно тези мечета, но може Александър да получи някакво мече за Коледа :)
Прегръщам те...................................................................., Обичам те......................................................................

Прегръщам те...................................................................., Обичам те........................................................................................
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Let's now see what happened :)
I think you have been "warning me" that Pfizer will infect me with flu, but you didn't really warn me at all
I do understand the "druving you crazy" "LIke", yet it means "Pfizer making idiotic theater", I understood nothing else
My fault is that I didn't read your "posts" before I went to the pharmacy
Let's say that from now on, I will never go anywhere if you post the "driving you crazy" sign
This won't help either - Pfizer AND DXC were keeping Dani ill for the last 5 years
If flu means you are not coming, then you will not come for the next 5 years
You must start preventing, that "you got poisoned" game is the DXC one, and everyone sees that it doesn't work
I do not need to revisit the pharmacy to get a next flu, I can get it here in the hotel corridors as well
Another mistake you make is showing Pfizer what bothers you, as they will start doing it all the time
Even though Pfizer are "hidden", they are human, and they always get discouraged by things that do not work

I have now quite a lot of food, yet in say a week I will be shopping food again, and I can get a next flu
Announcing to Pfizer that a flu is all it takes to keep you away means that they will keep doing it for years
You must find a different approach to this - I did tell you in the very beginning that you are to expect air attacks
And this is what happens
You need a different approach

One more mistake I made - I hate medicines so much, and I love a runny nose so much, that I did not drink a Frevex the moment the flu started
I could have stopped it in an hour, this is what one Fervex does most times :)

The flu might stop within 1-2 days, I think :)
I will tell you when it does
And if the flu has been the problem - you better come between the end of the flu and the next shopping
If "major good" is the reason, no worries, I know it takes time
If I have money to survive, everything will be perfect :)
And no, I cannot go to my mother's apartment - lifts, 10 stories of stairway - this will never be poison-free
Me not going out will "ring all kinds of bells" to my idiotic mother and her idiotic neighbors
Pfizer love infecting my mother with just everything when she goes shopping, so even me not going out won't be a solution
My mother speaks ill of even infants, the moment she sees me, she will have piles of new garbage to talk about
And you heard already how she does "family business", staying between the apartments and shouting loudly "I need a key for Katya"
Next words, of course, "Katya's problems have returned"
Not an option :)

And if it is about "when to publicly break the news" - Christmas/New Year Holidays are indeed a bad choice
You will get an adverse reaction, people will consider it a bad taste keeping them busy with satellites during holidays
January is the better option
If you are going to announce rescue, though, yet in this case Holidays are a better choice
Otherwise people will ask you why sacrificing the holidays
As you can see, our main problem is the complete miscommunication :)

If it's the "stars" and satellites - people will hate you if you try ruining their holidays with such topics
In case I understand, which I don't, I simply don't know what you are saying :)
Yet starting a New Year's January with satellites down news will sound great,
bothering people with this during holidays - very bad taste, and people will hate you
January is the right time for satellites talk - in case you want the talk immediately after you come
If you are on the other hand announcing Alexander - well, any time will be great, Alexander is great :)

Моята съученичка каза че трябва "да си върна заводските настройки", да стана отново това, което съм
А аз се чуствам това, което съм като мисля за празници за нас :)
Прегръщам те........................................................, Обичам те..................................................................................................

I was sleeping until now :)
Otherwise, if you mean to tell me that "my new poisoning brought you research benefits" - what makes you different from DXC?
Isn't this just the next slavery?
You didn't warn me.
Even if I had read what you wrote in advance - it means absolutely nothing.
Your "communication means" are a lot worse then nothing.
From your "rositsa" and "white" I only understood that one of the sadist pharmacists is playing "innocent" and the other one is playing "bad guy"
and you have punished them both, or found them both "guilty"
Everything you are "saying" means absolutely nothing.
And this will not bring you any data, I am starting tonight to leave you with as little data as possible
Your entire "communication" is complete bullshit.
One question, and try to answer this time: Are the new Bulgarian Кармолис lozenges poisoned?
This "new" "message" means:
* "the Bulgarian Кармолис lozenges are poisonous"
* "You have punished the pharmacists" (and if I see the pharmacy open again, this doesn't matter, punishment is noot supposed to scare anyone, neither to prevent)
* "The pharmacists are guilty"
As you can see, your "communication" is complete bullshit.

Just more bullshit.

Just more bullshit. I understand NOTHING.

I have repeated a million times what the problem is - someone told you that "this is how we communicate"
No. This is how our "communication" has NEVER worked.
"These hands have never worked" invented this "communication", for the purpose of always claiming that "He said neither this, nor that"
Pfizer took it over from him, with exactly the same result
Yet while he wanted to never have said anything definite at all, and this was exactly what he achieved
Pfizer wanted to say things using the "I said neither this, nor that" "method", and they said nothing.
Than you adopted from "these hands have never worked" and from Pfizer the whore-talk, and the result is just whore-talk :)
Pfizer, for instance, started using the word "minty" ("менте") in 2014, to say that this is "forged"
Yet I am not from the social class using words like "менте" at all, I don't use this word, so I do not hear it either
I accidentally understood what Pfizer meant with "ментово" in 2018, when Pfizer sold me Romanian blue-dyeing sore throat lozenges
and they said these were "minty", and they had no minty taste, so 5 years after Pfizer first used the word "менте", i understood what they meant
This is a whore-talk.
What communication is this, if I am to understand what you "said" 5 years after you say it?

How did the murder of 2016 happen? Exactly the same way like now - everyone was "hinting" bullshit, and I understood nothing.
This "communication" has NEVER worked.
There is a Bulgarian TV theater, "Зех та, Радке!", (sort of, "I will marry you")
About an oldish rich and unpleasant man in love with a young girl, and whatever she says or does, "he sees in it a sign that she loves him"
This is exactly what we are doing now :)
You "hint" something (which no-one but you understands), and I am "seeing" in it everything I wish :)
and NOTHING of what you are actually saying.
This is a theater about people from hundreds of years ago, deservedly ridiculing the idea of "signs"

Знаех че тази книга ще ти хареса :)
И The Hero of Ages също :)

The entire idea of this "communication", beyond meaning nothing, is disgustingly corporate
The idea is that "you did say it", and the fact that no-one understood a thing means nothing, as the plan is fulfilled,
"What needed to be said, got said", and no result matters :)

* "Kill the sinusitis"
* "We punished the pharmacists" (and the fact that the pharmacy is still open only means that we invited them to continue any way it pleases them)
You are saying NOTHING.

You already killed people with this "communication" and you are now proudly continuing it, that's the reality.

I not only don't understand, I don't even understand what is posted by you and what by Pfizer
This is both the idea and the result of your idiotically adopted whore-talk - "You said neither this, nor that"

Previously the excuse was that I was the only one with war experience and everyone else was an amateur
What is the miscommunication excuse now? That you are all useless?
Or that you are whores?
Previously no-one wanted to risk their lives to deliver a code sheet, so thT I can know what you are saying
That "no-one can risk their lives" excuse is over, and the one remaining is "you want to be involved, but not involved" - a.k.a. whores.

You are playing the DXC game "It is now convenient for us, no, it is now not completely convenient for us, we want it even more convenient"
And how convenient did it get in the end for DXC?
Risking to provide a code sheet, and pretending we don't communicate after that is one thing
Your whore approach of "we are, but we actually aren't" is a completely different thing

The even more idiotic part of what you are doing, is "DXC and everyone around them failed from lack of communication and vain promises - let's do exctly what DXC did!

Прегръщам те....................................................., Обичам те............................................................................................................
Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Truth be told, if I were you, I wouldn't show up "2 weeks before I go to the media"
Because Pfizer do not bother about holidays, they substitute disgusting Pfizer theater even for serious national holidays,
Like "Slavi Trifonov sings "love" song on the 3rd of March show"
And if you are not quick in going to the media, no matter first or second (you will go second in either case, as Pfizer own the media)
Pfiser will fill the news with "those Americans, behave as if they own the world"
Yet nothing of this is an excuse for your whore talk
Your whore talk is like reporting "Task completed, I shot" (but who did you shoot? The neighbor? The criminal? The neighbor's cow? It doesn't matter, as you shot! And this has completed your task)
This is complete idiocy
There was a David Baldacci book about a runaway government killer, who left "signs" for the colleague killer who was sent to kill her
And a couple of weeks later he understood what the signs meant
Translated into standard English - you "warn" me with signs, and I couple of weeks later I understand that I have been poisoned
And "you have done your job", like whores
I will be very lonely if I close all your whore talk pages, as they keep me company, yet I will lose nothing in terms of information
You are NOT providing information, NEVER
And I have to choose now between forcing you to do instead of "talk whore talk", and having your webpages just as a company
And also choose at which point to start throwing your "toys" into the toilet
Because "I tell you where I will be, and all you do is get me poisoned" - what is my gain from carrying your toys?

Now you have the responsibility NOT TO GET ME POISONED ON THE 31ST OF DECEMBER
And I will be writing to all the world, on the 31st of December that ORIFLAME IDIOTS have sent me male cosmetics
Because this is exactly what will happen - if they changed the date, everyone else receives their purchases on the 30th, I receive them on the 31st
Exactly as Euroway couriers - ORIFLAME IDIOTS will bring me male cosmetics, and I will make the scandal in 2019 anyway :)
You weren't even sorry when you got me poisoned - you celebrated it, there won't be any next time.

If I hadn't told you where I was going, I wouldn't have got poisoned - and you aren't even sorry for that
No, someone working for you cannot have pretenses - yet I am not working for you, as you are not paying me :)
You are just taking things from me :)

Ходих навън и вместо елха си купих круша :)
Винаги съм се чудла как живее Trump, не мисля че някой на света получава повече подигравки в минута от мен и Trump
Гнусната Pfizer рецепционистка дойде инструктирана да се подиграе и крушата ми "А пък тоя дебелия каза че ще ме изяде"
Наистина не ми е ясно кам живее Trump и всеки президент и подобни, аз не правя абсолютно нищо, което Pfizer да не освинят
Да де, орделен въпрос е че рецепционистката не прилича на круша а на беззъба, крива бабешка десетсантиметрова фиба за коса
Крушата си е круша, не е ръждива крива тел :)
Аз не знам дали Trump получава повече подигравки в минута от мен, но едва ли, мисля че сме наравно
И в естеството на подигравките, които аз и Trump получаваме, няма никакви разлики
И защо по дяволите ще иска да е президент при това условие
Т.е. две круши си купих, едната я изядохме със съученичката ми, а другата има съвършена форма и ще си я гледам :)
На Trump дали му правят впечатление всички простотии по негов адрес из интернет?
Аз мисля че ако оттук нататък тръгна да спасявам някого ще е Trump - защото е точно в моята ситуация със всичко, което каже или направи
Е, не знам, може пък поне круши да има възможност да си купува непублично, но наистина винаги съм се чудила за какъв дявол някой би изкал да е президент
От друга страна, Trump е един от изключително малкото американски президенти, на които съм им чувала името, защото се говори за него
Предишният, който бях чувала, беше Reagan, и единствената причина поради която му знам името, е че американец гостуващ в България беше помислил че чай от риган (oregano) е чай от Reagan
И в хижата в планината (разказваше друга моя съученичка) казал "Yes, yes, I want tea of Reagan"
Това е пак онова правило че нищо лошо не проблем, стига да има и добро, а то няма
Единственото нещо, което в никакъв случай не исках, по милион причини, беше да си говорим през интернет, и ти поиска точно това
Но и за никой освен теб не бих се съгласила на такова извращение
Ти през цялото време се сърдеше че искам да те държа в тайна - да, искам да те държа в тайна в смисъл че искам неща, които само ние знаем, а няма нито едно такова нещо
Да, не искам да те излагам, а от друга страна искам да се хваля с теб, с Александър, да вървя с теб по улицата
Изобщо си напълно прав че искам да те държа в тайна, но бъркаш причините на 100% :)
Не знам дали съзнаваш какво точно поиска от мен - аз не бях имала нито един миг, в който да съм сама, и на тъмно, от повече време отколкото можех да си спомня
А ти поиска всичко, което правим да стои из интернет
Имам чуството че си прав, и ако разбера защо, ще разбера защо Trump е съгласен да е президент :)
Имам чуството, че това е от нещата които ти знаеш, а аз не знам

Или просто всеки от нас маниакално иска всичко, което му е отказано, аз искам тъмно, ти искаш светло
Аз мечтая да махна колкото се може повече неща от себе си (с изключение на преследваните неща), ти със същата мания слагаш неща по себе си
Мисля че аз и Trump сме хората, които живеят в условия на най-голяма неправедливост

Ако можех да свиря (то аз да пея ама изобщо не мога), трябваше само да ме включиш в някоя твоя банда, и моментално получаваш безброй милиарда views дневно :)
Без значение че е лоша реклама, просто всичко, което публикуваш, ще има повече views от Metallica :)
Това, за което най-много се възхищавам на Trump, е че не му пречи публичността, и се чудя как го прави
Знам как, има и лични неща, а аз нямам,
Получава се така че докато нямах никакъв живот, и имах само мисълта си, тя си беше моя
А с теб, всичко е в интернет, никога няма да разбера защо го поиска
Аз така или иначе нямаше да поискам каквото и да било преди теб, но това с този интернет си е едно голямо извращение
Да, случиха се много хубави неща, от това че бяхме изцяло в интернет, променихме мисленето на необозримо много хора около теб
Ти се промени страшно много, аз започнах да не харесвам криене, аз не искам Александър и ти да се криете, но аз искам личен живот
Искам неща, които знаем само аз и ти
Аз не знам дали хората се хвалят помежду си с "музика", т.е. мисля че се хвалят тези, които си измислят колкото да има какво да кажат
Мисля че бях като теб, когато бях на около 10 години - исках да кажа на някого абсолютно всичко, за което помисля, само да не го казвам в семейството си, да е навън някъде
Имам като малка един спомен с група Шурците
Беше толкова важно, че от десетгодишна възраст досега никога не съм го забравила и за миг (докато убий ме не мога да си спомня кога съм канила журналисти в час, в къщата си, а журналистката помни дори с какъв цвят пола съм била преди 20 години!)
Това е било преди около 46 години, Шурците имаха концерт в Габрово, и "подгряваща група" им беше детското хорче "Щурче", в което аз пеех
И един от музикантите ме все и ме сложи да седна на коляното му, и аз и тогава като сега не говорех
Но помня че се почуствах като нещо, което не знаех че съм, дали дете - нямам определение, просто изведнъж бях за първи път в живота си малка
Все едно че имах семейството, което сега Христина описва, а аз дори не мога да си представя това, за което тя говори, а тя не може да си представи нищо различно от това, за което тя говори

Помня че се почуствах толкова малка, че дори имах чуството че физически съм изведнъж станала много по-малка, заемаща, много, много по-малко място

Да, може да се каже че за няколко минути бях осиновена от група Шурците, или от някой от тях, но съм била твърде малка за да знам кой :)

Ние с теб сме си пълни противоположности :)
Но по някакъв най-хубав начин :)
Поне отдавна вече не ми говориш "ама аз не съм ", ти се убеди толкова пъти вече че аз се заглеждам във всичко, което дори най-бегло прилича на теб
И никога не ми прилича достатъчно на теб :)
Ти си абсолютно единствен критерий за съвършена красота :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
А също и цялата истина за Троянската война :)

Да, в тази книга се побеждаваше някакво световно зло
Аз ама изобщо не се отказвам от побеждаването на световното зло, просто трябва да оцелявам някак докато световните планове се променят (напълно очаквано и разумно) непрекъснато
Иначе да, прав си, и моите състуденти и преподаватели в университета освен за пръсти за друго не говореха, но мисля че не го виждаш в реална светлина
Щото за пръсти говореха само тези дето пръстите им са доживотно само за тяхна собствена употреба ;) (щото никой друг........)
Аз имах следния разговор с доцента си по Зоология на Безгръбначните:
Доцентът излиза в коридора, повдига един плексигласов капак от една витрина, и казва
"Аз да си взема монографията оттука за да не ми я открадне някой!" Пуска пак плексигласовия капак
"Ей, как падна като гилотина, щеше да ми отреже пръстите!" Събрали се група студенти наоколо, доцентът бърза да не изпусне да направи сеир, и казва:
"Кате, ти сигурно си мислеше аз по-добре друго да си бях сложил тука вместо пръстите?!"
Аз отговарям кратко; "То другото няма нужда...."
И доцентът пояснява, "Искаш да кажеш, то все едно да бесиш удавник :) "
Та така стои световният въпрос с пръстите :)
За да не си мислиш че само това съм научила от 5 години университетско образование по биология:
Същият доцент ме взема за асистентка на лятна практика на първокурсници биолози, мисля че беше в някакво троянско село
Аз за една седмица изчетох всички книги на Агата Кристи, които доцентът си носеше, и след една седмица вече бяха напълно откачила от скука и отивам да моля доцента да ме пусне за един ден да отида до София
След обеда, чукам на вратата на стаята му, той казва "Да!", аз влизам, и той както си лежи в леглото завит само с един чаршаф, "палаво" (съвсем на майтап) отмята чаршафа настрани, и после пак се завива, като за части от секундата показва сиво-лилаво тяло на 70-годишен алкохолик
Аз веднага изхвърчавам от стаята
На вечеря доцентът не може да си намери място от радост че най-после е открил нещо, с което да ме притесни (след като приказването на глупости не свърши работа)
И вече в стихията си, не спира да се хвали "И аз, със чаршафа, Аполон Белведерски, а пък тя - Венера Милоска, само дето на нея вместо ръцете са й отрязали цххххх" (намеква че съм била имала някакви липси :) )
Аз вече не мога да си поема въздух от смях, а той не спира да говори, "Виж, виж как се радва, рови си с вилицата из чинията и си представя как се гаври с мойта свежа плът :) "
Всичко друго, което съм научила в този университет, е все от същата серия, и не бих могла да го разказвам на невинните ти уши на не-биолог :)
(и е все от същата серия, защото все този с "удавника" ми го е преподавал :) Добре де, и други с "удавници" имаше
Просто................... тези приказки ги знам :)
Да де, при положение че освен теб никой друг никога не се е справял, какво да си говорим :)
Да сега си търся работа из Габрово и Търново, за в случай че "световното добро" има твърде бавни планове :)
(И определено, всеки който тръгне да говори за пръсти............ все е някой "Аполон Белведерски", гарантирам :) )

Не, не мисля че конкретният "автор" говори за такива пръсти, просто по темата за публичността ги разказвам тия истории :)
То всъщност историята с тази едномесечна лятна практика имаше и продължение, на същата вечеря в столовата, масата ни заобиколана с маси на които са още стотина студенти първокурсници
Аз тогава бях единственото момиче асистентка, и ме бяха сложили да спя в една стая с 1-2 студентки още
И доцентът след като обясни защо съм била "Венера Милоска", продължи че аз сигурно съм била завиждала на студентките за това, което имат "в повече от мен"
Казва "Тя сигурно нощем се разхожда с бръснач из стаите и гони студентките да им ги реже, от завист :) "
Просто беше голям смях :)
Аз съм напълно лишена от представа за стандарти, и никога не съм искала да съм нещо "очаквано"
Освен дето имах период на мания да си ушия "най-малкия номер рокля от списанието", няколко десетилетия период,
Но след Pfizer не мога да гледам "списанийни" неща :)
Да, вие може да говорите че на Trump му се подиграват като на мен, но има пари
Само че истината е, че и да има пари, ако е като мен и да няма и една минута личен (непубличен) живот, пак няма да иска

Прегръщам те................................................................, Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I am completely deprived of "angry memory", so I don't even remember anymore what I was angry about :)
That's part of the same way of thinking, life has always today as starting point, and there is absolutely nothing before today
Yes, of course I will give you all the data, because I am a biologist, and I am as curious about my body's fighting abilities as you, realistically, a lot more than you, as a worship nature
Though, I am interested in the termination of technology, while you ma be in the "technology" (which is no technology at all) as well
Anyway, my repair is very interesting and unexpected, though logical, and I will tell you about it in the dark only
Otherwise, I don't see how Pfizer will miss the opportunity to poison my Oriflame order, as I have ordered some very specific "washing things", "Pfizer's dream"
Would be a pity not to have them, as I am working a lot to fight the smell, yet I guess you will have a new technology garbage in the collection
I am not against you having the garbage, I just wanted the washing things as well :)
I might have figured out how to start a job "in case", this is why I am no longer crazy :)
About "hinting", nothing changes - I haven't understood a word about whether I can use the Кармолис lozenges, or they are just one more piece of "technology" garbage, so I cannot use them
And when my "washing things" arrive - the situation will be identical, I will not understand whether you say "use them" or "do not use them", so I won't be using them
And your line of not hinting is ultimately intelligent, as relying on "hints" I will get poisoned a lot more frequently than without the hints
Yesterday's "hints" were just of the "keep me company" spectrum, nothing definite either, I do like the company, yet this is no information
It might be related to my way of thinking, as well; as you are the ones who jump to conclusions, while I leave every single observation open to a spectrum of interpretations
The same process of me seeing more things where you see one
In the middle of the Oriflame order the delivery date changed to 31st of December - the only interesting fact here is whether Pfizer have bought the Indians supporting the site, or have hacked the site
As both are perfectly possible
Another interesting point is that yesterday the CCB ATM yesterday has resulted in an SGEB message that "I have withdrawn 400 BGN", while I haven't
They don't usually record withdrawal when you have not withdrawn anything
Plus, this means withdrawing 2 x 400 BGN from an initial 477 BGN
More Pfizer game to look into :)
(and one more demonstration that Pfizer own SGEB, which is now DSK, which for its part is the most communist bank in Bulgaria)

OK, Oriflame are not idiots - looks like the delivery date of 31st December was in a delivery schedule which I hadn't seen
Now there are 2 options:
First option, when I was ordering Colvita from Framar, online, my Colvita boxes were never poisoned, I was just receiving piles of "boost your testosterone" advertisements (may be the gift shampoo in this case)
"Maybe" online sellers are less likely to agree to distribute poisons, as they are already working under the presumption of foul play
On the other side, in Pfizer Medical Information we were trained to answer that we guarantee nothing for online purchased drugs
Second option, Pfizer will not miss the dream opportunity of poisoning my "washing things" - their main issue has always been with "targeting", and I don't see how they will miss such an "on target" opportunity
If you ask me, leave Pfizer poison the "washing things", and collect the additional garbage they send, as I will in either case never dare to use it

There is another problem, though
One of Pfizer's main aims has always been to trick me into delivering poisons to others
Linnah wanted me to join her to Dani's pediatrician, for Dani's first vaccine, and the setup was complete
A man in front of the "doctor"'s room was playing loud Pfizer theater, "he had a leg problem (I think), needed this doctor to help him"
The "doctor" was looking at me with that look "this in front of me is an animal", and was explaining that "Dani will get his vaccine after his birthday"
Next time we went, the "doctor" insisted that I must hold Dani while she is making the injection, not the nurse, not Linnah
I sensed definite foul play, the "doctor" was afraid of what she was about to do, yet even if I had sensed nothing, my reaction would have been exactly the same
I said that I was a former Pfizer employee, and I will never help anything even most remotely connected to "medicine"
This was Dani's poisonous vaccine, and Pfizer wanted me to "deliver" it
This opens the question about me distributing "Oriflame" products - the products are great, I have never before seen any cosmetics with live flowers/forest effect -
They do not dry out my nose, they make it run, what normal plants would do
My hair stopped getting oily, and feels pleasantly wet
Yet I don't see how Pfizer would miss the opportunity of delivering poisons via me, and I already ordered a perfume as a gift for Christina
She has chosen her perfume, yet I have no idea what Pfizer will put in it
And I must never ever order anything else, although I love the products

Не, честно казано вече отдавна съм напълно забравила да се притеснявам кой ме е видял
Аз се ядосвам на "рекламите" на "круши" и подобни, защото развивам все по-голямо отвращение към всичко свързано с музика изобщо
Често съм ти го казвала - след реклами дълго не съм сигурна дали и ти не изглеждаш като фотомодел от списание, което би било отвратително разбира се
И ми трябва много време докато отново повярвам че не приличаш на нищо от списание :)

That "Dr. Lechkova" Dani's pediatrician story is even more mysterious in terms of documentation
When I was telling DXC about her, I went to the second floor of Linnah's house, and found in some box Dani's vaccination booklet
That is a complete mystery - no doctor's name, no medical institution name, basically "someone administered some vaccines"
But who administered what - no paper trail at all!
And regarding Christina's perfume, we really need to decide what to do - how do I give it to her if I am not sure if it is poisoned or not
And she has chosen it for herself, and is wating for this perfume :)

Actually, "Dr. Lechkova"'s disastrous documentation can be a perfect way of attacking her :)
Pfizer often chanted that I have personally connected them with that "Dr. Lechkova", which might indeed have been the case
Pfizer are always in search for imbeciles, and the stories I was telling about her left no doubt that she was one
Mitko had been to her office, asking her help for severe stomach pain - something like gastritis, ulcer
"Dr. Lechkova"'s answer was "I don't know what it is, yet you can drink Coca-Cola, and if it is some inflamation, the Coca-Cola will kill the bacteria"
This is the type of medical university graduates Pfizer love

I have no idea what this is about :)
I like the company, nothing more
This could be about Dani's pediatrician, Christina's perfume
If the first, could mean "punished", will testify
If the second, could mean "tell Christina", "we will catch them", anything
I have nothing against reading, just don't consider it any kind of information
It is sort of information to the point of "you acknowledge that you have heard my new tip, and are doing something about it"
Beyond that, I have never understood a thing :)

Много ми харесва стилът на писане на David Baldacci :)
Като SMS-и, съвсем кратки изречения, все едно гледам филм, и много характерен стил - не съм виждала никой друг да пише така
Пише малко както аз мисля
Но това, което му липсва, е това, което ти в момента четеш в книгите на Brandon Sanderson -
Wax and Wayne имат всеки собствен почерк, собствен речник от думи, това ги прави толкова индивидуални все едно са изиграни от различни артисти
При David Baldacci няма такова нещо - всички герои използват един и същ речник от думи, всички казват "in all of 5 minutes", например
И това е много странно, защото нито един писател или филм, който съм чела/гледала досега не ползва този израз, и изведнъж всички герои тук го ползват
И това създава впечатлението че няма герои, има само един герой във всички роли
УРААААААААААААААААААААААААААА! Нямам да плащам вода за къщата!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Това значи че с много малко пари мога да се преместя в къщата :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Само малко вар, един водопроводчик да сложи водомер и да пусне водата на една мивка
Възможно е бойлерът на дърва да не е напълно изгнил и да мога да се къпя, ако е изгнил - просто ще си купя голямо корито и ще си се къпя на пода в кухнята, както баба ми цял живот е правила :)
Даже моят под е покрит с плочки, и само ще го бърша, няма да се налага като баба ми да го покривам с наилон :)
Е, мога примерно да посещавам банята само по светло, за да не се налага да паля лампа, защото с тези прогизнали стени ще стане кусо на момента
Или още по-хубаво да се къпя на свещ :)
И още една голяма работа ще е че ми трябват 1-3 курса на огромен камион да изнесе всички изгнили дървени мебели, защото те са все едно са били на дъното на река последните 15 години
Имам 2 метални легла, които само ще боядисам, решила съм какъв дюшек да си купя - едно легло ми стига
Но определено всичко изгнило трябва да се изнесе, иначе мухълът никога няма да се махне
Прозорецът, който съседите са оставили отворен за 15 години, мога и аз да го пристържа за да започне да се затваря
Другият проблем е че май са махнати всички врати на първия етаж, но май има разхвърляни врати из къщата, и все една врата ще стане на кухнята, за да мога да топля само една стая
Имам подарък от някаква колежка масивна чугунена приказна печка на дърва, само ще й взема нови кюнци
И ще се топля богато с под 0.5 BGN на ден, изпробвано :)
Е, с бойлера на дърва, отоплението може да стане и 30 BGN на месец, но пак не е 600 BGN за хотел :)
В интерес на истината, мисля че майка ми в дълбока древност беше платила тези 300 лева сметка за вода,
Това е една от фикс идеите й, всяка сметка трябва да се плати на момента, и всяка повреда да се оправи също на момента
Ползването на тоалетна при минус 17 - минус 27 градуса (както ще стане) съм го пообмислила
Изобщо ще имам къща :)

I have no idea what you are talking about :)
I am just going back to the rule "everything is poisonous"
Still have no idea how warn Christina if the perfume is poisonous :)
Yet there are some days left and a solution can present itself :)

No, I am definitely not going to use the Wellness box either :)

Before you came, I was on an even strickter "diet" - "No known first ingredient"
Means that I had stopped all perfectly legal vitamins and minerals either
This was because when I completed the secong major clean up, Pfizer tried to test their poison on me, it didn't work
And they found "a workaround" - they announced that they need no living stemcells, if I drink Biovea UK Iodine from kelp
Pfizer first tried to make me buy a non-existing Biovea Iodine box - too many capsules for a too low price
(they were trying to please me, as I had been calculating the prices per tablet for weeks, comparing different brands, yet overdid it as usual, and I noticed the fraud)
There was no such Biovea Iodine box on no UK/BG Biovea site - just the Biovea shop on Address: bul. "Vasil Levski" 46, 1142 Sofia Center, Sofia, Phone: 087 856 7491 "was supposed to have such a box"
My pharmaciist lady-friends with a small pharmacy on Luben Karavelov street were told that "BIOVEA will not deliver my order to them, as BIOVEA has a shop meters from them"
And they showed me a piece of paper on which their supplier had described the "magic" BIOVEA Iodine box
I tricked Pfizer, or I thought I did, as I went to the BIOVEA shop unnoticed, bought a regular Iodine box, and .......
........... and still Pfizer noticed me buying te BIOVEA Iodine box, said "You have upgrdaed yourself, now our street poisons will work as well!"
And this is when I stopped all vitamins, minerals, anything but raw food prepared by myself, as Pfizer obviously needed a "known first ingredient", and I didn't want to offer them any
Later Aviva explained that BIOVEA Iodine from kelp on one side, and Coca-Cola and Fervex on the other, are antagonists
Because BIOVEA Iodine from kelp causes "urine retention, which is what Pfizer need", while Fervex and Coca-Cola are diuretics
In case one can ever believe what Aviva are saying.............
Anyway, the "no known first ingredient" rule has always served me perfectly well, and I am now going back to it, until you come :)

If I were to guess, this article might mean:
The "O" have their first case of poisoned product
or I think that there is poison, yet there isn't
or Move to the house
or You are planning to move to the house, but we will come meanwhile
"This" can mean: "Tell Christina"
or "Don't tell Christina"
or "We have told Christina"
or "We will tell Christina"
or "The "O" are sending a poison this time"
I can continue like this until the moon and back
Every strength is a weakness, and vice versa
You cannot use iron plates for a blanket, and you cannot use blankets for a roof
I have the inborn ability to sense everything which is not true - I never listen to words, I am just "listening" to whether the person speaking is lying, whether he means good/bad/whatever
You are not saying what you are saying, this is the idea of "hinting", and as you are never saying what you are saying - I never see anything "true" :)
I do not understand a thing of what you are saying :)
Let's leave it that way, accept that I do not understand, and do not count on my understanding - that will work safely :)

By the way, have a look to see if Pfizer are attacking Christina in any way
In Gabrovo Pfizer are ALWAYS attacking everyone I come in contact with, and all their relatives
(unless that someone starts playing for Pfizer, which Christina won't do)
Here is a story:
When I came to Gabrovo in 2014, I was doing no step outside my mother'a apartment without company
And my most frequent company was a neighbor who was losing her sight, "retina degeneration" or the like
The fact that she was going bland did not change the fact that she was a bad person, yet good or bad I needed company to walk, and she hated pharmaceutical companies as much as me
Her name is Donka Petkova, she is a former mainframe center employee, also a former teacher from this hotel school here, and lives 1-2 floors below my mother's apartment
Donka's ophtalmologist was chasing her to use some "very saffe yet but not yet approved eye medicine", Donka was refusing, said "If it is so safe, why isn't it approved?"
The ophtalmologist increased the price of Donka's eye injection to 2000 BGN per dose, to force her to go on the "test drug", Donka never agreed
Donka has lots of houses, land, gold juelry, yet she never pays for her meals, she visits neighbors, eats what they have on the teable, ransacks the fridge, argues they do not have something preferable on the table, as I said, not a nice person
And she also told idiotic stories about me and my mother to everyone who cares, so she remains our only visitor
For instance, "My mother brings black magic and death to everyone around herself", etc...........
Yet before I found out about this "black magic campaign", I was walking outside with Donka every day
Pfizer started sending a black car with tinted windows, to drive after us slowly, and lightly hit Donka's legs from behind, again, and again
While a "man" was in front of the car, and the car people were "friendly greeting him" - "they only chased women"
Donka has an adopted son about whom she does jot care a bit - when around 1974 there was an earthquake, I was running down the stairs from the 10th floor with Yavor in my hands, my mother with Linnah
and we saw how Donka is running some 2-3 meters before her adopted "son" and doesn't even wait for him
He was 5-7 years old at the time
Yet Pfizer didn't believe that Donka will no care, and her son who was distributing newspapers early every morning in Germany, called to say that "His bike's tires get cut every single morning, on broken beer bottle glasses, most probably because some football tournament"
So I expect things like this to happen to people around me
Yes, eventually Pfizer did manage to deliver their own test medicine to Donka
Donka loved to make people pay for everything she uses, so she asked me to buy her some known brand eye vitamins from California
I bought them on a corner pharmacy, on the way to Sophie's school, yet Pfizer overdid it again, they were loudly playing "And I don't care" (Beatles) in the pharmacy
I went out, thought about it, checked the expiry date - the "vitamins" were expiring on the next day!
I entered te pharmacy, made a scandal to the Asian pharmacist there, took back my money, gave them back their poison
Next I tried to buy the vitamins at CVS - "one single last box on the shelf... expiring in a month" :)
DXC did confirm that this has been a Pfizer test drug
I did tell Donka that I suspected the vitamins were forged
She still drank them, even bragged that "she can now see the lines between the kitchen wall tiles more clearly"
Ah, Pfizer were also playing with Donka's TV - they killed the TV's image, "to show Donka, that if she keeps refusing testing she will only hear sounds"

DXC must have told you that later on CVS did some anti-Pfizer revolution, and helped me
I was in Redondo Beach, California, reading on the Framar site one by one either all disease descriptions or all medicines descriptions, I don't remember
And trying to recognize what Pfizer had infected me with
Than I received on my prepaid California phone number (registered on Yavor's name) a CVS SMS "Your order has been received" (or something like that)
I suspected new poisoning, of course, and did not buy anything anymore from the local CVS shop
Yet even though I went to a "accidental", where I told Yavor to stop the car, CVS shop - "my order has still been received", obviously managed CVS centrally, not CVS locally
Pfizer had been talking to me about climacterium, menopause and the like, so I went to that shelf directly
And on that specialized menopause shelf, CVS had left for me cystitis and candida home tests, first aid tablets for cystitis, some vaginal anti-scratching cream (which had no effect whatsoever)
OK then, it's cystitis! I started drinking high dose of those cystitis first aid tablets immediately, and all the way to Bulgaria,
and this allowed me for the first time for the last 5 months to stop "using" Pfizer's viagra every hour or so
In Bulgaria I bought Ciprofloxacin and Doxycycline, and did my first clean up
That cystitis home test was positive, the candida one I did without touching it to myself, afraid of next infection, so I did it with a smallest amount, and it was may be negative
Before the test I was in a rather bad condition - local below pubic bone fever, spreading to body fever, I drank Day/NightQuil, tried local application of Cotinus herb, of vanila extract
And still I was forced to "use" Pfizer's viagra pretty much every hour
After the first antibiotic clean up I did in Bulgaria, I was only remaining susceptible to street poison attacks, no internal non-stop viagra anymore
And only my left leg was susceptible/"hearing" the street poisons - area above pubic bone hears/reacts to nothing, and right leg reacts but does not hear by itself
And that clean up also resulted in my left leg pulsing 24/7/365 ever since
Yet CVS started that clean up, truth be told
One more detail, Pfizer did one single air chemical attack in California in 2014
We were all in some sewing supplies shop, and on the way out before e passed an Indian woman (of course!), wearing some very heavy Indian type perfume with strong "male" viagra effect
It is difficult to feel worse, if I was already feeling terribly bad, yet I did feel a lot worse, and Pfizer supplemented it by some screeching violin may be music on the radio, Pfizer did definitely have a plan, I mean

But what revolution exactly connected the monitoring of my Framar site browsing, to the CVS SMS, and the CVS shelf - that is a question, you see

Just to be exact, the Indian viagra woman was INTO the shop, and going out of it, she wasn't just "perfuming the street"

Technically, if Pfizer did at least one air chemical attack in California, 2014, and at least one air chemical attack in Florida, 2019
Pfizer's chemical attacks are simply in the USA, for years now, and what are the odds Pfizer would only attack me?

I am really glad you keep camera recordings - one might say that 5 years is far too long for anything to be kept
Yet you can see that for Pfizer 7 years since 2013 is not even like "yesterday", it's "today", and you need to keep recordings too

I don't think unimportant Pfizer-attacked people exist, everyone can turn out to be a loose end like me
And Pfizer are always so loud about everything they do, and so public

Pfizer love Chinese and Indians for their "advertisements" A LOT
You might have noticed that I have removed my browser suggestions because all I get is ""this word" in Hindi"

Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

What I said tonight about Linnah was true, by the way
After Pfizer sprayed my apartment beds with adrenaline and hormones, and I uploaded that Aviva video, and was fired
DXC Bulgaria (or not only Bulgaria) called Linnah multiple times and insisted that she "takes me into her house, as I was not feeling well"
She got me into the house, didn't believe a word of my explanations, never believed a word of my explanations, and our relationship grew from bad to worse

Прегръщам те..................................................................., Обичам те..................................................................................
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I have some important things to tell you, like a written threat to be fulfilled on USA teritory and a pattern
Pfizer are doing sadism 24/7 ever since 2013, everything blends for me in the background, and I don't even remember it
This is why some facts come up later
You have an enormous hole in your security wall, something you never care about, the India people
A Russian or an Arab will immediately trigger all possible alarms, an India Indian - never, they are no religous fanatics,
They are obedient, submissive, they will never come up with any such ideas BY THEMSELVES at all
And as with everything in the world, every coin has two sides
New World are using India Indians a lot, for everything so low and disgusting that no-one else would ever do it
The India Indians obey orders (including New World orders) to the letter, they have no religious fanatism to cause them to act suprisingly, or rebel;
no moral constraints or moral filters whatsoever - they do exactly what they are told to do
And here is the list of facts
2013, Pfizer need someone on the phone to pretend to be a customer, and to talk me toddler intonation and words so as to "comminucate with the little boy I contain"
It's an India Indian woman "psychiatrist"
2014, California, Redondo Beach LensCrafters optician "Dr. P" is an India Indian woman who is organizing my kidnapping -
"They will diplate my pupils, they insist to drive me home after that as I will see nothing, they claim my son has left and is not coming back"
2014, California, Redondo Beach, sewing supplies shop India Indian woman wears the air chemical warfare perfume
2017-2018 LOTS of DXC and Aviva India Indians
* one L. Priya or the like from DXC SKF team keeps me one hour after work on Skype, may be even end of 2016, whore talk
"did you check that email, no, that email, "So, ......... I'm not sure"
* Throughout 2017 L. Priya (some application team may be) "advocates" for "woman customer who needs access, and has some "angel" name", for months!
* 2017, the McAfee DLP emails - they are immediately after an India Indian DXC Citrix engineer took remote of my laptop
* 2017, I have endless Aviva Citrix environment issues, and DXC Cistrix India Indians (sent all of them by Mike Everitt UK) are "working on my Citrix access"
* 2017, I have no access to the Aviva Assyst ticket tool, so DXC Citrix India Indians CREATE FOR ME ONLY an icon named "TICKET TOOL", to access the Aviva Assyst ticket tool from there
On that video I posted in YouTube about the Aviva Assyst Custom Torture Ticket Tool, I am asking two Security team colleagues if this is the icon they use to access Aviva Assyst, they say No, they have no such icon
* January-March 2018, my reading glasses get stolen in the metro train, on the way back from work
Immediately DXC supervisor Petar Savov offers me a new locker cabinet, "closer to my desk", "promises to put a label with my name on it, but doesn't, puts a WHITE blank label instead"
White is a Pfizer metaphor for Pfizer/viagra
Simultaneously an India Indian raises two tickets "for two different (quite powerful system IDs), with slightly different accesses" (the theater is, "leave your old glasses (the ones from before the stolen ones were always in my locker as a backup) in that "white label" locker,
and we will make new glasses for you")
(Yeah, we all agree it's disgusting (a violet person steals my glasses in the metro train, Pfizer make me new ones), but the second question is, "these are two powerful system IDs, created only for my reading glasses theater - who will use them after that, and what for?")
* 2017 an Aviva "honey voice" India Indian woman engineer insists to speak on Skype, A LOT, still about those "reading glasses IDs accesses"
* 2017, DXC have an entire Idian India MQ department, whom I contact because one Aviva custom tool is down, I cannot fix it, its jobs are failiing with MQ error, and...........
THE ENTIRE DXC MQ DEPARTMENT MAKES ME AN HOURS LONG "CHILD DELIVERY THEATER IN SKYPE", instead of working, with all the cries, cild crying, "nurses and doctors wondering what to do"
* 2017, an Aviva India Indian "engineer" raises an SSL certificate ticket, and "his connection fails for pretty much a year" - I check his old tickets, everything always worked within hours with his previous SSL certificates tickets
So, it's a Pfizer theater, the India Indian is not stupid, he has never had technical issues before, he is just obedient - this SSL certificate will be for Pfizer theater and will keep failing to connect for a year
* Would have been beginning of 2018, maybe January, an India Indian man raises a ticket for a long list of employee IDs needing access
"Reading the IDs" pretty much says: "Someone called Yavor, USA permanent resident, will be got naked and raped for his birthda, in the USA" (the promised written threat)
* Aviva new employees data entering India Indian woman enters a word instead of a "employment start date" in a Aviva custom employee data management tool, the tool is written with no input validation, the tool fails and stays down for a week, "to pass a Pfizer message"
* DXC India Indian Scheduling or jobs monitoring team - a man and a woman fail mainframe jobs to "pass Pfizer message"
(This is not everything, as it has always been 24/7, I don't remember everything)
Long story short, when you see an India Indian man, or especially an India Indian woman - you will never look twice, "they are innocuous"
But they aren't, because New World uses them as a main weapon - India Indians HAVE NO DANGEROUS THOUGHTS OF THEMSELVES, yet they are submissive, obedient, and DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE TOLD
"New World might have used India Indians accidentally, just because there are lots of them around everywhere"
Noooooooooooooo, because the lowest and most disgusting Pfizer theaters have always been things you could never make an American or European do :)

Two more technical "news" - Facebook changed the profile photo shape for me - "I must be looking at round holes, as this will excite me sexually" (it disgusts me, of course)
You can see that when you hover on a name in Facebook, the profile photo shape is still a square
Google changed all "search fields" from rectangular to elliptical for me - means "If I type in these "holes" I make sex"
Google images search field got changed additionally, Google Scholar is still rectangular
Facebook and Google are Porn companies.
Facebook used to have a lot more custom animations for me, yet they withdrew them after I told DXC about Pfizer

Another most important India Indian L. Priya (India Indian in general!) DXC applications engineer phenomenon
Priya has been the most active Pfizer SKF player for more than a year, and .........
2018 comes, I tell/convince DXC about Pfizer, and Priya is their main player too :)
She makes the signs "Yes, Tokuda "doctor" has injected you with immunosupressant, he was making tissue amendments in your body"
"Yes, Tokuda "doctor" tied the threads of your palm cut sutures together so the wound gets pulled at all the time, doesn't heal, and so you can come back"
No-one ever bothered to be angry with her, avoid her, fire her - and she and all other India Indians are never acting/sounding scared of what they do
They sound proud, "it's just a job", they have been "chosen", by Pfizer, by DXC next, by everyone next, there are no consequences
No, it's not like a "plea bargain", they are not sent back as "spies", they are just reused for the dirtiest jobs
"Oh, you were passing cryptic messages for Pfizer, come pass them now for me, you are obviously comfortable playing outside the law"
You can recognize the India Indians' New World ecological niche, and the Indian Indians themselves, by the type of jobs they are given
It is always something no American or European will do.
OK, let's forget about moral constraints and even about fear of consequences (which Indian Indians do not possess :) ) -
How many American or European mainframe engineer teams you now, who would all as a team "play a child birth on Skype"?
You must not even admit it, yet American/Europeans have some "filters", there are things they don't do, no matter how criminal they are
And this is the India Indians ecological niche
At Aviva, when Aviva started plotting to get Alexander, and later me on a "medical" ship, the entire "project" was managed by Indian project managers too
No consequences, no-one ever angry with them, everyone uses and reuses them, they fear nothing, feel proud, they are "chosen for the job"
No they did not get reused "against Pfizer", they got reused against people, for the same jobs Pfizer used them before, just because "they do such things"
I don't know, I wouldn't personally feel safe using "players" who would equally proudly change their "manager" every next moment

When drug cartels are using Latino mules - those mules do look forced, scared
The India Indians look and sound proud of what they are doing, this is what makes it even more disgusting
And this is how you recognize one - they are sincerely proud of doing something disgusting, which is clearly not their own idea
Can L. Priya come and whore talk to me for an hour after work, repeating all the time "So..... I'm not sure"
When drug cartels are using Latino mules - those mules do look forced, scared
The India Indians look and sound proud of what they are doing, this is what makes it even more disgusting
And this is how you recognize one - they are sincerely proud of doing something disgusting, which is clearly not their own idea
No way :)
In 2007/2008 HP UK Resource Control, I worked with an 11000 Indian engineers Diagnosis department
They were so brainlessly strict in what they were doing, that they defended the "first call resolution" rule above all business priorities
Server fails, India Diagnosis engineer RECOMMENDS THE FIRST CHOICE SPARE PART
I check all storehouses, this part is not available - I ask India Diagnosis for alternative part - "NO. USE THIS ONE" (First Call Resolution)
4 Hour Call To Fix customer waits for a week, as I have to order the part abroad, from a main storehouse, contracts a lost, client and HP business suffers
The India Diagnosis department, every single one of the 11000 engineers fight for their First Call Resolution.
Scotland Area Manager contacts a DHL manager friend, not even an engineer, this friend suggest a "secret" website, showing that this "very special first choice spare part" has 4-5 different alternatives,
some even newer models, all in stock, I send the part on time, India Diagnosis are asked why a non-technical DHL manager can do within minutes something which 11000 India engineers didn't, etc.
And nothing changes, 11000 respond as one, "First Call Resolution" only, no alternative spare parts
Now, try to convince me that L. Priya and all the other Pfizer Indians have been "naughty" on their own :)
Not in this world :)
"Naughty+Proud" - someone made them do it :)

I was thinking about the same - the really guilty part are not the India Indians
The Red Russian has created that enormous hole in your security wall
The problem with the Indians is that "it is never them", "There IS never them", and you have no-one in front of you
And you have no idea who has ordered them this time
A paradox - they are completely unreliable because they are never guilty

I did work with India Indians who have never played for neither Pfizer nor Aviva criminal plots
You cannot say they are all New World players, yet an enormous quantity of them have a New World ecological niche entirely for themselves
And screening them as carefully as the Russians and the Arabs has now become unavoidable.

Just to avoid ambiguity, the word and color "white" were "chosen" by me, not by New World
There are historically White against Red Russians, but this "white" metaphor has nothing to do with them
Here is the story:
After the Tokuda "vaccine" and the subsequent air chemical street attacks, I felt awfully bad, I was at first trying to find help
Pfizer were chanting about "menopause", so I needed to start from somewhere, tried pharmacists, next Linnah agreed to bring me to her "homeopath doctor"
In a Medical Center on 10, "Pozitano" street, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
DXC later confirmed that that whore was playing "homeopath", she had no medical education whatsoever, she was giving "prescriptions" on a piece of paper, no signature, no doctor/patient name
DXC found there piles of "cartel" type documentation - linking New World structures to New World structures
That "homeopath" made me write by hand my first, middle, family names on a sheet of paper, may be my birth date as well
After that she started writing something stenographer style, "documenting" my answers, to questions like "How does the perfume effect go out?"
And at some point she asked me what color I associate with the perfume attack - I already knew that this is Pfizer theater
I had been so flooded with all kinds of "signs" and advertisements at the time, that I knew that whatever I said will be used as a 24/7 torture tool
I said I associated no color, the "homeopath" insisted, I thought quickly and decided that the color I will notice least of all is white, as it is in either case everywhere
And may be also that the white opium glass description in Black Sunday has calmed me down
So I said "white"
Ever since Pfizer use "white" as a metaphor for Pfizer/viagra, but it has nothing to do with "White Russians", it was just "my choice of color"
Pfizer were making a parody of "trial subject official voluntary report"
They had "collected" my white page signature twice
Once PPD did it, by making every Medical Information employee sign some data or whatever agreement for working on a new client account
That was May 2015, I was heavily poisoned on a daily basis, all I can remember is that new client name may be started with "B",
and that the description of what this company did definitely contained the word "pulse", it was about wearing some "pulse devices"
And the last page of that agreement, I verified - for every single employee, had only the words "I agree that my data and so on will be used", followed by signature only
And the page said nothing about who will use this data, neither for what
Same thing later in 2014 when I was trying to make a bank transfer at Societe Generale Express Bank at Gabrovo, from mine to Linnah's bank account
The page was printed as to leave my signature alone on the second page

By the way, beginning of 2014 "Pfizer refused to work with me anymore", and PPD transferred me to "their non-Pfizer clients' lines"
These were all "Pfizer under cover" companies, I do not remember their names, except that they all generally were pharmaceutical companies producing one single drug each
One of them produced Sucampo drug
And all of them had nothing even most remotely similar to at least simulating laws, they were all complete chaos
They were only calling to "report what happened with "these hands have never worked" in the slaughterhouse", to pour threats, like "Veneto Mirino"
Means my cousin Veneta, who is a flight attendant in Burgas must stay quiet (мирна), etc.
And they were "forcing me to say the word Pfizer, and punishing me for it"
The whore calls, she says she knows me, I say she doesn't, argument, I say "Pfizer" per error, and I get just the next PFIZER ADMINISTRATIVE PUNISHMENT
up to 5 minutes after the call, although I am no longer working for Pfizer, and how the hell does Pfizer listen to the calls of "non-Pfizer" companies?
Don't these "non-Pfizer" companies have any "internal company confidentiality" ;)
So that new "Pulse" client would have been Pfizer too

Yes, this is how it works :)
No matter if I am falling asleep, or having a shower, or reading, eating - I am actually thinking against Pfizer :)
And I say what I remember when I remember it :)
Ever since 2017 I have been asking DXC why doesn't one professional sit with me, and ask me "professional questions"
Like they do in the movies - you think you don't know, but the questions make you realize that you do
"Yeah, yeah, of course, it is p-l-a-n-n-e-d"
I start thinking DXC didn't actually want me to tell all I knew
They did research and conform lots of data, that's true, and as you can see they have also disregarded and spoiled lots of data
As this simply isn't their job.

Interesting tracking observation which you, unlike DXC, might like
Before and during the Pfizer theater, while working at PPD, I was always going to lunch alone
And my lunch was actually a walk in the Megapark building's neighborhood, as I am addicted to gardens and flowers :)
I was going to the nearest apartment buildings in front of which people had planted flowers :)
Walking by these gardens, and I discovered a wooden table with wooden benches around it in front of an apartment building
And in that 20 something story building there was someone who had a no password internet,
So after walking by all nearby gardens, I was every day sitting for a while at this table, and browsing the internet for free, using that person's internet connection
As my own SIM card had an extremely low amount of allowed internet traffic per month at the time
And after I rebelled against Pfizer, Pfizer sent a policeman I think after me
They were afraid that I was going to secretly pass information to "friends or relatives"
So this man, whose face I do remember, followed me on my lunch walk on day, and he asked me "Where is the GabCo courier service?"
I understood immediately what he was asking, I smiled and said that I didn't know :)
(GabCo, from Gabrovo, he assumed I was trying to secretly connect to relatives)
He said, "I think it's in that apartment block, isn't it?", and he nodded towards the building next to that wooden table
I didn't follow his gaze, I just smiled again and I said that I didn't know :)
I had definitely seen that man before, may be some police inspector in Sofia, may be someone from Gabrovo
He looked very much like a Geography teacher I had in 7th grade, and whose name was Ivanov, in Gabrovo
And he also looked a lot like Mr Bean, but was also not exactly as either of them
Long story short, even before Pfizer started a project for me, or may be during that project, they were following which internet connections I was using
And in the very beginning, 2012, I realized PPD were far too much reading and publicly commenting on the floor everything on my personal laptop
I naively believed that this was my fault, "because I had opened something work related on my personal laptop"
I commented at home that I will buy a new clean laptop
And Miroslav (the PPD supervisor) hinted me in a conversation, without any question from my side, "this new laptop.....", and he shook his head
He meant that whatever device I had, everything I did would still be followed

Same Pfizer hysteria when May 2014 I was walking back home, passing through the Boris Garden, and walking in the streets of the Lozenets neighborhood
They knew I was walking there, obviously already because of the bugged red phone, and they were hysterical about it
And this neighborhood simply has lots of gardens :)
One more explanation why "hinting" never works :)
If you are assigned to follow someone, will you ever think that in the middle of most serious danger this someone needs to look at flowers and gardens :)

Speaking about New World tracking me, one day I was all the day in Sofia,
DXC were "supposed" to find and rescue me, of course they didn't
Yet the final report was, that Pfizer haven't seen me the entire day, they didn't know I had bought a new phone
I sat in a cafe in Zaimov Park, browsed a couple of sites with my new phone - nothing, the phone was normal
Browsed a the same sites with my tablet (which I later intentionally left in a Sofia street, so that Pfizer follow the tablet, not me) -
all sites made "funny" things when accessed with the tablet, and I was using the cafe's internet
Somehow "a tablet/laptop/phone known to Pfizer" gets recognized immediately even if Pfizer do not expect me - neither in that neighborhood, nor on that internet source
It's as if Pfizer own the entire Bulgarian internet network, no exceptions
It's not the same with the cameras, though - to see me on a camera, Pfizer need to know in advance in which neighborhood I am at that moment

On ATMs, Pfizer see me always too, even before the "project"
They didn't see me buying the phone, as I paid cash, and I refused any warranty paperwork

Аз мисля за нас и често гледам крушата :)
Прегръщам те.............................................., Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Прегръщам те........................................................., Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Yes, I have been talking about everything ever since 2014, yet the difference comes from having a really qualified listener in front of me now :)
We are all benefiting at the moment from that "a different pair of eyes" rule
My pair of eyes is different from yours, and yours is incomparably different from those before you
And I have the knowledge base of two very similar encyclopedias - the crime TV series, and next the New World crime series :)
There are very few world mobs left that haven't yet "given me a try" :)

I am doing the same as you - using ambiguous "signs" :)
Smile means smile, and child, while in your codebook smile means money
So, last night I said I was glad, and you heard money :)


I am a workaholic :)
I don't even make any differences between jobs :)
Well, a manual labor job makes you feel happier and a lot less nervous in the end of the day
Yet I found cleaning 6 bathrooms and vacuum cleaning 3 rooms today exactly as creative and open to perfectionism as coding :)
(I was helping my classmate, as the hotel manager literally rund the hotel with "voluntary contributions from employees -
the same person is simultaneously a receptionist and a chambermaid)
Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

В момента си пия много хубаво какао с малко уиски в него, изобщо лукс :)
Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Не се и опитвам да питам какви са плановете, защото никога не разбирам "съобщението", нито пък плановете се запазват повече от 5 минути след като са "съобщени"

I will not be using anything from the Oriflame order, at all
However, can you make sure the courier comes without 10 liters of perfume on himself
And I will also need to know if Christina's perfume in this order will be poisoned or not
Convincing her not to use it will be in either case hard :)

Аз не си спомням много за Alomancer Jack, беше доста тъпа книга, проверявах само да не е била предупреждение за отравяне, но не е :)

I don't understand a word of all the "news", I told you to stop with them, they only create more chaos
And are the main tool for complete lack of responsibility on everyone's part
"We told you and with that our task is completed" - YOU NEVER TOLD ME ANYTHING AT ALL :)
Yes, Pfizer might have used the cleaning chemicals for the bathrooms to poison me
No, I couldn't have refused to help my classmate - she is so ashamed of cleaning those bathrooms that me leaving them to her would be worse than poisoning
I would be left with you, and as usual you are completely useless :)
Yes, now I can start avoiding the chemicals, yet this doesn't come from your "NOT A WORD OF INFORMATION" "messages" :)

I said "I cannot go to Gabrovo" - and you brought me to Gabrovo :)
I said I had no income, and you not only didn't make the DXC slavers pay me, you are not even protecting my attempts to work :)
I said "STOP "messaging", I do not understand a word" - your answer were more "pseudo-messages", "you have done your job, as you have told me", I got poisoned, everything as usual
Me reading what you say only allows you to "report" speaking bullshit as "action taken" - you tell me nothing.
Moreover, your "plans" only mean "this is what we will not do"
Me, telling you something is even more worthless, as you don't care about what I want
There is no communication, there is just "you get paid to prevent communication" - I don't need this.
"These hands have never worked" did whore talk, Pfizer continued the whore talk, DXC, Aviva, Actavis, etc, garbage continued the whore talk, YOU continued the whore talk :)
It's only because "this is what I allow everyone to do", I don't believe you have ever treated anyone else like this
If I was at least "looking violet", I would have received money within the first 1-2 months, in 2017
Yet I am not, communicating with me, or helping me won't inscribe you as "corporate citizens", I am no advertisement for you
Have you ever "hinted" anyone violet? You haven't, right? And why is that?
Because I allow you to "make a circus of me"?

You want the forged Oriflame "cosmetics" - you take them - from now on, every risk and "inconvenience" is at your expense, not mine.
If the "courier" takes the parcel to the courier service office, as he said he will (if this has at all been the courier) - it is your business to go there and take it, not mine

Some background information because this "Valya (Valentina) Doncheva" is definitely Pfizer and is by herself also "interesting"
"She is my classmate, I trust classmates, she calls me, and I will agree to everything" - tons of BULLSHIT :)
Valya Doncheva is the daughter of high level Communist party officials
She herself thought "Communist party was lying to her "most highest" as well" - when she was still an 8th-11th grade student
I was, by the way, studying English by copying texts from fer notebooks and textbooks at school, there was English for her, no English for me, I was not from a Communist family
After the "Reforms to Capitalism" started around 1989-1990, Valya Doncheva started traveling Gabrovo-Sofia all the time,
"as, dead or alive, she could not miss any Blue parties demonstration in Sofia"
Translated into standard English, this meant that Valya Doncheva was coming to my Sofia Students Town apartment, with no warning at all,
just "coming to sleep, eat, hang her bikini on my radiator to dry, next to my kitchen table, because THERE WAS A DEMONSTRATION IN SOFIA AGAIN
So fascinating! She couldn't miss it!" - again, translated into standard English, no matter what color you paint someone red, they will always believe that "everything yours is theirs" :)
Here come the even more interesting parts, I told my Students Town building door-guard/receptionist not to let her in anymore, under no circumstances, and he did turn her back
With no success - she just entered the next entrance of the building (a separate door-guard/receptionist at each), MOUNTED TO THE BUILDING ROOF, DESCENDED INTO MY BUILDING ENTRANCE,
and still came to use my apartment for free, and with no registration - actually, the next enrance doorguard would have registered her - for a visit to some completely ignorant student,
even entering the building for 5 minutes meant leaving all your ID card information with the doorguard
Once again, Pfizer do not read the disk before attempting to write on it :)
There is no way on Earth I will waste time with Valya Doncheva's lies and tricks, and frauds, even if she wasn't calling on behalf of my продажна курва mother AND Pfizer :)

Добре де, в интерес на истината и аз не ти пиша направо, пиша тук, а не до теб
Но това с тези малоумни намеци спира до тук.
Колко пъти вече който и откъдето да мине те използва да "ми намекваш"
Няма смисъл да чета неща, които никога нищо не казват - и защото са неразбитаеми, и защото някой ти е казал да твърдиш неща дето ама изобщо не са верни
Мисля че бихме измислили как постепенно да си казваме неща направо :)
Само дето никога не остана време за това - "аз не съществувам", "ти не съществуваш", "ние не се познаваме"
В един момент "умните глави" трябва да схавант че затъват все повече от "плановете" им
Никога не съм виждала по-зле свършени неща - добре де, с DXC беше много по-зле, ама те нямаха намерение да спасяват никого
Аз обичам добре направени неща, ти винаги си добре направени неща - с изключение на когато изпълняваш малоумни поръчки за всекиго
Аз не виждам нищо добре направено в последните седмици, с изключение на когато Amazon доставиха Lego-то
Дори не разбирам как някой може да е толкова малоумен че да си мисли че това беше "комуникация", или че "то не е комуникация, ама аз нямам изход, и ще се правим че това е вършене на нещо"
Когато аз пратих DXC в квартал Дървеница, минаха седмици докато някой се сети какво казвам, който и да прави намеците, винаги ще минат седмици докато някой се сети, ако изобщо се сети
И никога никой нищо няма да свърши, защото "свършената работа" се изразява в правене на малоумни намеци
Най-лошият показател от всичко е че аз сама се справям по-добре отколкото с чиято и да е малоумна помощ
И възможните обяснения за това варират между "спасителите са некадърници", "не ги интересува какво става с мен, затова нищо не правят", "ако някой винаги се проваля, значи просто не се и опитва, целите му са съвсем други"
Аз не вярвам в случайни 10 от 10 изстрела извън целта, нещо не е наред с мотивацията за да са всичките 10 извън целта
И основният проблем е в малоумните намеци, те са заместителят на каквато и да било необходимост от действия, защото всички действия се заместват с намеци
Аз обаче ще си сложа мислен краен срок, след който ще считам че, както пише на сайта, "никой не ми се е обадил след моя tip"
И като мине този срок, започвам да вдигам шум за себе си много повече от когато и да било преди
Чудя се дали някой не ме държи тука точно защото разчита на шум, само дето никой не може да бъде сигурен какъв точно ще е шумът :)
Като изключим че ще е със сигурност против Pfizer, DXC, Aviva
Много е лошо човек да работи с глупави хора, защото никога не знае след като действията им са толкова малоумни, дали и очакванията им не са също толкова малоумни
И след като всички се държат все едно "не са тука, и нямат нищо общо", то аз приемам просто че не са тука, и започвам да си правя плановете все едно съм сама :)
Да, това може и да има отношение към пътя на "играчките" към тоалетната, и във време и в пари
Това с намеците никога не е било нищо повече от "отчитане на дейност" (никой не може да е толкова тъп че да си мисли че някой разбира намеците), значи отчитането на дейност е нещо, което им трябва
И значи мога да удрям по липсата на "отчетена дейност"
Има 1% вероятност при липса на възможности за "отчитане на дейност" да се появи реална дейност, но не ми се вярва
Аз дадох толкова много безплатно, че всички спряха да питат какво ми трябва и започнаха да правят като всички преди тях и само "да ядат наготово"
Освен сега да си обмисля собствената стратегия за действие, защото "никой друг не съществува"

Хм, идеята да бъда залъгвана с намеци и обещания означава че някои хора ме мислят за много глупава
То се иска ум за да се сетя че ако тръгна да търся справедливост и помощ за себе си пишейки за единственото, което мога да докажа, т.е. фалшивите лекарства,
до стотици имейл адреси в USA, резултатът ще е по-масов terror, отколкото биха причинили самите лекарства
Но щом съм сама, няма как да не прибегна до това да се спасявам сама, а щом съм глупава, няма как да предвидя такъв резултат :)
О, всъщност мога да постъпя отговорно, и да пиша до няколко стотин институции и хора, напомняйки на всекиго че аз го правя само за да търся помощ за себе си, и да не разпространяват излишно информацията :)
Глупостта е удобство, и ако само тя ми е останала, не виждам защо да не я използвам :)
Интернет е пълен с тонове имейл адреси на сенатори, от опит го знам, и един допълнителен коз е че нямам и най-малка представа кой от тях какъв е :)

Tonight you will see a psychiatrist and one more psychiatrist next to it.

You think continuous and total humiliation is a means?
When I am helping you, do I humiliate you, or anyone around myself, who hasn't attacked me?
Are you so stupid to think that at this point I care about the lives of anyone of my "family"?
You want what exactly?
I will be attacking idiotic "intersexes" tonight.

Не, не те мразя, само съм ядосана на цялата педераска LGTBQ система, и от днес нататък започвам да пиша и говоря срещу тях навсякъде
Каква изненада, всичко, което винаги са правили за теб беше помия, и вариант на същото и за мен
Да, и съм готова да се погрижа за всяко "удобство" на всеки, който дойде да ме спасява :)

Зверски съм изморена :)
Първата ми мисъл беше че се чуствам както ти след концерт :)
Проявих реализъм и оставих чистенето за утре, за сега само си оправих леглото, което само по себе си беше абсолютно физически невъзможно, но се получи :)
Дори огромното ми количество завивки започна да се постпля
Спомних си че ми е познато - в румънското ми село сутрин като се събудех от устата ми излизаше пара, толкова студено беше в стаята
В старата кирпичена къща си беше топло, но не и в новата
А у вечер преди да заспя завивките ми бяха студени като тук, все пак са мръзнали досега
Иначе стаята се топли бързо, дори вече проветрявах веднъж
Друго си е ако тръгне печката на дърва, но засега дими, и не се опитвам още да я паля много
като си почина малко ще си стопля вода да се измия
Прегръщам те................................., Обичам те.............................................
Тази вечер ме поканиха да си изтегля късметче в един магазин, и ми се падна "тежка сватба", с теб, разбира се :)

Прегръщам те......................................................., Обичам те..........................................................................
Не виждам никаква промяна за мен, обаче :)
Откак се помня вече, "злодеи биват наазвани", "някой губи пари, глобяват го", ама за мен нищо не се променя
Аз няма как да отида във ВиК за да "дойдат да ми сложат водомера" - те спокойно могат като Telenor да си сложат един "ароматизатор за стая", или да си измият офиса с "миещ препарат" като хотел Панорама
Аз не трябва да ходя на места, където вече са ме нападали - това се отнася за всеки офис, след голямото натравяне в офиса на Telenor
От години вече се размахват някакви "победи", но това никога няма нищо общо с мен
Когато "революцията" започна, теб спряха да те нападат, и точка. Ти вече можеше да си говориш за себе си, да ходиш където искаш
С мен нищо такова не се случва, за мен нещата стават все по-зле с всеки ден
Всичко идва И от малоумната "комуникация" - аз трябва да считам че по презюмпция всичко е отровно, защото "те" каквото си знаят по въпроса, си е за "тях", до мен не стига нищо
Големи пари си се размахват от самото начало, но това не стига до мен
Аз дори нямам начин да разбера че някой реално е бил наказан, пълно затъмнение
Плюс факта че "плановете" се менят на всеки 5 минути
"Майка ми само иска да отида на лекар" - колко тъп или откровено злонамерен трябва да е човек, за да произнесе дори такава простотия
Всички видяха как майка ми и познатите й се съюзяват "да ме спасяват от къщата", О, ама Явор споменава за лекар
Няма проблем, веднага ще доведат някого - аз не мога да кажа че ме боли крака, не мога да си погрижа за крака си, защото "ще стане ясно че имам нужда от лекар"
После какво? "Кръв и урина, и Pfizer ще атакуват на улицата несравнимо повече и по-лесно", или "отказвам кръв и урина, значи е психиатрично"
Всеки просто под дърво и камък търси причина да "не се интересувам от работа, искам само да си лежа и да ям, затова съм изпратена в Габрово"
"Нямам контрол над живота си, от години други се грижат за мен"
Извън локумите, които се разтягат, за мен лично нещо променя ли се към по-добре?
Не съм забелязала никакви положителни промени
Да, тази сутрин куриерът звучеше леко изплашен - може да е заплашен от Pfizer, може "добрите" да са го понасвили
Дори и да са "добрите", ефектът може да е като при Lego доставката, или като в аптеката и хотелския препарат за миене на прозорци
Вероятност да не се отровя 1 към 3 вероятност да се отровя
Дори 30 към едно да беше, пак не мога да отида
Иначе горещо препоръчвам Survival упражнения за всеки с PTSD :)
Най-невероятното от всичко е че след вчера не ме боли нищо по тялото :)
Всеки кретен, който е минал през тази къща е натрупвал по стълбите между двата етажа какво ли не
Аз снощи пренасях огромно тежко желязно легло буквално през иглени уши
И после спах в доста влажни и студени завивки, които тялото ми постопли де, ама
Иначе рискът от много други неща е огромен, но кой му пука, "световното зло продължава да бъде побеждавано", за моя сметка
"Добрите" признаха че в първите години след Pfizer "съм оцеляла заяото съм спала в едно легло с майка ми"
Верен факт, но малоумна интерпретация - аз оцелях защото не поемах и най-минималния риск, с цената на всички възможни средства
А сега какво? Лина казва че не се интересувам от живота си, нито от работа, Явор казва че трябвало да отида на лекар, на майка ми вече й е платено да ме продаде на Pfizer
Това как точно отговаря на "оцеляла съм заяото съм спала в едно легло с майка ми"?
"Планът" да бъда закарана като багаж в Габрово е точно обратният на никакъв риск, този "план" си е направо официална покана и максимално улеснение за всеки, който би ме нападнал
А това че "ще получа пари за да мога да оцелявам междувременно" - не знам колко пъти вече го чувам
Такива "приказки" са си също толкова без значение, колкото и "ама "те" идват след два дена", защото никога не се случват
А фактът че никой и през ум не му минава да помисли за plan В, т.е. какво ще правя аз в случай на поредно отлагане, започва да ми мирише на "they want to drive you crazy"
Всичко си е било винаги, и продължава да бъде само приказки - за мен лично нищо не се променя

Това, което се случва с мен, прилича на 2016-та - тогава аз ти казвах че всичко е наред преди да съм открила каквато и да било възможност да бъде наред, за да придобиеш увереност
И сигурно успоредно с това са се случвали неща, съвсем не наред
И сега е същото, на теб ти се иска да е "така", казваш ми го, ама нещата, които се случват едновременно с това са съвсем други
Иначе много интересно потвърждение на нещо, което открих преди десетилетия - кръст боли само от глава :)
Мен непректснато ми се схващаше кръста докато живеех при майка ми началото на 1987-ма, и по-късно съобразих че е било само от нервно напрежение
А сега, физическо свърхнатоварване, неудобно легло, и не ме боли никакъв кръст :)
Всички неща са свързани с доверие
Което аз нямам - някой малоумен психиатър беше решил да подобри отношението ми към лекари като използва метафората "лекари идват да ме спасяват"
Да де, ама Acibadem си бяха Pfizer до мозъка на костите си, нищо реалното зад метафората не положи и най-малко усилие да ме предпазва
Формата на измама винаги има и съдържанието на измама
Ако съдех само по реакциите на Pfizer - държат се като пред пълна загуба, играят онази игра "парите ти ги няма, само ние сме ти приятели", дето ми я играха когато Явор ми беше направил банков превод
Та ако съдех само по Pfizer, бих казала че има банков превод, който Pfizer бавят и ще бавят, и бързат "да се вредят като приятели" преди да са пристигнали парите
Проблемът е че всеки път когато видя логика в играта на "добрите", винаги се оказва че те ама изобщо не правят това, което съм си всъщност измислила че правят
Да, от друга страна аз също не съзнавах нито как, нито от какво, майка ти толкова непреклонно те защитава
И когато някой не познава обстановката, прави нещата по-лоши с всяко движение
Но и това обяснение си е моя пълна измислица, защото аз направих скандал след "ти си малоумна" шоуто на Лина, и после получих точно същото шоу от Явор
Аз от толкова време живеех при Лина и не й противоречах на простащините "защото й живея в къщата", но сега не живея в ничия къща
И Христина е права, децата трябва да си знаят мястото, моите се бяха съвсем самозабравили с тази DXC помия
Всяко нещо, което си измисля като обяснение на това, което се случва, се оказва моя пълна измислица
God is in the details
Ако някой иска да сваля сателити, този някой няма ама абсолютно никаква полза от това да създава умишлено недоверие от незаинтересованост, недоглеждане, немърливост, проваляне на всяка възможност за доверие
Но реално точно това се прави - "приказки за официалното ми обявяване за "герой", и успоредно с това само инсцинировки на лудост чрез роднини"
Човек би си помислил че какво казват роднините е без значение, защото те имат добри намерения, и не биха направили нищо лошо
Но това са пълни глупости - моите роднини доказано ми вредят - от глупост, някой им налял простотии в главите, някой ги купил, не ги интересува, имат си по-важни неща
Какво ли не
Когато ти разказвах за посещението на онзи музей на концлагерите в Ленинград, аз спестих това, с което презентацията започна
Разказите за това как фашистите карали хората в концлагера да се избиват едни други
Например казвали на някой че няма да го убият ако сложи дръжката на една лопата напреко на гърлото на друг концлагерист, лежащ на земята, и стъпи върху дръжката докато на другия му се счупи дихателната тръба и умре
Еми в момента точно това се разиграва - на всички ви ви се налива в главите че ще живеете само ако ме нападате
Аз не вярвам в "убий за да живееш", хората оцеляват само ако се държат заедно
Не, това ама изобщо не ми пречи да убивам, но аз убивам за да не остане никой жив след мен :)
Не с идеята че това ще ме остави жива :)
Някой разиграва убий за да живееш, и това най-малкото ама изобщо не е умно
На Лина и се случваха много повече гадости докато най-много ме нападаше, на Явор също
Pfizer откачиха когато аз срещнах в метрото садистката Мария Христова, ужасени от това че може да се съюзим
Когато Pfizer се страхуват от нещо, то е лошо за Pfizer
Разделянето на всеки от всеки - от това по-добро за Pfizer няма
Вършенето на неща, които Pfizer иска, и обявяването им за защита от Pfizer - това си е в най-добрия случай сабоумие, в най-лошия - измама

Онази реплика "от какво имаш нужда" се появи за миг, и понеже аз поработих доста безплатно, всякакво "заплащане" беше отменено
И отвратителното лицемерие "първо да спасим децата" - а това къде оставя тежко болните?
Онази "статия" за имаме антидот е самото лицемерие, ако имаха антидот щяха да знаят какво не ми е наред, а ако знаят и съм още тук - нямат право на доверие дори колкото да ми дадат един аспирин
Аз се понаспах днес и дори ми хрумна как могат да се оправят някои от най-непоправимите битови неща :)
И онази поговорка "ситият на гладния не вярва", всеки си мисли че след като той е добре, значи и на мен нищо ми няма
Дори и това не е оправдание, някой в един момент попита "от какво имам нужда", и после беше заменен от кариеристи, които никога не са се чуствали зле и не мислят за никого освен за себе си
Сумарно погледнато - Форд пренебрегват чешми, които капят, и часове по-късно се занимават с потоп
Аз дори не вярвам в съществуването на нещо такова като хуманизъм, но тука липсва интелигентност

Това са като две погрешни форми на военна организация, и липсваща интелигентната форма на военна организация
Или "ти воювай до смърт, от фанатизъм, нас не ни е грижа за теб". "или ти продаваш, ние купуваме"
Първият войник няма да остане дълго предан по този начин, вторият също, някой друг ще го купи
"Те" не идват на помощ, правят се че всичко е наред, "докладват че са победили злодеи, ще помогнат", но никога не идват на помощ
Реалната война има нужда от хора, които воюват заедно, не да ме използват за пушечно месо
Формулата тука беше "Кажи от какво имаш нужда, и като го получиш ще говориш"
Аз започнах веднага да говоря, "Е, ами сега вече какво искаш, ти вече каза, сега за какво да ти помагаме?!"
Мисля че като се донаспя тази вечер, утре ще мога да поизмия доста неща тук :)
Чуствам се малко без енергията с която преди воювах с тази къща, но ако се донаспя това може да се попромени :)
Къщата е способна сама, без никакъв допълнителен саботаж, да разболее всеки за години напред, и вече го е правила
Но сега вече се грижа много по-внимателно за себе си, и къщата има много по-малък шанс спрямо мен

И като "hinting" това си е пак пълна боза, защото кой е "The Set", в тази книга роднини се оказват предатели, изобщо, като "hinting" - пълна боза
Иначе книгата ще ти хареса, Wayne си е персонаж мечта :)
Аз днес си спомних движенията на ръцете ти, веднъж като беше ядосан на лекции, и се влюбих в теб отново
Движенията на тялото ти са невероятно красиви..............................

Даже успях да си измия зъбите, с двойно преварен чай от жълт кантарион, защото водата тече с големи парчета бял и черен мухъл в нея - явно самите тръби отвътре са обрасли с какво ли не
Но си спомних къде из къщата има дантелени пердета, и ще започна да прецеждам водата

Прегръщам те........................................................., Обичам те...........................................................
Тази сутрин на светло водата течеше бистра, тъй че не знам снощи в тъмното откъде съм събрала толкова мухъл :)
Сварих си чай, снощи си намокрих горнището на анцуга, но горни дрехи имам доста
Тази сутрин вече са изсъхнали гащите и чорапите, които бях киснала и прала още миналата година в хотела
И съм пълна с енергия та се боря с къщата :)
Това, което имам тук, никъде го няма, а битовите неща ще се пооправят постепенно :)
Имам предвид, да, на теория аз съм навсякъде и винаги "само за ден два", но реалността никога не е такава

Иначе казано, още неразбираем bullshit
Аз междувременно си направих баня :)
Т.е. си измих "корито", налях си вода за топлене с бързовар в една кофа, имам пластасова кана за поливане
И мога да се изкъпя когато пожелая :)
Водата вече тече чиста за пиене, но разбира се я пия само на чай - хем кипната, хем с антимикробна билка в нея, и същоя чай ползвам за миене на ръце, лице, зъби "и не само" ;)
Зимата не е чак такъв проблем :)
Канализацията в банята - мивка, тоалетна, под на баня, работи безотказно
Има едно голямо чистене да се прави, защото в момента пътя към банята е като през отломки от сгради, т.е. е де факто през отломки от сграда :)
И е добре това метене на таваните поне да е преди къпането, защото от всяка врата висят повече паяжини отколкото във филм за вещици :)
Крайните физически условия всъщност предизвикват много по-добра хигиена, защото крайната заплаха води до крайни хигиенни мерки във всичко :)
Днес наистина е добре да поизчистя, за което единственият проблем е много смешен - нямам домашно яке, което да цапам, а тук извън леглото без яке не е възможно да се стои
Но след като имам пълно снаряжение за баня, мога да си позволя да облека една миришеща на мухъл стара хавлия и после ще сваля всички дрехи от себе си и ще се къпя :)
Все пак си мисля че хората попаднали в изоставена колиба в планината се борят с много по-малко мръсотия
Но пък тук няма мишки, абсолютно никакви следи от мишки - нищо изядено, никакви екскременти - твърде студено дори за мишки :)
Когато 1999 година купихме къщата, тя беше в много по-добът вид от сега - от тогава всеки "стопанин" е минавал тука, рушил, грабил, със съзнанието че не е само негово и по-добре само да руши, ползва и граби, и да не поправя нищо
Предните собственици са били толкова бесни че синът им е изгубил къщата им срещу заем, без дори да им каже, че бяха отнесли всички врати, крушки и контакти, но все пак самата къща си беше абсолютно здрава
А сега е като руини от сграда 15 години след като сградата е паднала
И най-смешното е, че мазилката на стената е падала от влага само по стената обща със съседите
Никой не е глупав на парче, явно със всичките си "инженерни решения" те са вкарали в къщата си повече влага отколкото в моята полусрутена и изоставена къща
И с Христина не мисля да се боря повече, "трябвало тази пратка на всяка цена да се вземе", "и да не съм й казвала какво се случва"
Тя така хубаво ще се натрови сега с тези неща, и вината ще е само в политиката на "намеци"

Серия революции в превземането на къщата :)
Чиста вода без мокрене (все още малко се страхувам дали подът на банята не се е запушил от толкова нападали мазилки, но го изметох, и се надявам да е оцелял)
Тоалетната работи супер
Изметох всички арки и гирлянди от паяжини от тавани и стени - значи че няма да си пълня косата с паяжини като ходя за вода или до тоалетната
Утре само ще махна две твърде прашни и умрели завеси за баня
Да, това се случи защото си намерих старо неизгнило палто :)
В чувал, над стълбите, проветриво, но не е прашно, изобщо чудо :)
И въоръжена с палто вече мога да излизам от топлата стая :)
Да, няма да вземам Oriflame колета, разбира се
С всички тези недоразумения, кой знае какво има в него
Нещата се развиват много добре :)
Имам предвид и още подобрения, но всичко постепенно :)
И ще видим кой кога и как ще идва, дано
Прегръщам те................................................., Обичам те..........................................................
Сега ми трябва килимче за пред врата, за като си измия пода на стаята
И една седалка за тоалетна от плат, че първата вече я намокрих с миене, а пластмасовата е със сигурност с температура под нулата, не е умно да се сяда на нея
И тази вечер или нощ ще се къпя :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Всичко приготвено - вода, кофа, бързовар, леген, кана за поливане, шампоани, гъба :)
Нямам джапанки, но имам и килимче за къпане, тука поне парцали има в несметни количества :)

Къпана :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
С чисти дрехи, и ей сега ще поизмия и понамокрения от къпането под, и като се събудя, вече ще стъпвам на чист под )
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Подът измит, имам килимче пред леглото, изтривалки пред стаята, и пред хола - за да не нося мазилка насам :)
Изобщо животът е хубав, и съм къпана :)
Прегръщам те..........................................................., Обичам те....................................................
Баба ми цял живот се къпеше така, в стаята, в която спяхме - малко по-удобно де, защото тя имаше корито, в което да седне, а аз само леген, но се получи :)

Прегръщам те........................................, Обичам те.............................................................
За момента всичко в къщата тече безотказно :)
Сифоните на мивките в стаята, в която спя, в банята, на пода на банята, тоалетната, И........... таванът на хола, който води към банята :)
Тази сутрин си измих кофата и легена в които се къпах и после мих пода на стаята, съответно перилен разтвор в тоалетната
Исмих тенджерата, в която складирам вода, каната, в която топля вида, чашата си за кафе
Донесох си нова вода за къпане, миене, кафе - каквото и да ми хрумне
Проветрих антрето, защото съм го била ползвала за какво ли не ;)
Направих си много хубаво кафе :)
С няколко прашинки кафе, аз по рождение използвам миминални количества от всякакви вещества
Изобщо, животът е хубав, и имам разни ясни планове :)
Е, пак съм се събудила по обяд, ама кой му пука, нали най после съм във ваканция, буквално на хижа в планината :)
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
И горещо препоръчвам survival experiences на хора с PTSD :)
И доста съм пообъркала дните, мислех си че днес е неделя :)
Още по-хубаво, един ден мързел още :)

Таванът на хола тече от топящия се сняг все едно е стряха на къща, направо си тече - капки по тавана, мокро на пода
Не е влага а направо капчук :)
Все едно, в един момент това ще го оправя, преди плочата да е паднала след мазилката :)

Аз наистина не разбирам кой би бил толкова тъп, че да не оправи въпроса с комуникацията още в самото начало
Не вярвам допълнителните разрушения, които направих, да са били чак толкова "поръчани и очаквани"
Никой човек с IQ над минус 150 не би повярвал че това е "комуникация"
Прегръщам те.........................................................., Обичам те...................................................................

Мисля че мога да напиша учебник по оцеляване в разрушена къща :)
Етапи, приоритети, кое след кое, нива на комфорт :)
Честно казано мога да поичистя мивката в стаята, в която съм, да избърша плочките край нея, прозореца, стенния шкаф, но засега предпочитам да си почивам и всяко нещо с времето си :)
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Т.е. поредният bullshit и поредното надлъгване - "Коледа", "Веднага след Нова Година", "Края на Януари" - и каква е разликата с DXC, които "започнаха да ме спасяват от 2017-та още"?
В момента, в който позабравя за малоумието, то пак пониква отнякъде
Не виждам никакви призницани на интелигентност
Прегръщам те..................................................., Обичам те.......................................................................
Е, ако всеки ще се грижи сам за себе си, то аз вече показах малко от това как точно го правя ;)

Това е обикновената липса на комуникация
Може да значи "стой си там", може да значи "сватба"
Според атаките на Pfizer значи сватба, ако е сватба, може да значи края на Януари
Може да значи други неща днес, в крайна сметка нищо не значи
Всичките тези "намеци" са като баба и внуче, внучето (т.е. аз) се ударило, а бабата му казва "мълчи, мълчи, ще отиде на кучето"
В "техния" вариант - "наказахме злодеите", което не е и една буква различно от "ще отиде на кучето"
Иначе все повече мразя цялата тази система на "полова" сегрегация - вместо всеки да прави каквото желае, дай сега да разделим цялото човечество на "раси", и после "всяка коза за свой крак"
Няма злодеи, които да не печелят от расово деление
Аз дори, като се замисля, не мога да съм сигурна дали хора реално някога са пожелали да се самоетикетират като "гей", "лесбийка", "прочее", или някой власт-искащ е ударил кьоравото, и е започнал да регистрира все повече и повече раси
"Разделяй и владей" - "ама ние сега ще сложим още една буквичка в акронима, и за "садисти""
Да си земат буквичката и да си я заврат в задниците
Не мога да разбера как могат да са толкова тъпи, че да се самоизолират в раси
То тази изначална тъпота само е достатъчно доказателство че са "като всички други"
Кои са им "специфичните потребности"? Храна, жилище, работа, образование, ваканции - кое точно?
Вместо да се воюва за всеки е като всички, да сега наново да направим раси
Това "расово" самоизолиране стои в основата на New World изродщините
Вече реално няма физически раси, всеки е доказано живеещ като всички останали
Охоооооооооо, ама те lgtbqiS създали нови раси! Леле колко добре дошло!
НеоФашизмът започва от LGTBQI, без техните кретенски нови раси нямаше да има основа за неофашизъм

Освен това псуването май comes with the territory :)
Аз вече се справям доста добре, ти пак във всичко си непостижим, но и аз се справям добре с псуването :)

Всъщност това, което се е изляло в хола от топенето на снега над него, не е "мокри петна", а 6м2 мокро петно на пода, направо си е текло, не е капало
Обичам те :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

"Gun rest", интересно
Когато аз стрелях с пистолет, нямах нищо такова
Или си опирах лакетя поне в стената на коридора за стрелба, или по-често стрелях "в движене"
Ръката е много по-стабилна и контролируема когато се движи, не когато опитвам да я държа на едно място
Като с кола, ако яс оставиш да се движи по инерция залита много повече отколкото ако подаваш гас, и водещите колела я насочават
Затова си вдигах ръката с пистолета нагоре и на слизане надолу стрелях когато мина през целта, така улучвах десятката
И бях сигурна че е защото от 18-годишна възраст насам ми треперят ръцете, мислех че никой друг няма нужда от "gun rest"
Е, аз стрелям в десятката и без "gun rest", от две различни дистанции, с по-малък и по-голям пистолет (по-тежкият пистолет стреляше много по-точно), от първи опит с пистолет
Е, по-точно, по-неточно, от общо по 10 изстрела с двата имах 17 в десятката, 2 в девятката, един пак някъде из мишената, но все пак по-тежкият пистолет май се насочваше по-лесно, не знам защо
Това, което не успях нито с единия пистолет, нито с другия, беше да им извадя или слижа пълнителя - това са го направили да изисква напълно непостижима сила на ръцете, никакъв шанс
А до мен в съседния коридор за стрелба беше мафиот с една три пръста дебела пачка двайсетолевки стърчаща от задния джоб, и правеше с пистолета си облак от куршуми около мишената
И беше поне с 1-2 глави по-нисък от мен
А аз бщх с кафява рокля, която сама си бях ушила от нещо като имитация на много къс пухкав, къдрав косъм изкуствена кожа :)
И пазачът на пистолета, който стоеше до мен в коридорчето за стрелба, само клатеше глава с изражение "това не е възможно, нито е честно"
Много скъпо - билетчета за автобус до там, после по 24 стотинки на патрон за малък пистолет, или 28 стотинки на патрон за голям пистолет, направо разорение
Иначе бих ходила и пак да стрелям
После ми дадоха хартиената мишена, и си я бях закачила в стаята
Обичам те :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Според мен има само два начина за предаване на информация -
* да напомниш за нещо, което никой външен човек не знае, с тази интернет идиотия от самото начало, такъв начин няма
* или да кажеш нещо, което 100% не е вярно, за да бъде различимо, забелязано
То ясно че ще бъде забелязано и от Pfizer, но поне ще бъде нещо еднозначно, не сегашната пълна боза където всичко значи всичко и нищо
"Края на януари", това не заслужава ама абсолютно нито грам лоялност

Ще повърна
Гнусни картинки

Леле кво откритие! Аз крещя от години насам че да "рекламираш" секс някому 24/7 води само до отвращение, а то, "добре че се намери кой да го направи това откритие сега"
Пълен дебилизъм и липса на комуникация

Ако някой си мисли че "предварително ще ми каже какво ще стане" или "предварително ще ме попита какво ще направя"
Това е върхът на глупостта - никой не казва/пита нищо разбираемо, никой не прави каквото "казва"
"Те" зависят само и единствено от собственото си действие и бездействие, и винаги ще бъде така.
Ако има бездействие или малоумно действие, ще има революция

И тази малоумщина "ти не получаваш поща, защото ти е хакната пощата" - ще я включа изрично в стотиците mass terror мейли с уточнението че никой не се погрижил да я оправи тази поща
Така че който и да си мисли че ще ми излиза с оправдания, няма да стане

Допълвам, никога не знаете предварително какво ще направя не само защото никой никога нищо разбираемо не пита/казва, не само защото никой не прави каквото "казва", но и защото всичко направено до момента беше пълна помия
(с изкл1чение на доставката на легото, но то беше преди да съм говорила, след като помогнах помощта за мен спря окончателно)
Всяко движение, което някой направи, ще предизвиква реакция само по себе си - лошо движение, лоша реакция
Ако изобщо някой е достатъчно интелигентен да не направи лошо движение, може и да няма лоша реакция
Тия "лозунги в намеци" са с напълно изтекъл срок на годност, и единственото им значение е че никой никога не прави каквото е казал

И ако някой си мисли че ще си стоя тихо до края на Януари, хранена с лозунги, няма да стане, никакъв шанс :)

If this is a "sign" that LGTBQI are "miserable" because of what I am talking about them, let's give them a real reason to be miserable :)
As already confirmed, "that dignityforall" institution had given someone money so this someone could be tricked into being used by Aviva for meat, meat for testing purposes
Aviva never stopped chanting to me that the only way I am ever going to get some money, will be "from GAYDOB", and for testing
Aviva were using the RACF ID of one of their own employees, to "hint" that "that money giving institution", or "LGBTQI in general" "will only give me money if Aviva get my meat for testing" :)
So, LGTBQI were a lot better with me cursing them, then now with the facts :)
And I see here a very good opportunity for "LGTBQI" to now prove that they can ALSO give money to support people and NOT ONLY "Sadists without borders", a.k.a. Pfizer, Aviva, and all the other medical garbage :)
My curses were only hiding the facts, if "LGTBQI" prefer the facts............., it's their choice :)
Both sides of the story are true - Aviva and DXC did give someone money via "LGTBQI", this made DXC Technology "Corporate Citizen Number 6 in the World", and secured this someone's meat to be used by Aviva for (3 generations) meat
Yes, this money brought this someone a real public respect, a real protection from mob, plus, on the other hand, an years (and generations.........) long meat fraud by Aviva and the rest of the medical garbage
So, can "LGTBQI" start a New Year with a New "Business Line", and for once grant money which is NOT intended to sell someone to the meatdealers, this is the question :)

The way Aviva and DXC Corporate Communication explained that "GAYDOB thing", was a lot more fun :)
Both sides claimed that "the way I am, I am not eligible for "GAYDOB" (LGTBQI) grants, as I do not look appropriate" (or because I do not give Aviva my meat?)
"And Aviva will help me look appropriate, by transplanting intersex testicle tissue into my ovaries, so I can have simultaneously a bra and a beard, and so I can help the entire intersex community in the world"
"Because all intersex marriages will require one spouse to have ovaries which were to be used for intersex testicular tissue receptacles (and make Aviva rich in the process), and also because, as multiple times reminded,
"I will not look good on a DXC corporate photo, if I do not wear simultaneously a beard and a bra""
Word was, that DXC Man Number 1 had chosen me to be THE manager of DXC Bulgaria, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, this required me to simultaneously wear a beard and a bra on the corporate photo, that's why that "corporate photo" was so important :)
So, next time I curse, I strongly recommend the cursed ones to gladly go for the curses, instead of asking for the facts :)
You can now at least see why USA universities have turned their backs to all gender definition idiocy, and have gone for the undefined they pronoun
(and that LGTBQI-branded (Bulgarian) lawyer lying per writing ties so well to that spicy lgtbqI Bulgarian leader story, that the story confirms by itself) :)
And one expression used by this intersex leader was "He can well have 10 kinds of AIDS, yet I do not have to care about this, as I am marrying him, but I am not bringing him home" :)
Happy LGTBQI New Year :)
(Of course I have facts as well, but as already confirmed, LGTBQI are better off with the curses :) )

Големият "им" проблем е че в самото начало започнаха с изграждане на доверие, доставиха легото, и........... после заебаха тая работа с доверието, защото аз работех за тях и без "да ми плащат"
Нормалният процес на създаване на доверие (който беше еднократно пробван и изоставен в самото начало) включва ЯСНО казване на МАЛКИ неща, и ПРАВЕНЕТО на всичко казано
Вместо това, всяка следваща "велика сила" от DXC насам, се учи от "предната велика сила", и само разтяга локуми
Мислят си че колкото по-големи са локумите и по помпозно и грандиозно звучат, толкова по-излишно е обещанията да се спазват
"Ако обещанията са много хубави, кой го е грижа дали някой някога ще ги изпълни?!"
Да де, ама гаранционният срок на този артикул отдавна изтече, и сега този артикул е развален и вони много зле :)
Вместо една нормална система на "те" обещават нещо съвсем малко и го правят, имаме една силно воняща система "Дай да се правим че казваме нещо, ако никой не разбере какво сме казали, не носим никаква отговорност"
Изключително умно е една организация да си решава сама проблемите, защото стигне ли се до там хиляди партии, конгресмени, и кой знае още какви с неизвестни намерения да им ги решават...............
В дадения случай ако някой беше намерил начин да каже кое от нещата в Oriflame колета точно е отровно, и то да го каже ясно и отговорно (не като с ходенето ми в аптеката), нямаше да се налага други да "им" решават проблемите
Изключително умно е всяка организация да си решава сама проблемите :)
И е изключително логично тази организация да си създаде куп неприятности когато откаже сама да си решава проблемите :)
Много е просто:
Измисляте нещо МАЛКО, казвате го ЯСНО, ПРАВИТЕ каквото сте казали :)
Серия от такива неща създават екип
Другото дори не се е стигнало до това аз да му давам определение
Определението си е съществувало далеч отпреди да се родя: Пътят към ада е постлан с добри намерения :)
А в "техния" случай, пътят към ада е дори постлан с "не казвам какво възнамерявам, ама вервайте ми" :)
Мноооооооооого е лошо една организация да не си решава сама проблемите :)
Колкото повече време минава, толкова повече ще мирише :)

Не, и една дума не разбирам от тези "намеци" - толкова колкото DXC разбраха от "квартал Дървеница", когато аз им го казах
Да се прави нещо което доказано не работи, отново и отново, и да се очаква различен резултат, си е пълна лудост, ама и това не съм го измислила аз

Да, възможно е да искат да им сервирам още факти, ама безплатните обеди свършиха :)
Мен ми беше доказано че ако помагам, никой не го е грижа за мен
Тъй че от тук нататък всички факти, които имам, ще си ги ползвам само за да "им" вдигам кръвното
И само когато искам и за каквото аз искам :)

Какъв е отговорът на "Нито дума от казаното не се разбира"?
Мне, то не може да е още по-неразбираемо, защото по-неразбираемо няма как да стане
То е още от същото :)

Само още "нищо не сме казали, вервайте ни" :)
То не че ако кажат нещо резултатът ще е различен, нали никога не правят каквото казват
Действия, не "намеци", а действия само, и то не от досегашната помия

Прегръщам те......................................................, Обичам те...............................................................................
I was thinking, you actually have Пол Найденов (Paul Nidenov) on tape, saying "the famous words"
By the time I met him for a walk around the National Palace of Culture, and in a cafe with his "lawyer" in front of Pliska hotel,
I had already bought a smart phone, and I guarantee you have him both audio and video, as the imbecile didn't know my phone was bugged by Pfizer :)
All this seems to disprove my point, but it doesn't
"LGTBQI" "leaders" are a swamp, they care neither for "LGTBQI people" (not that such peaple exist.........), nor for the "normal" ones
It's just a dirty business as any other business, only under the cover that "even doubting the actions of LGTBQI would be politically incorrect" :)
Paul Naidenov's "lawyer" lied per writing about what the Bulgarian laws are - very idiotic, as these laws are also per writing on many government sites :)
And she lied to support Paul Naidenov's idea to "marry another intersex, demonstrate publicly that the other intersex is not the administrative male, and Paul is not the administrative female,
and pass that other intersex to any "public guardian for the mentally incapacitated""
That clarifies the famous words "He might well have 10 kinds of AIDS, but I do not need to be afraid of that, as I will marry him, but I am not bringing him home, of course"
All this idiocy was supposed to just serve as an argument in favor of Paul Naidenov getting a male administrative gender in court
Yes, I do have the proof that "lawyer" was LGTBQI-branded, yes, I do have the proof of her lying per writing what the laws in Bulgaria are
No, I am not sharing, as I do not do any more free favors to anyone :)
You give me, I give you :)
The "cattle branded" "LGTBQI" people are no separate race, I have never seen them write separate music, play in separate bands
That "people cattle branding" only serves crooks like Paul Naidenov and Pfizer, and IRAP (who were ardently trying to convince an "intersex" to leave Bulgaria, and lost interest the moment I wrote that he refuses medical "help""
The only right side in this swamp are the USA universities suggesting the undefined they pronoun
All the rest are ...............................

This is "a" formula (I know there are many of those worldwide):
You brand yourself as "LGTBQI" or "LGTBQI-advocate", and no laws apply to you anymore
No law enforcement structure will even dare to look into what you are doing, and you "do it" to everyone indiscriminately :)
The entire branding idea is so sick, so imbecile - "We made ourselves new races, so that new "Hitlers" are not left out of business" :)
Yes, I am absolutely positive you can divide these races even further, there are for instance multiple kinds of male to male sex, why not divide those into separate races too?
And the lower levels imbeciles proudly continue the "ideology", I have read gay forums statements saying "We are gay, why do we need to allow here all kinds of freaks, this is sick, they have nothing to do with us"
"Accidental opinion of a separate imbecile", of course, not that the forum master's photo showing nothing but "well branded thoracic cage" speaks differently........
Any enforcement of races forcefully freakifies otherwise biologically normal diversе representatives of the same Species.
Let's make up ourselves new races so that Hitler doesn't stay out of business :)

Paul Naienov shared that "one single intersex woman contacted him once, and stopped writing to him immediately after that"
"So, he was "the intersex leader of himself alone", I "wonder" why? As he has been for sure the same piece of shit to everyone :)

There is discrimination, all "anti-discrimination" structures are doing it
Because if I looked like a "gender advertisement", no-one would have left me to survive by myself -
"any reproaches towards me would have been politically suicidal"
DXC's exact words were that "they will give this someone part of my money via LGTBQI"
I insisted that money will create independence, and it did
My part of "my money" is I was left with no salary, no unemployment money, no income whatsoever for more than a year
This IS discrimination, based on "pretending to help" whom will make one "corporate citizen number 6 in the world"
and "financially destroying whom will be for free"
Even if I personally lead all the war, I am of no importance at all, no advertising looks" :)

This is how my life used to look like:

And this is how it looks now:

This is the sink in my bedroom, no running water though, and the sink doesn't drain either
I could clean a little, yet I am afraid to dirty my hands and have no decent way to clean them up after that, workarounds are needed

This is my bed, and the sheets and blankets in it have last been washed 15 years ago, they stink of mold as the rest of the house

This is the mold in my bed, no comments

That's another bedroom, there are 5 of them, I pass by this one on the way to the toilet

This is all I have for having a bath tonight, for the first time for the last 3 days

That's the sitting room - no electricity in this part of the house
There is electricity, yet there is so much water running from the ceiling, that all the walls are soaked, and switching on any lamp will electrocute me
The light on the next photos is just from the camera lighting

This is the route to toilet and water source, that water source is just a horisontal pipe - if I don't use a lot of workarounds, the water hits at me
The light is from the camera, and from a candle I bring, no electricity here

This is a wood burning boiler, may be still usable, yet there is no running water in the house, and I have no money to restore the running water
And the chimney opening above that boiler seems to have been cemented

This is a no running water toilet

That's where I go to get water

Cleaning this part of the house means having very, very warm working clothes, which I don't have
The temperature here is the same as outside, may be lower

Now tell me again how "unhappy" LGTBQI are :)
And how I need to stay here until they get happy :)
1999 I got sinusitis in this house, 2014 my nose was still sounding as if there are little bubbles breaking in it when I breathe
Many antibiotics attacks in between resolved this
The last two mornings I have again those bubbles sound in my nose
LGTBQI feel "unhappy" because they cannot ruin my life even more?
Or giving me money to survive might prove that what I am saying is not "seeing things"?
Or you expect me to eventually join my mother and deliver her? (not going to happen)
No, I am in no mood to listen about the "feelings" of LGTBQI.
Truth is they rescued based on looks only.
And let DXC ruin my life in the process.
And you keep "showing me fingers", instead of simply calling, coming, talking?
As far as I am concerned, LGTBQI can go to hell.

"In a month you will get married"
Why? Is this also something political?
It looks to me like a urgently need a family now
Why not now?
Am I to marry for political purposes?
No action, everyone just "showing me fingers"
I am alone. And will be acting that way.
You start DOING something, we will see after that :)
You did what today? Followed the LGTBQI example and re-rescued someone who needs no rescuing at the moment?
Disregarding me again, as "nothing at all has happened to me, I have everything"
Everything in this world is based on trust, or the lack thereof
What reasons do I NOW have to trust you?
The "fingers showing" communication?

Искам да видя кой ще има наглостта да ми приказва под тези снимки по-горе за "чуствата" на LGTBQI, за това "кой колко много пари е глобен", за това "какво обезщетение ми е "дадено""
Нищо не ми е дадено и това е проблемът, от мен само се взема
Да, може някой да има полза да започва сателитната игра по-късно (защото LGTBQI не са фактор в такава игра)
Но никой не го е грижа какво аз ще правя през всички такива смени на "планове"
Аз не съм в състояние да спонсрирам USA.
Който иска нещо, да почва да плаща.

Прегръщам те................................................................, Обичам те........................................................................
More photos from the house interior - this is the route to the toilet
I didn't lie, it is cold

The sinusitis from 1999 was by far not the entire truth, I had got something like a pneumonia,
I couldn't stop coughing long enough to be able to finish my sentence when speaking
Got some heart deficiency - I was getting tired by lifting my arm to reach a shelf on the kitchen wall
This continued throughout 2005 at least, when visiting Yavor I was lying in his bed, as I could walk, yet sitting was getting me far too tired
The situation was physically a lot better than now - no mold in the house at all, just cold in the toilet, in the bathroom
Socially, same as now - I couldn't convince any doctor that I was sick, and I simply survived naturally the pneumonia, the heart deficiency
The only thing a doctor gave me was one blister of some small cough tablets with something like "hexa" in their name
People with a "sadist" gene (those simply unable to express feelings) are completely justified in killing any and all of you, as you show no support whatsoever

Аз срещу къщата, един на един - аз измих мивката в стаята, а тя, както очаквах, спря да изтича, защото не може да изтича в нея вода, а само няколко капки като си мокря ръцете вместо да ги мия
Та сега ще е по-чисто и по-трудно ще си мия ръцете :)
Иначе в тази къща единственото хубаво винаги е била свободата
Още като дойдохме тук 1999, започнах да стоя до късно всяка нощ, защото и на мен майка ми ми идва в повече и реагирам с вечен сън - точно като Дани с Лина сега
А тука - никога нямам причина да спя :)
Като прибавим обаче зелените от мухъл стени по пътя към водата и тоалетната..........
Прегръщам те.............................................., Обичам те...........................................................................

Странно е как можах да се вмириша чак толкова, сега се къпах, но ми посвършиха дрехите и нещата стават малко сложни :)
Сложих малко гащи и пижами да киснат до утре, и после като/ако някога изсъхнат - ще мога да си изпера вече вмирисания анцуг :)
Дънките не се пипат за из къщи, защото са единствени :)

Между другото, крушата ми е в леглото, заедно с мечето, защото това е едно от малкото "по-чисти" места, и няма къде другаде да я сложа :)

Прегръщам те............................................, Обичам те...............................................................................
I have the "feeling" that my food is starting to get soaked with the mold as well
And my stomach has already got traditional ulcer-like issues
Some more photos:

That's the route to the toilet at day light - the mold looks a lot better than in 2015, in 2015 that moldy corner was entirely black-green
The cold might have reduced the visible mold, yet the plaster is quickly falling from ceiling and walls too
Exposing the cement which has never been stable to start with, and at what point that cement will start falling along with the ceiling....?
Yeah, bullshit talk from you again, as usual

DXC whimpered that they wanted to close the Bulgarian branch as soon as possible, as "they didn't want to be associated with what DXC Bulgaria were trying to do to Royal Bank of Scotland"
Closing the Bulgarian branch - nothing wrong with that, that branch literally sounds like "Welcome to Tasmania!" :)
Yet, "J, that makes so much sense! Steve Collinson, Johann Badenhorst (Level 3 Security whose job was to renew that Royal Bank of Scotland SSL certificate, and had passed the PES :) ),
whoever ruled that PES process (Nikola Rowlings) from DXC side, and "delayed slightly Antoniya Marcheva's PES process, yet gave her all green in the end"
These were all Bulgarian employees, right? Nope? They weren't?, J.................."
Yeah, there are Third World countries like Bulgaria, and what happens in them can of course go a lot farther that what I told about that Royal Bank of Scotland SSL certificate renewal
However................., that show did not involve only Bulgaria :)
And the mere combination of those Third World shows with the Royal Bank of Scotland "support" is what makes it so spicy :)
Third, Forth, etc. world will always exist, yet those two, the "Third World show", and Royal Bank of Scotland, those two should never ever be allowed to meet :)

Why is this about third world shows then?
Well, if anyone in the UK is "at liberty" to chemically force someone to pee on the sofa, while working on an SSL certificate,
the country that "peeing someone" is in, should never be allowed to work on SSL certificates.
Yeah, that air conditioner/kisses/"No-one likes you" game would normally be enough too, I am just not a "feeling" person :)
I guess everyone sees that those chemically enforced peeing and kisses games would hardly be allowed in the UK :)
So, keep your SSL certificates work in the UK :)
Unless you think that you can re-educate Bulgaria, Bronx, China, India and a couple more of those in a day :)

Каквото и да си приказваме - само аз и ти говорим за всичко, и ти не ми се подиграваш
И не мога да разбера защо трябва да опитвам да правя невъзможни планове с други хора, и защо не сме заедно

Прегръщам те................................................, Обичам те............................................................................................
Обикновената помия, "не днес, утре, не бе, другиден, и така нататък"
Пълна помия
Да не говорим че Иван беше основната причина да се съглася да работя по онзи Великденски SSL certificate на Aviva
Него бяха излъгали да поства глупости че мога да умра докато спя, и "Aviva са там за да ме държат будна"
Нищо, което идва през вас, не важи, от много време насам, защото всеки ви лъже както му хрумне

Не, не се бях изплашила че ще умра ако спя, знаех че всеки в моя род оздравява като спи, винаги съм го знаела
Бях решила че това е "нещо, направено за мен, внимание към мен"
Но беше обикновеното "вас ви лъжат, мен ме тровят"
Пълна помия.

You think that I will not go with you, I think that you will not come, as usual
Truth is all depends on ACTION, what I will do will depend on what you do
Bullshit talk is an expired product, stinks awfully

Before my mail accounts close.............
Thu 2/25/2016 3:12 PM
Здравейте, г-жо Маринчева,
Казвам се Деница Любенова и съм адвокат към Младежка ЛГБТ организация Действие, където се занимава с ЛгБТ дела.
Можете да се свържете с мен или на мейла или директно да ми звъннете на телефон: 0884 85 1222
Sent from my iPhone
On Feb 25, 2016, at 13:54, Катя Маринчева wrote:
Искам да намеря адвокат, който би работил със/за клиент, който e LGBTI.
Обръщам се към вас с този въпрос защото досега говорих с двама адвокати, мои лични познати, и и двамата много категорично ми отказаха – с втория говорих току-що, и възмутената му реакция беше: "Аз защо изобщо трябва да слушам за това?!"
Понеже има области, които някои адвокати могат да избягват по принцип – става въпрос за получаване на правна информация, свързана със спорове с медицински институции, и с родители; и евентуално може да стане въпрос за представляване пред съд, и други институции.
Та, ако познавате адвокат, който би приел предварителен разговор с мен, ще съм Ви много благодарна ако ми дадете координатите му, или го помолите да се свърже с мен.
Много е спешно, и предварително Ви благодаря,
Катя Маринчева
Възраст: 52 години
Това писмо е изпратено през сайта на Младежка ЛГБТ организация "Действие"

Denitsa's written legal advice :)
Премахването на запрещението на ограничено запретения може да бъде направено от попечителя му, който след сключването на брак ще бъде съпругът. Премахването на запрещението може да бъде направено и от самия запретен с иск до прокуратурата.
III. Възможности
1. Сключване на брак – незабавно
No-one has ever been declared incompetent, to start with, this has been a long enforced lie, however :)
Denitsa claims that the spouse needs no court order :)
That's not what the law says :) I asked for a clarification, and got none :)
And why is that :)
Because LGBTI "leader" Pol Naidenov wanted a "mock marriage" for "politically correct" purposes (his own gender lawsuit.....)
So, what happens when you contact an LGBTQI website? You get lied to per writing, by a lawyer :)

Аз предвидих че някой ден може да светна тока в хола по навик, и преди малко наистина го направих - лампата светна, насред тези напоени с вода стени
Угасих я веднага, но можеше така да ме светне............

Това е адски наивна книга - всички вярват че "прогресивните" неща имат "някои" лоши странични ефекти
Аз като мутант от 7 години насам знам че няма нищо прогресивно, всичкото е лошо открай-докрай
Хората искат да вярват че "прогресивното" е прогресивно, но то не е, то е провал, пълен провал
Няма да ти хареса - лошо е, накрая ще си искаш пак себе си в съвсем изходен вид :)
Прегръщам те..................................., Обичам те............................................

Прегръщам те......................................................................, Обичам те....................................................................................
I had a bath in the room again last night, also washed some pajamas and underwear, and the walls of the room were totally wet from the vapor
The sink doesn't drain
And this morning I saw puddles of water on the sitting room table - there hasn't been any vapor there - the cement block forming the sitting room's roof is leaking in it's center
I thought it might fall some day, yet it does look to be working on it a lot faster than I expected, and this water soeaked sitting room is also heavily wired with elecricity wires
No, I do not call the Metal empire traitors, of course, I do call them naive
It's like living underground and having blind people for eyes on the earth's surface
They see nothing and communicate nothing
They only hear me, yet they make no difference between what they hear from me and not-from-me
Преди много време Тахчийски искаше да се сприятелим, да си приказваме и да те обсъждаме
Rule Number One: аз говоря за теб само с теб.
Освен когато ти се възхищавам публично, но това е друго :)
I have no idea what anyone wants
And I must go back to wearing my dirty home clothes, as if I dirty my jeans, I will have absolutely nothing to wear anymore
All cleaning attempts end up 1:1, me against the house - I washed some clothes, and the walls of my "bedroom" are still wet today
The first intuitive rule "clean nothing as you will dirty yourself beyond repair" seems to be the correct one
I have no options to wash my hands, just wipe them with a paper towel soaked in St John's Wort tea
Bedroom sink doesn't drain, bathroom is frozen and even going there for water makes me ill
And the sitting room roof does not look to last at all

That lamp I switched on per error yesterday in the sitting room - it has been hanging from the sitting room's ceiling center
Yet all plaster has fallen from there, along with the lamp wire, because of too much water running from there
And my idiotic father has just hanged the lamp wire on a book case by the wall, and kept using it
This is why the wire starts from the wall's plaster, it has been all under plaster in the past

Apart from I don't understand a word, as usual, and I don't need to, as you never do what you say
And you played me exactly as I supposed you will - "Ok, we won't come in a month, we will be postponing 10 weeks in a row, for starters"
The only thing which makes you afraid is the mix of "senators" I notify
I do have one more idea, actually, which also might bring me survival
Otherwise, I was thinking why big companies have been doing business with somethings as imbecile as Russian mob
What I remember from Pfizer's "recruitment" process, is that Pfizer were using one single "weapon": "You have a vice, this is allowed with us"
No, I had no vice, and Pfizer sound so shallow and idiotic - I wonder how anyone would believe that
Is there a requirement for a negative scale IQ for those leading companies?
It is not nice when you come close to "CEO"'s - all DXC chanted was "I will destroy this, I will destroy that"
Has the idea of business been reduced to destruction instead of business?
And even if Russian mob are offering "destruction for free", who can be so dumb as to believe that?

Ще ги побъркам много преди тази дата :)

There won't be any "two weeks", at least not peaceful ones :)
I do not trust you care about what happens to me
This is why any "tearful" explanations about "you caring about others" don't work with me either
After bringing me to Gabrovo, you expect the "we first take care of" to work a second time?
It didn't work the first time around either
You did exactly what DXC did - threw me away, and stopped protecting me in any way
I know how much care each and every one of my "family" took of me, over years, no "tearful" explanations will work.
I do not understand, everyone makes sure I understand NOTHING.
If you suggest what you do with me has anything to do with "law", tonight I will hit you again.
There is no way you will make sure no-one understands what you say, least of all me, and I will "work with you"
That "law" word from tonight I will punish.
I don't even need to understand what you say, as IT IS NOT TRUE, IT IS NOT GOOGWILLED, YOU NEVER DO WHAT YOU SAY

Everytime you "hint", you hint bullshit - that's not what you will do, this is the problem.
You do not do your job by yourselves, someone else must do it.

Аз си мисля за теб, просто няма повече да пиша, засега
Минавам на такива правила каквито са спрямо мен - нищо не знам, и ако си помисля че нещо знам, то не се случва
Хиляда пъти казах, напълно е възможно да съм била съгласна с много неща, но никой никога не ми ги е казал, нито дори намекнал (ако това изобщо е възможно), нито пък казаното се случва
Щеше да е изключително просто да знам какво ми се казва (възможно е да съм била съгласна, но не ми е казано), и каквото се казва да се прави - но нито се казва, нито се прави
От тук нататък, и от мен така, никой няма да знае какво ще направя в следващия момент
Затова не пиша, никой нищо не ми казва, и аз нищо не казвам.

Къде ги намерихте тези камери толкова бързо :)
Да, пижамата ми е много хубава у удобна, и ми умръзна да я крия :)
Това го бях забравила, но винаги когато млъкна за момент, ти започваш да говориш, като че ли през останалото време "всичко си е от само себе си"
Аз не съм те изнудвала да говориш, просто практикувам дезинформационен терор - каквото повикало, такова се обадило
След като аз никога няма да знам кай какво прави, то и аз от тук нататък ще практикувам същото, белким повече хора развият язва
Хубаво е когато говориш, защото иначе рискувам да забравя че не си плюшена играчка - с всички добри и лоши страни на това да си
Обичам те :)

Аз си мисля за нас, за теб

Не разбирам нито една от написаните глупости
Относно шума - изкарах ума на крадливия съсед :)
Който краде, вижда крадци навсякъде :)
Не беше нарочно, но ми хареса :)
Четох до късно, заспах седнала както обикновено, събудих се, ходих до тоалетна, стоплих чай от жълта кантарион за да си "мия" с гореща хартия "някои части"
Легнах, беше адски задушно, в стаята е толкова влажно че едва се диша
Станах, изтеглих настрани тежкото метално легло, влачейки го по пода (тва беше шумът, и аз го правя мнооооооооооооого пъти на ден, поне два пъти), така стигам до прозореца за да го отворя
Тъпият крадлив съсед се събуди, изплаши се, според шума излезе на двора, може би си отиде до колата да я проверява, не знам, пердето ми беше пуснато на прозореца
Не се успокои, тръгна да върви из къщата - тъпият кретен още казва че "той живеел в другата половина от къщата", че това е една къща
Може и да е била някога, толкова е тънка преградната стена че се чува като бие жена си и тя реве, като говорят, всичко
Тази година още не съм чувала да я е бил, ама преди беше ежевечерно
Тези кретени са толкова крадливи и без никакъв морал, че аз си бях посадила червен трендафил до портата на двора, и те всеки ден ходеха да местят клоните на трендафила от моята порта и да си ги връзват по оградата на "фаража", да им е красиво, нищо че аз си бях посадила трендафила, в моя си двор, и трендафилът си беше мой
Най-добър тормоз се получава като не го планираш :)
Съседът снощи (то по-скоро е било около 4 сутринта или по-късно) откачи от страх :)
Тежко желязно легло, влачено по под постлан с износени теракотени плочки, за да стигна до прозореца, че нямаше въздух за дишане :)

Габрово е адски прост град в основния си процент :)
Спомних си преди няколко дни нещо интересно - докато работех в гимназията, май първия час започваше около 07:00, и аз трябваше много рано да стигна до работа
Та една сутрин, около 07:00, на път за работа, аз минавам покрай банкомат, тегля пари, тичам пак (за да стигна както обиновено малко след последния момент в час)
Аз минавах всички разстояния с тичане по това време, и с падане, та непрекъснато си късах чорапогашниците и коленете, и се връщах вкъщи насред път за работа, за да се преобличам
Та въпросната сутрин, тегля аз пари, и после бягам от банкомата към работа, и една бабичка ме спря и пита "Ти какво прави там!?"
Казвам "Теглих пари", а тя сигурна че съм обирала банката "през цепнатина в стената", продължава да се кара "Ами то ако всеки почне да дърпа пари така, какво ще стане?!"
Така че има една баба свидетелка че съм обирала банка, чрез теглене на пари от банкомат, ама може да е умряла, а и да не е малко трудно ще я намеря :)

И мисля да се абонирам за новините на всички сенатори, първото, което си помислих като прочетох "две новини" за една и съща новина за война с Иран, беше за кафе
Двете "новини" звучаха точно като "кафето е вредно", "кафето е полезно", по-умно напсано де, ама в същия стил
Все едно чета жълт труд, и кафето е ту вредно, ту полезно
А и може това да са първите неподправени новини, които чувам от 8 години насам, а ако почнат да се подправят, поне ще е официално известно кои сенатори работят за Pfizer
В този смисъл си спомням следващата Габровска глупост, мнооооооого, много по-разпространена
За габровки "статиите за кафето" са като държавни декрети, никой никога не му минава и през ум, че "две статии за кафето" може да са две различни мнения, защото за тях понятието мнение не съществува
"Мнение" е заменено с "така се прави", или "това е истината", та като почнат да се редуват статии за кафето, габровки казват "преди казаха че било вредно, после че е полезно, и сега последно пак открили че е вредно"
Ключовите думи са "казаха" (без значение кой, щом е казано е вярно), и Декретът.

Непрекъснато ми е пред очите бабата Ваня Станева на "въпросната Ваня Станева", как отивам у тях, тя чела някаква "декретна" реклама в безплатния вестник на BILLA!
И казва с умолително изражение и тон "Има нещо ново за белене на картофи, сега с това ли ще белим картофи? Аз така си бях свикнала с белачката за картофи..."
Няма мнение, няма предпочитание, няма избор - "сега всички ще белят картофи вече с "това новото""(каквото и да е то)
Има такъв огроен добитъшки пазар за простотиите на Pfizer, че и за момент не разбрах защо си губят времето с мен
Добре де, не е чак толкова лесно - дори и бабичките пият билки и не ползват лакарства, ама айде

Аз изобщо не говорех когато те срещнах, трябваше да се уча за какво изобщо служи говоренето
Сега се уча на обратното, но има начин да се съчетаят двете, аз свикнах да говоря. значи сега мога да продължа да си говоря за всичко, което е без значение
Обичам те :)
Не че това е без значение, просто не може да промени нищо :)

Yesterday a car met me here - as with all idiotic "hinting", I only guessed what it was about now
The usual, amn and woman, the man was not tall, bald, middle age, not thin either
He went out of this street, stopped the car next to me, and asked me "Where is the house of Vesselin, who passed away"
I was coming back from the ATM< found no money in my bank account, so "Vesselin" (Smiley = money), "passed away"
May be blue car, old model, might be Shkoda - you obviously have no canera there
But you might have further down the street
Pfizer now have two plans - "meet me with man and woman cars", and poison me at the Telenor office
Bank game - I had 77+ BGN in my bank account, now it's 69 BGN, the Telenor bill is something like 71 BGN, if I cannot pay online,
I will get poisoned into the Telenor office, like I had the last time I entered a Telenor office
If your money does not enter my bank card tomorrow, we will lose internet connection
Telenor never stop the phone/internet before the 24st, yet they say the payment deadline is the 20th

"Angel" is the name Pfizer always use, the mix up of who said what makes the "hinting" even more disgusting

And Pfizer always delay every "coming money" by days or weeks

When I was in Florida January-April 2019, I hoped to "disappear somehow" (hoped ever since 2017, with always the same result)
So, I didn't pay my Bulgarian phone and internet, and when I got back to Sofia, Telenor made me prepay one month, same as in the beginning of a contract
That's why Telenor are stopping the phone and internet on the 24st - because the new month starts on the 4th or 5th, and I have 30 days prepaid
Means Telenor must stop my phone and internet sometime next week

Идея си нямам за какво е това - освен ако не е за кретените от freedomhouse

Непрекъснато си мисля как изглеждаш
Има господ след като се срещнахме :)
Ние щяхе да се срещнем и без Pfizer да ни сложат на едно място, ти знаеше че аз се заглеждам в теб :)
Което е и ключът - Pfizer никога не забелязаха че се заглеждам в теб, значи е възможно с месеци да се вършат неща в тяхно присъствие и те да не виждат
Ако не те бях срещнала, щях да живея с мисълта че всичко е не както трябва, че няма нищо красиво
На мен дори не беше ми минало през ум че съществуваш
Троянска война
И истината е че победата не е в това всички да харесват теб, а в това всеки да бъде харесван такъв какъвто е
На пръв поглед си струва всичко да бъде направено само и единствено за теб, заради неповторимостта ти
Но това са глупости, всеки е неповторим в нещо, когато откаже да е стандартизиран
Това че ти си единствената съвършена красота не означава че аз съм нищо - което "прогресивното човечество" се опитва да втълпява от самото начало
Много интересна мисъл - хора, които са от значение, и хора, които са без значение
Всеки залита в тази посока, дори и аз
"Ако някой се бори да си остане себе си, той си струва" (това негласно казва че останалите нямат значение)
Нормална динамика на вида, между другото - всеки избира да даде приоритет въз основа на нещо - пари, известност, борбеност, различност, неразличност
За да има винаги "наши и ненаши"
Аз лично съм за това всеки да се бори за себе си и семейството си - не измествайки други, а давайки пример че насилието не може да победи
Създавайки прецедент - затова им казват "loose ends", един е достатъчен

Тази книга е чудовищно тъпа - аз не разбирам нищо от това
ОК, това, което разбирам е че почти всички хора са като този Sean, прехвърлят близките си на някой друг - "някой друг да го свърши това, че аз не мога"
Аз презирам това, затова и винаги е била желязната ми политика - аз говоря за теб само с теб, не с други
Аз никога не съм имала желание "някой друг да го направи по-добре от мен", за каквото и да било
И това със superachievers не го разбирам, аз винаги съм се състезавала за 100% на тест със самия тест, със себе си, но за мен е без значение кой друг "как е"
Това, което ми пречи, не е ако има някой умен наоколо, а когато с години няма
Дори сред животни не е толкова тъпо, колкото е сред глупави хора
От животните винаги се научава нещо, хората са сбъркани като интелигентната им природа е заменена с напълно неинтелигентна социалност
Когато ти казваш нещо, то винаги е умно :)
Понякога е умно по много особен начин, например като е поразително "неуместно", "така не се прави", "това не е флирт", и точно затова е възхитително, защото отвъд дори мен е над-социално
Неповредено, "не се прави така", но е възхитително точно затова, защото е по някакъв начин гениално, точно това работи защото точно така не се прави :)

От друга страна, Pfizer са барикадирани зад стена от тотална глупост, която никой не може да разбере
Един от най-ярките примери е когато онази "хомеопатка" ми каза че "ментово е добре за мен"
Тя казва "менте", аз чувам "мента", и започвам да мисля - "ментата намалява нивото на тестостерона в организма, намалява плодовитостта, имало легенди че намалява окосмяването на лицето" - все полуумни статии от интернет
Винаги съм се питала, с толкова ядене на боб с джоджен, който също е мента, защо изобщо има български народ толкова поколения подред
Ама кретенката не говори за мента, нито за биохимия, тя няма този умствен багаж, тя казва "менте", дума която аз съм чувала, но винаги съм подскачала кой може да се изразява така
(Да де, когато ти говориш некнижовни думи е великолепно, не е от претенциозност)
И така 8 години, Pfizer казват "менте", аз си мисля за всички аспекти на биохимията - стена от тотална глупост, и никой никога не разбира нито какво казват, нито какво правят
Напълно различни биологични видове с никаква комуникация и никакво разбиране на какво прави другия вид
Ние прилагаме към тях антропоморфизъм, оприличаваме ги на хора, приписваме им човешки думи и дела, а те не правят нищо такова
Те правят същото с нас - садистоморфизъм, "виждат" в нас неща, които посмъртно няма как да са там
Това че говорим различни езици е много по-дълбоко обосновано - ние не сме заобиколени от едни и същи предмети, затова нямаме същите думи
И да бъдат "разбрани" си е пълна загуба на време - по-скоро трябва да бъдат изтребени
Много, много умен лозунг: "Интелигентният човек опазва природните придобивки, за останалите е задължително."
Не ме е грижа "защо", просто трябва да е забранено и това е което липсва, задължителността
Аз не съм срещала от тези хора дето продават хероин - защо по дяволите срещам Pfizer, те трябва да са също толкова забранени
Защо тероризмът не е забранен?
Хероинът е забранен, и тези дето го продават не ми се мотаят наоколо, точно толкова е просто.

Аз не съм ти казвала с какво точно ти ме спечели за първи път :)
Да, казах ти за това че ти веднага започна да говориш за "лиценз" за Photoshop, ти имаше предвид Photoshop, но едновременно с това имаше предвид лиценз :)
Сигурна съм, защото после непрекъснато ме питаше кога ще си тръгвам, и ми казваше кога ще си тръгна, а аз нямах такива намерения
Ти си единственият човек на земята, който не започна с "ама само за малко", а и аз вече те харесвах де :)
Като бях на 16 в Мароко имах масови предложения за брак от араби, ама то е като с Pfizer, съвсем друг вид, нито една дума от речника не е обща
Но не беше лицензът първото, първото беше че не ми взе чантата с лаптопа да ми я носиш като ме покани да ме возиш до вкъщи с колата :)
Аз бях поразена от това че не се сети, че лаптопът ми е много тежък, и "трябваше" да ми предложиш да ми носиш чантата
А ти просто с тръгна към колата с едно "айде", и в този момент осъзнах че няма да се правим на нищо
Че няма представление, че за първи път в живота ми всичко се случва наистина, когато казваш нещо е защото казваш нещо, а не "изрази"
После ти си помисли че от първа среща съм предпочела приятелите ти, на което аз си помислих лаконично "Какво по дяволите да правя с тях?!", за мен те нямат никаква функция
Защото биха ми взели чантата с лаптопа да ми я носят, и нататък все да се правим че правим нещо

"We didn’t exactly speak the same language."
E това имам предвид като говоря за хората и Pfizer - Pfizer са тотално тъпи

Умирам от глад, не съм яла нищо от май 20 часа насам, та ще спра за малко за да обядвам :)

Ford, и останалите "такива", сега да не кажете че никой не ви е казал да погледнете какво толкова Telenor Maritime правят, че не искат никой да ги вижда ;)

Иначе в стаята ми е толкова обективно влажно, че бучките захар в затворена кутия на срещуположната стена на тази, на която е котлона, са се разпаднали на мокър пясък, и ги събирам с лъжичка
Мне точно, влагата е вътрешна - аз спя, пера, къпя се и готвя в една и съща 9м2 стая, която на всичкото отгоре е на 5-6 метра разстояние от хола, таванът на който тече от повече места отколкото мога да преброя
И по необясними причини, една лента на педя от пода по стената обща със съседите е също вечно мокра и беше дори разрушена до тухла като дойдох
Добре де, съседите са кретени, това е ясното обяснение на всичко, което правят
Единствената външна стеба се мокри съвсем повърхностно само от парата след като се изкъпя
Много късметско разположение на къщата - само тази от доста околни не страда от подпочвени води
Иначе аз май празнувам "интернационален" ден, защото къщата е пълна с Мароканските джелаби и молитвени килимчета на баща ми
Не че се е молил, но там беше неговото царство и искаше и тука да го пренесе
Там учениците му миеха колата и вършеха всичко, което им каже - срещу едни пържени яйца по негови думи
А аз все на нещо трябва да стъпвам като стана от леглото, и нощница би ми била много по-удобна от пижами, които се вмирисват от еднократна употреба

Абе не мога да се прежаля чак джелаба да нося, нито дори за нощница, но за щастие всички родители купуват на децата си огромни торбести дрехи от ужас че след една седмица ще станат малки
Та има разни якета и пуловери на Лина, мои, а и разни трофейни дрехи също, та да не нося съвсем единичните си ставащи дрехи изкъщи

Това не променя факта че казах И че си първият и единствен истински мъж, когото съм виждала в живота си :)

Terminally тъпа книга - "мое някой да те ядоса" - че аз не съм чувала за хора дето не се ядосват :)

Книгата е чудовищно тъпа - "как ще реагира "нестабилен" човек на опасност" - ами аз не съм била извън опасност вече 8 години, опасността точно създава стабилност :)
"леле, ами ако някой когото срещнеш се окаже гадняр?!", ми то това (с изключение на теб лично) се случва в 100% от случаите :)
Не обиждам империята ти, ама тях не съм ги точно "срещала" :)
Всяко описание на "чуства", "парализиране" е толкова изкуствено
Това точно с парализирането доказано го нямам - всичко е като историята с москвича, който излезе внезапно пред мен, спря напреко на тясна лента на движение и си остана там
Нито за момент не си помислих че има разлика между дупка в пътното платно и пълен москвич с кретени -
Просто прецених скоростта си, това че трабантът спира само ако застана права върху спирачките (т.е. на юнашко доверие), липсата на храсти наблизо по тревната лента разделяща моята лента за движение от насрещната
Знам от опит че трабантът трудно спира, но лесно се качва на високи бордюри, защото е висок, значи избирам качването,
Минах в насрещното движение, намерих бързо второ място без храсти, върнах се в моята лента, москвичът не мръдна
Гледах го в огледалато за задно виждане, седи напреко на пътя и не мърда
Проверих мисления си "лог", усетих ли удар - не, никакъв, значи не съм удряла москвича, и си продължих към къщи
Е, след 30 минути, започна леко да ми става горещо, топло по-скоро, както когато човек има физиологична реакция към екстремни обстоятелства, ама то бе ше след половин час
И не съ имала нито един втори случай в живота си да ми стане топло, нито дори "след"
Аз не съм способна на този номер с "парализирането", нито при хулигани в тъмното, нито при вида на пистолет
Една C3Connect американка веднъж каза че аз съм компютър, може, ама компютърът все пак понякога "се парализира", а аз не, затова казвам че съм алигатор :)
Не мисля че те са еволюционно достигнали онова с "емоционалното парализиране" :)
Когато човек види екстремна ситуация, аз лично мисля че анализира всички възможности - трабантът спира трудно, но лесно се качва на бордюри и тротоари, в ляво има отсечка без храсти, значи ясно
Каква връзка имат екстремни ситуации с чуства?
А тва с "някой не се оказа такъв какъвто си мислех, и аз съм съсипана", тва кой точно идиот го е измислил :)
Ми в точно 100% от случаите в живота е така, най-голямата мизерия, която някога съм правила, е че за кратко време повярвах на Pfizer, после те не се оказаха това, което си мислех
Ми не, от това точно ама съвсем не съм съсипана :)
Мирът е най-страшното нещо на света, не войната
Кой кога е развивал PTSD насред военни действия? Никой! После е, защото липсва войната :)
Е, първо на мен не ми липсва войната, тя си продължава
Второ, мирът беше страшен само преди да срещна теб, ти някак си даде смисъл на абсолютно всичко, на всеки детайл от ежедневието
И нещо още по-важно - аз не те гледам с поглед "Dark Tranquility", с теб мога абсолютно всичко
Не че не мога да чуствам, а просто не е имало към кого :)
С теб няма едно нещо дето да не го мога :)
David Baldacci пише само за военни действия, но не мисля че някога е бил във военни действия
Ако на човек нещо сериозно му липсва, само и единствено мирът е проблем
Атаките на Pfizer разрушиха с един замах моята пристрастеност към сериали
А преди Pfizer аз не правех нищо друго, връщах се от работа, заспивах на сериал, и го продължавах веднага след като се събудя
Сериалите бяха резултат от прекаляването с работа в call center, преди това ги нямаше
Онази глупост от The Camel Club - човекът с клаустрофобия, който по време на престрелка отказа да влезе в тунел, тва няма как да стане :)
Освен ако хора, които се парализират съществуват реално, това няма как да го знам, защото аз не съм
Допирните точки между различни биологични видове са толкова малко и толкова случайни, че единичните примери на "разбиране", като това с "ментата" остават емблематични
Това, което прави "ментата" важна, е че не мога да си спомня за нищо друго от Pfizer, Което някога да съм разбирала :)
А и "ментата" я разбрах по случайност, 5 години след като я казаха :)
В Софрониево (румънското село) аз и брат ми събирахме в една кибритена кутийка дървояди, много твърди, блестящи, оражеви, подобни на 1цм дълги червейчета, които мърдаха на пода на кибритената кутия напълно случайно и безмислено
Когато видях за първи път футболен мач, и всеки следващ път, ми изгеждаше точно като безмисленото движение на дървоядите в кутийката, и 8 години Pfizer иглежда точно така
Напълно безмислени движения - заради повторяемостта знам какво ще направят, но пак си остава напълно безмислени движения

No, the point was, the Oriflame imbeciles have obviously taken back my unaccepted purchase, there "has been some refund", and this money is more than enough to round the balance of my bank card to something that can pay the internet bill
Can you chase me to quickly refund my money?
I mean I need money in my bank card by the evening of the 23rd of January

Исках да ти кажа че ти дори някой да те опита да те учи "как се прави" много бързо си поправяш грешката :)
Terminal 1 :)
"Някой" те беше "научил" да не се държиш диво, а да дойдеш да се ръкуваш с мен, да кажеш "Как си?", само че ръкуването ти си беше съвсем твое и неповторимо
На "Как си?" аз ти направих физиономия, и ти тогава измисли най-неповторимото :)))))))))))))
Yes, I know what Gabrovo do in their bank offices, I know there is but one I know that there is but one single bank office, I know Pfizer will poison me there, I am not planning to go :)
That's what is problematic with the "hinting", if I already know it, I see it in the "hint" as well
How is it going with your money delivery before the 24th?

I have always been an exceptional QA, ever since day one :)
Because I see every pixel there is, and I can tell in advance why something will fail
Everything in this world can be used both ways - I have never been a "mistakes hunter"-QA,
I have always used my skills to make things work, to identify both weaknesses and strengths, and build on the latter
Yet there is no email in the world I cannot turn into a gun shooting back at the one who has brought it :)

If after that Oriflame chemical and financial warfare non-stop nonsense soap opera someone allows Orifalme to step on American soil.................
(that's what their dream is said to be :) )

"заразената" поръчка - that's a word I never ever used, I never ever said "infected", I never ever implied that "infections" are being spread, in not a single conversation with my classmate I mean
I did speak about "poisoned", which I have been, after using that window cleaning chemical, yet I never ever used the word "infection" in front of my classmate
Oriflamer are obviously "fighting the accusation by speaking slogans of company-unity internally"
This "infection" word came not-from-me, someone else used it................

Съвсем нищо не разбирам, ама айде
Това, което трябва да разберете най-накрая, е че ще ви видя когато ви видя, всичко друго е BULLSHIT
А тази последната статия, конкретно, е най-големия BULLSHIT
Винаги досега "те" са сменяли "датата" ден преди да дойде, аз точно това очаквам, и "хоп", точно това се пише :)
Как точно очаквате да реагирам на това :)
И всеки път е "айде още един месец САМО"

How exactly do I know who I am going with?
"Check previous articles" on a hacked google?
"Call someone for confirmation" on a phone which keeps redirecting calls since ever?

"What do you need?" - proved no-one cares.
"We come for Christmas" - proved not true.
"We come first day after New Year Eve" - proved not true.
"We sent the money" - several times proved not true.
"Go to the pharmacy, we will protect you" - you didn't.
"Carry the trackers, we will protect you" - you didn't.
You have not a single example of doing what you say :)
Ever since my продажна курва daughter sold me to you and brought me to Gabrovo
What do you expect based on this?
"Prominent Bulgarian media" - I know of not a single one which hasn't already harmed me.
Here are MY RULES.
Someone shows up, I decide what to do with them, based on what I see.
I do not speak to any journalist or media before they show me WHAT OF WHAT I HAD SAID HAD ALREADY BEEN PROVED TRUE, BLACK ON WHITE.
DXC once tricked me to send unconfirmed information, and I got that "Human Rights Watch" "contact a psychiatrist" email

And if you live with the illusion that you know all my cards, you will be very sorry.

If someone is psychiatrically ill, and cannot stand the scent of their own body - do not send them.

I smell a "washed" floor or stairs - no show.

And I intentionally didn't say until "when" I will be waiting for you :)
Remember? You tell me nothing, I tell you nothing.

One more very realistic requirement:
The history shows that wherever you say "you will protect me", you don't.
So, if you give/send me money, I will be able to take care of myself, so I can have a "trip with toys", knowing that you will NEVER CARE TO HELP ME ANY WAY AT ALL
No money, no toys.
I do hate Pfizer enough not to want to destroy your toys, yet I will hide them, and I wull not take them with me, neither allow you to take them with me, if I do not SEE MONEY FIRST.

BULLSHIT speaking "we WILL", nothing I understand, and your time is ticking off :)
You don't tell me anything, I don't tell you your deadline :)
This is the type of "communication" you have chosen :)
You miss the you coming deadline, you will regret.

Next time you wish to tell me "how good something is", in an utterly illiterate manner at that, think again before doing it.

Let's now, for a millionth time, go into linguistics, and see "what you did to deserve this" :)
There is a Romanian expression which describes you perfectly well: Stiu romaneste cat de bataia
Means, my level of Romanian is such that whatever I say it will only make someone beat me for it
Now let's see how many potential idiots there are in this particular case :)
1st "reading" of the "hint", you have said that Oriflame do have infectious agents in their "cosmetics", yet you are once more elaborating on it - this is not how I understood it though :)
2nd "reading" of the "hint", you are suddenly "concerned" about the fact that you let me get severely poisoned in the street, while carrying your idiotic toys for you, and BECAUSE I was carrying them
So, you decided to tell me "how lucky I actually was to get poisoned in such a helpful way" :)
In the first case, the idiot is the "hinter", as they are, as always, not knowing what they are doing, speaking shit, getting themselves and everyone around beaten for it, etc.
The second case has two "readings" of itself, yet in both cases, the idiots are poor excuse for humans calling themselves "doctors"
2.1 "reading": the "doctors" are complete idiots and describe what has happened to me in a completely illiterate way, as 1st, this was not what happened, and 2nd, only a creature with a pathological, terminal, degree of idiocy can hope to make rape sound welcome :)
2.2. (which I think is the case), the poor excuse for humans, calling themselves "doctors", might actually have some idea about what has happened, yet they want to make me believe that me being thrown to be poisoned in the street "is a very fortunate evet", and "I need no help at all"
I don't act on all my plans about whoever did this "presentation", yet there is and will be no action of mine which you will ever like :)


That's a real nice future - ruthless, illiterate and dishonest "doctors", with God complex, believing they can lie to anyone and go away with it
Yet I do want the direct approach, they will regret it every single time they lie, or "God", or stupid something :)

Internet paid
Once again, "I am the only one around who can do something", everyone else has their hands and heads up their asses
Now, when the hell are you coming?

OK, agreed

Не можеш да си представиш каква победа е да имам домашни дрехи - излязох днес от къщи, със съвсем чисти дрехи пазени само за навън
Не мириша на десетки мухъли и подобни, тази нощ се къпах, сега въздухът е толкова напоен с влага че не се диша, ама айде
Аз винаги първо си мисля че хората са умни, и после никога не е така
И ти си единственото изключение :)

Сега съм с много удобни домашни дрехи, с които мога да си лежа, спя, да си ходя из цялата къща
Е, sweatshirt-a ми е целият във вар и мазикла (от ремонти преди 2004), а панталонът не знам чий е и има огромна дупка на коляното
Но това само потвърждава факта че с тези дрехи мога да си стоя из къщи :)
Една нощ бях "чакала", дънките ми се бяха омирисали на какво ли не, после един дне ги киснах в прах за пране, 3 дена съхнаха, не е работа
Вече няма да стоя с хубави дрехи из къщи, с каквито имам - с такива

Домашните ми дрехи са при това прясно изпрани,
като изсъхне якето на Лина, което е на въжето от поне 4 дена, ще топля стаята много по малко от сега